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acknowledging our mistakesLife is never easy. If anything, it is a journey of so much twist and turns and at the end of the day we are wrung like a fabric, all too worn and dr...

lindsyjones454260Feb 2015Feb 2015

ROLL CALL!!...Ok...Ok, a CS female is missing here therefore, let's all line-up for roll call. Maybe then we will find out whose missing and put out an APB on her....

SistaCallie59600Feb 2015

ROLL CALL!!...Ok...Ok, a CS female is missing here therefore, let's all line-up for roll call. Maybe then we will find out whose missing and put out an APB on her....

SistaCallie1,230330Feb 2015Feb 2015

Its Only TuesdayIts Only Tuesday...

jarred1910-0Feb 2015
i am so board

i am so boardwhat you do when your board and can't sleep I seriously need to chat...

mariegold77437100Feb 2015Feb 2015

Quote“Lots of things can be fixed. Things can be fixed. But many times, relationships between people cannot be fixed, because they should not be fixed. You...

zaoyar39050Feb 2015Feb 2015
No Blog Today Lol

No Blog Today.LolI have cancelled the rest of my day due to a lack of motivation and a surplus of headache. But what a day it was! I even danced and that is a very rar...

Catfoot826270Feb 2015Feb 2015
Carrots Eggs or Coffee Which are you

Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee; “Which are you?”This beautiful story has been circulating on Facebook. Unfortunately we cannot trace who wrote such a touching and insightful piece. Nevertheless, we...

Dreamcatcher99748-0Feb 2015
Road rage

Road rageI have recently started driving again since I brought my new car in January. I have since rediscovered a tiny little thing called road rage. I hav...

Bajanshay582220Feb 2015Feb 2015

THANK YOU JESUS!!I had been single for 2 years before I decided to join an online dating site.. Anyways, I gave it a try but I was not really serious about finding a r...

Unknown49570Feb 2015Feb 2015
our spring festival holiday

our spring festival holidayit's the sixth day of our chinese new year today. it mean my spring festival holiday will finish very soon. at the moment.Fireworks and firecracke...

rose111days39080Feb 2015Feb 2015

I Am Not AloneI Am Not Alone...

jarred14,605-0Feb 2015

The Demented Snow ShovelerDecember 8, 6:00 PM It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching...

Gentlejim363130Feb 2015Feb 2015

The "Friend Card"....I am sure we all have had the experience of caring for someone who does not care about us as much as we have them.....I just received "the friend card...

Calliopesgirl647110Feb 2015Feb 2015

How old is your oldest article....How old is your oldest article of clothing that you still wear? I have a pair of Levis jeans that are at least 10 years old. I had to bring them in...

Johnny_Sparton1,379610Feb 2015Feb 2015
At the Heart of Discipleship Pt 1

At the Heart of Discipleship Pt. 1And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Matthew 6:29 KJV By Peter Amsterdam Feb 23, 2015...

Keys70740230Feb 2015Feb 2015

"TELL IT LIKE IT IS"This is just the way it is..You might be thinking...Whats he talkin about?....Well..Thats for you to decide what ta hell you think Im talkn about...Bu...

namaron1,277860Feb 2015Feb 2015

Slapping Gods faceDon't ever allow anyone to treat you badly stand up to yourself and know what you are! a soul of infinite value to God. If you allow someone to a...

itchywitch520160Feb 2015Feb 2015

I just want to thank JarredFor those beautiful pictures and quotes he post everyday. And where's the beautiful Umka? Anybody seen her?...

lindsyjones502190Feb 2015Feb 2015
its my city hope you ll like it

it's my city, hope you 'll like itI' ll try to show my city for all of you , hope you will like it. still pictures, but not sure they will be showed completed. it's center of our...

rose111days433120Feb 2015Feb 2015
God will comfort you

God will comfort you.I just read that and even when I think is true I cant deny sometimes it seems so difficult to keep in faith. When life seems so difficult its so hard...

MaruQ630110Feb 2015Feb 2015
The Miracle of Ageing

The Miracle of AgeingI am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body! I sometimes despair over my body - the wrink...

Simmo11,024500Feb 2015Feb 2015

I Like People Who Smile When It’s RainingI Like People Who Smile When It’s Raining

jarred13,778-0Feb 2015

SolidarityIt is what keeps relations together, even if u scream and shout and maybe worse, u still hold on to someone. But if that one is ur doctor, too and he...

guadal26420Feb 2015Feb 2015

Cute Baby AngelCute Baby Angel...

jarred13,390-0Feb 2015
In the end only 3 things matter

In the end, only 3 things matter -How much you loved How gently you lived How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you I was told this was a Buddhism, turns out it isn...

VivianLee460110Feb 2015Feb 2015
The Internet is Amazing

The Internet is AmazingWar, sin, killin and a-robbin They say the world is one big problem I've got one I'll tell you now I cain't find my guernsey cow That verse occa...

postneoludite41120Feb 2015Feb 2015
Who Is Fancy Goodbye

Who Is Fancy - GoodbyeHeard this song on the Today show, sounds very good (to me). Give it a listen. What do you think? ~JOHN~...

TheresMyFriend46620Feb 2015Feb 2015

I'm an addict.Ever since I could remember I have always liked prickly pears. Yes I've come to the conclusion I'm totally 'hooked' on cold juicy Eastern Cape prickly...

Lukeon895370Feb 2015Feb 2015
Its Boring Everywhere

It's Boring Everywhere It was christmas in prison And the food was real good We had turkey and pistols Carved out of wood And I dream o...

postneoludite1,43270Feb 2015Feb 2015

Which step have you reached today?Which step have you reached today?

jarred12,851-0Feb 2015
The gods must be crazy

The gods must be crazyOne of the very best comedy ever...

corneliusd436120Feb 2015Feb 2015

"EVERYBODY LOVES A CLOWN"(BUT NOT STRANGE PEOPLE)When you go to the circus..You cansee them there..Their shoes are always to big for them and they always have a Big Red Nose....So my thoughts that I...

namaron856530Feb 2015Feb 2015
At the Heart of Discipleship Final

At the Heart of Discipleship - FinalThe path of discipleship When Jesus says to forsake all that you have,1 or as it says in other English translations, “an...

Keys70732920Feb 2015Feb 2015

Are We Ready For a Woman Leader?It is a little bit boring lately so I have to indulge in my favorite passtime. Reading and learning about how to make our world a better place....

lindsyjones801550Feb 2015Dec 2015

Mind My Own BusinessMind My Own Business...

jarred1267-0Feb 2015
Track162,18930Feb 2015Feb 2015

Seems i'm spottedHad a bad day yesterday.... felt alittle down abit under the weather and not too healthy atall in myself Has a very bad nights sleep also lastni...

itchywitch644250Feb 2015Feb 2015

THIS BLOG DOES'T ALLOW COMMENTSI have been noticing lately a lot of blogs that are not allowing comments. please I am not trying to start up anything here,but am confussed as to why...

wenever1,204480Feb 2015Mar 2015

Reasons to avoidReasons to avoid...

jarred1251-0Feb 2015

HumorA husband, who is not the most outgoing guy, relents to his wife's months of nagging to take her out dancing. During the evening one guy on the dance...

Gentlejim29890Feb 2015Feb 2015

YOU SEE YOUR NEIGHBOURS! DO YOU REALLY KNOW THEMWho are your neighbours? You see them, you greet them may be, you even smile with them, but do you know actually who they are? In France, greetings ar...

Didier15383160Feb 2015Feb 2015
Vierkaesehoch: "Ear worms..."(meet us in the blogs)

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