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Happy Birthday Minerva

Happy Birthday Minerva!!!Lots of birthday wishes and hugs from over here... and here's my special present for you......

Crazyheart381,4591140Nov 2015Nov 2015

Do You Wanna Make LoveDo You Wanna Make Love...

jarred1255-0Nov 2015

"CANT LOSE WHAT YOU NEVER HAD"Heh! 1) You Dont Want To Come Around Where I Am? "I Could Give A Damn" 2) You Used To Talk To Me..But Since Then.... Youve Chosen Your Side And It...

namaron1,119560Nov 2015Nov 2015
Sense of Values

Sense of ValuesBy Virginia Brandt Berg Nov 19, 2015 How true that the Lord calls us over the tumult of life’s wild, restless sea. Some time ago, I mentioned to yo...

Keys70735030Nov 2015Nov 2015

terroristsThe Russian Bear and France have teamed up to stop terrorism , I wish them good hunting , I hope they kill them all...

Unknown385-0Nov 2015

Heaven knows no breezeup there in heaven i sometimes wonder, how ever will we all get on Then it came to me with death comes calm. Our little reward after livi...

itchywitch683300Nov 2015Nov 2015

~~ Violence ~~The terrorism is not in the bombs, in your hands; the terrorism is in your unconscious. A totally different attitude is needed: the attitude of love....

owlsway24820Nov 2015Nov 2015
Calipsos real 18 980 days

Calipso's real 18,980 daysToday is real Calipso's day... Happy birthday dear Jazz.... Wish all the best for you... Keep healthy and happy... Let's we dance.....

Amornthep770220Nov 2015Nov 2015

lolBob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really pissed. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the dri...

Track1631150Nov 2015Nov 2015
7 Reasons Matchmaking Is Better Than Online Dating

7 Reasons Matchmaking Is Better Than Online DatingThat's right. I've had it with online dating. When I get to Ireland I am going to sign up with a local matchmaker to find my significant other. I've r...

Willow3939924240Nov 2015Nov 2015
you get it now

you get it now ?you get it now ?...

Ian15840390Nov 2015Nov 2015
Sex Orientation

Sex OrientationIf you want to be happy in your relationship, it is important for you to know your sex orientation. By this way you would know which partner is best f...

Twinkle42667210Nov 2015Nov 2015
Does romance have to have a price tag

Does romance have to have a price tag?I've seen blogs and comments on romance - candlelit dinners, spontaneous gifts, trips away. They always sound expensive. I looked at recent blogs...

Elegsabiff1,042600Nov 2015Nov 2015

ARE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE EASY TO INDOCTRINATE ?To believe in supernatural beings, gods, devil etc.,is surely to be the kind of person that is susceptible to brainwashing with regards to other forms...

CROWNAFFAIR67390Nov 2015Nov 2015
Developing Story

Developing Story....Gunmen attack luxury hotel in Mali capital, TV says commandos free 80 hostages BY TIEMOKO DIALLO Nov 20th 2015 7:31AM Malian special forces storme...

SistaCallie35060Nov 2015Nov 2015

"CREATION"..(16)"Youre Afraid What You Want To Write" "Youre Afraid What They Might Say" "Well I For One Dont Give A Damn" "Your Games".......... "I Wont Play" "I...

namaron53560Nov 2015Nov 2015

Dr Hook A Couple More YearsDr Hook A Couple More Years...

jarred1238-0Nov 2015

Knowing she's thereKnowing she's there...

jarred1254-0Nov 2015
Ian15831920Nov 2015Nov 2015

refugees, should we take them?I don't know about you, but I personally think we should share this responsibility with the world. But make sure of two things: our safety is priorit...

lindsyjones543350Nov 2015Nov 2015

BABIESOne is born to be rememberd for EVERMORE... Whilst another is quickly FORGOTTEN. :sad_flower...

itchywitch556-0Nov 2015Nov 2015
nice weekend

nice weekendI wish you all a nice weekend...

nighty70655160Nov 2015Nov 2015
jarred1338-0Nov 2015
peednama95380Nov 2015Nov 2015
Do you have regrets

Do you have regrets?A friend said to me - "You only ever regret what you are too scared to try" I had to think about this being fairly sure I have done a lot of th...

praison529140Nov 2015Nov 2015

A blog for men.Dont waste your time and money on gifts, chocolates or flowers. The modern woman has no need of these frivolities. Womens expectations these days g...

Solamente785320Nov 2015Nov 2015

"BAD MOON RISING"("THE MUPPET SHOW")Why is it That Its never A Woman That sends a message To me On My Blog If you care Go To My previous blog And read The last message (Cant Lose Wha...

namaron1,454730Nov 2015Nov 2015

refugees, should the world take them? part 2So many developing stories and documents are put forth out there rejecting them to be admitted, but this is for anyone to want to say yes or no. W...

lindsyjones927430Nov 2015Nov 2015
Any Perfect Guy

Any Perfect Guy?Where can we spot the Perfect Guy?...

Unknown710220Nov 2015Nov 2015

Winter Weight And Spring Slimming #Hi Everyone lt struck me again today that l am eating A bit more Now l know we all do ln the Winter. It is our bodies telling us how the days ar...

manuman7965200Nov 2015Nov 2015
Cute and Funny Puns

Cute and Funny PunsSaw this on my FB. Showed them to my kids and we really had a good laugh. [/...

Dreamcatcher992,425-0Nov 2015

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror GroupMuch like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and t...

socrates441,014260Nov 2015Dec 2015
tatami764270Nov 2015Nov 2015
Dedovix508100Nov 2015Nov 2015
Track1632860Nov 2015Nov 2015
A few Things Adults Could Learn from Kids

A few Things Adults Could Learn from KidsHow to Show Compassion The world can seem like a cold, cruel place. It just takes some compassion to brighten it up. How to Work Together http:/...

Lukeon633180Nov 2015Nov 2015

The real terrorist was me US SoldierThe real terrorist was me US Soldier...

jarred1254-0Nov 2015
France launched 20 missiles in Syria

France launched 20 missiles in SyriaFrance launched 20 missiles in Syria, just about 24hrs ago regardless of the current probe on the Paris incident, because in their minds Syrians did i...

Ian15830620Nov 2015Nov 2015
so why

so it ISIS don't head for Israel ?.. ..I mean they are the true ememies of the Middle East..right ?

Ian15827560Nov 2015Nov 2015
Ian15841310Nov 2015Nov 2015

Sadly.....most people on here will still be single when they take their last breath.. stop moaning.....

Ian158471220Nov 2015Nov 2015

"LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER"..(7)So..Once Again Its That Time For Me...Got To Get Down To The Truck Yard In A Couple Of Hours(Im Sure This News Makes Some of you happy..At Least Ive M...

namaron555290Nov 2015Nov 2015

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