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Rich People

Rich PeopleWhy is it that rich prople get away with stuff and hardly have any consequences about the stuff that they do? For example naming their children after...

Unknown2305Apr 2009Jul 2009
Michael Jackson My Friend

Michael Jackson, My FriendI have spent the last hour looking at photo galleries of Michael Jackson. US Magazine ran a series of pictures and i learned things i did not even kn...

Unknown1443Jun 2009Jul 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael JacksonIs this going to be like another Elvis Presley?Where people wont let him dye, and keep seeing him everywhere.I love MJ, and loved the music and we wil...

Unknown2337Jun 2009Jul 2009
Message of Light 2

Message of Light 2Dear Ones; It is the littlest things in life that can make all the difference in the world. You can make great strides and make differences in your li...

Unknown1510Jul 2009
Focused Intention by Deepak Chopra

Focused Intention by Deepak ChopraFocused Intention Having an intention is enough to accomplish a result. When properly focused – which means easily and without strain – awareness has...

Unknown1870Jul 2009
How To Surrender by Deepak Chopra

How To Surrender by Deepak ChopraHow To Surrender Whenever you feel yourself having a reaction of judgment, rejection, or resistance, imagine the opposite. Instead of seeing an...

Unknown5320Jul 2009
Mare Simone Tantra Contact Dance

Mare Simone: Tantra Contact DanceGood way to get back intamicy. Its intense, no nudity so don't worry.

Unknown5311Jul 2009Jul 2009
Message of Light 1

Message of Light 1Messages of Light are emailed to me from my dear friend Angelyn who is a master at many spiritual things. She is an Angelologist and these reflect mes...

Unknown2210Jul 2009
Religion as Irrelevant

Religion as IrrelevantReligion as Irrelevant by Deepak Chopra The way of peace doesn’t claim that God must be a pacifist. The gulf between pacifist and warmonger belon...

Unknown1891Jul 2009Jul 2009

ITS TIME FOR ELIJAH TO GOTim Lahaye: Elijah is going to come before the Lord appears. Potentially, John the Baptist was Elijah, because he didn't forfill the prophecy of Malac...

Unknown2717Jun 2009Jul 2009
Long Distance romance

Long Distance romanceIn my love life, I have mostly stuck close to home. I had only one somewhat long-distance relationship-150 miles. Its too bad that the practical diffi...

Ross1234062Jul 2009Jul 2009

TO MY CRITICSWhen im in a sober mood i worry grumble and think, When im in a drunken mood i gamble play and drink, But when my moods are over and...

Modern_Fairy5575Jun 2009Jul 2009
He is now with Elvis Presley

He is now with Elvis PresleyMonday, June 29, 2009 He is now with Elvis Presley Michael Jackson, who was a child Rock music singing star with his brothers and then rose to be...

wi_writer_576471Jun 2009Jul 2009
aint no pity in simon city

ain't no pity in simon cityim done playing games i joined this site in february just getting over a heartbreak never wrote a blog in my lif...

Unknown1,1444Jul 2009Jul 2009
This place is awesome and I like it to

This place is awesome - and I like it to!!!!The site is a great site being set up with a variety of views and great people - I just keep looooookin - its almost intoxicating. Speaking of th...

Unknown2183Jul 2009Jul 2009

BEING INLOVE...Being inlove with someone, is the most incredible feelings in the world. It's a feeling that can either help you, save you, or destroy you. It's a fee...

cs401595507Jun 2009Jul 2009
cant a man give someone a chance

cant a man give someone a chancethese men to me seem like they only want beautiful bombshells. that is just not right there are alot of good woman out there there are not looking for...

tigerwoman12313796Jun 2009Jul 2009
Intentionally hurtful comments

Intentionally hurtful comments?On two occations I turned down men. One I turned down because he seemed to want a fling, and another because I disagreed with his beliefs. I simply...

Unknown5656Jun 2009Jul 2009
Love games

Love games..I just read one Proverb said...(Love is a game that both of people can Win).....So please , don't giveup to love one another...!! .....................

Unknown2342Jun 2009Jul 2009
Man I Love Boys

Man I Love Boys...There is just something about a guy that makes me become a mess haha. Just the words they use and the way they can talk to you. It makes me melt somet...

Unknown2642Jun 2009Jul 2009
What is up with mind games with online dating

What is up with mind games with online dating?How do you define the sincere people from those who want someone to occupy their free time? I have noticed that the people you begin to trust with...

