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2017 18 CS BAFs Results

2017/18 CS BAFs ResultsLadies and gentleman. It's with great pleasure I give to you the results of the 2017/18 CS BAFs. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's aw...

TokyoRogue622521Jan 20Jan 19Jan 20
Freudian Interpretation of Dreams

Freudian Interpretation of Dreamsa) Hypermnesic Dreams Hypermnesic dreams are those dreams where the dreamer dreams of something that he or she has not experienced in real life and l...

psiberite4801Jan 19Jan 11
Latest on War between NK and US

Latest on War between NK and USI can't help but truly at awe with the over driven confidence of this country to fire a missile and start a most unwanted war between them and us?...

lindsyjones2,2301461Jan 19Aug 1723 hrs ago
Can Someone Please Amuse Me

Can Someone Please Amuse Me...Miserble weather here, gloomy day turned into a windy rainy night, so I didn't leave home the whole day, working since 3pm ... now 1 am here and the w...

Crazyheart38165251Jan 19Jan 18Jan 18
Whats your favorite part of Christmas

Whats your favorite part of Christmas?As the hustle and bustle of the festive season approaches, I ve noticed alot of friends , and family have different parts of the season they enjoy. I...

1to1to1509281Jan 14Dec 2016Jan 14
False alarm

False alarmHawaii was in frenzy about a missile heading their way. Thank God, it was a false alarm. Imagine the chaos they experienced. Must have been a ne...

lindsyjones333431Jan 13Jan 13Jan 15

"SOME OF US ARE SO OLD"..("MICLEES 21ST CENTURY")Some Of Us Are So Old Because..............................."When We Were Kids?".........................................................................

namaron14,2435111Jan 7Aug 2014Jan 6
People ommmmm 100 Images That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity 0

People ommmmm 100 Images That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity :0)If I wouldn´t believe in people, I would have no right to believe in myself Yeap! I´m no essentially different to anyone, neither you are...

Cachuchi169111Jan 2Jan 2Jan 3

ConfusedIts Friday, the weekend is here, I shoukld be in a good mood but I am not. I have been on internet dating sites for nearly 2 years....been on a few...

dolphin1871151Jan 2Apr 2011Apr 2011

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(141)As No One Is Around..........(That Is..Their Lights Are Not On..........................................It Doesnt Mean They Aint Sittin There Watchin...

namaron135141Dec 31Dec 30Dec 30
Things To Do In 2018

Things To Do In 2018This time of the year some of us undertake to do certain things in the New Year in order to improve our lives. I’m one of those. I have a few things I...

Catfoot414381Dec 30Dec 28Jan 1
Track1610451Dec 24Dec 24Dec 24

INSTANT GRATIFICATIONINSTANT GRATIFICATION. That is the biggest problem of our generation now. We are so used to getting things instantly that we don’t have any patience....

vowsofsilence15281Dec 22Dec 20Dec 21
Video chat

Video chat .I happen to be chatting with a certain member on C S and they asked me for us to exchange phone numbers . They keep asking going into ( 3 ) weeks unti...

Annleerose23031Dec 15Dec 15Dec 15
The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”...

jarred177-1Dec 14Dec 14
Scammer I stand corrected

Scammer (I stand corrected )So, I take a peek at who had viewed me while I was sleeping last night. There was one member in particular who's profile stood out and as luck would...

Stuckinarizona283262Dec 10Dec 10Dec 10
Track1611531Dec 7Dec 7Dec 8
let go my dreams

let go my dreamsLet go my dreams As I watch it crumble to dust And stand in its shattered self Readily do I sit in solitude weeping Grieving the severance of...

bollywood33231Dec 2Dec 2008Dec 2008
Is this love

Is this love ?Is this love? Is that how it feels? I cant own this pain yet the feeling is so real useless energy taking up space my spirit sodden life will...

bollywood62011Dec 2Nov 2008Nov 2008
Thirteen Years And Five Months

Thirteen Years And Five MonthsThe Supreme Court of Appeals found Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder and he was sentenced to thirteen years and five months in prison. The judge said t...

