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The Towers Fell

The Towers FellIn just sixteen minutes by local bajan time it will be 9/11. I was in my favorite coffee shop ordering coffee with a double shot of espresso, my da...

Unknown9871Sep 20076 hrs agoSep 2007
Expectations Misunderstandings

Expectations & MisunderstandingsSome expectations are unrealistic. Some it makes you wonder at times. We all have our own expectations. Some we agree with & some we don't. Wome...

zweet4you52313Sep 20126 hrs agoSep 2012

THE MARRIAGE COVENANT (Part 2)Deuteronomy 28:45(Kjv) 45 Moreover all these -CURSES- shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because...

Unknown105-Dec 20176 hrs ago

5year old shoots 2year old sister USA5 year old boy shoots 2 year old sister, Tuesday, in Kentucky/USA. He got his first 4 being 4 year old. Where does that lead to????...

connect19544079May 20136 hrs agoMay 2013
Silly humor

Silly humor1. A guy gets a call from the police telling him that his house was robbed. The offenders had also consumed all of his beer and had raped his wife....

Ziusudra2610Dec 20136 hrs ago
i feel time is going by way too fast

i feel time is going by way too fasti am 53 and i feel time is going by way too fast and i wont have enough time left to do everything i hoped for in my life?...

jarred1211-Jul 20176 hrs ago
Be brave or afraid

Be brave or afraid?Are you the kind of person who choose to stop before starting because you are afraid of what may become, or go for it and bear the consequences? Wh...

sarasvathy1,10826Sep 20126 hrs agoSep 2012
GRUMP TIME Ice Cream Conspiracy

GRUMP TIME - Ice Cream ConspiracyI can buy two litres of ice cream from my supermarket for the same price as a small dessert bowl with ice cream, a drizzle of sauce and a few sprinkle...

Grumpywriter69152Apr 20176 hrs agoApr 2017
let me be free

let me be freeHave any of you ever felt traped? Held back from reaching your poetential. I am one also.I have tryed so many times to be a leader or reach my goals....

Unknown2092Nov 20096 hrs agoNov 2009
Spider Man 2012 film

Spider-Man (2012 film)Spider-Man is a superhero film currently in production. A fourth entry in the Spider-Man film franchise was planned for release in 2011; however, in 2...

Unknown1630Jan 20116 hrs ago

I´m at a loose end todayDoes anybody fancy a quick shag in my office?...

Bnaughty47040Mar 20186 hrs agoMar 2018
I Hope To God Thats Batman

I Hope To God That’s BatmanI Hope To God That’s Batman...

jarred11,769-Feb 20156 hrs ago
How To Read Female Profiles

How To Read Female ProfilesWhen we finally get to meet the women of our dreams we are often disappointed because the object in our dreams is not quite as she described herself i...

Catfoot1,638107Jan 20186 hrs agoJan 2018

jobsHi. i am look a job where i csn live an work... like care taker job ...old care worker job...sales jobs...etc anywhere els i dont mind but...

dibash20191802Aug 266 hrs agoAug 26
Would you

Would you...say it to the person's face? Writer and Macintosh evangelist Guy Kawasaki tells a story about getting email from some fellow he's never met. Online...

Unknown58417Mar 20126 hrs agoMar 2012
Road blocks in dating

Road blocks in dating!It’s quite interesting to realize that most singles tend to have some of the same traits in common. One that stands out is “casting a narrow and safe...

Unknown2246Mar 20106 hrs agoMar 2010

It`s BIRTHDAY TIME AGAIN!!!!Today is MINERVA`S birthday.... dear LOVELY friend.. hope it is a]HAPPY AND FUN ONE!!! We have been missing you here on the blogs.. so not sure...

wallops196464318Jan 20156 hrs agoJan 2015
Me And Murphys Law

Me And Murphy’s LawOld Man Murphy and his freakin’ Laws. Gotta love ‘em, aye? So, I’m in Oklahoma where I have just picked up the car my grandfather gave me. It’s a...

Unknown1,6881Mar 20076 hrs agoMar 2007

Off Her RockerPelosi Demands Trump “Not Run” For Re-Election; “Do The Country A Favor” Nancy Pelosi is reveling in her glory after retaking the powerful Speaker...

Willy341115218Mar 26 hrs agoMar 5
Forty Five Years

Forty Five YearsIt was forty five years ago I sat on a dirt floor along with 150 other boys and our camp councilors. Late at night by camp standards but not so late...

Unknown3915Jul 20146 hrs agoJul 2014
Time wasting or Confussed elements

Time wasting or Confussed elements???If you view a profile and you have nothing to say or u dont know how to start a conversation pliz dont ask obvious question. 1. Hi 2. You live in barc...

Honi79B982Feb 186 hrs agoFeb 18
Ozzy the King

Ozzy the King!!!!! It's always a pleasure to watch the kin huh?...

