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PhotosWhy do females post photos 15 to 20 years old on dating sites.One would not notice a few years but would certalnly notice 20 years.Do they think nobod...

steelworks856240Dec 2015Dec 2015

#DO NOT OVERDO NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS. . .Hello Bloggers A lot of clear the air blogs here lately and while the seasonal Truce or Ceasefire ls to be welcomed lt ls worth noting that...

manuman782180Dec 2015Jan 2016
fresh new year is here

fresh new year is here......“Another fresh new year is here . . . Another year to live! To banish worry, doubt, and fear, To love and laugh and give! This bright new year i...

teenameena70830Dec 2015Dec 2015
Sex Or Companionship

Sex Or Companionship ?I prefer to have both...I have both whenever he's here... was chatting to a good friend who's 40 years old married to a 48 years old...she was comp...

Crazyheart381,575670Dec 2015Dec 2015

I give up – I will never understand menI don’t understand men, and where in blazes is the handbook? How can we have evolved alongside each other for hundreds of thousands of years and not h...

Elegsabiff1,517890Dec 2015Jan 2016
Follow your dreams no matter how far away they see

Follow your dreams no matter how far away they seeLife is about the journey .So here I am now in South portugal .After saving up some limited funds buying a retro 80s camper that I put a engine in and...

jacon62550Dec 2015Dec 2015
Disney World In Danger

Disney World In DangerSimply amazing that child s*xual predators are being hired by theme parks for children...I was shocked!! Although the crimes were not committed on the...

loulou771,156570Dec 2015Jan 2016

Knowledge is Power'A SHOT OF WHISKEY' - In the old west a .45 cartridge for a six-gun cost 12 cents, so did a glass of whiskey. If a cowhand was low on cash he would o...

Gentlejim30610Dec 2015Dec 2015

"CREATION"(25)("REALIZATION")"So You came Up With A Dream This Time" "You Went And Thought Yourself Ahead" "But Now That Its Not To Your Liking" "Yep..You Prefer To See Him Dea...

namaron39000Dec 2015Dec 2015

why don't men talkwhen they have something to say...

itchywitch1,407630Dec 2015Jan 2016
European Updates Good to be single hey

European Updates: Good to be single, hey!!!!!!I've always thought that the demise of mankind would come from a least likely's the ole Mosquitoe: I own stock in a company called...

sands881,500530Dec 2015Jul 2016

"THE RIGHT PERSON"If Burning A Jordanian Pilot Alive..And Then Showing The World Isnt Islamic Terrorism If The Charlie Hebdo Murders Arent Islamic Terrorism If The Ki...

namaron808200Dec 2015Jan 2016

Chicago police revampI heard on the news this evening the police department of Chicago is gong to be reformed. Why is it we never hear about the public being reformed? If...

studecar73390Dec 2015Jan 2016

We Can Never TalkWe Can Never Talk...

jarred1236-0Dec 2015
puke Happy New Year puke

(puke) Happy New Year (puke)Well I suppose I have to wish everyone a happy New Year. When I was young, on the insistence of my mother, I reluctantly sent cards for Birthdays...

Solamente980240Dec 2015Jan 2016

2016Like most years, before the Mods get round to cleaning up all the resurrections and other items I'd like to wish everyone thats active on CS, the heal...

Lukeon956200Dec 2015Jan 2016

Happy New Year 2016Happy New Year 2016...

jarred1405-0Dec 2015
tis that time of year

tis that time of yearand so am going to reconnect with some ole friends of mine who keep stating come on and join seemly to do so.......

sweetiefireball45040Dec 2015Dec 2015

... THE THIRD EYE....1Firstly, two points are to be understood. One, the energy of the third eye is really the same as that which moves in the two ordinary eyes - the same...

owlsway42090Dec 2015Jan 2016
chin chin

chin chin .....Top-down and bottom-up are both strategies of information processing and knowledge ordering, used in a variety of fields....Top down approach starts w...

teenameena542-0Dec 2015
Who am I and who you are

Who am I? and who you are?The question seems be simple, but is not that simple. Is it ?...

iotaoo976200Dec 2015Jan 2016


Gentlejim686330Dec 2015Jan 2016

First why and then trust"First why and then trust"...

jarred1370-0Dec 2015
Track1641370Dec 2015Dec 2015
Who Says That Its New Year

Who Says That Its New Year ! ! !How you say that its new year ? Only calader is changed & all people say its new year. if you really need new year. change your attitute & thoughts...

peednama941140Dec 2015Jan 2016
hope for a great year in 2016

hope for a great year in 2016lets hope everyone finds a nice partner in the new year, happy new year and the best of luck Robert...

bobgold77860Dec 2015Jan 2016

"JUST ANOTHER NIGHT"("AND DAY")So..What Else is New...Its just Another Night .....

namaron1,728750Dec 2015Jul 2017
Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead filled with God's Blessings, Good Health, peace, joy and love!

Bajanshay2,011300Dec 2015Jan 2016
Our Enterprise Pt 1

Our Enterprise Pt. 1By David Berg May 04, 2015 The first Star Trek movie ever filmed was a sort of parable in which the good ship Enterprise and its good Captain Ki...

Keys70739350Dec 2015Jan 2016
tatami712110Dec 2015Jan 2016

This blog kind of allows comments, maybe for a bitYou'd better be quick, and you'd better make it good. Because I'll delete it in a few hours most likely. And be polite.

pat8lanips1,066350Jan 2016Nov 8

jokes..........Man: I could go to the end of the world for you. Woman: Yes, but would you stay there? Man: I offer you myself. Woman: I am sorry I never ac...

teenameena47040Jan 2016Jan 2016

Shut Your Mouth!Shut Your Mouth!...

jarred1336-0Jan 2016

... THE THIRD EYE....2Remember these two points. Firstly, the same energy has to move. It has to be taken away from the ordinary physical eyes and allowed to move through t...

owlsway43180Jan 2016Jan 2016

2016 sucks alreadyDon't be misled by the number of comments. I cheated shamelessly on the second page. I've got a scary medical thingy in a week. Time to start wor...

Elegsabiff2,8561380Jan 2016Jan 2016

"CREATION"(26 )("CAPTIVATION")"You Play The Part Each Day" "With Them All In Every Way" "Within Your Mind"... "To You".... "Its All Okay" "But In The End".... "Its In The Corn...

namaron475-0Jan 2016Jan 2016

Wayne Rogers, ‘Trapper John’ McIntyre on ‘M*A*S*H,Very sad! He was great on MASH. R.I.P. Trapper! The actor who played “Trapper John” McIntyre on the popular 1970s TV sitcom “M*A*S*H”...

Gentlejim51260Jan 2016Jan 2016

Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday...

jarred1316-0Jan 2016

Players V's flirtsThere is a difference between both and rather than ranting and raving the difference between them which i'm sure everyone here knows....i'v a ques...

itchywitch1,851570Jan 2016Jan 2016

Love Your EnemiesLove Your Enemies...

jarred1331-0Jan 2016

Hello ! ! !Say hello to your soul everyday. Say bye to your problems everyday. Say hi to your bestfriend everyday. Say forgive me God , everyday. Say thanks...

peednama837100Jan 2016Jan 2016
Our Enterprise Final

Our Enterprise - FinalThe Lord has told us to seek Him and we’ll find Him, because He wants to be found. He has sent His Word to communicate with us, J...

Keys70741720Jan 2016Jan 2016

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