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Forgotten music

Forgotten musicAlice Coltrane... Charles Mingus He...

FLYJAMES21720May 2017May 2017

A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people.A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people. Love is an i...

jarred1469-0May 2017
Track1616720May 2017May 2017

Puffs And A New CatI got smoke and a new cat This has been a great day...

Track1617700May 2017

Yellow Light*The light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing > and stopped at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red >...

Gentlejim22870May 2017May 2017
Saturday Night

Saturday NightFeel like just having a warm Saturday night at home. Freezing here, nearly 14 deg. Celsius. :...

Lukeon29490May 2017May 2017
Im feeling like a weirdo

Im feeling like a weirdoDon`t get me wrong , after many falls and disappointments some would give up and accept the fall ...not me tho ... So yeah, Im on a dating site, Im n...

Dedovix375110May 2017May 2017

Englishis English necessary for survive today in world, specially for third world war country? is english important for getting good job now-a-days?...

only1life27740May 2017May 2017

lolI would do this....

Track1618500May 2017
Willy341126450May 2017May 2017
jarred1219-0May 2017

Entrepreneuren·tre·pre·neur ?äntr?pr?'n?r/ noun noun: entrepreneur; plural noun: entrepreneurs a person who organizes and operates a business or busines...

Lukeon308100May 2017May 2017

safe todayFor those of you who like a little drama, I have a dramatic event about to take place today. I recently purchased an older home where the basement wa...

Johnny_Sparton409180May 2017May 2017

The Sociology of Gossip:The Sociology of Gossip::sigh:...

jarred1174-0May 2017
Someone explain this to me

Someone explain this to me ...By putting a plastic bottle of water on a lawn it keeps the dogs & cats off .... I'm all happy and excited and warm inside that it does work too...

itchywitch500270May 2017May 2017

how long will live---- take the test hope it will turn out well for you....

stringman23670May 2017May 2017
Track1619030May 2017May 2017

"SOONER... OR LATER"Some People May Not Think Of It....A Second Time..... After Theyve Gone And Done A No No...But They Can Be Guaranteed That It Will Come Back And Bite...

namaron23250May 2017May 2017
Where have they all gone

Where have they all gone....Place is empty Only the last few hanging on... Soon the halls of CS will be empty only frequented by ghosts and zombies...

oldblue54285-0May 2017May 2017

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("BEFORE OUR EYES")..(54)Yes..It Does Seem Strange ...And Will Seem To Be... A Bit Hard To Believe..But During Our Life Time..Im Sure That Some Of You... Will Have Had The Opp...

namaron234100May 2017May 2017
Things just got wierd

Things just got wierdStrange things happen on the wwweb I realize this. I'm not even sure where to start or how I came accross it but here goes, After I logging in to th...

UsernameTaken123397210Apr 2017Apr 2017
3 Romantic Movies you can recall NOW

3 Romantic Movies you can recall NOWPRETTY WOMAN, SWEET NOVEMBER, THE SCARLET LETTER ... I love the story of PRETTY WOMAN very much, and itshappy ending! sweet November was very sweet bu...

Salmaaaa379200Apr 2017Apr 2017

Kiss and Say Goodbye,Kiss and Say Goodbye,

jarred1203-0Apr 2017
Track1619560Apr 2017Apr 2017
Happy Easter Egg Day

Happy Easter Egg DayAlthough Cadburys has ruined it for me, have you tasted the creme egg lately?...

Unknown354270Apr 2017Apr 2017
nighty70378140Apr 2017Apr 2017
Costly but important university laboratory learning endeavors

Costly but important university laboratory learning endeavors.....When I arrived, as a mere rube just off the turnip cart, a half century (Yikes!) ago, did I ever have a lot of useful stuff to learn. But I suspect mu...

Aaltarboy19230Apr 2017Apr 2017
To the CS Staff

To the CS StaffHappy Easter and thanks for tolerating nutcases and weirdos such as me (now where is the asskiss emoticon )...

Dedovix297150Apr 2017Apr 2017


jarred1185-0Apr 2017
The sacred human body

The sacred human body.So many surprising things, many with little explanation or known function. Put hands flat in front of you on the table. Lift all fingers/thumb at lea...

Aaltarboy15820Apr 2017Apr 2017
Track1617880Apr 2017Apr 2017
Track1615710Apr 2017Apr 2017
Track1622770May 2017May 2017
Track1624460May 2017May 2017
Ruby throated legal aliens

Ruby throated legal aliens.....should be here any day. When the crab apple red flowers bloom (their favorites), it's not long before they fly in. Weighting in at about a few pennies...

Aaltarboy23050May 2017May 2017
3 main responses

3 main responses. . ..The haters The ones who wait And the procrastinaters As I have no need or interest to hear or read anyone's response or opinion I will sit b...

oldblue54299-0May 2017

Dump Trump? Hence Pence?Some news folks are claiming that the impeachment/resignation of President Trump is becoming ever more likely, if not inevitable. Posted a few hours...

miclee601360May 2017May 2017


jarred1231-0May 2017

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(106)It Is Of Great Relief For This "Ramblin Man"...To Have The Disticntion... Of Being Able To Come On Line During This Time Frame..............Actually.....

namaron373-0May 2017May 2017
Contrails chemtrails

Contrails (chemtrails)?Over the years I've seen the comments. I've seen the articles. It's a subject I've avoided because I don't want to get sucked into the whole topic o...

chame1eon_again381190May 2017May 2017

Wannacry virus, computer damage world wide My daughter warned me about this...

lindsyjones368120May 2017May 2017
Forced Assimilation

Forced AssimilationIt certainly seems that despite the violence and prejudice in the history of the Americas regarding other cultures...assimilation is still seen as a n...

loulou77932750May 2017May 2017
AutumnChild: ""B""(meet us in the poems)

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