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Kids Making LoveKids Making Love [/url...

jarred12,488-0Jul 2015

"RAMBLIN MAN"("RAMBLE ON")..(10)Eighteen Times Below Me As I Scan The Everywheres And Ive Come To a Conclusion That nobody Ever Cares So You Can Think What Think Youre Reading I...

namaron441-0Jul 2015Jul 2015

The Last TangoSuicide must be the worse sin you can commit for it leaves you without the opportunity to regret. Not a nice topic, but it happens all the time; as it...

Catfoot986640Jul 2015Jul 2015

Skeletons In The ClosetI have few skeletons stashed in my closet and I believe most of us do. I try hard not to think of them, always do my best to forget them but they're...

Crazyheart381,286950Jul 2015Jul 2015
Kickem Jenny Alert Level Lowered to Yellow

Kick'em Jenny Alert Level Lowered to YellowAs of approximately an hour ago the Alert Level for Kick'em Jenny volcano has been lowered to Yellow! Press release below... NATIONAL DISASTER MAN...

Bajanshay469270Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1339-0Jul 2015

Ever overheard yourself being described?I was at a family gathering this weekend and looking at books in the lounge when I heard my cousin telling her sister-in-law about one of the guests....

Elegsabiff1,379410Jul 2015Jul 2015

Hi..Hi lavina...I'm Fahad. Will you be my friend??...

fahad12585180Jul 2015Jul 2015

blogs V threadswhich is better?...

pedro2750460Jul 2015Jul 2015
tatami35060Jul 2015Jul 2015

I Surrender.I don’t have the talent to engage in a mud-slinging contest. I guess that if you don’t roll in the mud, you will never have enough mud to sling around...

Catfoot932600Jul 2015Jul 2015
Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle.Imagine two scorpions in a bottle. Neither will gain anything by attacking the other. Yet they will think attacking the other is the best form of def...

usha1232,241360Jul 2015Jul 2015

Tickets To Heaven!!What will be next? A man and his wife were arrested in Florida for selling faked tickets to heaven to hundreds of people. They sold wood tablets (spra...

Catfoot1,446830Jul 2015Jul 2015
good evening

good eveningmy dear good evening my all friend......................................................

Unknown27410Jul 2015Jul 2015

Curious little boyCurious little boy...

jarred1192-0Jul 2015

tiredsometimes feel tired, bored and lonely,,,,,,, :-(...

agnie2411559160Jul 2015Jul 2015
Health is 1 and all other things are zeros

Health is 1, and all other things are zerosI think health is 1, and all other things we are good at in life are zeros, no matter how many things you are good at, without health, everything turn...

peonyjenny373100Jul 2015Jul 2015

Woman’s Remote ControlWoman’s Remote Control...

jarred1251-0Jul 2015

"ON THE ROAD AGAIN"..(7)As Of Now Im Still Waiting On ALoad That Will Take me out Into The Midwest Area Once Again While Im Waiting..There Are Some Things That Are seen out...

namaron431390Jul 2015Jul 2015
I am not into one night stands

I am not into one night stands.It is amazing how many women write in their profile “I'm not looking for one night stands or friends with benefits, so please pass me by.” Whats ev...

Solamente1,718690Jul 2015Jul 2015
Exchange everything for a husband

Exchange everything for a husband?Just receiving a message from an PH colleague who has just broke up with her boyfriend saying that she could exchange everything she has to have her b...

MimiNGUYEN7934650Jul 2015Jul 2015

"25 % of all muslims worldwide are terrorists"?"Yes there are 1.2 billion Islam in the world and proven that 25 percent of them are the terrorist which comprise to the equivalent of USA. Take this...

socrates441,999800Jul 2015Aug 2015
Lukeon596210Jul 2015Jul 2015

No can doSometimes when searching for love and for whatever reasons we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again...but having said that there are some...

itchywitch924430Jul 2015Jul 2015
do you want

do you want?do you want to drive away with my heart ? shah offer you convenient heart option, this offer in only foe one Iresih woman...

Unknown34550Jul 2015Jul 2015
been on a movie kick

been on a movie kickto relax...watching some movies i never had time for before ...such as Three Days of the Condor....what about everyone else....any good movies lately....

sweetiefireball50990Jul 2015Jul 2015
Welcome Home

Welcome HomeThere are are 8 million stories in this city. And 1 point 5 million people. Most of them are liars, but none of them will admit it. Except me....

postneoludite383100Jul 2015Jul 2015
Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Really Hurts

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Really Hurts...Well I have no clue as to how or why, but I got it. And its 80% debilitating because of the constant pain and inability to use the arm for little to n...

Unknown768320Jul 2015Aug 2015
Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie ApocalypseI'm a little disappointed that there is no category for "Zombie Apocalypse". so we'll have to go with Dating&Relationships then. So... um how as yo...

postneoludite561110Jul 2015Jul 2015

What A Place! What A Joy!At last I found the place where I’m going to retire. At least the people there know what they’re doing and what they still plan to do. I hope that I w...

Catfoot798440Jul 2015Jul 2015

A One-Night Stand?The last time I wrote about this topic, I was chastised to such extend, that it led to yours truly (and a few others) being suspended for ten days. No...

Catfoot2,978690Jul 2015Jul 2015
Hi Hypertension

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! Hypertension ?How to reduce blood pressure naturally Avoid salt. A population-wide 1200 mg decrease in sodium consumption has been estimated to reduce coronary h...

teenameena29180Jul 2015Jul 2015

Sense: This Pictures Makes One…Sense: This Pictures Makes One…...

jarred1188-0Jul 2015

Chuck and the HorseA young man named Chuck bought a horse from a farmer for $250. The farmer agreed to deliver the horse the next day. The next day, the farmer drove up...

Gentlejim429260Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1180-0Jul 2015

ConspiracyHi there....I am completely tired and sick of world wide conspiracies of women. Is there simple and down to earth ladies left on this planet or all ar...

coolguy321802300Jul 2015Jul 2015

Just to remind usof what we are supposed to be wearing and doing by now in 2015. And ooh, look, the original Biff, he's come back to the future. I do want to...

Elegsabiff2,433220Jul 2015Jul 2015

oh whywhen a relationship ends why does the woman become so distant and not friendly when meeting a new male is it a case of once bitten twice shy? peoples...

moc1234828270Jul 2015Jul 2015

Child on Christmas nightDo you still get that way...even as an adult? You know something is very exciting coming up in the near future and you cannot sleep. I just discover...

Johnny_Sparton816640Jul 2015Jul 2015
Hot heat days

Hot , heat days!!Here the weather is getting hotter, our temperature is at 38'c daytime according to the report,but it would be more higher than that in fact, the air...

phoenixFH381120Jul 2015Jul 2015

Angels And DevilsI cursed under my breath as the old lady at the checkout unloaded her basket in her timely fashion. I was impatient and in a hurry. I stood in the lin...

Catfoot1,3931000Jul 2015Jul 2015
jarred1217-0Jul 2015
ikona: "Tea House"(meet us in the puzzles)

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