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Voices in the Dark

Voices in the DarkTitle sounds like a spooky ghost story. Well I guess it kind of is. Like I said, glasses or no, I write in the dark. Puts a "serious" yang under...

Unknown6371Mar 2008Mar 2008
The Audience

The AudienceI kinda dig the fact that people read these. That way I don't have to talk. That's an ability I lack. Which I think is petty tragic in a way. Ma...

Unknown5802Mar 2008Mar 2008
You may say Im a Dreamer

You may say I'm a DreamerWhy do I always write at night in a dark room? I know all the wives' tales about reading in the dark and the eventual need for glasses. But darkne...

Unknown5911Mar 2008Mar 2008
Kids opinion of marriage

Kids opinion of marriageHOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids) *You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should lik...

Unknown8340Mar 2008
me aka vintagerock

me aka vintagerockchip away at the hard exterior, chisel in hand, and eventually the guard will be let down... the real woman within; part cynical old hag, part naiv...

Unknown7719Mar 2008Mar 2008
torture me hurt me yes yes YES part 2

torture me, hurt me...yes, yes,YES!! part 2he talks about himself, himself ans surprisingly...himself! i nod and smile, just nod and smile at the back of my mind i'm thinking how can someone...

Unknown7183Feb 2008Mar 2008
Dropping the Soap

Dropping the SoapEvery now and then Life smacks you 'upside the head' to remind you not to take things for granted. Three weeks ago I could touch type around sixty w...

Unknown9051Mar 2008Mar 2008
hello from malta

hello from maltaHi I am looking for a serious relationship check out my profile and mail me if u r interested...

Unknown6620Mar 2008
Looking for a lovely honest lady

Looking for a lovely honest ladyPlease look at my profile im very genuine im not after a one night stand thats not my scene if you want to contact me feel free to do so thanking you...

Unknown6160Mar 2008
want a bride

want a brideiam an indian boy .iwant to married with a girl.i am mcse certificate holder. i want to live in age is bride should be 22 to 27.religi...

Unknown6050Mar 2008
Hi I am new to this website

Hi I am new to this website..I want to meet new people especially women between the age of 18 and 22. I am 18 and I reside in Rochester, New York. I am attending MCC for Commercia...

Unknown6204Mar 2008Mar 2008
Hershey Squirts

Hershey SquirtsMy daughter. The best darn thing that has every happened to me. My parents always threatened that I would end up with a child just like me, and I am...

Unknown43612Mar 2008Mar 2008

BondageI have a friend that can weed through men faster than peeling a potato. She is an online dating Goddess and can jump over the pit falls with the great...

Unknown2886Feb 2008Mar 2008
Spit in the Eye of the Devil

Spit in the Eye of the DevilUncle Bill. The resident jail bird. There is one in every family. My branch has quite a few. He could pull out a chair and slap himself down and st...

Unknown19611Feb 2008Mar 2008
Easy a Man Difficult a Woman

Easy a Man, Difficult a Woman...A brand new store has just opened in New York City that sells Husbands. When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions at...

4MaryB7941Mar 2008Mar 2008
The Great Wanderer

The Great WandererMy father called me the great wanderer. He said that I really didn't speak much until I was about 4 years of age. He never could decided if I was a lo...

Unknown2207Mar 2008Mar 2008
Settling and Toe Nails

Settling and Toe NailsI have a friend that thinks that people spend way to much time going on about what they don't want in a partner. But that most of us have never though...

Unknown2406Feb 2008Mar 2008
Aspire to Inspire

~ Aspire to Inspire ~There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to Judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest,in turn,to go and l...

4MaryB8372Mar 2008Mar 2008

Love?ok ive tried over and over again on these web sites and each time i get people that are not interested in me even if we are so called a perfect match...

Unknown5703Mar 2008Mar 2008
When I loved myself of truth

When I loved myself of truth"When I loved myself of truth, I understood that in any circumstance, I was in the right place, on time, in the exact moment.It is then, I could relax...

Unknown5221Mar 2008Mar 2008
smother me with a pillow and free my soul

smother me with a pillow and free my soulAs a Nursing student I come very much in contact with people who are suffering, people from all walks of life. Although they're different people, pain...

