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a kind of magicBig brand new rented car parked in narrow road. Add Spanish drivers, who are not always wonderful. Mix and stir, and you get a scrape across 2 door pa...

Elegsabiff15224114 hrs ago15 hrs ago5 hrs ago

A matter of recordJust curious among the CS community if everyone is OK with every blog, forum, comments and poetry etc. that is posted here. Does everyone carefully th...

Prometheus11599123 hrs ago23 hrs ago7 hrs ago

flashing on blogs- Bloodybrilliant flashed her arse three years ago, but was a newbie and got easily provoked once by Calypso, once by Berry. - Calypso flashed her bo...

bloodyawfull14,1846545Apr 21Oct 31Mar 21
Diamond_Rain290351Apr 21Apr 211 hrs ago

I love a Good JokeEdith and Marie were outside their nursing home, having a smoke when it started to rain. Edith pulled out a condom, cut off the end, put it over her c...

sweetladydi12821Apr 21Mar 18Mar 18

The TIME for the impending impeachment of Donald Trump grows closerFrom TIME; Robert Mueller Told Congress They Can Prosecute the President. Now It Gets Ugly Alana Abramson Time•April 18, 2019 More than...

JimNastics234231Apr 20Apr 2015 hrs ago

Quotes of the day“Really the best day since he got elected,” said Kellyanne Conway, the president’s counselor, about a day on which 400 pages dropped into the public’s...

JimNastics6831Apr 20Apr 2023 hrs ago
Better days

Better daysBetter days is what we all want, "well I need better days," where I am in a good job, a great family and wonderful home to go to everyday. Its not ea...

Syndilee419411Apr 19Nov 2017Dec 2017
All I ever wish for

All I ever wish for.All I ever wish for in life is to be happy with Christ, a lovely job, a nice home, and a loving family that I can always look forword to go home to wh...

Syndilee468341Apr 19Nov 2015Dec 2015

In The New Yorker today - Trump's fate lies in the hands of the votersThere are incidents sprinkled throughout the special counsel’s report in which President Trump’s behavior is clearly unethical, if not conclusively il...

JimNastics380382Apr 19Apr 18Apr 21

TogethernessSpring is here. Love is in the air. Life is everywhere. You are beautiful. The smile in your eyes. Lovely when you arise. Hug me, hold me cl...

robrt787145151Apr 19Apr 19Apr 20

Here it is - the more semi-complete redacted Mueller report It does contain some damning information regarding the president and his campaign with regard to Russi...

JimNastics12061Apr 18Apr 18Apr 18

2 ParrotsA woman went to her priest with a problem. "Father, I have two female parrots, and they only know how to say one thing. All they ever say is, 'Hi, we'...

sweetladydi9651Apr 16Apr 15Apr 16

Newest satire by Borowitz - funny.Moments ago in The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report Americans Fear That Former Trump Staffers Will Be Released Into Their Cities...

JimNastics5021Apr 15Apr 15Apr 15

Photos you cannot dispute...Picture a profile photo of a woman in a hotel room and the caption states what city she is in when the photo was taken. Orlando Disney? Hyatt in Atlan...

chatillion154121Apr 15Apr 14Apr 15

Yesterday in Newsweek; Trump is financially compromised by RussiaDonald Trump Is 'Financially Compromised' by Russia. Mueller Didn't Investigate but Congress Must: Ex-Federal Prosecutor By Alexandra Hutzler On 4/...

JimNastics168201Apr 14Apr 14Apr 15

Trump tries stall tactic to not release tax returnsFrom USA Today; Treasury Department misses deadline to hand over Trump's tax returns, asks for more time Christal Hayes USA TODAY•April 10, 201...

JimNastics189201Apr 12Apr 12Apr 13
Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful morningA strong cup of black coffee, a cigarette and the film Deliverance. Add a faux fur blanket and my fancy balls, bliss....

Palmfrond173121Apr 11Apr 6Apr 7

Another Trump Administration replacement ? lolThis most recent offering is a prime example of Andy Borowitz's terrific wit & satire. It's outlandish, but given the actual behavior of the current...

JimNastics8851Apr 10Apr 10Apr 11

Spooky as hell....VERY spooky...Many believe our loving pets have sixth senses, as we humans probably did, before the noise of technological modern life killed it off for most of us....

