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Love TunesDoes love still exist in your heart and love tunes surrounds in your ears , your breath still feel the scent of the love you lost ?...

ali110384512 hrs agoAug 2017Sep 2017

Happy Eid Ul udhaHappy Eid ul udha to you and family May Allah / God bless you on all the ways of life Stay blessed Ali...

ali110287412 hrs agoSep 2017Sep 2017

RacismI always thought a racist was someone who disparages another because of the color of their skin. Today it seems the definition of racism means anythin...

Willy3411253181Jul 17Jul 17Jul 18

Remember when....................Tlaib infamously stated of Trump on her first night as a member of Congress, “We’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the mother*...

Willy3411183171Jul 15Jul 15Jul 16

Hey.Tonight when the site goes Nighters Some of you should use that time To check your pulse...and determine if you are alive. Then maybe find ano...

Agentbob11981Jul 15Jul 15Jul 16
Site will down for maintenance tonite at 11pm cdt

Site will down for maintenance tonite at 11pm cdtJust to let you know that the site will be down for maintenance tonight from 11pm to 12:30am Central Daylight time. Sorry for the inconvenience....

Staff34171Jul 15Jul 15Jul 16

The original SinIt was a sunny day in the garden of Eden... (every day was a sunny day in the garden of Eden) Adam was having a short power nap recharge his ba...

Dedovix494501Jul 15Jul 14Jul 15

I boiled three eggsSince ``someone `` told me yesterday that Im a fat bastard - My mirror doesn’t work and I am a conspiracy theorist ,therefore I know that my bathroom...

Dedovix224161Jul 15Jul 15Jul 16

Hellboy (2019) - a review!I finally gave this a watch, since I was looking forward to it ever since I saw the R-rated sizzle reel on YouTube. It promised a gory, loud, extremel...

Philipsen3301Jul 15Jul 14

The Movie Credits...I feel movies are over rated. My ex would not leave until he saw all the movie credits, then my daughter started doing it. I can see if you're hav...

hpylady_102101Jul 13Jul 1315 hrs ago

Mullet at the batWith thanks and regards to Ernest Lawrence Thayer - Mullet at the bat The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Kingston nine that day: The scor...

Drcoctail7541Jul 13Jul 12Jul 13

Just wait until your father gets home...As long as I remember, both my mother and father had to work full time jobs. For the most part, mom was self-employed and operated a business within w...

chatillion131101Jul 11Jul 11Jul 16

Robert Mueller coming to you LIVE...Associated Press reports that Robert Mueller has agreed to testify publicly before the house Judiciary and intelligence committees on July 17. Both pa...

chatillion409412Jul 11Jun 25Jul 17

Parable of the Blind and Deaf.Once upon a time there were two men. One was blind and the other was deaf and dumb. ( I am fully aware of my political incorrectness. I s...

usha123987724Jul 11Jul 10Jul 13
Bali is always a good idea

Bali is always a good idea!I first when to Bali for my honeymoon back in 1996. I was truly taken away by the strong Hindu culture and influence. Didn’t make another trip to...

MiMiArt361-1Jul 10Jun 21Jul 8

The Ongoing UK ambassador crisisToday in The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report U.K. Unable to Find Replacement Ambassador Who Does Not Think Trump Is an Idiot...

JimNastics4301Jul 10Jul 10
Catfish catfish candle light doing the town and doing it right they be scamming

Catfish, catfish, candle light, doing the town and doing it right: they be scammingOmg they are everywhere... my numerical stats are a ratio of maybe 1 or 2 nice people out of 15 that say they like you and start to chat... it becomes...

Jegas259261Jul 8Jul 8Jul 9

The part they don't want you to knowDonald Trump reached the highest job approval rating of his career in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll and runs competitively for re-election...

JimNastics219252Jul 8Jul 7Jul 8

My Baby...Actually she's my grandbaby.. she starts college next month on a softball scholarship. Last year her team got 1st place at the Atlanta tournament. Th...

hpylady_174121Jul 7Jul 7Jul 10

GOOD MORNING HOPE YOU ARE ALL FIGHTING FITI look at news every morning, on all stations just so if world war 3 is coming I am forewarned Same as same as so hopped onto cs to see world wa...

EXRED177141Jul 7Jul 7Jul 10

Success, happiness and your futureIt seems that SOME people are getting overly frustrated, that they are not getting enough attention, or perhaps nookie, and thus, rather than looking...

JimNastics31231Jul 6Jun 22Jul 7

Scammers/scams...Many styles of these pathetic parasites. One I see often has the following. Physically attractive responder sends a 'Like". May chat safely here for a...

