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do dating sites really work

do dating sites really work???I'm a very out going person and I like to go out on weekends but it's hopels trying to meet a nice guy as yous all may know already so I came on here...

Unknown483390Jul 2015Jul 2015

The Key To Life Is BalanceThe Key To Life Is Balance...

jarred1296-0Jul 2015
8 things learned since obuma has been in office

8 things learned, since obuma has been in office:#1... Anybody can be president... #2... You don't have to be American... #3... You don't have to have a birth cert... #4... You can use someone els...

TheresMyFriend330-0Jul 2015

Obama and radical islamI was reading about the true enemy of the civilized world - Radical Islam. Yet Obama doesn't seem to acknowledge it let alone address it as a polit...

lindsyjones1,247620Jul 2015Nov 2015
Crazyheart381,350670Jul 2015Jul 2015
Thankfully they have health insurance

Thankfully they have health insuranceJust heard on the radio....yes....I do listen to the radio a lot, maybe too much. Anyway, they had a guest on their talking about the top can...

Johnny_Sparton411130Jul 2015Jul 2015

Atheism, Theism and GodWhen the term “God” is mentioned, it seems it is generally assumed that everyone has a clear and common understanding of what it refers to. But is th...

socrates44447110Jul 2015Jul 2015

Road usersHands up are you one of those lovely drivers who sees the fast lane is moving briskly so pulls into it to drop down to sixty mph? Why?...

Elegsabiff861270Jul 2015Jul 2015

FrustrationFrustration It is a sad fact that, regardless of effort or talent, second place only means you are first in a long line of losers.

jarred1246-0Jul 2015

See, I Can Do It Too!Let it not be said that I am ‘unteachable’ or that I cannot admit to my own mistakes....

Catfoot739630Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1191-0Jul 2015

womanwhy woman are very complicated ?...............................................................

Unknown422260Jul 2015Jul 2015

Incomplete Blog (Mostly Gossip)I get very suspicious when two bloggers disappear at the same time. Every time when it happened in the past, there was a snake in the grass. Jim a...

Catfoot3,547710Jul 2015Jul 2015
i agreed

i agreedi agreed you all for your last comments , i got the the point women are not complicated but girls are must........ i think now you mostly will agree...

Unknown25540Jul 2015Jul 2015
Torrent Downloading Anonymity Lesson 2 Securing Yo

Torrent Downloading Anonymity Lesson 2 Securing YoHi People Seen blogs about downloading Torrents? Okay cool yeah get it for free But Alarm. How to Stay Anonymous While Torrenting? HOW TO MAKE...

metaloona944-0Jul 2015

crushi am totally falling in love with Ireland woman, she daily do blogs and read , but she is not understanding that how much i like her, i am feeling lik...

Unknown439250Jul 2015Jul 2015

I am NOT a celebirtyBut some happy chappy pls come & get me outta here To think this time last week i was thinking about moving to London, but anyways because its no...

itchywitch1,056490Jul 2015Jul 2015
So someone I wont say who emails me

So someone (I won't say who) emails methe all important question. "Did your repair of the lawnmower's pull cord pass a field test?" LoL, yes, that is important to know. What good...

Ken_192,601190Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred12,367-0Jul 2015
Congratulation way to go

Congratulation way to go]We were just talking Shafqat: Hey u did it, “CONGRATULATIONS to you” Sunshine: CONGRATULATIONS? for what? I haven’t had anything to be congratula...

Unknown500120Jul 2015Jul 2015
Why This Grandma Runs Into the Rain

Why This Grandma Runs Into the RainGetting caught in the rain always seems like such a hassle. Just yesterday, I got soaked to the bone walking in the rain. As I sat in my car, with my...

Dreamcatcher99685-0Jul 2015

X, Y, Z, And…And what? Well, that was the question. Did you know that until 200 years ago the English alphabet had 27 letters? Ok, if you did not know it, you have...

Catfoot612170Jul 2015Jul 2015

Google Has A Sense Of HumorGoogle Has A Sense Of Humor...

jarred1309-0Jul 2015

"ON THE ROAD AGAIN"..(6)I Wasnt into my trip No More Than 20 Miles when A little bird Didnt Quite Fly High Enough And There Was A Splatter of feathers Someone Released About...

namaron382140Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1200-0Jul 2015
The Power of Nature

The Power of NatureLast week Thursday 16th July 2015 my island home was shaken by earthquakes at 07:01am, 7:52am, 11:16am, 11:29am, 11:36am and 12:23pm local time. The...

Bajanshay573310Jul 2015Jul 2015

for the peace loving people in the worldI don't like to post after post but this is a very important VIDEO that can truly open our eyes...

lindsyjones855380Jul 2015Jul 2015

The Smallest State In The WorldWhat defines a sovereign state? With just over 100 acres (0.44 sq km) of real estate and about 900 citizens, the Vatican City is the smallest country...

Catfoot563120Jul 2015Jul 2015
SA vs NZ in Johannesburg

SA vs NZ in JohannesburgAnyone who wants to watch live Rugby South Africa vs New Zealand heres the link: Click on...

Lukeon56690Jul 2015Jul 2015

Funny Bathroom AdFunny Bathroom Ad...

jarred12,367-0Jul 2015
I have lived in the south almost two years now

I have lived in the south almost two years, now.I have not been asked on a date the whole time I have been guy asked my daughter if I was single but I did not want another "alcoholic" in my...

Calliopesgirl1,030120Jul 2015Jul 2015
My new love after Crocodile

My new love after Crocodile?After working so hard days after days, last night I felt as sleep on my working chair next to my desk in my bed room. For a while, saw my Crocodile wa...

MimiNGUYEN7947880Jul 2015Jul 2015

($DA_ORIGINAL_G$)Jesus Is The 1 Who Gives True Live Peace & Joy. & Who Turns Darkness In 2 Bright Lght....

DAHANSAMG33020Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1219-0Jul 2015

Common Sense.Now that is a scarce resource. Common Sense will even prevent you from making a fool of yourself when you believe that you are brighter and better tha...

Catfoot797590Jul 2015Jul 2015

IslamophobiaI posted the above two videos as a comment to a blog on radical Islam. I made no statement otherwise. I was acc...

socrates44791360Jul 2015Jul 2015
woes of internet dating by Avias and mimzy

woes of internet dating by Avias and mimzyIn this wonderland of singles, here's mentioning a scenario (from woman's point of view) that could be familiar to some of you gals out there. Ever ha...

mimzy333857220Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1138-0Jul 2015

Kids Making LoveKids Making Love [/url...

jarred12,488-0Jul 2015

"RAMBLIN MAN"("RAMBLE ON")..(10)Eighteen Times Below Me As I Scan The Everywheres And Ive Come To a Conclusion That nobody Ever Cares So You Can Think What Think Youre Reading I...

namaron441-0Jul 2015Jul 2015

The Last TangoSuicide must be the worse sin you can commit for it leaves you without the opportunity to regret. Not a nice topic, but it happens all the time; as it...

Catfoot985640Jul 2015Jul 2015
Skeletons In The Closet

Skeletons In The ClosetI have few skeletons stashed in my closet and I believe most of us do. I try hard not to think of them, always do my best to forget them but they're...

Crazyheart381,284950Jul 2015Jul 2015

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