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WHY DONT WEMON LIKE HONEST MENIve tried to be honest but weman seem to hear what they want to. WHATS UP...

Unknown29410Mar 2009Apr 2009
Write a book in a week Challenge

Write a book in a week Challenge!I believe that Book In A Week is a gift we give ourselves. It’s a gift of one week to write as much as we can, as fast as we can without worrying abo...

Unknown1160Apr 2009

An IMPORTANT MESSAGE JUST FOR FUN[/color The Oldness is a big dilema because to work give too little pleasure and the pleasure give too much work Groucho Marx. I´m a big Liar even ri...

king123490Apr 2009
poem of betrayal

poem of betrayalIt’s said if you love someone you have to set them free I did, and she took with her an essential part of me My hope and my heart was ripped apart...

Unknown3423Apr 2009Apr 2009
bThe Biggest Mistakes Women Make b

[b]The Biggest Mistakes Women Make[/b]The Biggest Mistakes Women Make Many times when men pull away, women are left wondering “What happened? What went wrong? Was it something I said? Som...

Unknown3857Apr 2009Apr 2009


Unknown1542Apr 2009Apr 2009

Sometimes..Sometimes you need to hold a friend's hand,if not for love,for the comfort and security it brings.I have two hands and if anything goes wrong,I promis...

claudya2850Apr 2009
Say the words

Say the wordsA simple word is so hard for us to say. When we should be saying it every day. Letting each other know how we feel. I want you to know what I fear....

Unknown3401Apr 2009Apr 2009
Walk With Me

Walk With MeWalk with me, the path of life, to explore every bend of the road Enjoy with me the beauty of life, along its wonderful way Find comfort with me...

zaoyar3801Apr 2009Apr 2009
How To Get A good Girlfriend

How To Get A good GirlfriendA lot of men have trouble succeed with women. But why must this be the case? Well I really wanted to know myself, so I went on a journey to find...

Unknown93411Apr 2009Apr 2009

raider82raider82 is not genuine. His a married man. AND will lead you on but he wont commit...

Unknown1823Apr 2009Apr 2009
i need help

i need helpi dont know what to do my wife of 4 years just up and walked out on me it seemed like everything was going good then she hooks up with this guy online...

Unknown2334Apr 2009Apr 2009
Some introductions perhaps

Some introductions, perhaps...Hi I'm Caleb, I'll turn 25 this year and hopefully complete my business studies next year, giving me the freedom I've desired for so long. Just...

Unknown1231Apr 2009Apr 2009
I may

I may..I may be just a candle in your life,I may burn out and melt after a while.But I wish that within that time,my light had warmed and touched your heart...

claudya2682Apr 2009Apr 2009
I will smile again

I will smile again!!I will smile again Though tears flow from these eyes I will smile again And trust tomorrow the sun shall rise Though darkness may enfold m...

Unknown7964Apr 2009Apr 2009
Our Prayer for thishouse the heart

Our Prayer for this"house" (the heart)Dear Lord, make the door(the mind) of this house(heart) wide enough to allow every body in that needs assistance, food, clothing and a place to call "...

Unknown1670Apr 2009
The Silent Prayer

The Silent PrayerLord I pray that You would set me Free from my Past. Whenever I have made the past my home, I pray that You would deliver me, heal me, and redeem me...

Unknown1640Apr 2009
hi out there

hi out thereIm new to all this and its just as confusing online as off. I cant help wondering if i had something better to do than sit at this damn computer i may...

Unknown1945Apr 2009Apr 2009

If...If there will be a time you think you miss me,don't think about it.Istead,try to feel it with your heart,you'll find out that you don't miss me at all...

claudya3141Apr 2009Apr 2009
a note from the author

a note from the authormy blogs are intense u know why cuz i write them yes i write them for u 2 read if u choose 2 iv noticed alot of people who don't even try 2 w...

