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why do woman say one thing yet do the other

why do woman say one thing yet do the otherwhy is it that woman said just looking for a honest, kind man. yet when it come to one trying to talk to them, they turn their noises up. you could...

judojustin1858240Nov 2015Dec 2015

"BETTER THAN NOTHING""If You Want To Get Some Feed Back" "The Best Thing One Can Do" "Is Write The Comments Down Yourself" "And Send Them Back To You".....................

namaron460140Nov 2015Nov 2015

"A MESSAGE FROM CH"This Is a message To Everyone from "CH"..As She Cannot Make A Blog.. For Obvious Reasons............................ ..............And In Her Own Wor...

namaron2,5421060Nov 2015Nov 2015

They Say ThatWhen a woman likes a man, she speaks in a higher than normal voice. That would explain why when women talk to me, they sound like Barry White....

Track1649880Nov 2015Nov 2015
The Sunshine of His Love Pt 1

The Sunshine of His Love Pt. 1Words from Jesus Nov 26, 2015 (Note from Maria Fontaine: If you’re having one of those rough days or weeks, here are some words from Jesus to che...

Keys70739970Nov 2015Nov 2015
Happy feast day to my fellow Americans

Happy feast day to my fellow Americanson this thanksgiving day and the foundations of r country.....and the connections w the Indians....and I am native american...cherokee!! woo a hoo!!...

sweetiefireball498100Nov 2015Nov 2015
Cheese baked Fried rice

Cheese baked Fried riceI just get tired of chinese dishes,so I steamed some deer meat, and put inside some herbs. Well, I used a pressure cooker, and I steamed rice inside a...

peonyjenny1,249770Nov 2015Dec 2015

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY TO ALL C.S BLOGGERSThe gift of wonderful friends is the nicest blessing of all. You are in my heart and prayers all year, and especially during this special season....

single_again4u43090Nov 2015Nov 2015
jarred1365-0Nov 2015

Easy To Get It WrongEasy To Get It Wrong...

jarred1297-0Nov 2015

Abuse !U get different types of abuse:- Mentally Physically Emotionally Sexually Abuse can ruin lives, lots and lots, nobody even knows about, as th...

Snookums32,082410Nov 2015Nov 2015

"YOU BETTER MOVE ON"Oh..You Want Us To Change Our Ways? You Say We Should Be Like This You Think We Should Be Like That You Presume That It Will Be The Way Youve Dream...

namaron65050Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track16456120Nov 2015Nov 2015

RefugeesLets face it...refugee fear is part of our history...fear mongering that the Republicans are spewing is wrong...the vetting process in the USA is far...

loulou77980240Nov 2015Nov 2015
Sunshine of His Love Final

Sunshine of His Love - FinalWhereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanish...

Keys70741430Nov 2015Nov 2015

lolA blind man walks into a restaurant and sits down. The waiter, who is also the owner, walks up to the blind man and hands him a menu. "I'm sorry, si...

Track1635430Nov 2015Nov 2015
Beautiful Creation

Beautiful Creation.When God created man and man asked him, you come with me to the ground. Then God said, I can not be with you but send my form with you on the earth T...

peednama1,013210Nov 2015Nov 2015
Amnesiac or Re Run

Amnesiac or Re-RunI was recently viewed from someone who sent a message have we talked before? Now that may sound like one is an amnesiac or I have been on this site t...

Stedan47720Nov 2015Nov 2015
Words that end in man

Words that end in ....manIf it can fly is SuperMan, if it can swim is AquaMan, If it can clim is SpiderMan,If it explote is a MusulMan, If it a woMan. Please fill...

single_again4u484160Nov 2015Nov 2015

"CREATION"(17)..("FREE SPIRIT")"Well Within Your Time"... "Your Day" "Youll Possess A Day In Time" "Idleness..The Greatest Sin" "Creating The Ultimate Crime" "And When Those "Da...

namaron59930Nov 2015Nov 2015
jarred1248-0Nov 2015

~~ You destroyed your love ~~When the heart starts functioning you will have a different world around you – because you create your world. If you are doubting you create a world w...

owlsway37340Nov 2015Nov 2015

Happy weekendHappy nice weekend for you all here in Germany IT is very cold but i will enjoy my free days...

nighty7079750Nov 2015Nov 2015

RE: My Pumpkin Pie blogI baked two pumpkin pies yesterday morning, Thanksgiving Day! I want to thank everyone on here who gave me input on baking the pies! My family loved...

Gentlejim36680Nov 2015Nov 2015

Betrayal: Obama and his true natureWritten by Mike Gallagher . President Obama : This is why you didn’t go to France. It was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.” I...

lindsyjones919590Nov 2015Nov 2015

TrumpTrump verified his true colors and showed he is the lowest form of humanity when he mocked a reporter who has disabilities. Anyone who would stoop tha...

studecar74250Nov 2015Nov 2015

DO YOU EVER FEEL THAT A MIRACLE IS REQUIRED?Do you ever feel that in life the situation you're in is such that there appears to be no way through and that all the doors are closed. The only esca...

CROWNAFFAIR591110Nov 2015Nov 2015

Deer Hunting QuestionDeer Hunting Question If I shoot a buck, but I only have a doe tag, can I claim that the buck wasn't really a buck??? I mean … maybe he'd alway...

Gentlejim2,631110Nov 2015Nov 2015

GodGod also feel bad when people forget to respect the dignity of love . After death all go to the same place where everyone will have to account for you...

peednama1,01340Nov 2015Nov 2015

preyIf I should die before I wake please you're lord my soul too take...

yamaha1002726120Nov 2015Nov 2015

Change Yourself FirstChange Yourself First...

jarred1279-0Nov 2015

Imagine!what if,after You die the God asks"How was the Heaven?"...

wonderfullife86591120Nov 2015Nov 2015

"DEFENDING HER FEELINGS"My My My..Im So Happy To say That I am not a Part of The "Crowd" Here Who Talk About Other People(But wont name The persons name) Seems you do every...

namaron1,453550Nov 2015Nov 2015

A useful blog, just for women.This is possibly one of those blogs where the women who need to know already do, and the women who don't know no longer need to. One moment, pleas...

Elegsabiff613180Nov 2015Nov 2015

Selfietaken by my cat....

Ken_19799230Nov 2015Nov 2015

ISIS AND END TIME BIBLE PROPHECYThere are those who feel and think we're heading for WWIII, with all the terror that is going on in AND around the world. But Jesus Christ our Lord an...

SistaCallie57380Nov 2015Nov 2015

Hatred fear and miseryGo for it. You pays your money and you takes your choice. Perfect world, not a single comment - but then there are so many other blogs catering to...

Elegsabiff830380Nov 2015Nov 2015
Celebrating His Unique Plan Pt 1

Celebrating His Unique Plan Pt. 1A compilation Nov 10, 2015 In his address to the Athenian philosophers the apostle Paul made a definitive statement about God'...

Keys70728200Nov 2015

lolThe year is 2222 and Mike and Maureen land on Mars after accumulating enough frequent flier miles. They meet a Martian couple and are talking about a...

Track1642830Nov 2015Nov 2015

title says all.The Fooltitle says all. The Fool...

jarred1304-0Nov 2015

Muslim Is Not A TerroristMuslim Is Not A Terrorist...

jarred1274-0Nov 2015
thats it i quit

that's it, i quit!!Im nearly 38! I've loved n lost so many times i give up! I've learned n improved n yet still "ain't workin out" nice guys really DO finish last! Give...

mater3978743260Nov 2015Dec 2015
"PLAY NOW: Mahjongg"(meet us in the games)

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