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How The USA Created The Taliban -How The USA Created The Taliban -...

jarred1283-0Dec 2015
Would any women be interested

Would any women be interested?????This is a real service started by a company in San Francisco. The men get $125 per hour, the business is growing 10% PER MONTH..So, maybe I should add...

sands88763370Dec 2015Dec 2015
jarred1272-0Dec 2015
May We All Get Dined Wined Hugged Kissed and Sexed

May We All Get Dined,Wined,Hugged,Kissed and Sexed...This Holiday Season When was the last time you had sex and romance on Christmas day ? or on any ordinary day ? Or have you forgotten about it?...

Crazyheart38816460Dec 2015Dec 2015

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT*freedom of choice*A lot of the recent blogs have been about Religion. This ls understandable As Christmas nears. The debate about where lt all started and when rages...

manuman7659160Dec 2015Dec 2015

the same God together in peace.the same God together in peace....

jarred1293-0Dec 2015

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEONY?"Anybody Wanna help me out here? Though it could be A lot of crap It Could be real I Just got a message from Leony Saying "I Just drank a 5th of...

namaron1,046160Dec 2015Dec 2015
The most boring blog ever written

The most boring blog ever written.Yeah whatever. Like totally, you know, whatever. Yeah....

pat8lanips1,270470Dec 2015Nov 2017
New meaning of Christmas

New meaning of ChristmasAs Christmas approaches, it's another fleeting feeling of warmth, love and happiness that passes. I've always liked Christmas for some reason even...

Mazz2537750Dec 2015Dec 2015

Tornado warnings in my areaWe had to take shelter for the storm that moved through our area. Two tornadoes did touch down...two people killed by the 105 mph winds that ripped of...

Calliopesgirl536110Dec 2015Dec 2015
Wrapped or just wearing a red bow

Wrapped or just wearing a red bow.After seeing Elegsabiff Christmas present laying on the bed. Reading Crazyheart wishing for us to be dinned, wined, kissed and sexed. If you could w...

lshtar1,637720Dec 2015Dec 2015
Thoughts are like river edges

Thoughts are like river edges !You have your own opinion. and i have my own. You respect once . and respect you twice. You think you are right , its your own opinion. but n...

peednama918130Dec 2015Dec 2015

Request to all MuslimsRequest to all Muslims...

jarred1315-0Dec 2015

wow...what a night with the horrible gusty winds blowing mightly everywhere...did not get much sleep so may just sleep today and go to a Mass tomorrow inste...

sweetiefireball46430Dec 2015Dec 2015

"CHRISTMAS EVE" "SILENT NIGHT"It All Started On Christmas Eve During World War 1..1914..On The Front..Where Roughly 100,000 British and German Troops Were Facing each other..The Ge...

namaron835190Dec 2015Dec 2015

Make a decision..TAKE THE CHALLENGE !If you are not living the life you desire you know that within yourself. You can mask this fact to others but you cannot kid yourself. So if you decid...

owlsway44660Dec 2015Dec 2015
The electronic Age

The electronic Age !If u r of a certain age, u grew up with these electronic gadgets. If not, u only picked up on it at an adult age, and had to do it the hard way....

Snookums31,452450Dec 2015Dec 2015


Gentlejim609150Dec 2015Dec 2015

Santa Claus Very DrunkSanta Claus Very Drunk...

jarred1314-0Dec 2015

GOD WITH USWritten by Virginia Brandt Berg Tuesday, 01 December 2015 Some people cannot understand how God could have come down and been wrapped in human fle...

Keys7071,09420Dec 2015Dec 2015

THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORYTHE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST According to the Gospel of Luke Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazar...

SistaCallie431-0Dec 2015

"IN HIS OWN WORDS"He Cant be Here as Of yet But he wants me To Put This Up For all of you To Know That He still Has His Knack For Writing ................"In The...

namaron49620Dec 2015Dec 2015
True love

True loveI want a true love who love me a lot. I love singing and music i want be a singer in my life. Now i want to share my recording song with you click on...

Prabhat1435052810Dec 2015Dec 2015

"UNFORGETTABLE"There Are Some Things In Life(And Stuff Here On The Blogs) That Are Truly "Unforgettable" I Remember This One In Particular...................

namaron58750Dec 2015Dec 2015
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!This christmas didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would but it was still a good one! The family is all asleep right now and it's just me still...

BentToFly43740Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1630910Dec 2015Dec 2015

My Christmas WishMay the spirit of Christmas brings joys, happiness and peace to all. This is the time to set aside all differences and be forgiving to one another....

lindsyjones570-0Dec 2015Dec 2015

The Christmas SpiritMerry Christmas everyone.

Track1638020Dec 2015Dec 2015

Dreaming My Dreams With YouDreaming My Dreams With You...

jarred1274-0Dec 2015

Google is Watching youGoogle is Watching you...

jarred1360-0Dec 2015

It's THAT time of year again.yes the Simmo blog awards, unfortunately Simmo can't be here to present the awards in person but I know it was something he looked forward to doing...

zmountainman1,876770Dec 2015Dec 2015
Joseph Mohr 1818 AD

Joseph Mohr 1818 AD1 Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht! Alles schläft, einsam wacht nur das traute hoch heilige Paar. "Holder Knabe im lockigen Haar, schlaf in himmlische...

guadal59510Dec 2015Dec 2015
Just been for my Christmas day Swim

Just been for my Christmas day SwimThe weather is awful the sea was rough as hell. but after the lang walk to the waters edge, it was just a short run, jump, and free-fall. The cold wat...

nonsmoker601270Dec 2015May 2016

Wishing you all a Merry ChristmasI know for some of you Christmas is over or almost over, but for me it is 9AM on Christmas morning. To all of you, Merry Christmas....

Ken_19596200Dec 2015Dec 2015

"UNCOMMONLY COMMON"All Of These People..Famous And Infamous...All Have One Thing In Common................ 1)Johnny Cash.........2)Wyatt Earp 3)Buffalo Bill Cody...4)N...

namaron576270Dec 2015Dec 2015
My Lord and my God

"My Lord and my God"............ When the Saviour Came My Way For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10 This is a faithful saying, and...

teenameena684-0Dec 2015
One Solitary Life

One Solitary LifeOne Solitary Life... He was born in an obscure village The child of a peasant woman He grew up in another obscure village Where he worked...

sands8851390Dec 2015Dec 2015
Los caprichos del neopuritanismo

Los caprichos del neopuritanismoEl neo-puritanismo "progresista" a la sazón dice: vosotros sois... ...demasiado idiotas para elegir. Y no mal interpretéis

Huitzilopochtli85820Dec 2015Dec 2015
Gies a kiss

Gies a kiss?Mistletoe only works up to midnight 25th December and I have some unused berries here about to expire but if there are any ladies here who wouldn't m...

Chromedome561,452440Dec 2015Dec 2015
My Christmas day music blog

My Christmas day music blogI would like to share with the folks of CS some classic Xmas tunes from the past

Freedomofspeech9710-0Dec 2015Dec 2015

Like A River To The SeaLike A River To The Sea...

jarred1295-0Dec 2015
Many profiles on here are not all that informative

Many profiles on here are not all that informativeIt's something I noticed since I started being more active here. It doesn't really come as a surprise though since I've seen it on other dating sites...

BentToFly54180Dec 2015Dec 2015
vickilou52: "Eyes"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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