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GOD IS STILL TALKING TO US TODAY AS IN THE PASTYes, GOD is still talking to many people today, just as HE did in the past.The same way GOD spoke to people in the past, as written in the HOLY BIBLE,...

Didier15486200Feb 2015Feb 2015

trustOne of the strongest pillars that account to the foundation of a good and sound relationship is through this very volatile yet complex and at the same...

lindsyjones796460Feb 2015Feb 2015

"NAMARONS ZONE" ("ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK")You are entering at your own Risk...Upon entering you will be frisked....And if youre a Woman..I dont care...Ill use these hands..Its only fair..........

namaron1,502800Feb 2015Feb 2015
God Knows Final

God Knows - FinalObstacles block your path. Roads are barricaded. Doorways are padlocked. Do you know the frustration of a blocked door? You f...

Keys7072,35300Feb 2015
Fragrance Language How perfumes express us

Fragrance Language: How perfumes express us?No doubt, perfumes attract us with pleasure they creates. If we have to answer “why do we love perfume,” of course, first of all it is because perfume...

Unknown33980Feb 2015Mar 2015

We are all just monkeys in business suits“We are all just monkeys in business suits running around pretending to be executives” [u...

jarred13,183-0Feb 2015
Your Reputation And You

Your Reputation And You.What people think about you is also called your reputation. A reputation can be either good or bad and is build over many years. While it will take ev...

Catfoot1,313910Feb 2015Feb 2015

AIN'T NO SUCH WORD AS AINTI have always been told there is no such word as aint, so I typed in the word aint,the responds was did you mean the word ain't,,well I don't know I a...

wenever771260Feb 2015Feb 2015
Just Some of My Photos

Just Some of My PhotosI really like to take photographs so I thought I'd share some of them here. Enjoy....

Smiler5631310Feb 2015Feb 2015
One of my kids kittens

One of my kids kittensIf it stays still for long enough, I'll take a picture of it....

Smiler5630310Feb 2015Feb 2015
Cole Porter Let s Do It

Cole Porter, Let,s Do ItWhen the little bluebird Who has never said a word Starts to sing Spring When the little bluebell At the bottom of the dell Starts to ring Ding D...

FLYJAMES804130Feb 2015Feb 2015
After the Storm Updated

After the Storm - Updated!A cool double rainbow somewhere over the west of France. And so, this afternoon I took this photo from roughly the same spot. Now, what are the...

Smiler5632930Feb 2015Feb 2015
Nature and Art

Nature and ArtA worn out sea shell on top of a geode....

Smiler5628010Feb 2015Feb 2015
Sun and Trees

Sun and TreesA sunrise in the Vendée....

Smiler5628310Feb 2015Feb 2015
A Once a Year Event

A Once a Year EventManaged to catch this cactus in flower just after a shower of rain....

Smiler5629010Feb 2015Feb 2015
An Old Log in the Woods

An Old Log in the WoodsThe more I look at this photo, the stranger it seems!...

Smiler5634220Feb 2015Feb 2015
Corkscrew Willow

Corkscrew WillowCaught this with the sun low in the sky one morning....

Smiler56504120Feb 2015Feb 2015
goat or sheep

goat or sheep?The zodiac animal of China's coming Lunar New Year has caused much confusion in the English world, as its translation results in at least two candidat...

spring20201,974280Feb 2015Feb 2015
BodyBuilding and Workout

BodyBuilding and WorkoutHi I am Dave I am a Gym Lover I am so Happy I did 3 Days of Gym a week but tuesday was the Best Chest workout ever I feel good and thank god to a Supp...

pakalolomanDavie2,23730Feb 2015Feb 2015

I’m Like Obama…I’m Like Obama…...

jarred1393-0Feb 2015

Forrest Gump DiesThe day finally arrived.Forrest Gump dies and goes to Heaven. He is at the Pearly Gates, met by St. Peter himself. However, the gates ar...