Vierkaesehoch17121Apr 10Mar 27Mar 27

Trump states that Windmills cause cancerFrom People Magazine; Donald Trump Says Noise from Windmills 'Causes Cancer' — 'Idiotic,' GOP Senator Says People Maria Pasquini PeopleApril...

JimNastics247381Apr 10Apr 6Apr 9

Eat first, then exercise _or_ exercise first then eat...I'm sure there are dozens of websites posting facts about which one is correct... one way or another. As for me, I prefer the order of exercising firs...

chatillion12281Apr 9Apr 8Apr 9

The F-wordI've been a person that was never able to swear. I was taught I shouldn't. After reading Molly the other day on Palms blog I realized how common the F...

lshtar580661Apr 9Apr 8Apr 13
Feeding a Need

Feeding a NeedHave you ever heard the saying, don't be good at something you don't want to do? I heard it many years after I developed the liniment I make, and afte...

LadyImp15081Apr 5Mar 27Apr 3

When Solitaire's the only game in townMore and more people in their 30s and 40s are choosing to be alone, to have a social network but no partner and no lasting ties. Most people on their...

Elegsabiff282291Apr 5Apr 3Apr 6

The U.S. Southern Border Is Falling ApartEarlier today Bill O'Reilly reports the southern U.S. border is falling apart. In March they will have taken into custody 100,000 people at the sout...

Willy3411163112Apr 4Apr 3Apr 5
Track169831Apr 3Apr 3Apr 3

Russia is building a wall!Breaking News: Vladimir Putin has ordered the construction of a wall along Russia's closest border with the United States. Mr. Putin's translat...

BadlyDrawn9231Apr 2Apr 1Apr 1

What do you get when.....You take one mechanical pencil, one piece of paper, 10 milligrams of thc, and a couple hours? Sometimes I just draw. Many times it starts with an...

BadlyDrawn383321Apr 2Apr 1Apr 5

DRONEon 4...Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago retreat this weekend and that means ALL model aircraft is BANNED in a 50 mile radius of where he is staying. ALL model a...

chatillion172121Apr 1Mar 31Apr 2

Do you drive up or back in?I always back in, what do you do?

Bentlee522731Apr 1Mar 31Apr 10

Prenuptial agreements....with teeth.... Lot's of ways to keep the diggers at bay. I have a giant blank one framed in GOLD leaf, on the living room wall, among all the art brou...

Vierkaesehoch275151Mar 30Mar 30Mar 31

Police union calls for federal probe into 'Empire' actor Jussie SmollettThe Chicago police union is calling for a federal investigation into state's attorney Kim Foxx to determine the extent of her involvement with the Jus...

Willy34119231Mar 29Mar 28Mar 30

My Latest ObsessionI love rediscovering old music I haven't heard in 25 years...

Track1615141Mar 29Mar 28Mar 29

FOX News legal expert states that evidence of both conspiracy and obstruction in full reportIn The Huffington Post; Fox News' Andrew Napolitano: 'Of Course' Mueller Found 'Some Evidence Of A Conspiracy' Rebecca Shapiro ,HuffPost•Ma...

JimNastics232182Mar 29Mar 28Apr 10

"RAMBLIN MAN...("RAMBLE ON")..(195)The Ramblin Man Is Still Here...............And He Carries With Him The Facts............Facts Are Not Something That Anybody Can Argue Against..........

namaron14171Mar 29Mar 28Mar 30

Copyright vs C& PI looked up what exactly is a blog and I was surprised the definition actually left these C&P scholars in the clear. You can just leave a link, or C&P...

Drcoctail780462Mar 28Dec 8Apr 10
Willy3411166131Mar 28Mar 24Mar 28

Some guy called ObamaI looked wistfully back at March 2016 and guess what, there were 3 - only THREE - political blogs on this international singles website. One about Ja...

Elegsabiff1,4521372Mar 27Mar 26Mar 29
JimNastics283241Mar 26Mar 26Apr 18

She toad dem to cwal unda a wok...It was a spectacular event Friday night. The Conservative Borg mothership came into orbit around Earth and two hundred thousand sleeper cells lit up....

chatillion12441Mar 26Mar 25Mar 25
Happy Saint Patricks Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!I'm so excited to finally be making it to Ireland this year! I will be living on a boat :) I am starting a camper and live aboard boat letting busin...

mayamary698201Mar 25Mar 2015Mar 2015
jaydank: "take a chance"(meet us in the quizzes)

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