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the backlash of bloging

the backlash of blogingever since i started righting my blogs its seems like im getting more phoney girls writing me when i say phoney i mean scammers or who knows...

Unknown3154Mar 2009Mar 2009
The Way You Make Me Feel

The Way You Make Me FeelYou make me feel special, You make me feel new, You make me feel loved, With everything you do. You hold me close when I am sad. You wipe the t...

zaoyar2740Mar 2009
I will love you forever

I will love you forever...I love you so deeply, I love you so much I love the sound of your voice. And the way that we touch I love your warm smile, And you...

claudya3220Mar 2009
At Last

At LastAt last, when all the summer shine That warmed life's early hours is past, Your loving fingers seek for mine And hold them close—at last—at l...

zaoyar3100Mar 2009

When...When all the wishes in your mind,all the dreams,you've had and all the things you've ever hoped for soared into the sky and were reflected in someone'...

claudya2890Mar 2009
Youre still my world

You're still my worldSmiling as I write a reply, did you know that you're the light in my world? Ok, you're my entire world as well, and the reason behind my every smil...

zaoyar2400Mar 2009
Smile on my face

Smile on my faceTrying to get you off my mind At this point I can barely stand Pain just floods through my brain So I carry relief on hand The rooms appears to...

zaoyar2740Mar 2009
I dream

I dreamI dream of you The day we meet again When you embrace me with open arms I dream of you Calling my name Telling the world I am yours Where we hol...

zaoyar2730Mar 2009
I wish

I wish..I wish I could be with you everynight,watch you fall asleep and kiss you goodnight.When I get to heaven,I know just what to do.I'll spend eternity wat...

claudya3553Mar 2009Mar 2009

THE BIKERI saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection outside the store a...

Unknown1493Mar 2009Mar 2009
Do leopards change their spots

Do leopards change their spots?Is it true that once a liar, always a liar? Or is it that once they're caught in a lie, we assume they're lying over and over again? How many times ha...

Unknown1731Mar 2009Mar 2009
A Million Times

A Million TimesI have seen you a million times And every time I see you I fall in love with you all over again My heart starts to race My frown turns into a smil...

zaoyar2970Mar 2009
hiT tIS shiT

hiT tIS shiTFOLLOW TIZ AND B BAD ................................................................................................................................

Unknown1550Mar 2009
I promise

I promise...I promise to be there when you need me,I promise to hug you tight when you're lonely,I promise to wipe your tears when they fall and I promise to kee...

claudya2952Mar 2009Mar 2009
10 things I learned in 2008

10 things I learned in 2008A friend of mine recently wrote a note about the importance of what we learn each year. She read an article about how each New Year, you should consid...

Unknown3750Mar 2009
Beginning of blog

Beginning of blogHey everybody; this is the beginning of my blog......

Unknown1540Mar 2009
Mencari Teman dari Brunei yang bisa membantu saya

Mencari Teman dari Brunei,yang bisa membantu sayaSalam kenal semoga kita dapat bekerja sama...

Unknown1,0550Mar 2009
Mencari Teman dari Brunei yang bisa membantu saya

Mencari Teman dari Brunei,yang bisa membantu sayaSalam kenal semoga kita dapat bekerja sama...

Unknown4,0650Mar 2009
List for polls

List for pollsRight we have had so many thick stupid polls So I have an idea now and it is I want everyone that has an idea for a poll to send it to me first and...

Unknown1431Mar 2009Mar 2009
Women Just are misunderstood

Women Just are misunderstood.All a women needs is a real friend, a soulmate, someone who deep down can be there for her... and put's her first....

