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train of love 9

train of love (9)Most definitely, Natasha thought once again, how stupid it all was, as she went into her living-room and slumped on her sofa, bursting into tears. Aft...

Unknown1470Jan 2009
train of love 7

train of love (7)After a three-hour flight, the plane had landed safely in Venice airport. The journey went exactly as planned. However, on the last evening of their j...

Unknown1510Jan 2009
train of love 6

train of love (6)Just a day before the end of semester one, the show was taking place in the faculty theatre for a competition sponsored by RTÉ. The show was about Sha...

Unknown1300Jan 2009
Search for Real Love from USA UK CHINA OR JAPAN

Search for Real Love from USA,UK CHINA OR JAPANhi, My name is zahid and belong to Pakistan. i appeared on this site to search my real love. i know that its not posibble but i hopefully that very s...

Unknown1730Jan 2009
Who Would F ME

Who Would F* MEAsk your self these simple questions. Is that what i want to wake up next to in the morning. is he cute? Does he have a good body? will it hurt? Rando...

Unknown2395Jan 2009Jan 2009
On Line Dating

On Line DatingI was given a book on the subject of On line Dating Rules. I began reading, and within a few lines, I realized, I had been doing everything and I m...

Unknown2713Jan 2009Jan 2009
Explaining the Patrioy act again

Explaining the Patrioy act (again)Explaining the Patriot act Section 501 (expatriation of a terrorist) Expands the Bush administrations “Enemy combatant” definition to all American...

Unknown5184Nov 2008Jan 2009
A question about weddings

A question about weddingsMy cousin told me once that I would never find a woman that didn't want a wedding. Is that true? Just wondering why it's so important....

Unknown1040Jan 2009
all about me

all about meHere are the basics about me: I am 5’09, 185lbs, dark brown hair and blue eyes. (Most women will say my eyes are the prettiest blue eyes they have see...

Unknown1601Jan 2009Jan 2009
Creative WritingFor all us Writers

Creative Writing?(For all us Writers)Do you think it`s my voice,or my diction?-If so,grind me up with Pulp Fiction! All that you claim,you call critique.Can`t you see that `creative writi...

moonkitten3870Jan 2009
Communication Theme

Communication ThemeI am troubled to the core of being. I told myself these are baby steps back to the world. I feel numb and I want to cry. Why would someone lash out...

Unknown1481Jan 2009Jan 2009
Changing times

Changing times.......People who are so wrapped in their daily chores hardly catch the beauty of a sunny morning. They don't hear the music in a baby's cooing, They just wa...

Unknown2400Jan 2009

FRIENDSFRIENDS There's nothing as nice as someone who shares, Your laughter,your secrets,your wishes and cares, Someone wh...

claudya9431Jan 2009Jan 2009

mhmSometimes does it feel like the world is one big show and ur just a little puppet being pulled around on strings. People are always worried about how...

Unknown1501Jan 2009Jan 2009
He said She said

He said, She said.........He said, She said......... 1. THINGY (thing-ee) n. Female...... Any part under a car's hood. Male..... The strap fastener on a woman's bra....

4MaryB2694Jan 2009Jan 2009
nice guys do finish last

nice guys do finish lasthow many guys in here were dump by a girl who thought you were too nice but good in bed my friends want to know...

Unknown1706Dec 2008Jan 2009
me n my life

me n my life!!!hello my name is jackie and i have twin daughters. Im from South Wales. I enjoy going out with my friends on the weekends. I cant think of anything el...

Unknown2,3991Mar 2007Jan 2009
dont get me wrong lol

dont get me wrong! lolblonde was fun... but i think i`am going back to dark brown.. just fits me better dang it hehe.. so yah boring but just a boring blog.. boys and girls...

Unknown2395Jan 2009Jan 2009

valentinafar to the east, cross an ocean of blue exists there a land, of which I am learning on pale wings, a bird, upon there we flew espied of the ground,...

hedistuff4901Jan 2009Jan 2009
25th CENTURY 63

25th CENTURY (63)She10 pained and was the first time someone felt pain since their teeth pain. She was lying in the sand and surrounded by all, toughing her abdomen. T...

Unknown1730Jan 2009
train of love 5

train of love (5)It was half past midnight when Sumer was found herself standing on the doorstep beside her brother Walid, who was holding one of his girlfriends, Laur...

