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Younger men are looking for older women for sexYounger men are looking for older women for sex. That's what I've found... Unless someone proves me wrong. ?

jarred11,200-0May 2017
Younger men

Younger men?I laughed at the blog. You could be correct. Some older ladies are quite knowledgeable...

Jao196141690May 2017May 2017

What is L O V E? Just Another Four-Letter Word?The majority of bad/swear words being four-letter words, then how is love/like defined? Love has driven some people crazy, made some do very unus...

daniela777689560May 2017May 2017

Anyone else addicted to csAnyone else addicted to cs : Every minute worth it....

jarred1210-0May 2017

VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV No. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV....................................................................................................

_Danny___301-0May 2017

"WERE ALL... ON OUR OWN"Im Only Using This Situation As An Example..Thats All........I Never Took The Mans Side Whatsoever....... But Now...I Can Honestly Say...That I Know...

namaron395180May 2017May 2017
A typical CS Hour

A typical CS Hour...Scream for no reason, slander libel, shout, fick, feck, fock, fack, blame, lie, pout. Mispel, bs, shout some more, annoy, criticise, blame the new wor...

Grumpywriter459190May 2017May 2017
The mystery of the false leg

The mystery of the false legThe false leg was found by Edna Mc Feckwit, a widow ever since her late husband passed away from choking on an oxtail bone shortly after WW2, she was...

Mapmaker1,2941200May 2017May 2017

Life is a GameSomeone should make a game about this. Everytime you loose your life, you start up as a new character, location, parents, etc. The catch this time is...

jarred1157-0May 2017

What women want on an online dating profile from men:What women want on an online dating profile from men: Be 6'0' tall Be good looking Have an athletic build Make at least 6 figures a year Own a bi...

jarred1277-0May 2017
stringman33140May 2017May 2017
NFC Far east takes on that AFC

NFC Far east takes on that AFCYour selected exhausted novelist seems to have probable now believed a team’s win-loss log to the getting summer in your time since 2017 itinerary got...

jayjoe101024910May 2017May 2017

DreamsAnyone else remember their dreams? I been having some weird one's lately....

Track1628150May 2017May 2017

. I don't want to be a "great man",I'm not a genius and I'm completely fine with it. I don't want to be a "great man", I just want to enjoy my short life to the fullest, and I believe t...

jarred1197-0May 2017
vag size and toys and God knows what

vag size and toys and ?? God knows what.Involved in a conversation, a lady brought up the size of another woman's vag. Not sure how the conversation took that path...but, she holds her hand...

Johnny_Sparton443340May 2017May 2017
What s going

What.s going....seems like a lot of things these days.....the only thing that is for sure is that changes are constant and are happening frequently....what about in y...

sweetiefireball265100May 2017May 2017
It Looks Like Its Happening

It Looks Like "It's" Happening!!!I moaned and whined about my last job but in reality I meant it more as a chapter in my life that didn't work out and I moved on. I filed for unemp...

Ed194128890May 2017May 2017

Legalizing muslim rapeGerman Judge Says Turkish Man's Forced Violent Sex Is 'Culturally' Not Rape BY TYLER O'NEIL APRIL 21, 2017 (AP Photo/Juergen Schwarz) A German ju...

lindsyjones495330May 2017May 2017

Hello my Blog familyHello my friends and family here. I have not been here in a good while but to let you know i am still alive and kicking. i come now with a heavy hea...

wenever280110May 2017May 2017
Crazyheart38550330May 2017May 2017

"THE WAY I SEE IT"Yes.... There Were Many Many Musical Groups... That Came Out In The Late 60s And Seventies....So Many..... That It Would Take Forever To Mention Them...

namaron25980May 2017May 2017
Who is the more stinky

Who is the more stinky?....One of my favorite vacation activities is backpacking. A week in, tent/s bag, leave no waste, etc.. But with rare exceptions, after a week in country,...

Aaltarboy334160May 2017May 2017
Track161,86610May 2017May 2017

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("WHAT A WORLD")..(53)Were Living In A World Where One Thing Means Something Else...And Where Something Else Means...Only One Thing..We Have Words..In All Languages That Ha...

namaron294120May 2017May 2017

PassionPassion is usually some heavying petting followed by great sex. That's my understanding of it anyhow lol...

Track1629550May 2017May 2017
Track1619250May 2017May 2017

Everyone wears a mask when dealing with people.Everyone wears a mask when dealing with we truly know who we are? Do we always have to do what Society believes is the correct and moral w...

jarred1308-0May 2017

Falling in Love with a PhotographFalling in Love with a Photograph...

jarred1180-0May 2017
Unknown431360May 2017May 2017
Who else watches Man v food and diners and drives

Who else watches Man v food and diners and drives,..............?Food is so unhealthy but comfort food I love,................You Yanks eat badly lol but I love it too,..............

Unknown313120May 2017May 2017
Track1618210May 2017May 2017

Billabong Kho LibongBillabong Kho Libong...

jarred1187-0May 2017
A fine Afternoon to all here

A fine Afternoon to all here.Going to work this week a 05:00 in the morning and listening to One charming night for the frist time..

FLYJAMES22330May 2017May 2017
What is the deal with false memories

What is the deal with "false" memories?......The evidence seems to be that most have them, but oddly, usually only at certain times in life. In quite young years, some appear, and seem to confuse...

Aaltarboy287140May 2017May 2017

Please give this to my Daddy...As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support 'Red Fridays'. Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference While I was in th...

stringman22850May 2017May 2017
Track1627030May 2017May 2017
stringman21550May 2017May 2017
the way you look tonight

the way you look tonight`re never too old to point out publicly how stupid you are ...Thank you Internet - all the makeup,hair dye ,fancy cloths ,professional photos bra...

Dedovix302130May 2017May 2017
Track1622030May 2017May 2017
jarred1198-0May 2017

The Big Ones Get Away"Hey, Baby I just got back from town where the bribes are paid Honey, they turned my offer down they say the deal's already made So now I gotta...

jarred1184-0May 2017
If you want what goods for you

If you want what goods for you ....(though a bit of a read) read all of the copy n' paste below. Many therapeutic benefits are attributed to seaweed bathing. Scientific studies ha...

itchywitch322130May 2017May 2017
Ummka: "Youth and maturity"(meet us in the poems)

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