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The stupidity of smokingI'm not a smoker so if you are, you may not want to listen to me, but listening to me may be the smartest thing you ever did. If you smoke, there is...

ooby_dooby640301Jul 2017Jul 2017
Bloggers butt

Bloggers buttokay, honest show of hands. Whose hips have hefted out a bit since they first became a blogger? Blogging diet tips: Never bring more than a ha...

Elegsabiff1,6741361Jun 2017Jul 2017
The MEME wars have begun

The MEME wars have begunCNN confessed to making up Russian narratives because it increased their revenues. Now, Trump hits CNN right where it hurts..... Trump gave an exce...

seaworthy26751Jul 2017Jul 2017

"DOUBLE YOUR FUN"Okay...Here I Am.... In This Most Perfect Time Slot Of All....Theres Very Few When I Come On...And Then Theyre Gone Just As Fast.....Not Here For Most...

namaron869-1Jul 2017Jul 2017

The New Generation - Specially Gifted ChildrenOver the last 20 years there has been an increase in children who have come to our world with particular talents. Unfortunately, they are not widely...

daniela777718441Aug 2017Sep 2017
Do you like to learn salsa and latino dancing

Do you like to learn salsa and latino dancing?Come to " Mounties" Club in Mount Pritchard NSW AUSTRAlIA! $15 per lesson or $85 per month IT IS ON EVERY MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY BE THERE AT 7 pm...

Balicia27441Jul 2017Jul 2017

how we are being dumbed downI have not even given this a lot of thought and I do not even know if there is a point to this. I think perhaps it is just to stimulate possible post...

Johnny_Sparton807521Aug 2017Aug 2017

YOU make the photo caption (5) !You make the photo caption (5) ! ....... 'Yet, an otter thief, caught by camera !' Or you make the caption for the following photo;...

JimNastics35651Aug 2017Aug 2017
hello guys

hello guysWhich nice loving, romantic down to earth man can come n take me n a date n just come n take my breath away along time I don't go out I can't tell whe...

shandeen2932231Aug 2017Aug 2017

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(122)How Does That Saying Go Now?....Oh Yeah...If At First You Dont Succeed...Try Try Again..........I Think Thats How It Goes Anyway.........Throughout Ma...

namaron2,1631281Aug 2017Aug 2017

Yet another gender blogI, as well of all of you, have noticed the amount of blogs of late about gender differences/gender-blaming, gender-bashing and even some gender-loving...

mollybaby1,8191271Aug 2017Aug 2017
the one thing

the one thingIs there a single thing that you won't quit to be with someone? Something you're more passionate about than passion itself? just curious....

freehand403211Sep 2017Oct 2017
stringman14001Oct 2017

Always Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap MedicineAlways Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap Medicine

jarred1153-1Sep 2017

No Wars"If women ruled the world, there'd be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other." Sorry Jarred, this is way too funn...

lindsyjones1,293341Oct 2017Apr 10

NeighborsMrs. Morbid from over the fence, tight leggings worn away between your more than ample thighs, you spew hatred, it’s a kid riding his bike, calm down...

Mapmaker708591Aug 2017Aug 2017
Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close t...

goldengloss1,075801Sep 2017May 2
Where logic

Where logic?When the man looks for the woman for sex, it is normal. When the woman looks for the man for the sake of money, it has to be a shame. Where logic?...

Ummka607341Aug 2017Nov 2017

Better than a Flu Shot!Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties and had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all. One af...

Gentlejim23171Mar 5Mar 6
Just rather avoid them so we say

Just rather avoid we say....Many of us group others by personal/group characteristics. It's pretty strong as a drive in most, if not all of us, and so it probably became ingraine...

Aaltarboy21641Mar 2017Mar 2017

Pentagon awards contract to United Airlines to forcibly remove AssadWASHINGTON — The Pentagon announced Tuesday it had awarded a sole-source contract to United Airlines for work related to the forcible removal of Presi...

Willy341121831Apr 2017Apr 2017

Men, Sex and SlutsWhat is it with men? Even the seemingly modern, progressive 'Western'-thinking men, despite what they think about themselves, still have a contra...

mollybaby2,2121661Apr 2017Jun 2017
A World of More Than Just Words

A World of More Than Just Words...Legendary Interior Designer Billy Baldwin once declared, " Books are the best decoration." I couldn't agree more but I still like paintings and other...

Kattte20191Apr 2017Apr 2017

it's Another Day. ..After days off now back to reality Making good moments @work But mostly bad moments come Anyhow live by it...

ysabeljhen15231Apr 2017Apr 2017

I've Accepted Every E-Mail Offer I Ever GotI now have 50 girlfriends and my p*nis is 235 feet long....

Track1621351Apr 2017Apr 2017

the Earth of ours"Be the change that you want to see in the world."- Gandhi I can not help much in general, but like a water circles, each in their own environment...

bloodyawfull515261Apr 2017Jun 4
Devastating News

Devastating News!!! least for me..... Went to the American Embassy on Friday morning with really high hopes........ Only to have 'em dashed....c...

MimiArt7348368-1Apr 2017
Lowest of the low

Lowest of the low,.............................I have quite a few, and grass is one of them, sssssssssssssssnake!...

Unknown424171Apr 2017Apr 2017

"A TIME FROM A TIME"..(1)And They Trudged On...Onward.... Into The Unknown... Undiscovered ...Vastness Of A Land That... As Of Yet... Had Not Felt... The Thud Of The Marching...

namaron16801Mar 2017
I dont often go to church

I dont often go to church !But when I do Its to hear some damn fine words, If you are a graduate of the youtube college of vox-pop thinking then this is not for you...

nonsmoker353161Apr 2017Apr 2017
Track1616671Apr 2017Apr 2017
Good idea

Good idea!This is absolutely brilliant! Gonna try this out the next time I am asked...

MimiArt7348338-1Mar 2017
Money or Love

Money or Love ?It seems All I get from these dating sites is women who want $ Money $ !!! Is there Any women out there who are Looking just for True Honest Love ? L...

deerdog194825461Apr 2017Apr 2017
jarred1172-1Mar 2017

My boolove and desire has a mind of it's own... and all of mine is only FOR YOU....

itchywitch370-1Feb 2017Feb 2017

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(84)Yep...Its That Time Once Again...Time To Do A Bit of Ramblin..... Thats What Most People Do...They Mostly "Ramble On" ...About A Lot Of Nothing One...

namaron405271Feb 2017Feb 2017

Happy Birthday LisaI want to wish my friend, Lisa, a very happy birthday! Lisa, I wish you many, many more! If you didn't live on another continent, I would ha...

Gentlejim356151Feb 2017Feb 2017
Ashlander tribute

Ashlander....tributeOh, you mysterious maiden. You make a man know that He is known.. I suspect that you've made Many things in the realm Of your spirit Perhaps th...

cafetwo201040591Feb 2017Feb 2017
Track1619121Mar 2017Mar 2017
In case you wanted to know

In case you wanted to know...........We don't really get to know each other very well on this site. We are mostly a mystery to each other. I thought that it might be nice for the gr...

VikingSon296161Mar 2017Mar 2017

A new source of tensionA new source of tension...

tatami24031Mar 2017Mar 2017
Track1616741Mar 2017Mar 2017
4MaryB: "Happy Birthday 2 you "(meet us in the ecards)

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