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skypei am online on skype , just share your i.d with me for comedy.................................

Unknown40580Jul 2015Jul 2015

lolA young man joined the Army and signed up with the paratroopers. He went though the standard training, completed the practice jumps from higher and h...

Track1625420Jul 2015Jul 2015
so stupid guy

so stupid guyhave you ever sit around your computer watching your mailbox to signify red meaning that you got a msg? yep that's me right now and bwoy am telling y...

shane4568635230Jul 2015May 2016

Ben Carson on the US presidential raceI heard about his interview from joining in the race but I am a little disappointed by lack of force on the questions asked of him. I wish I would...

lindsyjones502390Jul 2015Aug 2015
some feeling are irreplaceable

some feeling are irreplaceableyes they are….. You know how it feels when u r sure of that the car coming towards u with the speed of at least 80 km/hr is going to hit u and …..SUDD...

Unknown25910Jul 2015Jul 2015
tatami30830Jul 2015Aug 2015
Drama around Cecil the Lion

Drama around Cecil the Lion!Ever since the news broke on the demise of Cecil the Lion, I am trying my best to get engulfed deep in emotions and trying to get sad, however I don't...

Unknown677240Aug 2015Aug 2015
some words worth hearing

some words worth hearing.Not the most invigorating speaker I have ever listened to. But his words are brave and come from a life experience very few of us will ever have t...

nonsmoker506120Aug 2015Aug 2015

SleeponitsleeponitsleeponitYou know when you write a response, and then think 'can't send that' but you really, REALLY, want to? Giving advice is the most tempting thing in...

Elegsabiff1,548450Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1148-0Aug 2015
im new here

im new herejust kidding haven't been here in awile so what have you all been up to lately?...

boomboom201541430Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1234-0Aug 2015

A PM From The Other Side?When I checked my inbox this morning, there was an anonymous message for me. Yes, you heard right. Anonymous! At first I thought it was from CS manage...

Catfoot957560Aug 2015Aug 2015
I had a nightmare

I had a nightmare.I woke up at 1:30am today. I was screaming and I remembered that I took some poison in the dream, and I would die very soon. So I screamed and mum cam...

peonyjenny384150Aug 2015Aug 2015
Black and white for tonight

Black and white for tonight!A trial with black and white from my phone for tonight......

MimiNGUYEN79574110Aug 2015Aug 2015
Oh What A Day

Oh What A Day!Woke up at 4 PM...drifted back to sleep. Bruce came up to my bed and woke me up with his nasty kisses. Got up, made a cup of coffee, check phone for...

Crazyheart38444230Aug 2015Aug 2015
Google Play Apps

Google Play AppsI'm just kind of curious if anyone has found any really useful apps( I know they all are useful) that can be downloaded on Google Play. If you have a...

Lukeon792330Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1225-0Aug 2015

BOREDI used to believe only boring people get bored. Wow, I must be really boring because I have never been so bored in my life. I feel better, stronge...

Elegsabiff2,047730Aug 2015Aug 2015
WOWSER Nosy People All Around

WOWSER!! Nosy People All Around!!I'm an admitted people person but I won't stare at people to "size them up". I mean, like who cares what they look like, what they're wearing, how the...

Ed194148290Aug 2015Aug 2015

A proud dayAbout 4 years ago I met an illegal alien who spoke very little English but upon learning from a friend of hers my wife had recently died came over to...

Ken_19883300Aug 2015Aug 2015
Accountability for what we write

Accountability for what we write...We all need to realise that we are all here for a specific reason...Some wants to meet that special one, others are here as they just want to some hav...

LonelyfromAfrica510100Aug 2015Aug 2015

~~~ THE PATH ~~~It is said that there are many paths and it does seem that way. One person says do this and another person says do that, but no matter what happens, l...

owlsway31050Aug 2015Aug 2015
The place you met before or you want to meet your

The place you met before or you want to meet yourSince this is a dating site,so i will just like to share with people how you want to find or meet your partner. In fact, I am half retired type,may...

peonyjenny1,268730Aug 2015Aug 2015

For Anything - I Will Ask GoogleSo anything don’t need to ask your teacher ask Google as it doesn’t punish you for your dumb questions.

jarred12,032-0Aug 2015

Wrong Kind of LoveWrong Kind of Love...

jarred1189-0Aug 2015
jarred1174-0Aug 2015

~~~ MEDITATION AWAKENING OF THE SOUL ~~~A man without meditation knows nothing of the splendor of existence, knows nothing of the glorious opportunity that has been given to him. He is fast...

owlsway18700Aug 2015

~~~ YOU ARE A SEED OF THE GOD ~~~What is Christ? This is a conscious perception of his personality as Christ. When you reach that level of consciousness to which Jesus Christ has rise...

owlsway18900Aug 2015

~~WANA SHARE SOME PERSONAL WITH C/S FRIENDS~~I did it. I distanced myself from the constant drama. The personal attacks, designed to cause trouble. It was the best thing I ever did. It cost me so...

owlsway71490Aug 2015Aug 2015

A Forbidden Love Is SweeterWhen somebody tells me to go to hell, I gladly try to oblige, but I never get further than the gates. Whenever I get there, they lock and bar the gate...

Catfoot1,433820Aug 2015Aug 2015
Love is

Love is.If you love a flower,don't pick it up.Because if you pick it up it dies and ceases to be what you love.So if you love a flower,let it be.what is not a...

maxy201042730Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1296-0Aug 2015
Profile turnoffs

Profile turnoffs.....There are things that are automatic turnoffs as soon as you glance at a profile......that makes you click on out to the next candidate...Now, I'm sure...

sands883,0431410Aug 2015Aug 2015

"ON THE ROAD AGAIN"..(8)To Start Out With...There Was A traffic Jam On 81 South In Pennslyvania..No One moved For At Least An Hour..An Elderly Couple In A Van Drove off to Th...

namaron462360Aug 2015Aug 2015

DEAD CROWSI love birds and so took this seriously when I first got it in email from a friend ...but reading on,see the joke ...this one's for Nam with his Truck...

avias873160Aug 2015Aug 2015
That is right

That is right....A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, 'What ar...

TheresMyFriend45390Aug 2015Aug 2015

The Drought Is Broken!A far-off cousin farms in one of the driest regions in this country. Last week, when it rained there for the first time in 19 years, his 17-year-old s...

Catfoot617220Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1431-0Aug 2015

Bored with mailing?Try Whatsapp! The cool way to stay in touch on Android style phones, you dont even need to type, just speak into the phone and it types the text fo...

Solamente529100Aug 2015Aug 2015
Cropover time on my island

Cropover time on my islandEvery year we celebrate the end of the sugar cane crop in a festival we call "Cropover". (The name speaks for itself) This festival has grown through...

Bajanshay507320Aug 2015Aug 2015

What Classifies As Sex?I have preconceptions on many things and as a result, I don’t always understand or agree with what people say when they talk about certain topics. Sex...

Catfoot2,1061350Aug 2015Aug 2015
"PLAY NOW: Maze Race 2"(meet us in the games)

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