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"Trump representing all that's wrong with the world""I think he just represents all that is wrong with the world. I know his supporters don't like him being compared to Hitler, but there is a lot of c...

lindsyjones7375018 hrs agoSep 135 hrs ago

"MUCH BETTER OFF ALONE"Take The Time................................................... To Take The Time....................And Just Look At The Whole Show And Its Quite Th...

namaron56-114 hrs agoSep 18

The most unethical presidentToday in the Washington Post; Donald Trump's failing grade on ethics Chris Cillizza Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large Washin...

JimNastics978118 hrs ago19 hrs ago6 hrs ago

Bingo, Harry and Me...I am a certifiable nut case where my dogs are concerned... With the kids grown up and being far more adult than I am, I'm reflecting (yummy new buzzwo...

Arthur_Sixpence944123 hrs agoSep 1916 hrs ago

Downwind from a steakhouse...I usually leave my office between 7:30 and 8pm (read: diner time) and have to travel a few main roads to get to the highway. This puts me past a mall...

chatillion644124 hrs agoSep 186 hrs ago

Points to ponder #666I was wrong What is written can be unwritten...

Onthcrestofawave694401Sep 18Sep 18Sep 19

"...the single worst development in Donald Trump's life.."Some people just don't realize the extreme significance of the recent court findings. Every single one of Trump's team that has been charged so far h...

JimNastics12972Sep 18Sep 17Sep 19

The crazy world of Arthur Sixpence...Oh look, it's my first blog... There comes a point in a chaps life when he accepts the inevitable... Two weeks back and the realization that I've g...

Arthur_Sixpence248211Sep 18Sep 18Sep 19

Things that annoy me #42,067...I'm shopping for a condo and called the realtor from one of the listings I'm interested in. She apologized as the property was sold and neglected to n...

chatillion15351Sep 17Sep 16Sep 17

"Love and Appreciation" (By falicias Own Experiences)If you Have Love In your Relationship! Hold On In It Tide! Because You Easily Could Loose it! (See "Things that keep Two People Together" Blog)...

falicia8731Sep 16Sep 11Sep 12

So you think you can judgeTrevor Noah's hilarious take on the ongoing Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Day 1;...

JimNastics292361Sep 16Sep 7Sep 17

Likes and Viewed meWhat I get irritated about.....MOST.......I'm talking to men about women.....This site has a section.....Likes.....Viewed me.....Favored me.... When...

1jaguar250131Sep 16Aug 29Aug 31

Whenever You Come AroundWhenever You Come Around

jarred162-1Sep 15Sep 12

Happy Birthday, BritishColumbian aka JennyI want to wish a dear lady and friend a very, very Happy Birthday! Jenny! Please join me in wishing her an awesome and wonderful birthday!...

Gentlejim211291Sep 15Sep 15Sep 16

"HOW ABOUT A BREAK"What A World This Is............The Only Country Everybody Talks About Is The United States.................And Theres Nothing Ever Good Said About Th...

namaron92-1Sep 15Sep 14
Bentlee10671Sep 15Sep 12Sep 14
JimNastics8961Sep 15Sep 14Sep 16

Breaking News, which is Real Bad News for Trump !The stage is becoming quite set for the impeachment of Dirty Don Trump. More & more things are in place for his removal. Recently, his former atto...

JimNastics16991Sep 15Sep 14Sep 15

Exhilaration!Have you ever done something and felt totally exhilarated afterwards? This morning was one of those mornings for me. This week has been overcast and y...

LadyImp10681Sep 14Sep 14Sep 15

Should Trump be impeached now, before the Mueller report ? Some constitutional lawyers say "Yes".Trump is not only officially the worst US president in history, but he also is in violation of the constitution. Indeed, lawyers have found at leas...

JimNastics217182Sep 14Sep 13Sep 14

My Golden Years..................Being the oldest of six children there are only three left now. It feels strange at times to be the oldest, but have only a few younger sisters left....

britishcolumbian136191Sep 14Sep 13Sep 14

The 3 RsIn SA criminals use what is commonly known as the 3 Rs literally to get away with murder or to cut their sentence by more than half at times. REMOR...

