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Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate & Hate leads to sufferings.Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate & Hate leads to sufferings. " What’s most important about this statement is that it is a vicious cycle. If...

jarred1178-0Jun 2017

Taking people out of boxesMany of you will have seen this video already - for those who don't click in, or it doesn't show in your country, it is groups of people. Businessmen...

Elegsabiff866570Jun 2017Jun 2017

Can humanity be saved?If so how? Some think wars are made to promote greed. Some say it is done to resolve conflict. I say, it's because evil and good exist. Mean...

lindsyjones772450Jun 2017Jun 2017

Look Up from your social media addiction and liveLook Up from your social media addiction and live...

jarred1223-0Jun 2017

scarcasmMany people are good at pointing figures about who masterminds all these bombings,disguising their acts as terrorism and to have been created from...

Unknown430280Jun 2017Jun 2017

This Is A Depressing WorldTerror in London, Trump in power, America becoming isolated, killer nurses in Canada. The world needs more weed and Xanax. On a positive note,...

Track1626560Jun 2017Jun 2017
What makes a great relationship

What makes a great relationship?I've been around the block a few times and I've learned quite a bit about what makes a relationship good/bad, horrible/great. I don't know if many peo...

Godlyman3026180Jun 2017Jun 2017

"ANIMAL VOICES"Even When We Were Little Kids...Hell...We Didnt Know Any Better.........We Would Go To The Zoo On Our Bikes...Or With Our Parents...We... As Little Ki...

namaron906300Jun 2017Jun 2017
Track1621110Jun 2017Jun 2017
UsernameTaken12336150Jun 2017Jun 2017
stringman28050Jun 2017Jun 2017

What is Conformity?What is Conformity?...

jarred1173-0Jun 2017

YOU make the call !YOU make the call !........ Which do you prefer ? . . . #1 "We decided to let him play through." . or #2 "One could say, that I bear-ly...

JimNastics35150Jun 2017Jun 2017

Bear breaks into home and playd the pianoVAIL, Colo. -- A Colorado woman was surprised to discover a burly burglar had gone through her home while she was out. A Vail Police Department off...

Willy341126620Jun 2017Jun 2017
There goes Canada down the rabbit hole

There goes Canada down the rabbit hole.The Canadian government may legally remove children from families that refuse to accept their child’s chosen “gender identity” thanks to new legislati...

seaworthy446230Jun 2017Jun 2017
Job time Looks like I gotta go back to work

Job time! Looks like I gotta go back to work!A few years ago my daughter-in-law sent me a tip on a job. It was a foster Grandfather thing and even though it looked interesting I didn't follow thr...

Ed194127580Jun 2017Jun 2017
stringman19110Jun 2017Jun 2017

Islam will take over the World in 50 YearsIslam will take over the World in 50 Years...

jarred1253-0Jun 2017

Cause of terrorismNote: This is a thread on the forum and I thought it sparks a very good discussion. So here how it goes. Currently it is of general notion to s...

lindsyjones614330Jun 2017Dec 2017

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(111)And On This Night...I Would Guess I Shall Be Living Up To My Name.."Ramblin Man"....As I Have Decided To "Ramble" ..............All Over The Place.......

namaron573260Jun 2017Jun 2017

How many times Muslims invaded Europe vs. Europeans invaded Muslim countries?Historical facts and Comparisons: How many times Muslims invaded Europe vs. Europeans invaded Muslim countries. Islamics Launched their Crusades in 6...

jarred1211-0Jun 2017

If Islam will take over the world in 50 years...Pro Islam: How do you feel? Non Islam : what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Anti Islam: How do you react? This is my feelings...

lindsyjones1,245670Jun 2017Jun 2017

I Am Not A FoolishI Am Not A Foolish [url=http...

jarred1241-0Jun 2017
Honestly want to hear what you men and ladies would do under this circumstance

Honestly want to hear what you men and ladies would do under this circumstance......I have just returned back from a trip home - Solomon Islands to attend my mom's funeral a week ago. Before leaving Indonesia, I needed a visa to ente...

titsy461240May 2017May 2017

but God save that poor cat, for real.I feel bad for all the animals here.. but God save that poor cat, for real. Btw, all those photos are damn creepy and super weird. The pearl one may g...

jarred1197-0May 2017
jarred1187-0May 2017

THE BEGINNING OF SORROWSwhy are things in the world so full of turmoil.

stringman27170May 2017May 2017
Homeless shelters food pantries soup lines free medical care

Homeless shelters, food pantries, soup lines, free medical care.....Although, years ago, before help with childhood experiences, I briefy relied on these things, thank Goddess I have not again. Indeed, my volunteering...

Aaltarboy28180May 2017May 2017

The World We CreateThe universe always mirrors back to us the conditions of our dreaming. So, if we´re fearful that money won´t come to us, it won´t. On the other hand,...

daniela777409320May 2017May 2017
Truth about Ramadan

Truth about RamadanAlthough I left the comment section open, I trust you will all do well without my input, as I will be travelling till Tuesday....

seaworthy38840May 2017May 2017
The good old days

The good old daysWere actually rubbish, and I'm sick of hearing how great it was....

pat8lanips44470May 2017May 2017

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE | A Soldier's PledgeBY JOHN THOMAS DIDYMUS JUL 4, 2013 IN POLITICS A video designed to "honor the men and women who have selflessly defended our nation" presents the...

Willy341126200May 2017
Serious Stuff

Serious StuffWhat more can a man ask for? [...

Lukeon587160May 2017May 2017
Track1618220May 2017May 2017

You can fool some people, but you can't fool Mom.You can fool some people, but you can't fool Mom....

jarred1195-0May 2017
Socially inept

Socially ineptDr Blue needs answers I can see the excitement and addictive possibilities of online chat rooms and social media The ability to create a whole ne...

oldblue54557240May 2017May 2017

Henry Licett - Se va, Se va.Henry Licett - Se va, Se va....

jarred1547-0May 2017

"TIL ITS OVER"All Of The Entire World Can Be United In Their Thoughts...Thinking Because Everybody Accepts The Same Way of Thinking...That They Have To Be Right...T...

namaron345140May 2017May 2017
Track1624120May 2017May 2017

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("ENDLESS TIME")..(57)And Then It Was Inquired Of The Situation..A Situation That Was Uncalled For To Begin With...For..If One... Did Not Open That Part Of The Face That I...

namaron239-0May 2017

1930 Girls were raised to be "gentle" and respectful1930 Girls were raised to be "gentle" and respectful...

jarred1179-0May 2017

The Rapture of the Redeemedthis vid will explain it very clearly. it will happen no doubt about it.

stringman25240May 2017May 2017
Wavebox: "flowers & smoke."(meet us in the puzzles)

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