Musicman998463Apr 20106 hrs agoApr 2010
The Sweetest Dark Chocolate I Hope To Taste

The Sweetest Dark Chocolate I Hope To TasteSomewhat embarrassingly I am confessing my deepest longing for shagging the cocoa out of choco, or at least glazing her cherrie until her eyes fall o...

Unknown94745Jul 20126 hrs agoJul 2012

OK, hold it right there !What is that you have in the baggie ? Don't lie to me ! That's a turkey on whole wheat, isn't it ?!?!?...

JimNastics81122Jun 20126 hrs agoApr 2017
Word and bible

Word and biblePlease guide from bible who studied bible. What the sants in bible said about word, from which the whole universe orignate.Which touch us in our every...

Unknown2640Mar 20106 hrs ago
Free Speech a slippery slope to social Decay

Free Speech a slippery slope to social Decay ?I'm not one for watching the News. But this story caught my eye while browsing today. Do we have...

nonsmoker1,94474Nov 20126 hrs agoNov 2012
Hello dear can we meet up for coffee

Hello dear, can we meet up for coffee?Guys, this is one for you. Opening lines that don't work. Ladies, please contribute. "Hello dear." I could be wrong. Would any woman who likes to...

Elegsabiff1,59636Aug 20156 hrs agoAug 2015
What Is Wrong With Men Dating A Younger Women Or An Older Women Dating A Younger Guy Your Thoughts

What Is Wrong With Men Dating A Younger Women , Or An Older Women Dating A Younger Guy Your ThoughtsHi All What Are Your Thoughts On The Above , The Floor Is Yours No Drama Please...

13Niggle1329025Nov 276 hrs agoNov 28

Going To Be Interesting TimesWell, I done it. I finally gone mad. Finally lost my marbles. I am going to quit smoking pot, at least for a while, maybe forever. I have been s...

Track1645531Jun 20186 hrs agoJun 2018
I am very thankful

I am very thankful...Hi, I am a new blogger. goes! I recently went on a trip to Europe and I was amazed to see not only the difference in customs and behavi...

Unknown32110May 20106 hrs agoJun 2010

A higher rate or more overtimeMonths ago a new job broker came in the factory where I work. The factory has 20 lines and 16 of them were under my job broker. Two were allotted to t...

tatami31312Feb 20186 hrs agoFeb 2018
When the mind is gone but the heart remain

When the mind is gone, but the heart remain............When the mind is gone, but the heart remain...

jarred188-Nov 146 hrs ago
Why is timing so important in meeting the right partner

Why is timing so important in meeting the right partner?Have you ever held two magnets together? And noticed how they attach tightly to the other magnet? But if you flip the magnet, they push away? And...

ysabeljhen48854Nov 216 hrs agoNov 23
How It Is Done

How It Is DoneSome of my friends believe that I eat my meat raw, but they are wrong. Generally my meat must be well done, especially if it is on a bone. If there is...

Catfoot1,39185Jul 20156 hrs agoJul 2015

"DEFENDING HER FEELINGS"My My My..Im So Happy To say That I am not a Part of The "Crowd" Here Who Talk About Other People(But wont name The persons name) Seems you do every...

namaron1,52855Nov 20156 hrs agoNov 2015

CHRISTMAS It's days till Christmas. I don't know about others, but like Elvis Presley, one (and I) can feel the change in people...

WhyNotAgain4love762Dec 196 hrs agoDec 20
True relationship

True relationshipHey anyone out there for a true relationship???...................

Unknown3194Feb 20106 hrs agoFeb 2010

THE MONEY´CURSEI never liked money,I simply like what I am able to do with it. A young couple won 15millions euros in euromillion,but they lost the most important...

king123781Apr 20096 hrs agoApr 2009

"CREATION"..("TOO MUCH RUM")..(134)"Another Way Of Filling In The Empty Space......................."For That Is What Empty Space Is For Right? "Empty Space Is For The Use Of.............

namaron59-Mar 56 hrs ago
Carla Bruni and Sarkozy

Carla Bruni and Sarkozyso apparently Her Majesty is tired of the boring monogamy. and is planning to leave Sarkozy for some jackass of a musician!!! Probably she grew up see...

ItsColdinPitts3322Mar 20106 hrs agoMar 2010

I Like ThisLisa Beamer was on Good Morning America - If you remember, she's the widow of Todd Beamer, who said 'Let's Roll!' and helped take down the plane over...

Gentlejim3808May 20156 hrs agoMay 2015
Sorry for the last couple days

Sorry for the last couple daysHi everyone. I want to apologize for the last couple days, I have been very upset, but last night my anger turned to sadness when I found out one of m...

cookingfool50574193Oct 20116 hrs agoOct 2011

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