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A blog for men

A blog for men.Dont waste your time and money on gifts, chocolates or flowers. The modern woman has no need of these frivolities. Womens expectations these days g...

Solamente769320Nov 2015Nov 2015

"BAD MOON RISING"("THE MUPPET SHOW")Why is it That Its never A Woman That sends a message To me On My Blog If you care Go To My previous blog And read The last message (Cant Lose Wha...

namaron1,416730Nov 2015Nov 2015

refugees, should the world take them? part 2So many developing stories and documents are put forth out there rejecting them to be admitted, but this is for anyone to want to say yes or no. W...

lindsyjones896430Nov 2015Nov 2015
Any Perfect Guy

Any Perfect Guy?Where can we spot the Perfect Guy?...

Unknown701220Nov 2015Nov 2015
Winter Weight And Spring Slimming

Winter Weight And Spring Slimming #Hi Everyone lt struck me again today that l am eating A bit more Now l know we all do ln the Winter. It is our bodies telling us how the days ar...

manuman7954200Nov 2015Nov 2015
Cute and Funny Puns

Cute and Funny PunsSaw this on my FB. Showed them to my kids and we really had a good laugh. [/...

Dreamcatcher992,330-0Nov 2015

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror GroupMuch like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and t...

socrates44995260Nov 2015Dec 2015
tatami752270Nov 2015Nov 2015
Dedovix498100Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track1631760Nov 2015Nov 2015

A few Things Adults Could Learn from KidsHow to Show Compassion The world can seem like a cold, cruel place. It just takes some compassion to brighten it up. How to Work Together http:/...

Lukeon610180Nov 2015Nov 2015

The real terrorist was me US SoldierThe real terrorist was me US Soldier...

jarred1249-0Nov 2015
France launched 20 missiles in Syria

France launched 20 missiles in SyriaFrance launched 20 missiles in Syria, just about 24hrs ago regardless of the current probe on the Paris incident, because in their minds Syrians did i...

Ian15830020Nov 2015Nov 2015
so why

so it ISIS don't head for Israel ?.. ..I mean they are the true ememies of the Middle East..right ?

Ian15826760Nov 2015Nov 2015
Ian15840910Nov 2015Nov 2015

Sadly.....most people on here will still be single when they take their last breath.. stop moaning.....

Ian158465220Nov 2015Nov 2015

"LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER"..(7)So..Once Again Its That Time For Me...Got To Get Down To The Truck Yard In A Couple Of Hours(Im Sure This News Makes Some of you happy..At Least Ive M...

namaron549290Nov 2015Nov 2015

How the US Created the Islamic State:How the US Created the Islamic State::thumbsup:...

jarred1210-0Nov 2015

SnowWell boys and girls! We got our first snowfall over night and it is still snowing. We got 12" +. Supposed to get another 3-5 inches today. This st...

Gentlejim382180Nov 2015Nov 2015

FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDEFEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE...

jarred1252-0Nov 2015

Last words of Muslim Prophet Mohammed (as)In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) Last Sermon ——————————————————————————– [This sermo...

alanya197260670Nov 2015Nov 2015
True Love

True LoveLove.. Some people said need something real to prove. Even only for one touch. But the meaning for true love more like a blind love to me. Coz t...

aphrodhite640100Nov 2015Nov 2015
IQ vs size

IQ vs sizeOn my way out with my friend, she is single also. We are talking about men she says intelligent men have small c*ck. T he bigger the c*ck , less IQ...

lshtar1,781680Nov 2015Dec 2015
My thoughts for tonight enjoy

My thoughts for tonight - enjoyLove’s Philosophy BY PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY The fountains mingle with the river And the rivers with the ocean, The winds of heaven mix fo...

praison42800Nov 2015

Here I Am AllahHere I Am Allah...

jarred1217-0Nov 2015

Should I sue?I do not buy a whole lot of cold cereal. But, I know I remember one time or another where I bought a box and poured that healthy stuff in my bowl wai...

Johnny_Sparton1,1911130Nov 2015Nov 2015

Snow dayI LOVE snow. Perfect world, deep and crisp and even, and under a blue sky. We don’t get many days like that in Scotland but they are worth the wait. I...

Elegsabiff645360Nov 2015Nov 2015

~~ BECOME A CHILD ~~Every child is being stuffed with knowledge. This removes his simplicity because it is not an advantage in a competitive world. His innocence will be...

owlsway25200Nov 2015
Track1621110Nov 2015Nov 2015

lolThere was this guy sitting on a park bench muttering to himself and spitting. He would mutter, then spit, mutter, then spit, he would say, "Damn, tha...

Track1623650Nov 2015Nov 2015
Fortune Cookies

Fortune CookiesSunday morning and I'm trying to organize this weeks work. We have a special event this week, 200 guests. It's a meal for single people. Chinese men...

lshtar1,516580Nov 2015Nov 2015

Rae and Finn || What is loveRae and Finn || What is love...

jarred1283-0Nov 2015

Party in PakistanParty in Pakistan...

jarred1243-0Nov 2015
Too soon

Too soon?The 4 stages of life You believe in santa You don't believe in santa You are santa You look like santa Okay yes too soon for santa jokes. We...

Chromedome56833260Nov 2015Nov 2015
Is it a political site

Is it a political site?I m addressing my words to the respactable administration of this Connecting Singles site! First of all I want to express my gratitude for the nice...

PrimaveraSpring561-0Nov 2015
Things gone bad day by day

Things gone bad , day by day.I think the reality or truthness has no power. Two things i never do in my life. Unloyalness and believe on girls. The world is always two sided li...

peednama83370Nov 2015Nov 2015
do mature women like young guys really

do mature women like young guys really?we found lot of materials on internet about it. i am curious that, really mature women like young guys?...

fatjatt1,262220Nov 2015Nov 2015

"ALWAYS AND FOREVER"Forever....There Will Always Certain Things That will remain the same.......There Will Always Be ...............

namaron449130Nov 2015Nov 2015
What is more important

What is more important?02 persons in love, appearance is more important or understanding, 'matching' is more important for you? I have my own opinion, I'm just curious how o...

MimiNGUYEN7933550Nov 2015Nov 2015
Once upon a time

Once upon a time....I better be restricted to what I experienced on this site than to the world as a whole, real or the virtual, for the simple reason that the subject wo...

iotaoo82170Nov 2015Nov 2015

The effects of Prejudice and DiscriminationThe effects of Prejudice and Discrimination...

jarred1259-0Nov 2015

lolThe big game hunter walked in the bar and bragged to everyone about his hunting skills. The man was undoubtedly a good shot and no one could dispute...

Track1630830Nov 2015Nov 2015

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