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Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday"Dreaming, I was only dreaming. I wake and I find you asleep In the deep of my heart, dear. Darling, I hope that My dream never haunted you. My...

MimiNGUYEN7929230Feb 2015Mar 2015
Happy Happy Sunday Folks

Happy Happy Sunday Folks!!Woke up to a beautiful Sunday here. Hot and sunny now at almost noon- clothes would be guaranteed dried Kids are still snoring away- I can hav...

Dreamcatcher991,236250Feb 2015Mar 2015
wedding day

wedding day...Good bye everyone... Abt 3 months I join CS has gave me new experience even though not changing anything in my life. Next Sunday is my H day.....

loveisblind123459120Feb 2015Mar 2015

Really???Define "overkill"..... hahaha ~JOHN~ [/...

TheresMyFriend50070Mar 2015Mar 2015
The Black Stallion resident of Wyoming

The Black Stallion, resident of Wyoming.My first husband and I were walking through a pasture close to Worland, Wyoming, on our way to the river for some serious fishing, when a Black Stalli...

TenderBabe30090Mar 2015Mar 2015

Believe In MiraclesBelieve In Miracles...

jarred11,934-0Mar 2015
Ian15844880Mar 2015Mar 2015

Impossible LoveImpossible Love...

jarred1610-0Mar 2015

HAS ANTICHRIST ASCENDED TO WORLD STAGE?Prophecy buffs speculate about Greece's new prime minister Read more at

stringman2,49760Mar 2015Mar 2015

Best of luck to Englandin the rugby match today I'll be biting away on the finger nails for the next hour os so.....

itchywitch468200Mar 2015Mar 2015

"YOUR BRAND NEW DAY"There are Stories...everyone has One at the least....They are Stories but really they are Disasters in your Life....Me?..I always choose to write abou...

namaron39520Mar 2015Mar 2015
Long Distance Love Possible or Impossible Inte

Long Distance Love – Possible or Impossible? InteLong distance love also has some advantages. I think oftentimes in life our relationships take too much emphasize on the physical. We become attracte...

minnie50560160Mar 2015Mar 2015
In my difficult times

In my difficult times...I still have hope, I believe in my dreams, and I have decided that even if it doesn’t happened what I wanted, I’m still going to be happy. I really be...

MaruQ465120Mar 2015Mar 2015
Snail Patrol

Snail PatrolWritten by Jay Phillips 4/13 Today I went for a walk with the kids in the countryside surrounding the village in which we live, an area consist...

Keys70717700Mar 2015

"WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN"What this Place is all about?...well today showed one of the reasons...And it wasnt a very pretty one at all..It actually ended in disaster for one wh...

namaron4,7872380Mar 2015Mar 2015

Gentleman Jimwhen in a laxy lazy smooth n' easy listening mood one person to me is not easy to forget... Gentleman Jim...

itchywitch628220Mar 2015Mar 2015

MarriageMy middle daughter got married last summer after 7 years and two kids together and I want to share my elation on the progress of their beautiful union...

lindsyjones514180Mar 2015Mar 2015
Dance Like Angels on the Moon

Dance - Like Angels on the MoonONE WOMAN, ONE MAN, TO SHARE REMAINDER OF OUR LIVES. I would hope you are a one man woman! Would you care to sit with me, here, beside the crystal, c...

loyalaboveall42750Mar 2015Mar 2015
jarred11,062-0Mar 2015

Don’t just imagine things!Don’t just imagine things!...

jarred1604-0Mar 2015
The Printers Devil And The Wicked Bible

The Printer’s Devil And The Wicked Bible.Can you imagine a Bible being banned in England? Well, it happened. And that for the lack of one word. I would have thought that with so many words in...

Catfoot1,662560Mar 2015Mar 2015
got a new tiny baby cat

got a new tiny baby catwohoo i got a new tiny cat. a few week baby cat. she is leaving my her mother in the front garden of my house. so i adopt her. now she is living wit...

datatraveler3148280Mar 2015Mar 2015

A Lot Going On HereA Lot Going On Here...

jarred11,651-0Mar 2015

I am WOMANProud to be a good one too cos thats exactly what i am So to all you other good women out there that stood up against men trying to shame you for...

itchywitch626180Mar 2015Mar 2015
Lukeon43680Mar 2015Mar 2015
A Life Well Lived Pt 1

A Life Well Lived Pt. 1If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures. Job 36:11 A compilation FEBRUARY 12, 2013...

Keys70733520Mar 2015Mar 2015

Dear, I’ve Buyed You A RingDear, I’ve Buyed You A Ring...

jarred1352-0Mar 2015

Cat Fish RideCat Fish Ride...

jarred1359-0Mar 2015
The Black Stallion resident of Wyoming

The Black Stallion, resident of Wyoming.Part One: One amazing, yet, fun day, my first husband, John and I were walking through a pasture, close to the town of Worland, Wyoming when someth...

TenderBabe40340Mar 2015Mar 2015
A true story

A true story.....I cancelled all my work.....and went in a hurry to friend who was very sad and felt very lonely....her story is this...her husband was l...

teenameena41650Mar 2015Mar 2015
jarred1339-0Mar 2015

Resilience?Resilience is the ability to face adversity and achieve adapt well to the tragedies, traumas, threats or severe stress. Being resilient does not me...

minnie5028260Mar 2015Mar 2015
Tying to get fit

Tying to get fitI have gone back at the TKD started back training before christmas this was the self-defence part of the seminar last Sunday as I'm fini...

thehopfromrebelc54020Mar 2015Mar 2015
Someone in mind

Someone in mindI met a local chick at First United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh on Sunday morning; her name escapes my mind right now as an image of her sits in...

cavalier56036430Mar 2015Mar 2015
I would like to marry someone called Turner

I would like to marry someone called TurnerI'm by way of being a sort of writer. If Mr Turner would be kind enough to make me Mrs Turner, I could call myself Paige. I suppose I could just c...

VivianLee512210Mar 2015Mar 2015
This blog is for Catholics

This blog is for CatholicsHi everybody, God bless us all Catholics or not During Lent, pope offers handy tips for preparing for confession Carol Glatz Catholic News Se...

XuanMai651130Mar 2015Mar 2015

LOVING GOD WITH OUR MINDSWritten by Maria Fontaine 5/12 Jesus said that we are to love God “with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind.”1 Notice that He...

Keys7072,25520Mar 2015Mar 2015
Avoid These 20 English Words When in Other Countri

Avoid These 20 English Words When in Other CountriIf you travel abroad frequently for work, or if you have an e-commerce store with customers from all over the world, it’s worth noting that there are...

imrankhan841,140120Mar 2015Mar 2015

ChangingWhen I was a little girl, every time feeling sad I normallly cried. After grown up, crying does't work anymore, it's a mixed feeling instead. Everytim...

MimiNGUYEN7933470Mar 2015Mar 2015

The Way Up Is DownThe Journal of Positive Psychology released a survey last year showing that people looking for someone to date gravitated toward those displaying sign...

Gentlejim467200Mar 2015Mar 2015

Funny Bald Chimpanzee PictureFunny Bald Chimpanzee Picture [url=

jarred12,757-0Mar 2015

Would you partake in an open relationship?I am not sure what I think of this. Let's say you run across this hot guy or woman and he/she is married. He/She expresses that their spouse and the...

Johnny_Sparton2,028880Mar 2015Mar 2015
"How Well Do You Know Australia?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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