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Being Single

Being SingleI would like to find that someone special as we all deserve to,however if i do not i am happy being single,as life is not about who you are with but h...

Unknown2144Jan 20145 hrs agoJan 2014

Dear Mrs Clinton.I wonder if you would be so kind as to do the world a favour & stop altering the English language, it's taken me 64 years to learn it & I'm too old to...

zmountainman77747Sep 20165 hrs agoSep 2016
Excerpts from a dog diary and then the cats

Excerpts from a dog diary, and then the cat's...Excerpt from a Dog's Diary... 8:00 am - Dog food! My favourite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park!...

Unknown93714Jul 20125 hrs agoJul 2012
Unknown27518Mar 20175 hrs agoMar 2017
Happiness is not expensive

Happiness is not expensiveIt is priceless....

ajkaorjun69312Apr 20145 hrs agoApr 2014
i have no girl friend in any where

i have no girl friend in any whereoh yah realy i have no gf in any where.i dont know why?will u find me as a good patner? i m ready for this. [/colo...

Unknown3938Dec 20095 hrs agoDec 2009

Women and men.... Mentioning of new love in life.....I think there is a difference between the sexes here. Men seem to report conquests---focusing on the sex. Women, it would seem, report a new love in l...

Vierkaesehoch1270Jul 125 hrs ago
the hottest girl ever

the hottest girl ever Maria Chudnovsky (b. January 6, 1977) is a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at Princeton Uni...

ItsColdinPitts1,32216May 20105 hrs agoMay 2010
jarred1794-Jan 20155 hrs ago
Winter And Arctic Blast

Winter And Arctic Blast!!!We just got our first snowstorm of the New Year. Where I live in New England we got close to 10 inches of snow, but the worst part of it is that it is...

GoDaniel43223Jan 20145 hrs agoJan 2014
Difference Between a Muslim a Non Muslim life

Difference Between a Muslim & a Non Muslim lifeThere is a lot of difference between a Muslim man & women & a non Muslim men & women for example non Muslim women & men are unhygienic because when th...

Unknown36,443122Nov 20115 hrs agoDec 2011
Drama Drama Drama

Drama Drama DramaI love a little drama, but it has to be entertaining. Been away from this place for a few months and within a short time of giving my opinion on a...

Gypsytramp1,696103Feb 215 hrs agoFeb 23
Whats up with women these days

Whats up with women these daysthey chase me from on site to another , and write how much they want to know me ...I send them a reply and ...nothing ? , the one who chased me with t...

virgosingle78228Dec 20115 hrs agoDec 2011

MumA woman brought you into this world, so you have no right to disrespect one. (by -Tupac) Happy Birthday, Mum......

narnia931,10514Mar 20115 hrs agoMar 2011
Puzzled face

Puzzled faceAs I type this, photographs of beautiful women are clustered around the blog frame. I could date chinese women, I am being offered 5 or 6 beauties rig...

Elegsabiff2,17270Oct 20155 hrs agoOct 2015
Deja vu oh youre going to be important in my life

Deja vu - oh, you're going to be important in my lifeI know this has been blogged about before but - that odd moment when you look at a profile pic and there's a *ping* in your head. Half the time of...

Elegsabiff1,06177Jan 20175 hrs agoJan 2017
Mushrooms Oregon

Mushrooms OregonThere was a report yesterday and they showed someone looking for mushrooms there. One was orange and said to have a fishy smell. About 100 different e...

guadal32710Nov 20135 hrs agoNov 2013

Cattish ExpressionsOk, so you bought a cat in a bag, but the cat is out of the bag now. A cat has nine lives, but there are many ways to skin a cat. Shooting cats is not...

Catfoot3,172191Apr 20135 hrs agoApr 2013
peeking at me again

peeking at me again....What do u do when u notice this person who came in from time to time to view your profile? ( Nope, Catfoot its not u i know. We both made a pact th...

JoleenC77946Mar 20145 hrs agoMar 2014
Thanks n Good night

Thanks n Good nightThank you all for the wonderful day on CS Its 11:09 pm here,Good night n happy blogging....

Lyla1234,0433Oct 20145 hrs agoOct 2014

The Swill Pit unknown to the good of the world but wallowed in by the Left WingHow do you prepare to defend yourself for s*xual abuse allegations that supposedly happened 36 years ago? If you are a good honorable person you can't...