Unknown2944Jun 2009Jul 2009
Triumphs Disasters

Triumph's & DisastersI was watching the above named TV programme tonight and it brought back memories of the day the space challenger blew up. I was up state New York skii...

Unknown2481Jul 2009Jul 2009

MISS RIGHT / MR RIGHTWhile on connecting singles, I've discovered how difficult it is to find Mr Right. Why is it ?. Meet som1 too young or too old. If you feel that...

Unknown4785May 2009Jul 2009
Unknown2711Jul 2009Jul 2009
Our Date

Our Date :)I dream about a loving day, I dream about a tender night, When I’ll say more, then you may say In oscillating candle light....

Unknown2781Jul 2009Jul 2009
LaRue Co Ky

LaRue Co. Ky.I can remember traveling down I-74 East towards Ciccinnati until we took a off ramp that lead into the state of Kentucky. We fi...

Unknown2886Jun 2009Jul 2009
Proven Truth

Proven TruthBy the rythm of ur cruise; See how the waves are bleeded with sharpness. Though they nver curse thy beauty.. Till always wonder & burn on thy...

Unbound2530Jul 2009
Time for decisions How do we deal with them

Time for decisions.. How do we deal with them?There are times in our lives when we have to make decisions.. Good or bad.. My feeling is if you have any doubts, change it!!.. Realistically, that ma...

Unknown2152Jun 2009Jul 2009

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THEREDeuteronomy 5:17 " You shall not murder. Pat Robertson: On the surface, this commandment is a great protection for each one of us against the an...

Unknown2252Jun 2009Jul 2009
Galway arts singles event

Galway arts singles eventI'm organising an even in Galway on 18 July 09 The Venue is at 9.30 in the Skeff Pub Its Arts week in Galway http...

GraMoChroi3372Jun 2009Jul 2009
Get Real

Get Realsome of these blogs are so boring full of intellectual nonsense sometimes you gotta break away from all this head stuff and just shoot from your guts....

Unknown2783Jun 2009Jul 2009
are you proud that eat no pork is wrong

are you proud that eat no pork ? is wrong !Are you proud that eat no pork ? well,many muslims or others who eat no pork,they are proud and boast that they are right and so their beliefs or rel...

Unknown4909Jun 2009Jul 2009
Third Wheel

Third Wheel.Every time I hang out with my friends, they insist on bringing their boyfriends/potential boyfriends or girlfriends. I'm never making someone else be...

Unknown2223Jun 2009Jul 2009
Getting Old

Getting Old..So everyone probably knows im 20 tomorrow, i know people say 20's nothing and that the time seems to fly by after your 21..To be honest im not looking...

Unknown3506Jun 2009Jun 2009

FriendsLife is a gift................... Accept it Life is an adventure ..... Dare it Life is a sorrow............. Overcome it Life is a tragedy............

Unknown2883Jun 2009Jun 2009
One Afternoon

One Afternooni had a very busy day. A typical day i would say. But my afternoon was a tiniest bit different from the typical days. My afternoon took on a lazy atmo...

cebu263860Jun 2009
I Dont Understand

I Don't UnderstandI am new to this site. I have had a pretty hard life. I am 36 no children and still looking. That is not what I was looking for. It is not what I expe...

oswyn4427Jun 2009Jun 2009
Michael Jackson 08 29 1958 06 25 2009

Michael Jackson 08/29/1958 - 06/25/2009Michael Jackson.....we all miss you ! You are not only King of Pop You are the GOD of Pop Rest in Peace...

Unknown2847Jun 2009Jun 2009

newpic so can you do me a favor an comment it an rate it thank you ;)...

Unknown2480Jun 2009Jun 2009
The Poison That Kills dreams

The Poison That Kills dreamsThe Poison That Kills dreams If someone put poison in your water … Would you drink it ? The obviously answer is ‘NO’! Chemical poisons tha...

Unknown1,0010Jun 2009
OMFG WOW Thats funny

OMFG! WOW! Thats funnySoooo....... Someone posted a blog on here around 4 hours ago..... And it was a pick of him in only his boxers and it looked like he had a hard o...

Unknown3687Jun 2009Jun 2009
Have you tried to listen to this beautiful sounds

Have you tried to listen to this beautiful sounds!This is a recitation from the Noble Quran during a prayer....

Unknown3538Jun 2009Jun 2009
Harbal: "People often ask me...."(meet us in the blogs)

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