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This Video Will Make You AngryThis Video Will Make You Angry...

jarred1319-0Oct 2015

Avocado......... ......

teenameena32730Oct 2015Nov 2015

JokesAfter all of the fighting on this site for the last few days, I thought a little humor might lighten things up! My husband, an avid golf player...

Gentlejim65090Oct 2015Oct 2015
Which One

Which One?If you were to be converted to an animal, which one would you prefare to be? Both Domestic or Wild....

Unknown677480Oct 2015Nov 2015
Building a country girl part II

Building a country girl part IISo yesterday, somewhere around 10am I woke up to the sound of turkey clucking. Little bastards. Still in my underwear I slipped on some flip-flops,...

Ken_19798120Oct 2015Nov 2015
The Qualities You look For In A Partner

The Qualities You look For In A PartnerList 5 qualities, in order of importance, that your partner must have. Why are these qualities important to you? Which ones are less important? Why?...

Willow39391,471140Oct 2015Nov 2015

Dreaming My Dreams With YouDreaming My Dreams With You...

jarred1225-0Oct 2015
Celebrating Halloween Samhain

Celebrating Halloween/SamhainTonight is the most important day in the Witch's year and I'm not celebrating. Spiritually, I feel exhausted and I am not up for the ceremony of...

Willow39391,739260Oct 2015Nov 2015
Track1621900Nov 2015

now just why in the hell do i have to press 1 fornow just why in the hell do i have to press 1 for english

jarred12,001-0Nov 2015

Giant MothImagine this crawling in your hair....

Track1653230Nov 2015Nov 2015

You've slept with HOW many people?Hundreds. HUNDREDS. Oh, I know you wouldn’t dream of having sex with a stranger without a condom. But what happens when they aren’t a stranger, an...

Elegsabiff1,225590Nov 2015Nov 2015

LoyaltyA Woman's Loyalty is tested when a Man has Nothing. A Man's Loyalty is tested when a Man has Everything. All was good between you until the above ment...

Unknown48290Nov 2015Nov 2015

You're My Heart, You're My SoulYou're My Heart, You're My Soul...

jarred1218-0Nov 2015
The Shaming of Eve

The Shaming of Eves*xual Subjugation of Women Women have been subjugated and oppressed throughout history. We are told to deny our desires and feeli...

Willow39392,225900Nov 2015Nov 2015

Inspiration!!Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your...

_Spartan_41360Nov 2015Nov 2015

facebook funny trickFacebook funny trick [url=

jarred12,022-0Nov 2015

Vietnam ^_^WARNING! Same as other developing countries in this planet, we do have negative things, criminal, poor public skill behavior, other things may strange...

MimiNGUYEN79569150Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track1644050Nov 2015Nov 2015

don t let worries kill youdon t let worries kill you [url=

jarred1878-0Nov 2015
Do you have a best friend too

Do you have a best friend too ?There are friends who can make you happy even thou they are far apart, you can talk and text and email and web cam each othher and still you never fin...

Kasih661110Nov 2015Nov 2015

MEETING MY BESTFRIEND EVER.Meeting someone who can make u Happy, who can Love u with uncondition Love.... Are u the One????...

Kelvink2639320Nov 2015Nov 2015
am right or wrong about this

am right or wrong about this?Without communication there's no relationship without respect there's no love without trust there's no reason to continue....

_Spartan_35970Nov 2015Nov 2015
wanted to clear this confusion

wanted to clear this confusion....I met a guy online matrimonial site and we were chating since last three months and it was our mutual decision to meet in person. He is from Sweden bu...

bullbull707180Nov 2015Nov 2015

alcohol is bad for my legsalcohol is bad for my legs...

jarred11,917-0Nov 2015

Childhood and ReligionI suppose that in growing up as children, most of us were exposed to, and influenced by the basic teachings of some religion, most likely that of our...

socrates44490160Nov 2015Nov 2015

If People Behaved in Real Life Like They Do in OnlIf People Behaved in Real Life Like They Do in Online Dating...

jarred1272-0Nov 2015

Useless SA InfoSA’s 3 Official hottest towns and cities If you think you’re feeling the heat in Tshwane, consider these 5 official hottest towns and cities in...

Lukeon600130Nov 2015Nov 2015
Single People

Single PeopleBeing single doesn't mean your weak, It means your strong enough to wait for what you deserve... Single isn't a status but it's a word that des...

_Spartan_50980Nov 2015Nov 2015

ConflictedWell my friends I must say after being on this site for almost a month, I am a bit over whelmed. I've spoken with a few people on here but the 2 tha...

Raye07902150Nov 2015Nov 2015

Strong minded womenEach to their own as to what type they may be... but i know some women that take pride in thinking its them. Such women will NOT have her man tell h...

itchywitch977450Nov 2015Nov 2015

BEAT OVER WOMANwhat does the woman at home get the bad treatment , for the other b*tch out there. Hit in the eye by my own baby father and all got is a black eye and...

Nakesha27400Nov 2015

BEAT OVER WOMANwhat does the woman at home get the bad treatment , for the other b*tch out there. Hit in the eye by my own baby father and all i got is a black eye a...

Nakesha802160Nov 2015Dec 2015
Track1630530Nov 2015Nov 2015
Out of Your Safety Zone Pt 1

Out of Your Safety Zone Pt. 1A compilation Nov 03, 2015 We all have our safety zone, that range of circumstances that we’re comfortable with or the people that we’...

Keys70775590Nov 2015Nov 2015

Modern Day High SchoolMy class was pretty bad back in high school but I don't think we were this bad . . . . I don't think....

Track1652720Nov 2015Nov 2015

Remember.As I walk through life, I look at all I have done. I had wandered aimlessly, And wondered what I have become. I have been through so much, It is...

butterrum32630Nov 2015Nov 2015
Humans have created a new top predator

Humans have created a new top predatorthat is taking over the Northeast Humans are not newcomers when it comes to messing around with nature. While we haven't created Frankenstein's mon...

Ken_191,179330Nov 2015Nov 2015
Friend and loved ones

Friend and loved onesSometimes we just that lucky to be blessed to have your son as your best friend and loved one ....just had to share this with the world because we all...

JWK04453920Nov 2015Nov 2015
Whos whoes

Who's, whoesOn the site, I have found not to many are who they say they, their anyone had experienced this?...

MYst25696110Nov 2015Nov 2015

The Police Officer"A police officer in a small town stopped a motorist who was speeding down Main Street. ""But officer."" the man began, ""I can explain,"". ""Just...

Gentlejim28850Nov 2015Nov 2015

helloim tired of being single :frus...

misskrissy88673100Nov 2015Nov 2015

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