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thank you

thank you,just want to thank a special friend for trying to make me feel better. It is great to feel that there are people who understand others. I saw...

Unknown2790Dec 2008
Trusting and communication is key in life

Trusting and communication is key in lifeHi everyone im new here I just got over a very hurtful relationship, I bent over backwards for this woman and in the end all I have to show for it a b...

Unknown4063Nov 2008Dec 2008

HappinessMost people are happy about things in and/or life. I foreone am not about life or things in it. I was once happy, but had it raped and taken from me...

Unknown4881Oct 2008Dec 2008
What Is Love

What Is Love?What is this thing we call "Love"? Is it nothing but a mere work we hear and say? Or is it a feeling that cannot be explained? Noone can exactly...

Unknown5352Oct 2008Dec 2008
My Famous Love Quote

My Famous Love QuoteLove is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it, be lost i...

Unknown5384Oct 2008Dec 2008

LOVE FRIENDLY VERSIONAlthough I speak in tongues Of men and angels I'm just sounding brass And tinkling cymbals without love Love suffers long Love is kind! Enduri...

4MaryB3211Dec 2008Dec 2008

WHAT A WEEKWe lost power on thursday and didn't get it back until saturday. Apparently new hampshire is calling it a city wide crisis, seeing as we had the worst...

Unknown1791Dec 2008Dec 2008
hello everyone

hello everyonei may have 2 scammers on the here i know who they are but the photos are very odd...

Unknown4010Dec 2008
Pour down

Pour downI am dried and parched Dusted by denied love Sun blazed and lay naked I see you looming over my horizon Ready to pour down to my heart Your deepn...

bollywood4684Dec 2008Dec 2008

Lonely.Im sitting here and I relize I have nothing of significance in my life. I live with my father who has not one compassionate bone in his body, my mothe...

Unknown5908Nov 2008Dec 2008
The Power of Your Mind

The Power of Your MindIt is incredible how our mind works. Just image the results you want about something and you will get those results sooner or later. This is called T...

Unknown2475Dec 2008Dec 2008
Call Me Old Fashioned

Call Me Old FashionedThe day when two strangers would sit opposite each other in a crowded room and take a chance has all but disappeared. The day when a friend would intr...

Unknown2112Dec 2008Dec 2008
My first blog

My first blogFriendship is such a cocoon. It changes the silkworm become the butterfly....

Unknown2130Dec 2008

holidaysholidays are sad... now he can do what he wants, get marks all over him, last time i noticed marks. i wont look anymore, and he could just rela...

Unknown2730Dec 2008
Why I am Here on This Blog

Why I am Here on This BlogNot that I'm an expert of course but hey, it's a great way to show what parts of you think whatever. I don't place a lot of faith in these sites even...

Unknown2191Dec 2008Dec 2008
About myself

About myself.I have many interest to list but I keep a open mind to learn new things with the right partner.I open and close car doors,open doors going into and ou...

Unknown1830Dec 2008
Real Men Have Baggage

Real Men Have BaggageSorry, ladies, but in your quest for the answer to that elusive question "aren't there any nice, REAL men out there in the world?" you've often added...

Unknown1,71911Nov 2008Dec 2008
A happy Sunday

A happy SundayIt is Sunday. I went shopping with mum and sis this morning. I had not shopped for a while today before. I really had a good time shopping. I got a ne...

Unknown1871Dec 2008Dec 2008
Have a heavenly day

Have a heavenly dayMost of us have now learned to live with voice mail as a necessary part of our lives. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if God decided to i...

4MaryB4862Dec 2008Dec 2008
Things to Talk About on a first Date

Things to Talk About on a first DateI consider my self, what are the things we can talk in first date or first letter. As I realized, I couldn’t understand what I am going to tell some o...

Unknown7080Dec 2008
Everyday is Christmas

Everyday is ChristmasIs it not a bit strange that we as living beings have taught ourselves how to give so much on just One day of the year. Have we all as oNe forgott...

Unknown1680Dec 2008
It is Friday night again

It is Friday night again.After having dinner and learning English this evening, now I am sitting at my computer writing my blog. I feel a little tired tonight. I did much...

Unknown3694Dec 2008Dec 2008
The Second Christmas

The Second ChristmasAs you know, it is very important for Santa and his reindeer to be very quiet when they deliver presents on Christmas Eve so no one will know they are...

