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hmmmwell, recently received word that my mother's cousin had been checked into the hospital...she was dizzy and vomiting, and because she didn't have insu...

Unknown3161Mar 2007Mar 2007
Bricks in the Wall

Brick's in the WallI make mistakes. I try to learn from them, not repeat them, don't let them jade me. Far too long I had a wall built around me. Only close friends in...

Unknown3855Mar 2007Mar 2007
just a thought I suppose

just a thought, I supposeok as I sit here at 240 in the am wondering where my life is going and all that. I have to think about all the people in my life. My friends and my...

Unknown1,5533Mar 2007Mar 2007
The merry go round

The merry go round....Pretty lights and carnival music Painted ponies with bowed heads Round and round they dance so Always chasing rainbows. The lights tur...

Unknown4206Mar 2007Mar 2007
Why do some

Why do some?Why do some souls not smile as they pass us bye? Why do some trees stand so tall towards the sky? Why do some people we love leave & say goodbye? W...

Unknown1,3590Mar 2007

windfallenoooh the wind has fallen around my tears,like a sweet thought that has grabeded my throat, i rush the memorys of a long distant youth, befallen swee...

Unknown2,2662Mar 2007Mar 2007
Do you believe

Do you believe....Do you believe in love? Soul-Mates, does everyone really have one out there made just for them? Tell me what you believe in! I believe in faith! T...

Unknown1,3754Mar 2007Mar 2007
Truth and Honesty

Truth and HonestyTruth and Honesty is what makes for a pure heart and soul. 1/2 the story and just kidding is what ruins good people and good relationships.Truth and...

Unknown1,3253Mar 2007Mar 2007
Life is changing once again

Life is changing - once again...Life is always changing - there is no standing still. Sometimes it changes for the better of things, and others, well, we're left picking up the piec...

Unknown1,3812Mar 2007Mar 2007
Moments of Clarity

Moments of ClarityI was looking back through a journal I kept after my marriage ended sixteen months ago...this is an excerpt from December 2005...a month after my near...

Unknown8896Mar 2007Mar 2007
poems i like

poems i likeAlways I will haunt you For we were fated from Gods soul. You will see my eyes in heavenly skies, when I beckon you, you'll know. Hear me laughi...

Unknown1,4863Mar 2007Mar 2007
Sausages From The Heart

“Sausages From The Heart”:-Well another day at the office so to speak, do I just scan through likely matches send a few hopeful flowers, an email or three and sit legs crossed o...

Unknown1,4861Mar 2007Mar 2007
Weekend Relief

Weekend ReliefIt's finally here. Slip into the pajama's and wind down. Haven't really spent alot of time in CS this week. Pretty hectic at work, alot going on in...

Unknown3117Mar 2007Mar 2007
First blog addendum

First blog addendumJust as an add on to my previous post.....charges were laid by the child's mother the night it happened. Was simply expressing my own thoughts on the...

Unknown1,3100Mar 2007
Travelling running away other stories

Travelling, running away & other storiesThis one is the story of a week travelling through France and onto Greece. ------------------ A pikey’s life for me! Pre-Day One I suppo...

Unknown5178Mar 2007Mar 2007
An Encounter Part 2 is done

An Encounter Part 2 is doneIt seems that I'm only allowed 4000 characters per blog. I finished my story at just under 6000 only to realize that i had to delete it. lmao What a...

Unknown3630Mar 2007
Finding true love on Connecting Singles who knew

Finding true love on Connecting Singles..who knew?Keep Hope Alive...M.L.K. Just when I believed that being single was O.K. and had given up hope that a man of Integrity,sincerity.honesty and loyalty...

Unknown1,5323Mar 2007Mar 2007
another day

another dayI'm sitting hear listening to David spade on tv. He's funny. I find that I self medicate with movies and television. When I'm down I try to find the f...

Unknown1,3600Mar 2007

Monday?!A day in which things are difficult to get in gear. The melting of snow and spring has sprung, what more could be asked for. A day in which the diff...

Unknown3082Mar 2007Mar 2007
An Encounter Part 1 A short story

An Encounter Part 1 A short storyYou could see them sitting in the booth, one was drinking a pop, the other two had coffees on the go. They were talking about bullshit mostly but occa...

Unknown3060Mar 2007
The Future

The FutureTalked with Shelia (PeachesandCream) on the phone tonight. One of the things we talked about was my moving down there as another way of getting to kno...