Catfoot349291Nov 28Nov 27Nov 29
America the land of opportunity and freedom

America, the land of opportunity and freedomInternationally, the USA is regarded as a land of so many things. Most of them are not so good. Depending upon where you live and how you live, it d...

lindsyjones530451Nov 26Nov 26Dec 14
What feeds us the most

What feeds us the most?Many have their perceptions and ideas of what feeds them emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Yet, by simple observation we see so many here see...

Akeldama40258141Nov 26Nov 25Dec 16
The American Nightmare

The American NightmareWhen I was a child – and even as a young man – I have always wished to be American. As I grew older I came to realize that it was not all milk and hon...

Catfoot1,152851Nov 24Nov 24Nov 28
Things Mum taught me

Things Mum taught meI taught my daughter many of the same. Mums, eh? Anatomy - Don't come running to me when you break both legs Religion - you'd better pray tha...

Elegsabiff670741Nov 21Nov 21Nov 25
Chiseled In Stone

Chiseled In StoneChiseled In Stone...

jarred165-1Nov 20Nov 20
Do not come to Holland

Do not come to HollandDo not come to Holland...

jarred171-1Nov 20Nov 20
Its me Wenever

It's me Wenever.I lost my profile and don't know why, I have never broke any rules that I am aware of. I have a message into the mods wanting a answer for deleting my...

wenever313401Nov 18Nov 18Nov 19
Are You Living an Insta Lie

Are You Living an Insta Lie?Are You Living an Insta Lie?...

jarred168-1Nov 18Nov 16

OkAny one here Hmm only me OK done...

Red_Tulip1217111Nov 12Nov 12Nov 12
stringman9801Nov 5Oct 17

PERFECT WOMANI have heard about a man who remained unmarried his whole life, and when he was dying, ninety years old, somebody asked him, “You have remained unmarr...

Swami18461Nov 3Oct 7Oct 7
Joke of the day getting screwed by nuns

Joke of the day - getting screwed by nunsA man is driving his truck down a deserted stretch of highway when he notices sign out of the corner of his eye. It reads: Sisters of St. Francis Ho...

JimNastics7,91951Oct 28Sep 2008Nov 2014

Followingthe success of my UK Snail racing blog. Its plain to see that the Bloggers of CS are lovers of adrenalized fast lane. This time We're bringing an al...

nonsmoker214181Oct 26Oct 25Oct 28
Fats Domino Died

Fats Domino DiedFats Domino, of rock N roll fame in the 50's and 60's, has died. He was 89. Awesome talent! RIP Fats!...

Gentlejim256141Oct 26Oct 25Oct 26
Why did she do this to me I know I am a succor

Why did she do this to me? I know, I am a succorI met a girl online from the Philippines as I was going through a divorce here in Denver. I thought someone overseas would be great to get away and bu...

stemik62695421Oct 25Oct 25Oct 28
the one thing

the one thingIs there a single thing that you won't quit to be with someone? Something you're more passionate about than passion itself? just curious....

freehand340211Oct 1Sep 30Oct 1
Always Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap Medicine

Always Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap MedicineAlways Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap Medicine

jarred192-1Sep 30Sep 13
Some Words

Some Words.I wrote these words as a Celebration of Education. I have had many problems in my past related to Schooling and its structure as I Imagine many othe...

nonsmoker286121Sep 9May 2013May 2013
stringman22161Sep 8Sep 8Sep 8
Dating at 50

Dating at 50Dating at 50 is rough. It is sure not like it was in my younger years. People are harder to get along with and please. People do not want to compromis...

vanessarh610241Sep 6Sep 5Sep 14

A VISIT IN YEMENYEMEN (March OF 2014). SAANA IS AN ARCITECTURE OF THE DREAM... Life is like a book . This who does not travel reads only the first page..... When...

asterousios29921Sep 4Jun 2014Jun 2014
Where logic

Where logic?When the man looks for the woman for sex, it is normal. When the woman looks for the man for the sake of money, it has to be a shame. Where logic?...

Ummka527341Sep 2Aug 29Nov 24

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