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CEO'S OF BIG ORGANISATIONS ARE UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE !When the price of oil and petrol rises,CEO'S increases prices of their products within a short notice, and penalising the consumers. But since oil...

Didier15460190Feb 2015Feb 2015

AmazingSo much have been said about Japanese politicians. One thing for sure, they're worth all the respect and admiration. Last week, on my way to the super...

tatami33480Feb 2015Feb 2015

Funny Dogs In A Perfect WorldFunny Dogs In A Perfect World...

jarred12,083-0Feb 2015
My Plans

My PlansWe all make plans. Mine were pretty straight forward. Fall in love, get married, have children, live happily ever after in the country with horses. As...

soquiliquay622110Feb 2015Feb 2015
Talking To Yourself

Talking To Yourself?Do you talk to yourself? I grew up believing that it is the first sign of insanity but apparently it is not so bad. Only when you have full conversati...

Catfoot1,696950Feb 2015Feb 2015
Half a Dozen More Sky Flower Mix

Half a Dozen More (Sky/Flower Mix)Sunset at my brothers place. Close up one. Big sky county.

Smiler5630730Feb 2015Feb 2015

Happy Birthday!... " To A Great Blog Friend To Many! " May your birthday be full with joy. And may you live to see many more birthday's to come..... Happy Birthd...

Angelpepper3,474520Feb 2015Feb 2015
Dear Mr Abbott

Dear Mr. AbbottYou complained to us and mentioned your previous help in Aceh as if we're an ungrateful country. Don't worry. We will return all the favors you've giv...

nightfury633180Feb 2015Nov 2016

doing Exercisedoing Exercise...

jarred1208-0Feb 2015

Vietnam War Veterans PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress DiA very large number of Vietnam veterans haven’t made it all the way home from the war in Southeast Asia. By conservative estimates, at least half a mi...

socrates44611300Feb 2015Feb 2015
That Basketball Doood

That Basketball Doood!The ballplayer arched his shot high and as it made it's way down to the basket his Mom sat in her seat watching and hoping the ball would go in. Mom's...

Ed194134990Feb 2015Feb 2015
jarred1205-0Feb 2015
The Substance Pt 1

The Substance Pt. 1A compilation Feb 10, 2015 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”1 Let’s take a closer look at this p...

Keys70737990Feb 2015Feb 2015

"NO REPLY"This is a meaning less story...It doesnt have any glory....Nor does it have a meaning to you think about this...youll find that there...

namaron743300Feb 2015Feb 2015
All that people seeing my profile and nobody says

All that people seeing my profile and nobody saysIs it because Im too far? Is it because Im not in USA? or is it because??? Any ideas... Have a nice weekend you all...

MaruQ637230Feb 2015Feb 2015

Most Colorful Man In The WorldMost Colorful Man In The World [url=ht...

jarred11,046-0Feb 2015
corneliusd363110Feb 2015Feb 2015

Difference between promises and memories…Difference between promises and memories…

jarred12,702-0Feb 2015
What a beauty

What a beautyjust an update of the beauty and beast: That is where i make some firewood. Still frosty in the morning, but slowly getting better....

guadal34090Feb 2015Feb 2015
Shine and Rise

Shine and RiseWe all get failed sometimes in life as well as know all the methods for Success,some people call it destiny but instead of destiny there is forbearanc...

imrankhan8423620Feb 2015Feb 2015

ConnectingSinglesHi every one Have you Had success on Connecting Singels well Hi I am PakalolomanDavie Real Name Dave Miles Beckett from HoutBay Cape Town well I have...

pakalolomanDavie56480Feb 2015Feb 2015
sargasso sea

sargasso sea......i am like a sargasso sea many here...

teenameena40630Feb 2015Feb 2015

Some of the Best ShotsThis was sent to me this morning. Some really great pics of animals in the link below. Enjoy! Check it out and see what you think.

Gentlejim353170Feb 2015Feb 2015
green eyed monster

green-eyed monsterI hate being told I'm jealous. I know I'm possessive. And controlling. And like things to go my way. But jealous? Jealousy is about being unreasonable...

VivianLee520290Feb 2015Feb 2015
Something anusuall

Something anusuall...You like a new discovered diamond; Who hide's of me so long. I felt a little bit strange; And there's no words to describe this... I want to ask...

Inguss65430Feb 2015Feb 2015
The Substance Pt 2

The Substance Pt. 2When they opened it, they found some of these papers still intact and decipherable. There was a whole series of documents, and at the top of each docu...

Keys70731120Feb 2015Feb 2015
jarred12,352-0Feb 2015

The streets of shameSome people look down on them like they should be ashamed of themselfs for allowing themselfs to of fallen so low... And truthfully, perhaps some s...

itchywitch685330Feb 2015Feb 2015
Who Said

Who Said...And who said "white people" can't twerk....?? ~JOHN~...

TheresMyFriend48430Feb 2015Feb 2015

"THE SECOND LIFE"..("A SECOND GUESS")Did you think before you wrote those lines?...Did you see those upcoming Signs?.....Were we here when we were there?...A Stormy day or One thats Fair?...

namaron609-0Feb 2015Feb 2015

Open MindedI have seen so many profiles with open minded status And can you believe it, its only on males profiles? Don't you think its sick?...

Lyla123872270Feb 2015Feb 2015

I feel Sorry for people who don’t drink.I feel Sorry for people who don’t drink. http:/...

jarred12,523-0Feb 2015

The Evolution Of Man And WomanThe Evolution Of Man And Woman

jarred12,355-0Feb 2015

The craziest thing or what?I was talking with a friend of mine tonight. During the conversation, he brought something to my attention. I have never heard about this before so...

Johnny_Sparton964240Feb 2015Feb 2015
A Very Special Day

A Very Special DaySomething very special happened to me this morning. This is something that happened only sixty two times before today. I became one day older. At 2:10...

Catfoot842320Feb 2015Feb 2015
Anyone watched this

Anyone watched this?On the way to school today I heard too much of news regarding to Oscars 2015 from yesterday... Any one here watched this and what do you think?...

MimiNGUYEN7928030Feb 2015Feb 2015

Shake your head and see a photoShake your head and see a photo Count the number of black dots [url=

jarred13,671-0Feb 2015

She is goneFor some weeks now I have noted that a bloger is not here any more. What is blog-land becoming ? Are we no longer free to make an objected obser...

FLYJAMES829-0Feb 2015Feb 2015
Is it wrong

Is it wrong?What do I do or say say now? Is it wrong to have a birthday? In that case I do apologize to all involved for doing do. I meant no harm. I did not pick...

Catfoot1,526580Feb 2015Feb 2015
I will miss you

I will miss all my dear friends.....

teenameena4,231-0Feb 2015
The Substance Final

The Substance - FinalBut ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him...

Keys70726620Feb 2015Feb 2015
The Phenomena of Tailgaters

The Phenomena of Tailgaters!I drive about 32 miles one way to get to work. On Saturday I do my food shopping and on Sunday I visit my kids. In Southern California that isn't c...

Ed194139590Feb 2015Feb 2015

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