Unknown1290Jan 2009
train of love 4

train of love (4)“No, I'm not hungry!” He grunted. A few minutes later, while they were having their dinner, the phone rang and before the third ring ended, Faraj pick...

Unknown1620Jan 2009
train of love 3

train of love (3)The fact was that he knew the truth of what his daughter had said. Undoubtedly there was someone who could really stop him. Indeed, he, himself rememb...

Unknown1510Jan 2009
Some Reasons

Some Reasons...There are so many meaning of someone's life. Those meanings though are hard to understand and detected, people still searching for the meanings. I kno...

4MaryB2971Jan 2009Jan 2009
Most Beautiful Flower

Most Beautiful FlowerThe park bench was deserted as I sat down to read, Beneath the long, straggly branches of an old willow tree. Disillusioned by life with good reason...

4MaryB3790Jan 2009
Why only look at the cover

Why only look at the cover?You can post a picture on any site,and unless you are stunning they don,t bother to open the cover to see what is inside > Can anyone say why?...

Unknown97927Feb 2008Jan 2009
The 44 Magnum

The 44 MagnumAnd now we have read a page in history that just a few years ago would have been considered not only unlikely, but by most accounts, impossible. A pr...

injuneer4882Jan 2009Jan 2009
Moment to Moment

Moment to Moment..."Life is a great ocean in which you can play if you drop all your judgments, your preferences and the attachment to the details of your long-term plan...

4MaryB1,1531Nov 2008Jan 2009
Funny Yolk

Funny Yolk5 Reasons Why It Stinks Being an Egg 1) You only get laid once. 2) You only get eaten once. 3) It takes you seven minutes to get hard. 4) You ha...

4MaryB5512Jan 2009Jan 2009
Looking to meet someone Special

Looking to meet someone Special.As I am a MAN looking for a WOMAN I only want to hear from WOMEN on this matter PLEASE. Ok this is my dilemma: I am middle aged, look great and fee...

Mrhappyman2982Jan 2009Jan 2009
Fairy Love

Fairy LoveSitting on a riverbank smiling as the ripples roll off my bare feet, the cool water flowing between my toes with the occasional piece of debris clambe...

Unknown1904Jan 2009Jan 2009
Quote for the year 2008

Quote for the year 2008'I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to cont...

Unknown2191Jan 2009Jan 2009

ABOUT MEWell where do i start, i was born in Saint Lukes Hospital in Kilkenny on the 10-09-1978 which makes me thirty, i lived in thomastown for 18 years,...

Unknown1990Jan 2009
Hanta Yo

Hanta YoIt was book I read in years a certain Ruth Beebe Hill... talked of the Sioux nation.......their unwritten history.....but most of...

gozoman24514Jan 2009Jan 2009
what up ppls

what up pplsi just went for the biggest walk in history, needless to say i was totally covered in sweat when i got back to my friends house, but she wasnt nearly...

Unknown2070Jan 2009
Try to remember

Try to rememberWhy are the tears coming down like a raincloud's overhead? Why is my throat stinging, with all the words gone unsaid? And why is my head spinning, w...

Unknown2500Jan 2009
hi guys

hi guysplease feel free to add me to your friends list its good to talk.x...

Unknown2952Jan 2009Jan 2009
I call it Ode to 2009 lol

I call it Ode to 2009 lolSo yeah so far so good I would say.. I just moved into my new place and it is gorgeous I am surrounded with water and trees and a pool and jacuz...

Unknown1761Jan 2009Jan 2009
Parting Gifts

Parting GiftsIt's an interesting thing (to me) to think about how we leave people every day. I don't mean in the aspect of leaving a marriage, family or home. I...

Unknown1790Jan 2009
train of love 2

train of love (2)"Come in” she replied, as she sat up on her bed, shifting her chewing gum from one cheek to the other, and listening to the music. He then entered and...

Unknown1600Jan 2009
Tunnell of life

Tunnell of lifeThis poem was inspired by a dream I had many years ago I hope you enjoy it and I hope you find the meaning of it . Geoff Mellard Vienna Austria...

Unknown2033Jan 2009Jan 2009

CXVI.Let me not to the marriage of true minds Adnit impediments.Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends wiyh the remover to rem...

sheeba22980Jan 2009
One2note: "Truheart ."(meet us in the forums)

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