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One word

One word..One word One look One smile And my heart lightens How I wish it wasn't so ! I love you still One year ago You captu...

claudya4151Apr 2009Apr 2009
Passports and how to be miffed

Passports....and how to be miffedI have to take a day off today(which is I s'pose is good)but when you have to wait in all day just to sign for a document really takes the piss,in tod...

Unknown1380Apr 2009
Tuesday 14th April Yet another flight

Tuesday 14th April.....Yet another flight.We are sat in another airport lounge. This time we also have Immy and her kids with us. God, time is dragging... when will they call for Aer Araan RE...

Unknown1010Apr 2009
Ill be there for you

I'll be there for youWhen the world's unkind And your dreams, they need more time I'll be there for you If the rules they keep breaking And the future is fading I'l...

Unknown6621Apr 2009Apr 2009

joyI want to kiss you so badly. I've been waiting for so long. On that soft warm earth we lie. Our arms clutching fearfully, desperately. A light breeze,...

hedistuff9164Dec 2008Apr 2009
What s love

What s loveIf u r in love, how would u know she feels the same? S it in the way she look at u, smile or touch? How do u tell her how u feel cos she s ur best fem...

Unknown2553Apr 2009Apr 2009
Happy Easter Money

Happy Easter Money!!!Profound people are usually poor when it comes to money the most insatiable desire in the human race the most manipulating thing of things to ma...

Unknown1562Apr 2009Apr 2009
Ill always

I'll always..I'll always be there, In times of trouble.. In times of need.. If you feeling sad, You can count on me.. I will give you a wink until you smile.....

Unknown5806Apr 2009Apr 2009

Disheartnened....I am very disheartnened tonight. I desperately want to talk but have had nobody impartial to talk to in nearly a fortnight. I do not want to bur...

Unknown2431Apr 2009Apr 2009
Inner Peace

Inner PeaceAs human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery. We have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to in...

4MaryB2640Apr 2009
Easter Monday I am so tired

Easter Monday.....I am so tired..My eyeballs feel like someone has taken them out and played ping pong with them, my head feels like it is going to explode. I have realy tried to make...

Unknown1390Apr 2009

party!so any one who wants to have fun this weekend my roommate is leaving n we can have a party in my dorm! message me if u wana come!...

Unknown1660Apr 2009
A wish for you

A wish for you...When you are lonely..i wish you love.. When you are down..I wish you joy.. When things get complicated... I wish you faith... When things look emp...

Unknown4942Apr 2009Apr 2009
together rebuilt an older sailboat with you

together rebuilt an older sailboat with youthink that this make us a real couple...

Unknown1842Apr 2009Apr 2009
and what do you think

and... what do you think?Although many people actually believe their own excuses, these individuals don't realize that most excuses serve absolutely no valuable purpose. Excus...

4MaryB2851Apr 2009Apr 2009
what should i do

what should i dowhat should i do 2 find happyness. Sa sucks or it is just me...

Unknown2181Apr 2009Apr 2009
Trash or Treasure

Trash or Treasure''Another man's trash is another man's treasure''. This statement is something I know we as women have told ourselves, when we have been hurt. But...

Unknown1653Apr 2009Apr 2009
Why do you hurt me

Why do you hurt me?Why do you hurt me? Why do you hurt me? You were my lover and my friend I gave you my love and all my trust To find it was pretend.I gave you ev...

Unknown98212Apr 2009Apr 2009
Easter Monday Dublin

Easter Monday....Dublin...Half seven...a knock at the door and the voice that I have grown to love puts his head around it and smiles saying, 'breakfast darling, we have to be...

Unknown1610Apr 2009
To love or Tobelove

To love or Tobelove?To love is good but to belove is better so i will chosse tobelve coz i want my heart feel safe........

Unknown4906Apr 2009Apr 2009
Each of us

Each of us...Each of us is a star that shines with the rest.Sometimes we twinkle alone but whenever you feel like you're feel like you're about to lose your own sp...

claudya4010Apr 2009
For Forums users

For Forums usersI just want to introduce, I made eCards for forums users...If anyone who interest, can check them out!! Funny ecards......

Unknown6654Apr 2009Apr 2009
A true leader a position you hold in life does n

A true leader:- a position you hold in life does nA True leader: 1. Leads by example 2. Treats all people equally 3. Does not expect you to do anything that they cannot themselves do 4. N...