Gentlejim458120Feb 2015Feb 2015
withney huston daughter BOBBY CHRISTINA brown

withney huston daughter; BOBBY CHRISTINA brownohhh I wanto love some body , I wonnat get real with with somebody.. people, do you think bobby Christian will survive? :co...

shane4568882130Feb 2015Feb 2015

"COME AND GET YOUR SHARE"Yep..its time for a shouldnt come on here if youre not ready for a Sarcastic Reply....Im in that kind of mood today...And Im not going to...

namaron1,8811060Feb 2015Feb 2015
Dont judge me by my past i dont live there anymo

Don't judge me by my past,i don't live there anymoHi eweryone!Could somebody tell me,why the women's always look in the past of man,and don't see the real man in real time!You open your heart to someb...

Inguss455180Feb 2015Feb 2015
Unfathomable Love Pt 1

Unfathomable Love Pt. 1In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fru...

Keys7071,16700Feb 2015
Greetings to the People In Florida USA Greetings F

Greetings to the People In Florida USA Greetings FDear Wonderful People of Florida USA Greetings from Across the Pond Cape Town hope you Having a Good Day and Hoping winter is almost Over time for Cap...

pakalolomanDavie48530Feb 2015Feb 2015

TattoosAdd to this one if you like

Track162,68030Feb 2015Feb 2015
jarred1651-0Feb 2015
jarred12,647-0Feb 2015
More Nature Captured on Camera

More Nature Captured on CameraSunrise over the Tamar Valley, Cornwall, England. I like taking photos after a shower of rain.

Smiler5637690Feb 2015Feb 2015
Testing the Camera on My Cell Phone

Testing the Camera on My Cell PhoneIt seems that C.S. reduce the size of photos when posted. Does anyone know how to avoid this, or is it just the way the site works? I am trying t...

Smiler5642390Feb 2015Feb 2015

BEING THEREI got up this morning and while drinking my coffee and watching the news a commercial came on showing a mother with child and dad walks in the door an...

wenever738270Feb 2015Feb 2015
A Matter Of Respect

A Matter Of Respect.Respect is a substance that can sometimes be in very short supply on the web and I often wonder if those rude people are like that in the real world a...

Catfoot1,4821060Feb 2015Feb 2015
jarred13,672-0Feb 2015
see my lover photo

see my lover photo......finally... I love him truly sincerely...........everyone can see my lover i do not mind......

teenameena413150Feb 2015Feb 2015
US East Coast

US East CoastAnother weekend of snow and terrifying temperatures coming up for you lot, hope you are keeping well wrapped up and have laid in plenty of hot chocola...

VivianLee462130Feb 2015Feb 2015

NO FEARSometimes you really feel like doing something different..... Hey why not jump at 16k feet? All aboard!!!! Am I worried or what?...

Lukeon367150Feb 2015Feb 2015
Unfathomable Love Final

Unfathomable Love - FinalThrough the tears The words you spoke to Me today through your tears‚ as you looked to Me in prayer, brought with them so much beauty. I look upon...

Keys70726900Feb 2015

angerANGER AND HOW IT AFFECTS OUR LIVES With all the dark and negative emotions, again, gifted to us, this sentiment of being angry, is one that most ex...

lindsyjones496230Feb 2015Feb 2015

Harry Goes To The DoctorHarry had been feeling sick lately and was finally convinced to see the Doctor after his wife Suzy’s urging. After a thorough examination, and much th...

Gentlejim58150Feb 2015Feb 2015

The down sides if young & overweightyour health is at risk if living in Ireland unless of course the young ones mother is a witch and well able to demand and not afraid either of maki...

itchywitch725280Feb 2015Feb 2015

"PROCESS OF THOUGHT"I will always know that there will always be Battles to fight...And some will be easy and others much harder....But the biggest battle I will ever Fig...

namaron710430Feb 2015Feb 2015

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