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Ive lost my mind again

I've lost my mind (again)On my way home from looking for work in the city today, I stopped on the side of the road for some reason. I heard a small whimpering sound comin...

VikingSon340190Apr 2017Apr 2017

Still SickStill coughing, still stuffed up, still got a headache. fking flu won't let go. How is everyone this evening?...

Track1619650Apr 2017Apr 2017

If You Were Truly HonestWhat would your profile say? Mine would read: Unemployed male shut in desperate to find someone to look after him....

Track1625680Apr 2017Apr 2017
me too too.Guess that's the reason why it's not so easy to leave....

bloodyawfull405180Apr 2017Apr 2017
Another puppy blog

Another puppy blogWell, the new puppy is sleeping on a full tummy. But that's not the end of this story. It couldn't be, could it? Not when Vikings are around....

VikingSon22060Apr 2017Apr 2017

LoveLet's face it; most of us are on these dating sites to find true love...some not, but that is another story and I do not want to focus on those that s...

worldwide2381120Apr 2017Apr 2017
Ze potion

Ze potionAs some of you know, Im a weirdo by day and Vampire slayer by night . Thats my curse... "Der Fluch der Zigeuner " My ancestors have left me a lot of...

Dedovix375240Apr 2017Apr 2017

WiseguyA wise person once said nothing! What did your wise person once said?...

imbackagain875590Apr 2017Apr 2017

300 profilesI used to read profiles then I got sick of reading 300 profiles...

jarred1176-0Apr 2017
A good while on these sites all

A good while on these sites.....all.....Lots of banter, some even good. Fewer friendships, a small number long lasting. And a number of meetings, interesting and fun, for the most part. Even...

Aaltarboy18520Apr 2017Apr 2017

Good MorningHow is everyone this morning? for the ladies for the guys...

Track1619180Apr 2017Apr 2017

GENDER DIVIDE – Battle of the Sexes ...It´s been my observation - here on this site, and also in real life - that if a man complains about how hard done by he´s been by a woman, the vast m...

daniela777882740Apr 2017Apr 2017

love cats.I have no friends and love cats. Am I intelligent now?...

jarred1184-0Apr 2017
Almost got scamed

Almost got scamed'Companron2 .. almost scammed me . Started asking to get off line and communicate and work on our relationship saying he was ready to move him and t...

meama99936660Apr 2017Apr 2017
Track1613800Apr 2017

A little laugh to lighten things up on the blogs!"All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner. " "I'm nuts and I know it. But so long as I make 'em laugh, they ain't going t...

Gentlejim24050Apr 2017Apr 2017
Track1616000Apr 2017

gold diggers,the best gold diggers never end up in low income housing. It is the guile-less, 'down to earth' women who TRUST men too easily who end up in unfortuna...

jarred1199-0Apr 2017

"SOME TIMES"Sometimes...It Can Seem That Its Not The Way You Thought It Would Be..Or ...It Could Be ....That It Wasnt Meant For You... At This Time...But That Doe...

namaron601540Apr 2017Apr 2017
Premonitions before death

Premonitions before deathI'm at it once more talking about my beloved mother again, apologies for that but back then, even more so in her final weeks and days I wondered wa...

itchywitch327180Apr 2017Apr 2017
Attention please

Attention please,......that's all...... Thank you.........

bloodyawfull32450Apr 2017Apr 2017
Life can change in a second

Life can change in a secondYesterday I was attacked in my garden by a rabid butterfly, and at first I thought it was minor, but not long after the savage attack life seemed to c...

Mapmaker669550Apr 2017Apr 2017

U.S. Carrier Group Moves Toward Korea - Or Not...Alert readers of CS blogs will recall that I posted a blog announcing the U.S. was deploying the Super Aircraft Carrier Carl Vinson and its attendant...

miclee375120Apr 2017Apr 2017
fictitious entity

fictitious entityI wanna invite State for a cup of coffee and a chat ...State as a organized system of enslavement ,State as the judge, jury and executioner ,a well oi...

Dedovix27870Apr 2017Apr 2017

Whether you're single or married, eitherSocrates said to his friends, "Whether you're single or married, either way you regret it".?...

jarred1168-0Apr 2017

death bed conversion?Answer: The most high-profile death bed / last-minute conversion to Christ in the Bible is the case of the criminal crucified alongside Jesus (Luke 23...

stringman23950Apr 2017Apr 2017
Trans Siberian rail

Trans Siberian rail...Two decades ago, when flying was still fun, and I still was globe trotting more than now, spent a month with a GF backpacking in the PRC. Neither had...

Aaltarboy27260Apr 2017Apr 2017

Doolittle Raiders Final Toast...At the 75th Anniversary of the event... April 18, 1942 - April 18, 2017 YouTube Doolittle Raiders Final Toast - AirForce TV...

miclee29980Apr 2017Apr 2017

10 Pick-Me-Up Quotes To Help You Feel A TON Better When You're Down1. "Your dreams don't have to be lofty; they just have to be lived." 2. "It's your life; live it well." 3. "Let your dreams be bigger than your...

Gentlejim395150Apr 2017Apr 2017

"Tips for Older Guys Dating Younger Women"Tips for Older Guys Dating Younger Women " Buy some Viagra...

jarred1235-0Apr 2017

"WHEN YOU KNOW ITS OVER"When It Does Not Feel Thats Its Right...Then Your Intuition Is Trying........ To Get A Message To You ....... Dont Just Brush It Off.....Realize That...

namaron473360Apr 2017Apr 2017

5:18 AMYeah, its this not sleeping shit again. Someone tell me a good story....

Track16239110Apr 2017Apr 2017

Recreation Vehicles/ Motor HomesThere should be a dating site for folks who travel around / live in RVs...

MyIchor24270Apr 2017Apr 2017

"Confidence is sexy" is an over exaggerated statement."Confidence is sexy" is an over exaggerated statement. If you talk to the Islamic Jihadist, he can tell you everything he does is right and he belie...

jarred1185-0Apr 2017
EU and France in Particular

EU, and France in Particular. ...Do I really need to say anything? Liberaa politicians. Get votes by letting folks in unregulated.Aa....

Aaltarboy15000Apr 2017

SnowMore snow last night, a good fresh 15 cm on the ground. Last time I checked, its almost May...

Track1617220Apr 2017Apr 2017

I am what I am and I do what I wantI am what I am and I do what I want, Some women love me some hate me, it doesn't bother me. There are things in life that you can only achieve if you...

jarred1155-0Apr 2017

"FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS"In The Last Eight Years... Under The Obummer Socialistic Administration..They Have Tried Their Best To Take Away The Guns From The American Citizens W...

namaron26170Apr 2017Apr 2017

Heartwarming Story in the news today.Missing man Scott van Zyl, a big game hunter & hunting website owner, has been found Inside two crocodiles Van Zyl who was regularly pictured next t...

zmountainman747520Apr 2017Apr 2017

Nothing On You - Cambodian VersionNothing On You - Cambodian Version...

jarred1183-0Apr 2017
stringman343140Apr 2017Apr 2017

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(97)This Is Not About Anybody Here...Its Just A General Assessment.... Of A Situtation.... That Can Arise........................... People Can Throw "Acc...

namaron568410Apr 2017Apr 2017

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