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my life today begins with

my life today begins switching on the televison first and run through the news to check whether any more terror attacks have occured or not..i know this sounds pretty a...

Unknown1510Jan 2009
Unknown2240Jan 2009
Cute Joke

Cute JokeI 'm sure a lot of you have probably heard this one before but I just couldn't resist putting it on here. I love jokes of all kinds and love to share...

4MaryB3803Jan 2009Jan 2009
The birds and bees in a cyber world

The birds and bees in a cyber world…A little boy goes to his father and asks: “Daddy, how was I born?” The father answers: “Well son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway!...

4MaryB2911Jan 2009Jan 2009

Big Problem,...NEED ADVICE!!!Why is it that,...before she told me she wanted a divorce, she had all of these very great future plans and she was excited to go to our next post. Th...

Unknown2038Dec 2008Jan 2009
Its impossible

It's impossibleIt's impossible to tell the sun to leave the sky, It's just impossible. It's impossible to ask a baby not to cry, It's just impossible. Can I hold...

Unknown2260Jan 2009
heyy women what is your prefer about guys

heyy women what is your prefer about guys...Somebody women just want to go to bed. Somebody women wants to lve too.. and you..? what do you think about it..?...

Unknown1933Jan 2009Jan 2009
hands on business

hands on businessI recall an incident some years back, when I worked for a weekly newspaper in a small rural community. I was an avid fisherman and my friend, Steve, w...

hedistuff4061Jan 2009Jan 2009
How does this happen

How does this happen?In America when two people get married the wife takes the husband's last name and all their kids get that same last name. The Wife's name has a chance...

Unknown1503Jan 2009Jan 2009
Birth for a New Relation

Birth for a New RelationDear All, I hope you all are doing well for getting good and best friends. I too.If you find anything natural between in our thoughts I am gla...

Unknown1520Jan 2009

caliOff to Cali I go. Its been a long awaited time to finally get to the place I have always wanted to live...

Unknown1491Jan 2009Jan 2009
good morninggggggggggggggggggg

good morningggggggggggggggggggwell its a very odd day here in b'lore as the weather condition varies here from morning till what do we get to see in the news..the same...

Unknown1590Jan 2009
how to have a happy marriage

how to have a happy marriageToo often, couples believe marriage should be perfect right from the start. If every minute is not filled with bliss and joyfulness then something...

4MaryB3242Jan 2009Jan 2009
Quotes from the past

Quotes from the pastPerhaps it is weariness that causes the seers not to act on what they see; for whereas the wisdom of the world can be vast it includes many futilities...

catsreiki2982Jan 2009Jan 2009
see what Israel do in Palestine Provide by photo

see what Israel do in Palestine ( Provide by photopicture's talk by it self ( what they did !!!)

Unknown2732Jan 2009Jan 2009
Friend requests

Friend requests.I used to wonder "What in the world am I getting friend requests for? Isn't this a dating site?" I understand that there are so many various situat...

Unknown3923Jan 2009Jan 2009
the age of innocence

the age of innocenceI wanted to share with you the early stages of love between a man 65 and a woman 44. That in itself is not so interesting or unique. What is interesti...

Unknown1733Jan 2009Jan 2009
My sister

My sister....I have not had contact with my sister in quite a few years. However, over the course of the past year, I felt something inside me, needing to find her...

Unknown2231Jan 2009Jan 2009
Kiss me

Kiss meIn my dream hug me close with whispers in my ears Come and lay beside me and kiss me Nothing stays with me to long Kiss me like only you can...

bollywood3901Jan 2009Jan 2009
Did you ever feel like

Did you ever feel likeYou grew up in the wrong age category? It seems like there is a gap in my age range for some reason, people are always too young or too old, but in my...

Unknown1300Jan 2009

ECSTASY OF DEATHTis the morning of my death No one but the birds to hear I have waxen pale face And a mask of streaked tears I inside am numb vacant and alone...

Unknown1752Jan 2009Jan 2009
Thunderheads Below

Thunderheads BelowAnother long shift end and I meander up the broken ground of the ramp towards the cage and the first of three way-markers to the surface world. Turnin...