Vierkaesehoch21271Jul 6Jul 5Jul 6
President Trump Draws Record Crowd Sets New Fundraising Record On First Day Of 2020 Campaign

President Trump Draws Record Crowd & Sets New Fundraising Record On First Day Of 2020 CampaignPresident Trump drew a record crowd of 20,000 enthusiastically cheering supporters yesterday to hear his official announcement that he will be running...

Diamond_Rain648461Jul 5Jun 19Jul 5

lol Worse than the Trojan Horse10:40 am today in; The New Yorker Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump’s Fourth of July Parade to Include Flyover by Russian Air Force...

JimNastics5701Jul 3Jul 3
stringman187121Jun 30Jun 30Jul 1
a blend of old and new

a blend of old and newWon't bore you with technical details a 5 year old digital camera and a 50 year old lens Sometimes old and new can be used together...

Nice2meetyoutoo158121Jun 30Jun 28Jun 30

Why the Democrats Will Never Win Back Trump VotersTheir cartoonish image of the President’s base dooms them to failure. It’s an article of faith among Democrats that the President’s base consists p...

Willy3411283291Jun 28Jun 24Jul 4
BadlyDrawn321251Jun 27Jun 27Jun 30
Close to giving up

Close to giving up.Any guys wish they had the power of Mel Gibson in the film "What women want"?...cos i havn't a clue....

Zaffa624111Jun 27Aug 2011Aug 2011

Robots that can be superior emotional trained. Robots that can think for themselvesCase Western Reserve University researchers are moving toward robots with superior emotional intelligence. They’re advancing the artificial intelligen...

bcjenny218191Jun 27Jun 26Jun 30
single ladies here are you real

single ladies here are you realsince I created my profile here I searching for female friends I have never got any what can I do please ,advise am here waiting for yo comments???...

Rob3608811Jun 25Jun 23Jun 23
hello am looking for a soulmate

hello am looking for a soulmatehello am Robert from Uganda east Africa looking for female white partner,am caring ,loving,funny ,joking please help me if interested mail me I will w...

Rob3606101Jun 25Jun 22

"IN SEARCH OF WENNY""It Has Been A While Now..................................... Since Ive Lastly Heard From Wenever..................Usually? We Would Have Heard From...

namaron1,072581Jun 23Jun 2310 hrs ago

An unintentional 'invitation' from Trump to start the impeachment proceedingsToday in CNN regarding a piece in The Washington Post; George Conway: Trump sends 'invitation to commence impeachment proceedings' By Jamie...

JimNastics17041Jun 21Jun 12Jul 6

Orlando Sentinal endorses ANYONE, except TrumpYesterday in Yahoo News; Orlando Sentinel endorses 'not Donald Trump' for president ahead of reelection kickoff Dylan StablefordSenior Editor...

JimNastics8401Jun 21Jun 19Jun 22

A brief glimpse of sanity from TrumpThe officially worst president in US history did something good recently. Well, he at least stopped himself from doing something horrible, that he al...

JimNastics244121Jun 21Jun 21Jul 4
Reparations Who Gets Them And Who Pays

Reparations? Who Gets Them And Who Pays?So I see the Democrats latest brilliant idea is a rehash of the "reparations" proposal that crops up every now and then when the left feels that they...

Diamond_Rain17961Jun 21Jun 20Jul 10

Milk is for calves not human beings. someone should have told me this more than 80 years agoMy dad delivered milk and I was born in a dairy store. Drank milk daily and it was even served at school and later at work. Drank buttermilk by the...

bcjenny286301Jun 18Jun 18Jul 18

The Pressure to Impeach Trump grows every day.Ocasio-Cortez says pressure to impeach Trump grows every day By Kate Sullivan, CNN Updated 5:33 PM ET, Sun June 16, 2019 Washington (CNN)Rep....

JimNastics735711Jun 16Jun 16Jul 7

Wish I had said goodbyeWhen I was forty and felt a little too old to be looking for love I thought nah I'll keep searching till I'm fifty and if it hasn't happened by then,...

itchywitch675-2Jun 16Jun 15Jun 16
Why Jon Stewarts 9 11 Outrage Is An Outrage

Why Jon Stewart's 9/11 Outrage Is An OutrageFirst, as I've written about before and some of you may know, I was an eyewitness to the Muslim terrorist attack on New York City on 9/11/2001, the mo...

Diamond_Rain16221Jun 15Jun 15Jun 22

Good Things Come - patience gwasshoppaWhen my son married two years ago, he got a wife and an 8 year old son. He took to Fatherhood before the wedding and son and Dad #2 have a wonderful...

UnFayzed12051Jun 15Jun 15Jun 16
03239019371: "I need a serious relationship."(meet us in the profile reviews)

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