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Never Judge people by their appearanceNever Judge people by their appearance...

jarred1399-0Dec 2015
For the Lurkers out there

For the Lurkers out there....when I've written a blog I see the numbers of views that took place. The comments are just 'the comments'......usually the views outnumber the comment...

sands881,740870Dec 2015Dec 2015

The Pastor's CatThis particular story just made me laugh. Every time I think about it, the vision of that poor cat just amuses me to no end. Hope the story leaves a...

Gentlejim647130Dec 2015Dec 2015
Words poems or songs that remind you of someone

Words, poems or songs that remind you of someone.Theres always a song, or poem that reminds you of someone I have the habit to asociate people with songs. You've got the most unbelievable blue...

lshtar1,627610Dec 2015Dec 2015
Wash Away The Sorrows Wash Away The Tears

Wash Away The Sorrows Wash Away The TearsOut of the dog box and back on the blog.Needed that break so I am told.My spirit was not broken and I did not unfold.Was able to catch up on many of m...

candykisses46581-0Dec 2015
Not even a flower

Not even a flower!!Wow...I think I will be deleting my account. The reason is responses at all, not even a flower. Therefore I got this funny feeling it's...

smileisprty520160Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1630810Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1637710Dec 2015Dec 2015
When a lover becomes a brother

When a lover becomes a brotherNot all relationships end badly, in some cases following a relationship a deep friendship ensues that in many ways can be more worthwhile than the rel...

Solamente1,084240Dec 2015Dec 2015

You forgot. And you don’t even know you forgot.This is becoming an obsession with me as I get older, because my friends are getting forgetful, I’ll mention a shared experience and they look blank....

Elegsabiff964380Dec 2015Dec 2015

WWWWWhy?why there is always a jealousy person with a bunch of their stupid friends living in office? WWWhhyyyyyy... do they exist?...

datatraveler3198750Dec 2015Dec 2015

Don't Judge too QuicklyDon't Judge too Quickly People must think before reacting.. Sometimes what we see and feel is not right.. Watch this student travelling in bus and...

jarred1345-0Dec 2015
Thats Right

That's Right!.....Awwww! So it seem that you have had a little problem with your computer these pass weeks. And It seems that you may have made some improvements as wel...

Angelpepper1,199460Dec 2015Dec 2015

While this story is brewing, I didn't make it upWhile you might suspect me of doing so, I WILL provide the evidence to you. A few days ago, there was a 21 year old boy arrested for sneaking...

JimNastics88430Dec 2015Dec 2015
Collecting shells

Collecting shells...If I had a wish, I could had wish my house were near by the sea...

MimiNGUYEN7968370Dec 2015Dec 2015
teenameena702110Dec 2015Dec 2015
Older females

Older femalesAny females out there looking for a relationship.Preferably over 50 asi am 65.Find lot of older women on site looking for friendship only/Hope to hear...

steelworks767120Dec 2015Dec 2015

I Can't Touch The SunI Can't Touch The Sun...

jarred1345-0Dec 2015

Sands, this one's for you..." A woman is a man's weakness but a man is a woman's strength" I'm out!!!! Life in jail rocks I was able to do a lot of things : run errands...

Crazyheart381,446620Dec 2015Dec 2015

THE NEW IMPROVED 50It's been a while since I last blogged on here..Since then I've turned 50 and grew my hair...They tell you to cut it short past 50..I think I'll conti...

UniqueCrystal1,329190Dec 2015Dec 2015

just me2....this just me much.. secrets ...i mean iam really really very good...but...if i am angry...i am the worst....the thi...

teenameena1,098330Dec 2015Dec 2015
Why I Will Never Admit I Was Ever On A Dating Site

Why I Will Never Admit I Was Ever On A Dating SiteREPRINT OF A LETTER, A GOOD LESSON IN GENERAL FOR THIS PLACE. Hi, Would you flip me the bird or something polite just to let me know you're not i...

aRrAe93680Dec 2015Dec 2015
Death of a best friend

Death of a best friendIt is with extreme sadness that I report the death of my cat Moe. He died somewhere between 0030 hr and 0115 hr this morning. As near as I can determi...

Ken_191,831530Dec 2015Dec 2016

Not everyone you date online is real.Not everyone you date online is real....

jarred1471-0Dec 2015

Gods and GoddessesIn early civilizations, human survival depended on a regular food supply from plant and animal sources. These, in turn, depended on the goodness of Na...

socrates44810190Dec 2015Dec 2015

Dealing with jealousy and jealous peopleDealing with jealousy and jealous people...

jarred1244-0Dec 2015

lolMick and Paddy have made a promise to their uncle. They had an Uncle Seamus who was a seafaring gent all his life and a while before he passed away,...

Track1646220Dec 2015Dec 2015


jarred1323-0Dec 2015
I didnt know that

I didn't know thatback when urine was used to tan animal skins, poor families would pee in the same pot and when it was full, sell it to the tannery. They were piss poo...

Chromedome56975290Dec 2015Dec 2015

Sunbathing! :)Life is still great to be single! :)...

MimiNGUYEN7963640Dec 2015Dec 2015

Banning all muslims to come to the USPerhaps you already heard about this overdriven discussion going on in my country about Trump's position to ban all muslims, coming to my country....

lindsyjones2,2901250Dec 2015Jan 2016
time for a reserection

time for a reserection :)it takes more than just a few bad people to keep me down from here :) so yeah, your observation is correct, i'm back. I'll try to post more in here s...

roger77swe92670Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1636600Dec 2015

It is not blah-blah.....One must give respect to receive respect.... there is no such thing as I will give it after they give it to me first. .. ....

teenameena583160Dec 2015Dec 2015
Christmas Card For a 5 year old

Christmas Card For a 5-year-oldI am really touched reading this article and I am planning to send her a Christmas Card in a few days time

Homing82250Dec 2015Dec 2015

FishingTo the man out there who keeps sending me messages about going fishing at 5am. You have chosen to hide your profile so i cannot reply to you to tell y...

angelteller717130Dec 2015Dec 2015
Will there ever be peace and goodwill on earth

Will there ever be peace and goodwill on earthThere are many forms of prejudice and oppression, not just based on race, but on gender, class, s*xual orientation, etc As far back as I can remember...

candykisses46642100Dec 2015Dec 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDYKISSES!I want to wish one of the very nice ladies here on the blogs, a very, very Happy Birthday....CANDYKISSES! I wish you many, many more!!! Help m...

Gentlejim2,118240Dec 2015Dec 2015

Kindness !It is so rare !...

Snookums32,260630Dec 2015Dec 2015

Do What - Time MagazineI've never read Time Magazine but have heard of it, they've just revealed there "Person of the Year", in first place German Chancellor Angela Merkel,...

zmountainman1,135670Dec 2015Dec 2015

As God is my witnesscome next christmas i'm going to be all loved up with someone special for the season Lordy knows its been yonks since i had me a romantic one and...

itchywitch980310Dec 2015Dec 2015
Awesome Movie

Awesome Movie..You should must watch the movie "Mr. Nobody"...of course its a most complicate scripted movie that at 1st time you will have to try very hard to under...

wonderfullife8665170Dec 2015Dec 2015

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