Unknown1635Mar 2009Mar 2009
Have I Ever

Have I EverHave I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I...

zaoyar2640Mar 2009
The Person I Long To Be

The Person I Long To BeThe day light breaks again Another day has begun. But still no sleep has come. My body is weary My mind overworked. I lie awake thinking B...

zaoyar2610Mar 2009

How..How do I say goodbye to someone I never had?Why do tears feel for someone who was never mine?Why do I miss someone who I was never with?And why do I l...

claudya3503Mar 2009Mar 2009
The Martyr

The MartyrShe said "Just write the words. They will come". But I sat dumbfounded, wondering how a piece of paper could be so stark, so blinding in its emptiness...

Unknown1927Jan 2009Mar 2009

GOATEE'S THE EXCUSE VS SALVATIONOswald Chambers: Paul there was only one thing he lived for-persauding people of the coming judgments of God and tell them of the Love of Christ.This...

Unknown1640Mar 2009
My Angel

My AngelFor you my sweet angel I would die I'd pick all the stars from the sky And give them all just for you To let you know how much I love you My ang...

zaoyar2862Mar 2009Mar 2009

WHAT WILL YOU DO?What will you do when your best freind becomes your worst enemy?...

Unknown1906Feb 2009Mar 2009
The Day The Music Started

The Day The Music StartedI've always had a great passion for music. It started very young in my life and it's still a major part of my life still today. Would you like to here...

Unknown1251Mar 2009Mar 2009
I was bound to get there sometime

I was bound to get there, sometimeI offer to rub her legs. she answers "anywhere, anytime". eventually, I rub her legs....

hedistuff3651Mar 2009Mar 2009
are you out there

][are you out there?][i WANT Ms RIGHT WHERE IS she?> can you help me ? lol. j/k what it do ladies! get at me if your up for a chat!...

Unknown1571Mar 2009Mar 2009
Months Of Pitty Payed Off

Months Of Pitty Payed Off.Well, its been a while since i wrote here or have even paid a proper visit here. Im sorry to the people i haven't messaged back and the people who hav...

Unknown3210Mar 2009
todays horoscope gemini part 2

todays horoscope gemini part 2your stronger braver and willing 2 live more forcefully life comes at u with velocity and u could even experience the pleasure of having som...

Unknown2620Mar 2009
feeling alone

feeling aloneAs I try to lay sleep, I pray the lord her thoughts I'll keep I awake to find I'm still alone trying to hold on to what is gone. I ask myself is she...

Unknown1693Feb 2009Mar 2009
Is it out there

Is it out there?I am really starting to wonder if there is such a thing as true love! At least for me. In the past few months I have seen what true love is and want t...

Unknown1584Mar 2009Mar 2009
My Heart

My HeartMy heart is so tender So fragile so caring If I trust it with you Would that be so daring? My heart needs someone Who will treat it right Let...

zaoyar3170Mar 2009
A daily thought

A daily thought...A daily thought,a silent tear,a constant wish that you were here.Words are few but thoughts are deep.Memories of our friendship I will always keep....

claudya2520Mar 2009
older men

older menany one ever think of why younger women like older men?older men are more secured,know what they want and are more romantic and definitely know how to...

Unknown2196Mar 2009Mar 2009
come people lets organise a party

come people lets organise a partylets have a few comments on the above,i suggest an over forties night,have a venue in mind,don,t be shy lets go !...

irish493660Mar 2009

Fear"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over...

Unknown1972Mar 2009Mar 2009
never to part our faces that is our lips aplenty

never to part (our faces that is, our lips aplentya thousand kisses in just one breath so that's how "planting one on the lips" got it's beginning once entered a season passes without a hint or...

hedistuff3780Mar 2009
for you

for you"When little things would irk me, and I grow Impatient with my dear one, make me know How in a moment joy can take its flight And happiness be quenc...

zaoyar2921Feb 2009Mar 2009
the dark side of cyberspace part 1

the dark side of cyberspace part 1i just got a email 2day telling me somebody got a jc penny credit card in my name i cant even write them back i used all the memory on my com...

Unknown2480Mar 2009
Amed32: " How do you like men?"(meet us in the forums)

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