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JimNastics20727120 hrs ago20 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Its so funnyI am not sure if this is still a dating site here ... ... because you get messages from American men who have photos brown eyes but in profile is gra...

Dimo1293351Jan 15Jan 15Jan 15

"TO HELL WITH YOU"Religion Seems To Be The Hot Topic Lately............................With Politics?........ Coming In For Almost A Photo Finish...............Oddly As...

namaron9631Jan 15Jan 148 hrs ago
Track166921Jan 15Jan 15Jan 15

What is a Soul?It cannot be seen or measured and there are no scientific instruments that can observe it. So how do we know we have a soul? Well we’ve been told so...

Harbal1,0341111Jan 14Jan 146 hrs ago

Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on csLet’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on cs Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million...

jarred135-1Jan 14Jan 14

Today in Newsweek; Trump helped Putin destabilize the USAMueller Draft Report Says Trump 'Helped Putin Destabilize the United States', Watergate Journalist Says By Jason Lemon On 1/13/19 at 2:45 PM L...

JimNastics186151Jan 14Jan 13Jan 14
marlindap400201Jan 13Sep 15Jan 14

"Love and Appreciation" (By falicias Own Experiences)If you Have Love In your Relationship! Hold On In It Tide! Because You Easily Could Loose it! (See "Things that keep Two People Together" Blog)...

falicia20752Jan 13Sep 11Jan 13

Psssstt Molly!! Over here!!! LolMolly the best of my knowledge, I don’t think so... I bought this resin Buddha statue about a month ago. I saw this statue 2 months a...

MiMiArt339-1Jan 13Jan 13Jan 14

Are some people too dumb to realise they are dumb?The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support "The Dunning-Kruger effect explains that the problem isn’t just that they are misinformed;...

rizlared1,7351342Jan 12Dec 15Dec 21
The Travelling Sofa

The Travelling SofaWhile out riding my bike the other day, I think I mentioned the sofa that someone had dumped in the middle of the gravel road. When I saw it, I laughe...

LadyImp9661Jan 12Jan 11Jan 12

Become famous - upset people. It's so today.There’s a post on FB doing the rounds – the average Brit pensioner gets £79 a week, the average asylum seeker gets £350 a week, a free car, luxury hou...

Elegsabiff398381Jan 12Jan 11Jan 13

Capitalism At Its FinestI'm not quite sure what to think of this...

Track166111Jan 11Jan 11Jan 11

The Inevitability of (Trump's) ImpeachmentI have been predicting that Trump would get impeached, since his election. While the Trump rah rah loonies have written off my prediction as some so...

JimNastics252132Jan 10Dec 27Jan 7
Government shutdown affect snap food stamps wic I will not be replying to comments

Government shutdown affect snap food stamps,wic.I will not be replying to comments.I don't usually create political blog topics but this article really upsets me.Especially when children will be affected by this all.

Bearwoman8411Jan 10Jan 9Jan 9

Hello miss dimwit...I blocked you because of your inability to read English. No, we're not a match made in heaven and don't hold your breath waiting for me to call. Shee...

chatillion313191Jan 10Jan 9Jan 12

This is NOT a joke.Some people are finally cashing in on all those Trump lies. There is a website that takes bets on how much Trump lies. They chose 3 1/2 as the o...

JimNastics9622Jan 10Jan 9Jan 10

Make ALL drugs legal,........... take it away from the criminalsMake ALL drugs legal............. Said this before several years ago. Take the criminal aspect out of it.......... Will more people get addicted?...

bcjenny272351Jan 10Jan 9Jan 10

Report: First Border Poll Of 2019 Shows The Trap-Door Just Dropped Out Under DemocratsChuck and Nancy thought the media would cover for them – but Trump is pulling the lever on them. Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi are putting up a...

Willy3411450491Jan 8Jan 8Jan 11

The real National EmergencyToday in The Huffington Post Donald Trump Is The Real National Emergency, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig Says These statutes were not wri...

