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Track1639560Dec 2015Dec 2015

Donald Trump IS A FascistDonald Trump IS A Fascist...

jarred1313-0Dec 2015

EMBRACING A FAITHReflect on this quotation: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest auth...

JoyCrest731320Dec 2015Dec 2015

Frankenstein momentsThose moments where suddenly everything changes. You know the type I mean? I call them Frankenstein because when the good doctor watched his creation...

Elegsabiff917500Dec 2015Dec 2015

White ChristmasWhite Christmas...

jarred1384-0Dec 2015

"SANDY HOOK SCHOOL"("THREE YEARS ON")Instead Of My usual "Long Distance Voyager"..It Is being Pre- Emented For This Special Blog.......... This Monday..The 14th Of December Will be The...

namaron797120Dec 2015Dec 2015

Media Call Out Donald Trump's Plan To Ban MuslimsMedia Call Out Donald Trump's Plan To Ban Muslims From The US For Playing Into The Hands Of ISIS Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook: Anything To...

socrates44747270Dec 2015Dec 2015

When Will The Economy Collapse?When Will The Economy Collapse?...

jarred1243-0Dec 2015
16 Things You Should Say Goodbye To In 2016

16 Things You Should Say Goodbye To In 2016A colleague shared this with me and I am passing it on! 16 Things You Should Say Goodbye To In 2016 by Rania Naim 1. Say goodbye to the voices in y...

Bajanshay701200Dec 2015Dec 2015
Donald Trump

Donald TrumpLike him or hate him You have to admit, He sure does have a captivating Pizzazz, No doubt about it The Force is strong in this one....

nonsmoker952560Dec 2015Dec 2015
Given up on S A While U S given up On Obama

Given up on S.A.While U.S given up On ObamaTHIS IS WHEN YOU HAVE THE GRAVY TRAIN RUNNING DRY AND THE COMMUNISTS TAKING OVER Investors are fleeing South Africa to regions where economic policy i...

candykisses46636-0Dec 2015
stringman439-0Dec 2015

~~ Connection between inner and outer beauty ~~The outer beauty comes from a different source than the inner. The outer beauty comes from your father and mother: their bodies create your body. But...

owlsway856190Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track16545110Dec 2015Dec 2015
Visit from India

Visit from IndiaDear Readers, Is there any one who is coming to India in January 1st week< please let me know friendly, i also wanna Visit India since i have not b...

Unknown44220Dec 2015Dec 2015
Warren Jeffs

Warren JeffsVery interesting documentary regarding Fundamentalist Mormons...that prophet Jeffs sexually abused his own they have escaped the fundame...

loulou77988210Dec 2015Dec 2015

Show Your JoeShow Your Joe...

jarred1322-0Dec 2015

happy christmashappy christmas...

jarred1240-0Dec 2015

"CONNECTING SINGLES SUPREME COURT"What Is Needed here is a Connecting Singles Supreme Court Five People Should Be Picked To Sit On The Bench To Hear Grievances Or Disputes Then Those...

namaron1,195370Dec 2015Dec 2015

BackstrokeFinally I can swim backstroke!! hehe... I feel so happy!! Some of my friends said their kids and their husband are their energy. They said when t...

MimiNGUYEN7936170Dec 2015Dec 2015
How the Secret Government Works

How the Secret Government WorksThis is a interesting video ,in my opinion, ..yeah its a almost 4 hours long expose ,yet it shades a certain perspective ,food for your thoughts ,so w...

Dedovix45770Dec 2015Dec 2015
Anybody remember this

Anybody remember this. ?If not enjoy it now...

nonsmoker600220Dec 2015Dec 2015
Whats your wish Write It

Whats your wish ! ! ! Write It ?My wish is PEACE in whole world on this Christmas & may god bless all....

peednama931120Dec 2015Dec 2015
Weather in South Pole Antarctica

Weather in South Pole, AntarcticaUpcoming 5 hours at the south pole Now 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 -28 °C -29 °C -29 °C -29 °C -29 °C -30 °C...

Lukeon771200Dec 2015Dec 2015

Society Is A Hoax , Take Control Of Your LifeSociety Is A Hoax , Take Control Of Your Life...

jarred1304-0Dec 2015

Beginning to feel a tiny bit like ChristmasIncredibly beautiful here today - hard frost overnight rimming everything with white, blue skies, and the temperature climbed to the dizzying heights...

Elegsabiff542320Dec 2015Dec 2015

ChristmasHere we go again, another Christmas where people wish those they don't even like a Merry Christmas and send cards to those they don't even think about...

Unknown735-0Dec 2015Dec 2015

lolA blonde couple was delighted when their long wait to adopt a baby came to an end. The adoption center called and told them that they had a wonderful...

Track1637820Dec 2015Dec 2015

MaterialismA friend of mine's son who is good friends with a member of a family of 7 inclusive of parents, was invited to stay over in their home for the weeken...

Unknown49830Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1632530Dec 2015Dec 2015
tatami66960Dec 2015Dec 2015

CS Soaps - pilot episodeMeet Angelica, beautiful and exotic, wanting to meet Mr Perfect, rich, faithful, loving. Instead she got Rupert who is at least honest. Well, sometime...

Elegsabiff1,609650Dec 2015Dec 2015

You Could Have Heard A Pin DropYesterday, my sister received unexpected visitors. Her ex-husband and his wife arrived just before lunch. My sister promptly invited them for lunch an...

Catfoot888470Dec 2015Dec 2015

lolLast summer, down on Lake Isabella, located in the high desert, an hour east of Bakersfield, California, a blonde, new to boating was having problems....

Track1631930Dec 2015Dec 2015

Love Song For Internet Trollsyou were told, back in the day if you don't have anything nice to say to keep quiet. Don't be a jerk, don't devalue the work someone's done, even i...

jarred1298-0Dec 2015
Oh No

Oh No!To all ladies...I really don't understand why some of us force ourselves to wear uncomfortable shoes,some of us were not born to wear heels but we sti...

Unknown439110Dec 2015Dec 2015
Bolides rain

Bolides rainIt's foresee that in my city can see the bolides rain from now to around 3am tomorrow in the sky! Center is from the Gemini, starting from the w...

MimiNGUYEN7936530Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1634940Dec 2015Dec 2015
Guys Please Stop

Guys Please Stop!Ok,we all know that ladies love stylish,sophisticated and classic guy and we do see them walk around with their shoulders up and heads held up but for...

Unknown1,04680Dec 2015Dec 2015

The Fool,The Joker And The MonkThe Fool,The Joker And The Monk...

jarred1339-0Dec 2015
Break For A Minute Friends

Break For A Minute Friends.yaa ! i know that everyone is busy , everyone has his own tensions. But ! ! ! wait for while. Think about it . question to yourself ? ? ? Is thes...

peednama84220Dec 2015Dec 2015

And Also The TreesAnd Also The Trees...

jarred1307-0Dec 2015

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