Unknown2221Jan 2009Jan 2009
Cataratas de Agua Azul and a lesson learnt

Cataratas de Agua Azul and a lesson learntSome time ago one of my vacations was in Mexico, and as always it was traveling from one end to the other visiting or staying in those wonderful remot...

Unknown1830Jan 2009
Stereotyping To do or Not to do

Stereotyping ..To do or Not to do???I often think because we have had one or two bad experiences, that we feel that the next man and woman will hurt us again...I remember the days before...

Unknown1581Jan 2009Jan 2009

HAHAHAHA!!Here's what I find amusing... I have met so many fun and wonderful ppl here on cs. I've made great new friends! But it's funny... The people I me...

Unknown2232Jan 2009Jan 2009
work again

work againI am back at work, teaching children their ages ranging 11 - 12. It is just like a TONIC, just to see innocence, acceptance and the youthful and...

Unknown2381Jan 2009Jan 2009
The Time Machine

The Time MachineAll the memories that have ever lighted upon your heart like a butterfly on a fragrant blossom are captured in all their essence in the heart. The mem...

Unknown1851Jan 2009Jan 2009
Believe In Yourself

Believe In YourselfThere may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren't the way you had hoped they would be ....that's when you have to tell yourself that...

4MaryB3230Jan 2009
A Creed To Live By

A Creed To Live ByDon't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special. Don't set your goals by wh...

4MaryB3560Jan 2009
Hi this blog is truly how I feel about things ho

Hi, this blog is truly how I feel about things, hoWhat you see is what you get, I am not one to pretend I am someone else, I am very down to earth and these words on screen cannot convey what I am tru...

Unknown1221Jan 2009Jan 2009
What day is it

What day is it????Is is frustrating to go back to work, after having such a long holiday break?? Mondays are never a good way to start. Some things to remember as you...

Unknown1781Jan 2009Jan 2009
New to CS

New to CSHi everyone, my name is Luis and I recently created a profile here in hopes to meet a woman with similar interests. Please read my profile and if any...

Unknown1320Jan 2009

CriteriaI really appreciate all the emails and flowers. Some of the individuals sending me emails do not meet my criteria I've placed on my profile. Which tel...

Unknown3242Jan 2009Jan 2009

HAPPY!Sucess is geting what you want...but,Happiness! is wanting what you get!...

Unknown1591Jan 2009Jan 2009
My Angel

My AngelIf not all angels have wings, If not all angels are saints, Would you be mine And carry me to the light? You're the most beautiful stranger The m...

Unknown2081Jan 2009Jan 2009
What is nothing

What is...nothing?What is...nothing? Is it a force? A Sign of non-existance? Oblivion?! ...It cant....for it is nothing....and nothing, undoubtly remains empty an...

Unknown1210Jan 2009
wish you were here those who have love for music

wish you were here. those who have love for musicSo, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain. Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do y...

Unknown1803Dec 2008Jan 2009
On a Diet

On a DietWell, now christmas and new year is over, now everyones feels fatter, time for dieting has come. And I'm not looking forward to it as will no-one e...

Unknown1670Jan 2009

GOATEE'S EVER NOTICEOswald Chambers: but a strange god was there- the pride the Pharisees. It was a god that seemed religious and upright, but Jesus compared them to whit...

Unknown1561Jan 2009Jan 2009

LifeLife is best lived by being bold and daring. People tend to grow fearful when they taste failure, face a daunting challenge or fall ill. Yet that is p...

Unknown1581Jan 2009Jan 2009

A DOG'S DAY MORNING...My dogs are so smart, I love them....The youngest knew I wasn't feel too well today, and he brought my slippers to me this morning...It has never hap...

Unknown2080Jan 2009
Zombie Insomniacs

Zombie InsomniacsYou let them tell you what to do from the cradle to the grave your mind is molded, too- bet my kitty is more brave. like puppets on a string,...

Unknown1941Jan 2009Jan 2009
danube3135: "A real friend"(meet us in the poems)

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