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Controversial blog

Controversial blogJust an observation and not that it matters at all to me, however, from posts made over the past month or so it is evident that a shed load of members...

Solamente1,699860Nov 2015Nov 2015

"OUR HOUSE"If "Mary" Or "Joe" Invited You To Go Over Her/His House For A Party For Whatever The 1st Thing Youll Ask Probably Is "Whos Else Is Invited Also?"...

namaron525370Nov 2015Nov 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALYPSO51!Happy birthday to a very nice lady!!!! May you have a wonderful day and many more birthdays!!!...

Gentlejim631380Nov 2015Nov 2015

Never Trust A StrangerNever Trust A Stranger...

jarred1213-0Nov 2015
teenameena37150Nov 2015Nov 2015

Leave The World BehindLeave The World Behind...

jarred1245-0Nov 2015

Going under coverWas half listening to a radio debate just afew days ago... and from what i heard of it a woman is hired by another to online accidently click into he...

itchywitch692320Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track1623620Nov 2015Nov 2015
stringman336-0Nov 2015
The Stalker

The StalkerEver been stalked? I got talking to a woman and she flew over for a weekend. NSA, she said, she just wanted to come for the Festival. Long story...

Chromedome561,362660Nov 2015Nov 2015

"ISNT IT A PITY"("NOW"... "ISNT IT A SHAME")"Isnt It A Pity"..."Now Isnt It A Shame" "How We Break Each Others Hearts" "And Cause Each other Pain" "How We Take Each Others Love".."Without Thi...

namaron410140Nov 2015Nov 2015

Dating Sites For Those Behind Bars...This sounds crazy to will give more chances to most of those criminals to do more crimes and hurt others. I've watched a documentary about...

Crazyheart38696240Nov 2015Nov 2015

SPECIAL REPORT!!! TERROR IN PARIS!Paris has shut down all borders closed! 50 dead throughout Paris. Hostages being held...STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARED!...

SistaCallie552220Nov 2015Nov 2015

"CREATION"..(14)"When You Bought Those Six New Horses" "And Then You Find That One Is Old" "Do You Think That You Will Get There" "As Fast As Youve Been Told?" "Y...

namaron42760Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track1623000Nov 2015

~~ EDUCATION AND EGO ~~“When a child enters the school he is far more intelligent than when he comes back from the university. Those twenty years will destroy much that was...

owlsway24930Nov 2015Nov 2015
Diabetes 14 November

Diabetes......14 November......World Diabetes Day Saturday 14 November 2015 World Diabetes Day .... is celebrated annually on November 14. Led by the International Diabetes Feder...

teenameena29150Nov 2015Nov 2015

WHO CREATE THIS FOR HUMANITYFrance has declared a national state of emergency and tightened borders after at least 120 people were killed in a night of gun and bomb attacks in Pa...

owlsway40390Nov 2015Nov 2015
jarred1281-0Nov 2015

In The misty MoonlightIn The misty Moonlight...

jarred1257-0Nov 2015
Are you a Leader or a Boss

Are you a Leader or a BossA BOSS knows everything A LEADER admits mistakes. A Boss tells people what to do A Leader shows how to do things. A Boss criticises A leader give...

Unknown832200Nov 2015Nov 2015
Smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettesFolks, in this day and age, do any of you look over an interesting profile, only to see that the person smokes, and say to yourselves, no, think I'll...

Aaltarboy901260Nov 2015Nov 2015
Solidarity with the French people

Solidarity with the French people.the news are pained and sadness.... we wish to express our profound solidarity with all the France people and all the victims and families after this...

_Spartan_662270Nov 2015Nov 2015

TruthTelling a depressed person to "snap out of it" or "just be happy", is like telling a deaf person to listen harder....

Track1662470Nov 2015Nov 2015
Black and white

Black and whiteI do not know what was wrong by posting myself photos here on my blogs! Some ladies sent me messages saying that I should stop posting my photos as...

MimiNGUYEN79542160Nov 2015Nov 2015

Love to love you babyLove to love you baby...

jarred1194-0Nov 2015
France is under terrorist attacks

France is under terrorist attacksThe terrorist attacks in France is under discussion and got attention in international politics and will specify the dimension of international politi...

ihsanktk1052530Nov 2015Nov 2015

Heroes & villainsDon't know about you but i think most men that try to be our socalled heroes are nothing but villains in disguise... and sometimes the ones we see as...

itchywitch998310Nov 2015Nov 2015

Same situation, different endings. (Joke)Picture it: a beautiful deserted island in the middle of nowhere, two men and a woman are shipwrecked. A month passes. Now apply stereotypes (add any...

Elegsabiff918790Nov 2015Nov 2015
The French Treat

The French TreatJudging from the events of the last few days, it may fall to France to issue the rallying cry for all of Europe. The Arab Spring may indeed be now fo...

injuneer731100Nov 2015Nov 2015

lolOver breakfast one morning, a woman said to her husband, "I'll bet you don't know what day this is." "Of course I do," he answered as if he was offen...

Track1624410Nov 2015Nov 2015
jarred1215-0Nov 2015
jarred1227-0Nov 2015

Did You KnowThere are around 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. If you took them all out and laid them end to end, they’d stretch around the world m...

Track1631960Nov 2015Nov 2015

Total Control.A lady about 8 months pregnant got on a bus. She noticed the man opposite her was smiling at her. She immediately moved to another seat. This time the...

Lukeon579200Nov 2015Nov 2015
Open your eyes

Open your eyes!I wasnt going to join the thong of blogs re the Paris episode, however, after reading what everyone has posted I feel it is important to point out a f...

Solamente43150Nov 2015Nov 2015

~ War is Basically Irreligious ~If the world becomes a little more conscious, soldiers will throw away their arms and hug each other, sit down together under a tree and gossip. The...

owlsway16910Nov 2015Nov 2015

~ War is Basically Irreligious ~ 1Authentic morality is a by-product of consciousness. And the art of consciousness is religion. There is no Hindu religion, there is no Christian relig...

owlsway26180Nov 2015Nov 2015

"LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER"(6)Just Woke up...Its cold Here..31 Degrees...And The Name Goes Right Along With The Temperature...."Snow Shoe"...........Pennslyvania...

namaron603180Nov 2015Nov 2015
Women still living with offspring

Women still living with offspring.These dating (really scanning/screening/introduction)services are wonderful additions to the usual ways to find love. But as to the screening aspect,...

Aaltarboy894110Nov 2015Nov 2015

Two Steps from Hell - Heart of CourageTwo Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage The promise, Redemption This time we fight for freedom The dreamer Awaking, Shattered by love The...

jarred1271-0Nov 2015
Being thankful

Being thankfulI personally want to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for being in my life and changing me into a better person, even though times are hard and...

steven1a142760Nov 2015Nov 2015
2brokenhalos: "Sassy but Classy"(meet us in the quizzes)

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