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Please read before you contact me I like a guy

Please read before you contact me, I like a guywho actually reads a profile and NOT just ogle pics! Please do not contact me if you LACK MANNERS, examples are: standing me up on a date without ca...

evagoblog918121Aug 2014Aug 28

My very own blogfdsa fdsafdsa fdsa fdsfdsa fdsafdsa fdsa fdsfdsa fdsafdsa fdsa fdsfdsa fdsafdsa fdsa fdsfdsa fdsafdsa fdsa fdsfdsa fdsafdsa fdsa fdsfdsa fdsafdsa fdsa...

Wonderwoman1,44891May 2015May 2016
Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey...I read the books and watched the movie. I really loved it. And with a bit of shame I admit I'm turned on by the idea of dominant and submissive. I'm s...

mica32887301Jul 2015Jul 2015

"IF YOU WANNA BE HAPPY""If You Wanna Be Happy.............................................................................................. For The Rest Of Your Life" "Just...

namaron2,340591Oct 2015Mar 7
Happy Hallowwen

Happy Hallowwen!!Tomorrow will be Haloween here in my city. I showed a scary picture I got from Internet to my boss but he didn't scarred at all! I told him that he sh...

MimiNGUYEN7947560Oct 2015Nov 2015

"IN HEAVEN".. "THERE IS NO BEER""In Heaven"..."There Is No Beer" "Thats Why We Drink It Here" "And When All Gone Away From Here" "Well Our Friends Will Be drinking All The Beer"...

namaron726380Oct 2015Oct 2015

Waiting For The Perfect WomanWaiting For The Perfect Woman...

jarred1548-0Oct 2015
Blindsided By Life

Blindsided By LifeI've dreamed of living in Ireland for years now. It is a dream that has sustained me through my darkest days. I plan to move there, with my son, after...

Willow3939935440Oct 2015Oct 2015

Sight For Sore EyesSight For Sore Eyes...

jarred1221-0Oct 2015

Bpc............. ......

teenameena27730Oct 2015Oct 2015

Your Love Is King...Quiet day at the office...chilling...thinking...yearning for those sweetest taboos...

Crazyheart38748380Oct 2015Oct 2015

ReasonEverything happens for a reason, but sometimes i wish i knew what that reason was. I think you have to be in the happening 1rst to find that reason.....

Unknown557120Oct 2015Oct 2015

Why Do It Hurt So MuchWhen you boot a guy in the testicles? Its simple really, the testicles are actually internal organs like the kidney or liver. They start off up ins...

Track1635130Oct 2015Oct 2015

Where are the rest of our fellow bloggers?I can't help but missing Calypso, Nonsmoker, Hans, Caillin, Calliospe, Sista, Iotaoo, and many more. Have you heard of them? Catfoot, loveranger,...

lindsyjones658360Oct 2015Oct 2015

"THE TERRIBLE THREES"Ive got To be One Of The unluckiest People On The Planet But I Know Theres worst For Sure Anyway..Last June I bought a Ford Explorer From This guy W...

namaron27000Oct 2015

PainIts really hurt me a lot my boyfriend blocked me without telling any reason....

harhar860120Oct 2015Nov 2015

Permission to blogWas meant to be out tonight... but i decided to give it a miss. The iron boards put away, the odd socks are paired up and i'v even managed an early...

itchywitch1,232530Oct 2015Oct 2015

"RIDE MY SEE SAW""Before You Think That Your Ride Was That Bad" "If You Knew About Mine".."With Your Ride... Youd be Glad" "Can Only Follow Me".."There Outta Be A La...

namaron644240Oct 2015Oct 2015

Gun Control & Syrian Refugees - European Style...Recent News Items... President Obama has said he wants the U.S. to take in 10,000+ Syrian refugees in 2016. Hillary Clinton has said she supports U....

miclee1,062190Oct 2015Oct 2015
Shut the fudge up once and for all

Shut the fudge up once and for allWhen you are bored and moan like a rat Take time out and take off your hat Because all you can do is have a boring spat You...

candykisses46773-0Oct 2015Oct 2015

A frustrating dayYesterday, two sad events happened. The second was on my home. Saw a group of people in front of a house of an old lone man with a policeman interview...

tatami44860Oct 2015Nov 2015

america the land of the free baconamerica the land of the free bacon [/im...

jarred11,779-0Oct 2015

Internet Making Us Crazy?Internet Making Us Crazy?...

jarred1269-0Oct 2015
destiny will hit you

destiny will hit youA famous local proverb"misfortune persues untill the grave". In the above perspective fortunates enjoy living with their good luck and unfortunates a...

ihsanktk1031010Oct 2015Oct 2015

"LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER" (2)("OUT OF DODGE")Before The Walls Come "Tumbing Down...And Hell is unleashed..I Think Its Time for This Guy.."To Get Out of Dodge" As I Have To anyway I have To be I...

namaron43070Oct 2015Oct 2015

WITCH HUNTDo i get a wiff of one around here I know one is about me, but is the other one also? i think it could be but whoever she is, she is accused of...

itchywitch1,687600Oct 2015Nov 2015

How much longerI grew up slightly wistful that I wouldn't see the year 2000. It wasn't because I couldn't imagine being that old, I just knew I wouldn't. At 2 minute...

Elegsabiff589400Oct 2015Nov 2015

"GARDEN PARTY"When Ricky Nelson Wrote The Song.."Garden Party" He wrote it because he Went to "Madison Square Garden"..For a reunion of The old Time Songs But he...

namaron54490Oct 2015Nov 2015

This Video Will Make You AngryThis Video Will Make You Angry...

jarred1339-0Oct 2015

Avocado......... ......

teenameena33930Oct 2015Nov 2015

JokesAfter all of the fighting on this site for the last few days, I thought a little humor might lighten things up! My husband, an avid golf player...

Gentlejim66390Oct 2015Oct 2015
Which One

Which One?If you were to be converted to an animal, which one would you prefare to be? Both Domestic or Wild....

Unknown709480Oct 2015Nov 2015
Building a country girl part II

Building a country girl part IISo yesterday, somewhere around 10am I woke up to the sound of turkey clucking. Little bastards. Still in my underwear I slipped on some flip-flops,...

Ken_19866120Oct 2015Nov 2015
The Qualities You look For In A Partner

The Qualities You look For In A PartnerList 5 qualities, in order of importance, that your partner must have. Why are these qualities important to you? Which ones are less important? Why?...

Willow39391,490140Oct 2015Nov 2015

Dreaming My Dreams With YouDreaming My Dreams With You...

jarred1241-0Oct 2015
Celebrating Halloween Samhain

Celebrating Halloween/SamhainTonight is the most important day in the Witch's year and I'm not celebrating. Spiritually, I feel exhausted and I am not up for the ceremony of...

Willow39391,777260Oct 2015Nov 2015
Track1623400Nov 2015

now just why in the hell do i have to press 1 fornow just why in the hell do i have to press 1 for english

jarred12,019-0Nov 2015

Giant MothImagine this crawling in your hair....

Track1655230Nov 2015Nov 2015

You've slept with HOW many people?Hundreds. HUNDREDS. Oh, I know you wouldn’t dream of having sex with a stranger without a condom. But what happens when they aren’t a stranger, an...

Elegsabiff1,273590Nov 2015Nov 2015

LoyaltyA Woman's Loyalty is tested when a Man has Nothing. A Man's Loyalty is tested when a Man has Everything. All was good between you until the above ment...

Unknown51090Nov 2015Nov 2015

You're My Heart, You're My SoulYou're My Heart, You're My Soul...

jarred1232-0Nov 2015

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