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Capitalism At Its FinestI'm not quite sure what to think of this...

Track166111Jan 11Jan 11

RIGHT TO REPLYI have only been a member of this site for a week. Already I have noticed that some people post on the Blogs then disable the ability to post comme...

graeme19691,5201121Aug 2017Aug 2017

Report: First Border Poll Of 2019 Shows The Trap-Door Just Dropped Out Under DemocratsChuck and Nancy thought the media would cover for them – but Trump is pulling the lever on them. Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi are putting up a...

Willy3411450491Jan 8Jan 11

"THE PROTESTERS"Of Course You Have The Right To Protest...Well...In Most Countries ....You Do..... Anyway.....Maybe Its A Wrong You Are Protesting....And You Want It...

namaron1,026351Jul 2017Aug 2017

Government shutdown affect snap food stamps,wic.I will not be replying to comments.I don't usually create political blog topics but this article really upsets me.Especially when children will be affected by this all.

Bearwoman8411Jan 9Jan 9
Lukeon353101Jul 2017Jul 2017

The 'Great' Negotiator. lolBreaking news ! Trump is holed up in the Whitehouse refusing to leave and hopefully holding his breath until the Democrats approve $ 5 Billion for a...

JimNastics589571Dec 28Dec 31

California Finally Did Something RightRetail pet stores in California will only be able to sell kittens, rabbits, and puppies if they come from a rescue organization after a new state law...

texasgirl85858221Dec 30Dec 31

More breaking news 9/7/2018 Michael Cohen to get at least 4 years in prison - Russian involvementToday from the Associated Press US: Trump lawyer met Russian offering 'political synergy' Associated Press CHAD DAY, ERIC TUCKER and JIM MU...

JimNastics356281Dec 7Dec 12

It's even worse than most suspected ! At least 14 of Trump's team contacted RussiansToday in The Washington Post; Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign and transition Federal prosecutors fil...

JimNastics7821Dec 9Dec 9

What Happens in Heaven?WHAT HAPPENS IN HEAVEN WHEN WE PRAY? This is one of the nicest e-mails I have ever seen !! I dreamed that I went to Heaven and an angel was sho...

texasgirl85855401Dec 31

Baba Vanga 2019 predictions.For 2019 Baba Vanga (link below) predicts - Pres. Trump will become ill, Putin will survive another assignation attempt, Asia will be hit by a giant t...

zmountainman8151191Dec 31Jan 1

Thanks GoogleSo I'm currently at a coffee shop and enduring the presence of two obnoxious human beings and the louder of the two is apparently ah...transitioning....

BadlyDrawn9531Dec 31Dec 31
A Question

A Question.Should Prince Charles step aside and allow William and Harry to be the next Kings, as they are more popular with the public and lets face it, the whol...

pat8lanips484171Jul 2017Aug 2017

Copyright vs C& PI looked up what exactly is a blog and I was surprised the definition actually left these C&P scholars in the clear. You can just leave a link, or C&P...

Drcoctail252221Dec 8Dec 9
Willy341120181Dec 8Dec 10

ViceGolden Globe Best Picture of the year nominee "Vice" is opening in theatres soon. I hope to see it. Christian Bale looks and sounds just like d*...

LargeCurves8661Dec 8Dec 8

What a privileged........... What a privileged ….....

jarred153-1Dec 8

Let's just for a momentPut aside our childish egotistical bickering and morn the tragic event that has unfolded in NZ

Onthcrestofawave24471Dec 9Dec 30
Freudian Interpretation of Dreams

Freudian Interpretation of Dreamsa) Hypermnesic Dreams Hypermnesic dreams are those dreams where the dreamer dreams of something that he or she has not experienced in real life and l...

psiberite25731Jan 2018Jan 2018
Willy34116421Dec 9Dec 9
I Think Im Past My Sell By Date

I Think I'm Past My Sell-By-DateWhat about you? Joining this site just proved that I'm way past my sell-by-date I was looking for someone worth my time and effort, the right one w...

TheOne12101,173881Jul 2017Jul 2017

Your Reason?There was a reason you joined this site. What was it? To find love? To find friendship? To just read blogs? everyone has a reason....................

Cwizzy65684321Jul 2017Aug 2017

WHY NOT HAVE A HETEROSEXUAL PRIDE MARCH?I think gay people etc., seem to think they are something special and enjoy prancing about in an exhibitionist manner. They even have their own flag,...

CROWNAFFAIR224201Dec 10Dec 11

One wonders, what could change his mind so drasticly. lolIn The New Yorker today; Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Suddenly Expresses Deep Concern About Conditions in Nation’s Prisons By Andy...

JimNastics212141Dec 11Dec 30

Become famous - upset people. It's so today.There’s a post on FB doing the rounds – the average Brit pensioner gets £79 a week, the average asylum seeker gets £350 a week, a free car, luxury hou...

Elegsabiff398381Jan 11Jan 13

Today in Newsweek; Trump helped Putin destabilize the USAMueller Draft Report Says Trump 'Helped Putin Destabilize the United States', Watergate Journalist Says By Jason Lemon On 1/13/19 at 2:45 PM L...

JimNastics187151Jan 13Jan 14

I like itJust saw a meme post my sister put on FB, thought I would share it because it cute to me! Be the thing you love most about the people who are gon...

UnFayzed13421Dec 4Dec 4
Do you like to learn salsa and latino dancing

Do you like to learn salsa and latino dancing?Come to " Mounties" Club in Mount Pritchard NSW AUSTRAlIA! $15 per lesson or $85 per month IT IS ON EVERY MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY BE THERE AT 7 pm...

Balicia31641Jul 2017Jul 2017

TDS - Trump Derangement SyndromeWhat is TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome ? It is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike and...

Willy3411221211Dec 4Dec 5

The "SS connecting singles"Had no destination No cargo Free passage to hundreds of lost souls Never sailed Nothing happened Except people constantly join the voyage but no...

Onthcrestofawave400131Dec 27Dec 30
International Womens Day

International Womens DayToday is International womens day, originally celebrated as Women's working day in 1909. This years theme is "Be bold for change" On behalf of all...

Mapmaker1,066971Mar 2017Mar 2017
LadyImp8401Dec 27
The Travelling Sofa

The Travelling SofaWhile out riding my bike the other day, I think I mentioned the sofa that someone had dumped in the middle of the gravel road. When I saw it, I laughe...

LadyImp10061Jan 11Jan 12
JimNastics158161Dec 2Dec 3
Midnitecwby226141Dec 4Dec 5

Perceptions, people.Don’t even think of responding until you have read the bottom line. It was created by someone with Asperger Syndrome and is, in its own way, incredi...

Elegsabiff288281Dec 28Dec 30

06 January -Singles DaySeemingly, 06 January is the busiest day for online dating. Whether being sick of yet another Christmas alone, made a New Year's resolution to fin...

mollybaby8741031Jan 6Jan 10

Let's listen to some music....10:50pm here and listening to this. What about you?...

WhatYouHadAndWha191141Dec 5Dec 11

Pelosi has very bold move to end government shutdown quickly lolSatire from The Borowitz Report Pelosi Says She Will Skip Trump and Negotiate Directly with Putin By Andy Borowitz 11:43 A.M. WASHINGTON (...

JimNastics181161Jan 5Jan 7
Track167201Dec 5
Flirting and the single man

Flirting and the single manWhy, as a man, when one is in a relationship every other woman seems to want to flirt with you - yet when you become single you are single alone?...

ChrisJWood947531Jul 2017Jul 2017
"PLAY NOW: Halloween Shooter"(meet us in the games)

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