Unknown1,6233Mar 2007Mar 2007
Stirred Up Emotions

Stirred Up EmotionsWell as i'm sure some of you read on the forums, i've been in contact with my daughters real father.. i hadnt seen or spoken to him in nearly 7 yea...

Unknown1,0306Mar 2007Mar 2007
i am new

i am newstar lite star brite some windy day lets fly a kite...

Unknown1,6501Mar 2007Mar 2007
Life begins at 50

Life begins at 50I just had the best birthday, the best weekend, the best time of my life. Left Friday morning heading toward Mobile. Robert left Houston around 8,...

Unknown5597Mar 2007Mar 2007
I had to be the first with a blog

I had to be the first with a blog...I had to be the first one with a blog, so here she is! That being said, who wants some ice cream? I'm thinking peanut butter cup or similar with ch...

Unknown1,52110Mar 2007Mar 2007
first blog intro and venting

first blog...intro and venting....Hrmm... new feature here, figured I'd give it a shot. Any basics you need to know about me can be found on my profile, though I'm sure anything else y...

Unknown1,4243Mar 2007Mar 2007

DRRRAAAAMMMMAAAAIts rant time BABY! On TV at the moment is the movie "Day After Tomorrow" its one of those 'mother nature goes on PMS and kills all humans except t...

Unknown3051Mar 2007Mar 2007
Cooking and Decorating

Cooking and DecoratingExchanging recipe's and sharing decorating idea's......

Unknown1,6952Mar 2007Mar 2007
Lonliness and Depression

"Lonliness and Depression"I wonder if the two go hand-in-hand...or does one feeling cause the other to appear..or are they both one and the same?......

Unknown7224Mar 2007Mar 2007
Changing your way of life

Changing your way of life!Today was my first day of Day Watch, I have worked the last seven years on Night Watch. I told them I would rather work straight through from the begi...

Unknown4131Mar 2007Mar 2007
Haven from the Wind

Haven from the WindWow..... a blog! Who would have ever thought. A place for one to write random thoughts, dreams, hopes, goals and day to day word's item's that are on...

Unknown3465Mar 2007Mar 2007

Sundays....Is a day that I don't enjoy, more so because it means back to work on Monday morning. I appreciate the time to myself as well as time spent with frie...

Unknown3255Mar 2007Mar 2007
Chin Up andAll That

Chin Up andAll, more space to write, lol... I wonder at times when I seek inside for answers... How I connect with others on personal levels, and still keep...

Unknown5505Mar 2007Mar 2007

DO I REALLY NEED A REASON TO ASK FOR PRAYERS?With so many events, wars, threats, illnesses, so much going on in the world, I thought that my prayers can make a difference, but if we all pray it c...

Unknown3642Mar 2007Mar 2007
here i go

here i goi am happy now why do you choose to call me now its been 7yrs since you have been gone you choose not to be in our life so dont call and cry that...

Unknown6991Mar 2007Mar 2007

*smiles*somehow...each day goes by...and we are still us. some of us come and go...and others seem to be stuck here, by choice or by compulsion... i love...

Unknown2914Mar 2007Mar 2007
Strange thing emotions

Strange thing... emotions!Well, I didn't realize I even had a blog on this website. Pretty cool. I have been in contact with a very special guy I met on here. He makes me laugh...

Unknown1,5882Mar 2007Mar 2007
the past comes rushing

the past comes rushing...every now and then...something happens that brings the old days slamming into the here and a mack truck splatting on a concrete embankment....

Unknown2860Mar 2007
mexicans speaking english chinese guys morons

mexicans speaking english, chinese guys, & morons.-- this is right from my myspace page -- first of all i had to figure out what the hell time it was. i have like 5 clocks in this house and they a...

Unknown1,7070Mar 2007
Today was interesting

Today was interestingWeird threads and posts all over the place. Many removed. But, I also was made to feel good about myself by a special person. I was checking into C...

Unknown4878Mar 2007Mar 2007
Lifes Philosophies

Life's PhilosophiesNow this must come across everyone's mind, but its rarely discussed beyond a certain extent. To ask yourself the meaning of life is like asking the sq...

Unknown1,2108Mar 2007Mar 2007

Sunday ...Personally, I dislike Sundays. Saturdays are much better, in fact, I propose that every day be Saturday :) Sundays serve to remind me that Monday i...

Unknown2,0800Mar 2007
"PLAY NOW: Bricks Breaking"(meet us in the games)

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