JimNastics188162Jan 8Jan 7Jan 12

06 January -Singles DaySeemingly, 06 January is the busiest day for online dating. Whether being sick of yet another Christmas alone, made a New Year's resolution to fin...

mollybaby8711031Jan 6Jan 6Jan 10

My First Impression Of CS Male BloggersI believe that first impression lasts. Just like most people, I base my first impression from what I see in a person's face . Some of that changed w...

Crazyheart3810,2363211Jan 6Aug 2015Jan 6

lolIt happens...

Track168461Jan 6Jan 5Jan 6

Pelosi has very bold move to end government shutdown quickly lolSatire from The Borowitz Report Pelosi Says She Will Skip Trump and Negotiate Directly with Putin By Andy Borowitz 11:43 A.M. WASHINGTON (...

JimNastics180161Jan 6Jan 5Jan 7

what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life................. what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life...

jarred156-1Jan 5Jan 4

Young kids nowadayscan identify any number of corporate logos cannot identify leaves from trees in their own garden Of course their future progress will depend m...

Elegsabiff749971Jan 4Jan 4Jan 6

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(187)This Blog Is For Everyone That Reads It....................................................There Seem To Be Problems On Here Between Some People........

namaron121-1Jan 3Jan 3Jan 3

WetThe start of the New Year and I've had to hit the ground running, with orders for photos. I'm always pleasantly surprised when people ask for copies o...

LadyImp202241Jan 3Jan 3Jan 5

Tech Is AmazingIt is now possible to see the soul leaving the body...

Track168541Jan 3Jan 3Jan 3

DRONEon 1...There are few public parks with model aircraft flying sites provided by Palm Beach County - Parks & Recreation where people go to visit and fly airpla...

chatillion154111Jan 3Jan 2Jan 4

A couple of recent articles of interestHarry Reid: Trump Is 'The Worst President We've Ever Had' HuffPost Marina Fang, 13 hours ago Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke out...

JimNastics10531Jan 3Jan 2Jan 3

I'm living with an Amazonian goddess.I’ve been house sitting for a family member these last few weeks with fourteen days of that time sharing the place with Alice, a school teacher friend...

TokyoRogue580421Jan 2Jan 2Jan 4

Stanley McChrystal on the resignation of General Mattis and the immoral dishonesty of Donald TrumpMcChrystal, a retired four star general and former top commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, spoke to ABC News anchor Martha Radd...

JimNastics193101Jan 1Jan 1Jan 2

Another day, another Trump administration crime revealed, with more to come.Lobbyist who got Trump Inaugural tickets for Ukrainian still having secret dealings with prosecutors By Katelyn Polantz, CNN Washington lobbyist...

JimNastics138151Jan 1Jan 1Jan 1

Baba Vanga 2019 predictions.For 2019 Baba Vanga (link below) predicts - Pres. Trump will become ill, Putin will survive another assignation attempt, Asia will be hit by a giant t...

zmountainman8141191Jan 1Dec 31Jan 1
flashing on blogs

flashing on blogs- Bloodybrilliant flashed her arse three years ago, but was a newbie and got easily provoked once by Calypso, once by Berry. - Calypso flashed her bo...

bloodyawfull12,8426114Jan 1Oct 31Jan 14

Thanks GoogleSo I'm currently at a coffee shop and enduring the presence of two obnoxious human beings and the louder of the two is apparently ah...transitioning....

BadlyDrawn9531Dec 31Dec 31Dec 31

What Happens in Heaven?WHAT HAPPENS IN HEAVEN WHEN WE PRAY? This is one of the nicest e-mails I have ever seen !! I dreamed that I went to Heaven and an angel was sho...

texasgirl85855301Dec 31Dec 31

California Finally Did Something RightRetail pet stores in California will only be able to sell kittens, rabbits, and puppies if they come from a rescue organization after a new state law...

texasgirl85858221Dec 31Dec 30Dec 31

The "SS connecting singles"Had no destination No cargo Free passage to hundreds of lost souls Never sailed Nothing happened Except people constantly join the voyage but no...

Onthcrestofawave400131Dec 30Dec 27Dec 30

I just heard GREAT news !Yep. All your Christmas expenses, no matter how much. Trump is going to have Mexico pay for them. Whew, what a relief....

JimNastics498491Dec 29Dec 25Dec 29
microsoft111: "hi"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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