Lukeon176161Sep 13Sep 13Sep 13
Banner Days

Banner DaysEver have one of those days where you're really busy and eating seems to be something you cram in on your way to somewhere else? Well, I have lots of...

LadyImp5001Sep 13Sep 7

Your WillDo you have your will ready? No? Why not? I don't either. I was reading about the funeral for Aretha Franklin this morning. I was always an adm...

LargeCurves293261Sep 12Aug 25Aug 30

Ghosting your date, can be illegal !I recall a couple of former blogs on here recounting "ghosting" as a method to deal with a date, that wasn't quite up to expectations. One seemed to...

JimNastics9791Sep 12Sep 12Sep 12

Walking the dogHave you taken your dog for a walk lately? They say it's a healthy thing to do for the dog and the owner. Well, perhaps not so healthy for some o...

robrt787178331Sep 12Sep 11Sep 12

For LaughsThis is getting more funny by the week...The numerous books released or soon to a book store near you...all in an attempt to ensure people are informe...

loulou77273131Sep 11Sep 10Sep 11
Itll Be The Death of Me

It'll Be The Death of MeWhat does one do on an overcast day? Well, you can do all the things indoors that you've been putting off, or, if you're me, you get in the car to fin...

LadyImp14592Sep 9Sep 9Sep 9

Dad...I was inspired by Imp's blog about 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM' and weeks later I'm getting to actually do the blog. My dad...

chatillion7351Sep 9Sep 8Sep 9
Thats a Wrap

That's a Wrap!Waking to smokey skies yet again, I decided to head out to another community to ride my bike, hopefully under clear skies. I'm beyond fed up with the...

LadyImp153241Sep 7Sep 6Sep 7
Soups On

Soup's On!Monday night at the BBQ for the executive for photo club, I indulged in a half cup of coffee. Oh yeah, not a good thing. I got home about 11pm, totall...

LadyImp186231Sep 7Aug 29Sep 7

"LOVE YOUR SELF"We begin with one of the most profound sutras of Gautama the Buddha: 'Love yourself…' "Just the opposite has been taught to you by all the traditions...

owlsway7611Sep 6Sep 5Sep 5

Drain the swamp ? Trump has polluted the swamp with toxic wasteFrom the Huffington Post It’s Not Just Robert Mueller. President Donald Trump Faces Six Separate Investigations And Lawsuits. Prosecutors a...

JimNastics411242Sep 4Sep 3Sep 4

Sustainable relationships.Throughout human history, enough stories are written of real and fairy tale like love. Religions, philosophers, psychologists, artists and almost...

usha123404331Sep 4Sep 2Sep 3

Trump's disapproval rating hits all time high & 1/2 of the USA urges impeachment.Trump, officially the worst US president in history, is increasingly being recognized by the public as such. With the recent wave of guilty pleas and...

JimNastics702591Sep 3Aug 31Sep 3
Juicy Details

Juicy DetailsYears ago, I'd purchased a juicer and recipe book on juicing. The book included those combinations of fruits and vegetables that would address differe...

LadyImp169171Sep 3Sep 2Sep 3

Things you shouldn't do when not in the right state of mindThings that maybe you shouldn't do or say when you're drunk, disorderly, zoned out, overcome with too much lust, upset or just not in your normal, err...

robrt787194181Sep 2Sep 1Sep 2

"BLACK BALLED""It Was Away Back................................. In The Seventeenth Century.........Where The Term.............................And Origination Of......

namaron107-1Sep 2Sep 2Sep 2

Ethical ShoppingI like avocados, I put them in salads. The trouble is; they are quite expensive and I find that about one in six of the ones I buy is black and mushy...

Harbal437611Sep 2Sep 2Sep 4
fake profiles on this site what a drag

fake profiles on this site, what a drag!So many fake profiles on this site....'pity so many people out there with bad intentions...

Y2K201230981Sep 1Jan 2013Jan 2013

To the owners of this site: I am most gratefulAs a long time member of this site, I want to acknowledge my gratefulness for the owners, moderators and anyone who is responsible in providing us thi...

lindsyjones567451Sep 1Aug 16Aug 20

You never know !Smart answer, smart alec, or XXXtra credit ?...

JimNastics12291Sep 1Sep 1Sep 1

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