Unknown8806Mar 2008Mar 2008
Just home from egypt again

Just home from egypt...againHi everyone Im just back from my second trip tp egypt. God it was so amazing. I love that country so much that im think of changing career to stu...

Unknown9123Sep 2007Mar 2008
omfg what the hell do I do

omfg what the hell do I do!!!!Right so heres what happened. I met this guy that I liked and everything was going fine for the first few days, then on like the 4th day he confess...

Unknown1,24811Sep 2007Mar 2008

BEST RELATIONSHIP ADVICE I HAVE GOTFor all my girls out there... just some things I've found oh-so-true... If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothi...

Unknown7294Mar 2008Mar 2008
My Passion for Men

My Passion for MenI have always had different taste in men than my friends. While all the rest of the girls were tracing the outline of the man with the big yellow hat...

Unknown30114Mar 2008Mar 2008
The War and friends

The War and friendsI know the to coolest people to eer live in clinton. They both fell in love a their at AIT training after basic. Their getting married soon and i get...

Unknown6121Mar 2008Mar 2008
Whats A Girl To Do

What's A Girl To Do?I am going to take a few seconds and vent. I'm a very easy going person. I love to laugh and have a good time. I'm faithful , I'm honest, and i'm t...

Unknown6935Feb 2008Mar 2008
Feelings and Dreams

Feelings and DreamsMy subconscious is very efficient. It sorts through feelings, puts them neatly into files to make them accessible, and sometimes does not bother to l...

Unknown4751Mar 2008Mar 2008
The blog that will not publish

The blog that will not publishInteresting thing. I have attempted to write about a particular subject three times and each time something has gone wrong so the piece was lost....

Unknown6131Mar 2008Mar 2008
Love Loyalty for you free

Love, Loyalty, for you freewho can give you unconditional love and loyalty for all their life? try here, you'll be saving their life and they'll be helping you with yours...

Unknown5632Mar 2008Mar 2008
the worst day of my life part 2

the worst day of my life...part 2anyway so we get to the hospital i'm thinking it's gonna take 10 minutes tops, we're just picking up the reports and leaving, how long does picking st...

Unknown5110Mar 2008
the worst day of my life part 1

the worst day of my life.... part 1'worst' is a relative term i know it's been a while...quit bitching already!! you would not believe the day i've had... well technically it wa...

Unknown6600Mar 2008
Bite my Blog

Bite my BlogI’m a writing freak. No really, I don’t think you understand. I would willingly give up food, sleep, and maybe even sex. Heck, normally I wouldn’t...

Unknown32718Feb 2008Mar 2008
things ive learnt

things i've learnti miss old friends, the ones that didn't judge you for the choices you made, i've found those friends are still some of the best i have. i've found ol...

Unknown7113Feb 2008Mar 2008
I Am going to stop searching

''I Am going to stop searching''I think that i have really been trying to hard, to find the man of my dreams, it seems that once a woman gets to a certain age, the best looking guys...

Unknown6163Feb 2008Mar 2008

~Hope ~Hope is the sweet, sweet scent of flowers in the morning Hope is the cool gentle breeze on a warm summer's day Hope is the knowledge of stabil...

4MaryB7392Feb 2008Mar 2008
Felonies and other Petty Crimes

Felonies and other Petty CrimesChristmas with the family. Start drinking early. It's the only way to survive. We start telling stories of siblings previous crimes, felonies as w...

Unknown1895Feb 2008Feb 2008
Its a beautiful message

~ It's a beautiful message ~Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge. The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter, "Sweetheart, please hold my hand...

4MaryB8140Feb 2008
to all

to allwhy is there to many fake people in the world? where is the real people at?...

Unknown7313Feb 2008Feb 2008
What do you need a man for

What do you need a man for?I have always pondered this question. One of the few questions I have come across that deserved searching for an answer. In the end I chose to ask so...

Unknown36814Feb 2008Feb 2008
Everlasting Love

Everlasting LoveI seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever....

Unknown8511Feb 2008Feb 2008
Truth Lies or Consequences

Truth Lies or ConsequencesHad one of those days where I actually got things done. Paid bills, returned the cat traps - I was attempting to help with the neutering program to r...

Unknown8505Feb 2008Feb 2008

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