Unknown1935Apr 2009Apr 2009
A person who loves you

A person who loves you.....The person who loves you most will Trouble and irritate you the maximum, but when you drop a tear, he will fight with the whole world to stop your tea...

Unknown7802Apr 2009Apr 2009
The Levels of Online Dating Part III

The Levels of Online Dating Part IIISo you've got a good profile and you've written a decent First Contact message. You look in your inbox and you see a response. Welcome to Level 3!...

Unknown1861Apr 2009Apr 2009
Rules of dating Why do we follow them

Rules of dating --- Why do we follow themSo the other night I went on an absolute amazing date. Things went great was offered a second date. Yet I have not recieved a phone call. I did howeve...

Unknown1604Apr 2009Apr 2009
Happy Birthday

Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday to All Our Birthday Members from Connecting Singles May God Bless you all With His very Best Gifts! I love you all! HAPP...

4MaryB2611Apr 2009Apr 2009
rod trip

rod tripanyone wants to take a trip in sumer to California and come back all the way on west,, Cost,, to Vancuver....

Unknown2090Apr 2009

Forgive....I have been hiding for so long Men and women screw up...thats what we do. It's in the manuals. The question is can we forgive. I have, can you?...

Unknown1600Apr 2009
Thursday 5th March

Thursday 5th Marchon the way out today I played a game-the one where you ask the universe a question and wait for the world to give you a sign. It could be anything, m...

Unknown1591Apr 2009Apr 2009
write me

write mewrite me im new an wanna meet new an more people.. so write me :)...

Unknown2451Apr 2009Apr 2009
They saw a toll

They saw a toll.(In rememberence to the earth quake victims in Italy) They saw a toll. It is not a toll road. It is a toll. A death toll. Toll, toll, toll......

Unknown1892Apr 2009Apr 2009

heywrite me on here im new an wanna meet new single ladies out there thats down with an 18 year old...

Unknown2080Apr 2009Apr 2009
Easter Sunday A Baptism of Fire

Easter Sunday.. A Baptism of Fire..We have ordered our food and I take a large gulp of my wine. He holds my hand and says to the old lady, 'We would love to hear your story.' She ta...

Unknown1210Apr 2009

LOVE AND JEALOUSYare so differents words but at same time they walk together.A true Love must live with understanding,complicity,approval,tenderness and most of all co...

king123371Apr 2009Apr 2009

WILLIAMS JONES AKA WILL677, AKA SIDEAWILLIAMSState the obvious I didn't get my perfect fantasy. I realize you love yourself, more then you could ever love me. Theres no time for tears, Im just si...

Unknown1312Apr 2009Apr 2009
Easter Sunday Mauthausen Gusen Concentration Camp

Easter Sunday..Mauthausen-Gusen Concentration CampHe sets a glass of wine in front of me and I take a large swig. It has been a very pleasant drive and we are steeling ourselves for what lies ahead.....

Unknown1381Apr 2009Apr 2009
A Prayer Of Praise

A Prayer Of PraiseMost Precious Lord Jesus, Gentle & Wonderful God, Truly Awesome & Ever Present Holy Spirit, Precious Lord Jesus, I Love You,Thank You. Thank...

4MaryB2402Apr 2009Apr 2009
Easter Sunday Morning The Scar

Easter Sunday Morning ....The Scar.As I wake, I roll over and look at the unfamiliar ceiling. The sun is coming up. I stare at it for a while and the kaleidoscope of colours swims befor...

Unknown1240Apr 2009
How to Make Women Fall in Love With You

How to Make Women Fall in Love With YouWomen generally look out for some key qualities in a man. Some men are blessed with these qualities but if you are like most men, you will have to cul...

Unknown6756Apr 2009Apr 2009
url problem

url problemi just figued out that iv been posting my comment 2 peoples blog multiple times cuz my page kept saying error sorry about that it i po...

Unknown4464Feb 2009Apr 2009
Things which makes couple life extra exciting

Things which makes couple life extra exciting..Things which makes couple life extra exciting.. Alone time with your girlfriend can be hard to come by, so why not make those precious hours you tw...

Unknown3182Apr 2009Apr 2009

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