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Marriage Divorce and Freedom

Marriage, Divorce and FreedomWhen I got married it took me a while to get used to it. I didn't change my name but under Islamic law I had to carry his name here. I was married f...

Crazyheart38727340Aug 2015Aug 2015

"IM FREE"Im Free To Do What I Want..Any Old Time Im Free to Do What i Want..Any Old Time So Love me..Hold me..Love me..Hold me Im free Any Old Time..To get...

namaron512260Aug 2015Aug 2015

Absolute no-no's / forbidden fruitWe know the obvious ones: don't date your boss or your assistant. Dipping your pen in company ink is never going to end well. (Apparently after th...

Elegsabiff1,550410Aug 2015Aug 2015
Dont smoke in bed

Dont smoke in bedI left a note on his dresser And my old wedding ring With these few goodbye words How can I sing Goodbye old sleepy head I am packing you...

FLYJAMES793100Aug 2015Aug 2015
I am in love with you

I am in love with youIf not for you, I wouldn’t know What true love really meant. I’d never feel this inner peace; I couldn’t be content. If not for you, I’d never h...

itsmejackie354-0Aug 2015
How to be a friend of my puberty boys

How to be a friend of my puberty boys....??Given a chance to be a mother is a great blessing for me. I am blessed with 2 marvellous boys and they are 12 n 13,5 yrs now, they have reach their pu...

Lindzylin63880Aug 2015Aug 2015

Pornography.I don’t like pornography; I never did. I don’t mind a few naughty scenes in a book or a movie if it adds value to the story, but when it is laced with...

Catfoot1,496680Aug 2015Aug 2015

"ON THE ROAD AGAIN"..(10)Its 530Am Here In Massachusetts..The Light Is Just Starting To Win Over The darkness The birds Are wasting No Time Whatsoever Chattering Away At each...

namaron449120Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1269-0Aug 2015
jarred1168-0Aug 2015
Warning This blog Contains

Warning; This blog ContainsNo sex, Violence, cursing, Bitching or berating of any Individual. Any resemblance to such is purely coincidental and totally hilarious....

nonsmoker58580Aug 2015Aug 2015

Today...Just to share a photo of today. I think the interesting is not where we go, but who we will be with... What do you think? P.S. It was a b...

MimiNGUYEN7925630Aug 2015Aug 2015
United Excellent

United. Excellent.Django, the Iraq war dog, reunited with SA handler after two years Working side-by-side for 18 months, the two became inseparable and when Holl...

Lukeon813340Aug 2015Aug 2015
Have you been the victim of a salesperson

Have you been the victim of a salesperson..??Happens everyday to everyone... Last week I had to get my car serviced, so I asked the service man how much for a compartment air filter? He says $...

sands881,307440Aug 2015Aug 2015
ladies Ladies

ladies LadiesLadies are there any chubby chasers out there? I promise I won't run...

boomboom201548570Aug 2015Aug 2015
The Rising Beast System in my Words

The Rising Beast System in my Words...'For in those final days the blackskliders and sinners will see your calmness and how you act with out fear' in those days of the great tribulation, t...

Unknown37350Aug 2015Aug 2015

Vern Gosdin - Do You Believe Me NowI'll Leave This World Loving You...

jarred1269-0Aug 2015

Burning flamesMan dies in a moble home fire..after the flames have been put out can firefighters instantly know if the fire started by a heater or not??? I'v oft...

itchywitch1,009730Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1199-0Aug 2015

Ban CS! As if ...Birth control? BAN IT! Abortion? BAN IT! Gay marriage? BAN IT! Guns? Look, banning things never works. People will find ways to get them....

Elegsabiff1,859490Aug 2015Aug 2015

LIFESo am sitting on my bed trying to sleep but nothing....i start to reflect on life and every night when am ready for bed i feel like writing. going on...

Unknown17860Aug 2015Aug 2015

ThoughtsU get your degree then what?u realize u have been so focused on school that u haven't thought of anything else in life. It was always finish your e...

Unknown307100Aug 2015Aug 2015

OverPopulationLets bring in sterilization and a one child policy throughout the world and stop the mass reproduction and save the planet....

libralad549130Aug 2015Aug 2015

Swimming...After too much of eating yesterday, today I woke you and decided to go swim for a while before back home doing some of my works. Is there anyone wa...

MimiNGUYEN7926640Aug 2015Aug 2015
Squeaky shoes

Squeaky shoesI’ve had a pair of really comfortable flip-flops for a while now, as they are getting old I bought a second pair of the same type. The trouble is they...

Solamente637100Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred1177-0Aug 2015

Football....OK so I'm settling down for a lazy Sunday watching Arsenal v West Ham and Pool v Stoke... And yes I love football, I love the Premiership, but a few...

redmolly671280Aug 2015Aug 2015

You’re Not Just A Number To MeYou’re Not Just A Number To Me [url=

jarred12,043-0Aug 2015
Vinh Hy Bay Vietnam

Vinh Hy Bay - VietnamThis bay is so beautiful, don't you think?

MimiNGUYEN79961780Aug 2015Aug 2015
Relaxing Day

Relaxing Day...What a nice relaxing Sunday over here... Woke up at 3 PM, without any worries No work, no errands to run, no appointments...a day all to myself...

Crazyheart38437190Aug 2015Aug 2015
Almost Christmas again

Almost Christmas again...It feels like yesterday we were preparing for Christmas... I get anxious, another day, week, month year and soon life is gone... wish I could freeze...

LonelyfromAfrica27440Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred11,971-0Aug 2015

The TellsI’ve noticed an odd thing, when I’m looking at profiles. I instantly like, or dislike, people who remind me of other people I have known. We’ve talked...

Elegsabiff1,153170Aug 2015Aug 2015
jarred12,288-0Aug 2015
Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In TimeWoke up with this song in my head... Hopefully this new week will bring me some sweet promises that I've been year...

Dreamcatcher99541-0Aug 2015
jarred12,487-0Aug 2015

What happened 2 ur network?What happened 2 ur network? I tried 2 call u but the operator said “Welcome 2 the jungle, the monkey u r trying to call is on the tree….Plz try late...

jarred1161-0Aug 2015
Change of perception

Change of perceptionFor those of us that blog frequently we have come to know other regular bloggers reasonably well and in some cases have rightly or wrongly formed an o...

Solamente573140Aug 2015Aug 2015
A public holiday

A public holiday.At times like this I wish I married early and had my children at a sensible age like everybody else. Then I would not have had the bother of a son wit...

BeaPatient50880Aug 2015Aug 2015
Gamescome Kln

Gamescome KölnHi folks, anyone out there who went there? ...........................

connect195459970Aug 2015Aug 2015
When Sadness

When Sadnessbecome too deep, what can one do? Dont want talk about any reasons. Sorry, when only listening to your views in this blog......

Benedikta628130Aug 2015Aug 2015

Albert Einstein Clown FunnyAlbert Einstein Clown [url=

jarred12,682-0Aug 2015
manu1010: "Needed heart "(meet us in the ecards)

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