Willy341133233Sep 175 hrs agoSep 19
A blind vision

A blind visionSometimes when i sit here online, I'm thinking for myself "is love really blind?" Since i'm a totaly blind guy myself, i see no reason not to questio...

roger77swe74811May 20145 hrs agoMay 2014

"TURN OFF YOUR PHONES".."PLEASE"My Grand Mother Had Died At The Age Of 99 And At The Wake There She Was On Display The Lights In The Joint Were Dim Matching The Somber Mood Every...

namaron80013Jan 20165 hrs agoJan 2016
131 am

1:31 amI can't sleep I won't have the best mood tomorrow ...could it be this If it is, that someone sure dreams a lot because I have a hard time hitt...

LonelyMontse0847924Mar 20135 hrs agoMar 2013
The same places of the same

The same places of the sameThe continuous new ugg boots classic boots outlet sale designs in these two years are with many changeable styles and bold designs which made UGGs onl...

Unknown1150Dec 20115 hrs ago
THE LAST Christmas

THE LAST ChristmasSAs last Christmas. The phrophet says. THE land will be so dark, that you wont be able to see your own hand. He says, the root of the third world war...

whtwhb69631Dec 20135 hrs agoDec 2017
Obedient Wives

Obedient WivesGod promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners or the world. Now look what I found this morning .. Oh w...

Kasih2,73213Apr 20145 hrs agoApr 2014

wow what a huge difference, as in new faces and very few older facesBeen off the blogs for yonks now. Was so busy with the health care centre set up in knysna after the horrific fire. Am very dedicated to the children...

Fieryred7031013Jul 15 hrs agoJul 2

what would you do.......... what would you do...

jarred150-Oct 105 hrs ago

Hello Eagle,Welcome to the blogs.Give it some time, you ll meet alot of good people here. Theres a number of fellow Canadians here. Enjoy yourself Bud...

1to1to15046Dec 20175 hrs agoDec 2017

Urban DictionarySometimes things have more than one meaning. I don't recommend that you go and look at the definitions of these words but if choose to do so, don't sa...

Track161835Mar 20175 hrs agoMar 2017
TEST TIME How Smart are YOU

TEST TIME, How Smart are YOU.I have been given some research to do and I do need the help of those here at CS. How many F's are in the following s...

Simmo192452Jan 20145 hrs agoJan 2014

It's Official: Trump is the 45th President of the United States of AmericaWith Hawaii still to vote, Trump had 304 votes and Clinton had 224. It takes 270 Electoral College votes to win the presidency. Texas put Trump over t...

lindsyjones61249Dec 20165 hrs agoDec 2016

HELPI need a French maid,i have been up since 7 and I am still not finished,its humid and hot and I have had enough.good pay to the(BEST)applicant....

scouse2747435Aug 20145 hrs agoAug 2014
Advice is a form of nostalgia dispensing it is a

Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is aFishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts And recycling it for more than it’s worth. I have been told be...

Unknown1,43613Jul 20095 hrs agoJul 2009
You have to look deeper

You have to look deeperYou have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, son. Find your dr...

nighty701,6503Mar 20155 hrs agoMar 2015
All we will ever be

All we will ever be?Either the writer of Game of Thrones is a genius or he/she has a very vivid imagination mixed with a philosophical thinking that does not hold too muc...

Johnny_Sparton69348Sep 20175 hrs agoSep 2017


sunnyisles48198-Feb 20135 hrs ago

missThe scariest thing about distance, is that you don't know whether they'll miss you or forget you....

narnia9358315Apr 20115 hrs agoApr 2011

can someone help for CS setting ???i just turn off my profile from last 6 months,two days back i remove from hidden profile setting ,and now i cann't view my own profile?,i reported to...

shubhrank32310Jun 20145 hrs agoJun 2014

When Somebody Loves YouWhen Somebody Loves You...

jarred1274-Nov 20155 hrs ago
Women go nude in protest Why

Women go nude in protest...Why?Sometimes we read in the news of women shedding their clothes in the name of protesting on certain issues. Why must they choose to be nude? To attrac...

Unknown1,42378Jun 20125 hrs agoJun 2012
Hans4711: "Places on Earth 034"(meet us in the puzzles)

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