4MaryB4501Dec 2008Dec 2008
Eight gift ideas you can give for free

Eight gift ideas you can give for freeEIGHT GIFTS THAT DO NOT COST A CENT ! THE GIFT OF A CHEERFUL DISPOSITION The easiest way to feel good is to extend a kind cheery word to someone....

4MaryB5005Dec 2008Dec 2008
for sale

for saleold reck with high millage good chassie but needs a lot of body work missing a few parts but good engin will give away to a female reck ah enough of t...

sambolo3990Dec 2008

GOATEE'S YOUR SPIRITUAL BATTLE WON OR ............Oswald Chambers: If we have been learning to worship God to place our in Him, the crisis will reveal will can go to a point of breaking, yet without b...

Unknown3100Dec 2008

Don't (literally) fall for it guys !!! lolBe careful out there with your heart !...

JimNastics1,4380Dec 2008
Is victory all it is about

Is victory all it is aboutI often wonder about winning. I have won a few things in my time and I have come second, third and even finished last. When it's over it's over. th...

Unknown3550Dec 2008
Attention Studs Butches Studloves and Butchloves

Attention Studs,Butches,Studloves and ButchlovesHello, My name K. Ant. I was writing in regards of a favor, could you possibly take a look at my website, which unlike the name isn't anyway x-rated a...

Unknown3141Dec 2008Dec 2008

THE RED DRAGONI am scared of dragons as much as i was thirty years ago.i was just four years old when a huge dragon attacked our village. i remember the night very...

Unknown3740Dec 2008
Dreams Of The Innocent

Dreams Of The InnocentI woke up last night comforted by the down quilt embracing my naked body. Tensing my muscles to do a straight rise to a sitting position I hoped that...

Unknown5671Nov 2008Dec 2008

Lets all post 350 blogs in a row ! lolYep ! I can control the blog pages by copying & pasting 350 blogs in a row for 365 days in a row. It's the new trend ! Blogging was once a daily...

JimNastics1,19111Dec 2008Dec 2008
Least Im Not Bitter Imaginary letter to the ex

Least I'm Not Bitter (Imaginary letter to the ex)I don't blame you for being a negative anti social recluse who is terrified of life. I don't blame myself for being encaptured by your beauty, honesty...

Unknown3224Dec 2008Dec 2008
losing you

losing youLast night, I had a dream of you, The dream just remain with me. I'll hold it in my quiet heart And feel it constantly. If we could make time di...

bollywood4951Dec 2008Dec 2008

GOATEE'S REWARDS UPDATETim Lahaye: The power to produce good works come directly from God, not within man. ((((Spiritual in Christ)))) (((((Your works apart from Christ)))...

Unknown2511Dec 2008Dec 2008
love and stop feeling guilty songs

love and stop feeling guilty's some songs that I have listened to and it's kinda helping getting past with my life. 1. #1 Crush by Garbage 2. Push It by Garbage 3. When...

Unknown6530Dec 2008
Is everything to much to ask for

Is everything to much to ask for?ok maybe im pushing my luck to want everything. But i think id be content with someone who was always there, you know like someone to hold your hand t...

Unknown3852Dec 2008Dec 2008
To Understand Ones Life

To Understand Ones LifeAfter so many yrs of having a life of friendship of people who I considered my best of friends and People I have met over the yrs, my life has kind of...

Unknown2170Dec 2008
Divide and CONQUER

Divide and CONQUERWatching out of the corner or my eye at the forces who whisper evil on the sly at the creatures who sell swords to both sides at the creatures w...

Unknown3921Dec 2008Dec 2008

MIN POESI AF MIN FORFATTERSKABKærlighed er hvordan musik: nogle lytter, andre høre, nogle er døv og jeg internationalisere kærlighed og musik i mig at være mig, at give dig fortje...

Unknown3370Dec 2008
Can India and Pakistan Walk Away From The Brink

Can India and Pakistan Walk Away From The Brink?Mumbai is the second time that Lashkar-e-Toiba has put the two countries on a war footing. In 2002 each mobilized one million men for nearly a year...

Unknown3506Dec 2008Dec 2008
Politically Incorrect Jokes

Politically Incorrect Jokes,..and the passive aggressive clown-tools who selectively construct and laugh at them in online circle jerks: It seems that as of late, there has b...

Unknown6417Dec 2008Dec 2008
Cjoverton521: "This is who I am"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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