Unknown3327Mar 2009Apr 2009

DEVIL VS MENNO, I have no wings NO, I have no fings Still I fly so high and careless.. Why!! I don’t know. So? I got something to say…. God created a De...

roy_d_scorpio6282Apr 2009Apr 2009
Heart Uknown

Heart UknownI feel something in my heart And I pray that it's true My heart feels sublime love For a special you. I see your face And I can't bear to see it...

zaoyar3200Apr 2009
Meeting late

Meeting lateMaybe both of them surmised the existence of the other or maybe sometimes there was someone else that resembled that one. It was difficult to say if t...

Antjo392771Apr 2009Apr 2009
Basic Training

Basic TrainingIm lookin for people to have a some fun with and do a little drinking before i go to basic training May 27th......

Unknown1700Apr 2009
I dont trust you anymore

I don't trust you anymoreI don't trust you anymore! I can not trust you anymore! You just hurt me, too many times. I do not trust, what you say, Can not trust, that look i...

Unknown6291Apr 2009Apr 2009
this is lots of fun

this is lots of funUsing only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 10 people and include me! Pick Your Artist: The Beatles Ar...

Unknown4333Apr 2009Apr 2009
Tell me what you think And be honest

Tell me what you think. And be honestthis is a poem i wrote: With beautiful waves of golden brown hair, her beauty caught my eye and i couldnt help but stare I want to tell her ho...

Unknown2125Apr 2009Apr 2009
The pillow is empty

The pillow is emptyBeside me... on my bed - the pillow is empty. In the darkness I imagine a body beneath the blankets WIth a gentle face upon the pillow - Resting ge...

Unknown2001Apr 2009Apr 2009
Love in silence

Love in silenceWe waited for so long ... And that never would know what love is, Came into my life to change the time, To change course and my craving for l...

zaoyar3300Apr 2009
Again an again

Again an againI quiver, the day is here an no time is left. when heavens will fall, when life is bereft in despair I craze, must I part with my bliss ? wounded m...

zaoyar3140Apr 2009
what means to be friend

what means to be friend...The rain falls regardless if you have a coat or none.But one thing always holds him, somewhere,someone's willing to get soaked with you.Rain or shine,...

claudya2810Apr 2009
What Do You Do After Making Love To Your Woman

What Do You Do After Making Love To Your Woman?We all know the differences between women and men when it comes to love and making love. Though some only care about getting between her legs...

Unknown2442Apr 2009Apr 2009

Help!!What do you do when you like someone but they think you dont, and you try to give them all the hints and let them know u see i am very intere...

Unknown2227Mar 2009Apr 2009

RainFark this rain is so stupid im sick of it eh, no muay thai today lol no fun nothing. what should we do? any suggestions?...

Unknown1772Apr 2009Apr 2009
Mistake from me

Mistake from meMistake from me I don’t think some silly lies become much problem. Always she can catch when I lie , Bcoz I don’t knw how to lie with my sweet...

Unknown2570Apr 2009
Break up

Break upBreaking up with someone you care about is one of the toughest decisions any of us will ever have to go through. Dealing with the pain and heart break...

Unknown7511Apr 2009Apr 2009
were are the women gone

were are the women goneit seems there are no genuine women where i live and thats a shame they are missing out on a lot of good men maybe they have been treated bad before a...

Unknown2113Mar 2009Apr 2009

THE ANCESTRY QUESTTHE ANCESTRY TREE QUEST Here I sit gaze upon screen lists of names oh what does it mean Files upon files a conumdrem of past whe...

trust639990Apr 2009
Did you forget

Did you forget??Did you forget? All the sweet times that we had? Did you forget? Why you made me so sad? Did you regret? sharing the times we had.... It made me...

Unknown6652Apr 2009Apr 2009
Im not completely STONED

I´m not completely STONEDI don´t need anykind of drugs to be stoned.I was been stoned sometimes and I wish to be again.At the moment I only have joy,humour,happiness and hope...

king124125Mar 2009Apr 2009
The Pros and Cons of Online Dating Part II

The Pros and Cons of Online Dating Part IIEconomics Pro: Online dating is virtually free. Con: You get what you pay for. By "free", I'm not counting the cost of a computer, electricit...

Unknown2232Apr 2009Apr 2009
Golden period of life

Golden period of lifeWhen I was child, I used to hear from people around me that the best period of life is the childhood time. At that moment, I don't understand why peop...

Unknown1650Apr 2009

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