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Warning Label

Warning LabelWarning Label Idiots, it seems, should come with a warning label: "avoid discussions" or perhaps, "Ignore Ignoramus," instead we become embr...

Unknown6430Feb 2008
Love and spirituality

Love and spiritualityHaving been through some interesting experiences lately, I have been reflecting a lot on my life and myself. I have been happily single for about ten...

Unknown7541Feb 2008Feb 2008

GoalsThe Past does not equal the Future. - Tony Robbins...

Unknown5472Feb 2008Feb 2008
God is Always here important to read

God is Always here (important to read)So just as I'm having the worst week ever, I walk outside to have my umbrella get broken by the wind. It turned inside out and that was it. I thought...

Unknown4964Feb 2008Feb 2008

ProcrastinationThe road to someday leads to a town of nowhere....

Unknown5412Feb 2008Feb 2008
Forgiveness revisited

Forgiveness revisitedMonths ago, August I guess, right before I left connectingsingles, someone had posted a blog about the need to forgive. Oh the un-rightness of it! F...

Unknown5833Jan 2008Feb 2008
Words of Wisdom

~Words of Wisdom~A well-known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands start...

4MaryB8670Feb 2008
List of Things To Do

List of Things To DoONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational sk...

4MaryB1,0580Feb 2008
Motorcycles who likes

Motorcycles - who likesI love motorcycles, I don't have my own, but know how to ride (although it's been a while). Looking for someone to take me on a ride, touch base and m...

Unknown6984Jan 2008Jan 2008
Breakfast on the eleventh day

Breakfast,on the eleventh dayChilled grapefruit flowers into flavour in the warmth of my mouth. Tastebuds delight in the change from lemon, from lime, and teeth marvel at the sen...

Unknown7720Jan 2008
Just Enough Room For A View

Just Enough Room For A ViewThis is my ode to Nature for the view that I have from my kitchen window. The neighboring house does not obscure the beauty that I take the time to s...

Unknown5780Jan 2008
Women Horses

Women Horse'sWhy is it that a lot of women are so into riding horse's or having horse's. I Know some women who have horse's & don't ride them, or are to scared t...

trueone1,3015Jan 2008Jan 2008
And did you say good morning in return

And did you say "good morning" in return?Each day begins. It has a middle and an end like any good story. In the confines of time between dawn and sunset (really only half the day's allotted...

Unknown9121Jan 2008Jan 2008
My Dog

My DogI have had an eventful time out on the hill in the rain with Wonder Dog. We have been gathering stray sheep ( a neighbours sheep) I was asked to kee...

Unknown6130Jan 2008
Trying to start over

Trying to start overI have allowed myself to be under the control of a certain man that had my feeling and thoughts to be locked away. The number of years (27 to be exac...

Unknown7884Jan 2008Jan 2008
I am so tired of life

I am so tired of life.I've wasted 32 years. My life is meaningless. I ask GOD all the time why do you keep me here? What purpose do I serve? (only one, and that is being a...

Unknown3258Jan 2008Jan 2008
Helical Vortex of Want

Helical Vortex of WantI look longingly to the end of the outstretched limb from which my feet dangle. I look to that one perfect leaf at the end; the one that can crush wor...

Unknown6400Jan 2008

ISLAMThe Qur’an says: God Forbids you not, with regards to those who fights you not for (your) faith nor drive you out of homes, from dealing kindly an...

Unknown7574Jan 2008Jan 2008
Coming into day

Coming into dayNight falls, day breaks, where do these phrases originate? Is it that day "breaks" the hold that night has on the sky, the world - at least one hemisp...

Unknown5600Jan 2008
The Power of Words

The Power of WordsWhen we were growing up and would encounter the cruel tongues of other children, we were taught a rhyme designed to assauge our hurt feelings: "Sticks...

Unknown8321Jan 2008Jan 2008
The Kiss

The KissThe Kiss No shame feel I for this most envied kiss! But joy! Let others weep at knowing we sate our desire in lips tracing t...

Unknown6660Jan 2008
are we learning

are we learning?I got on a thought after a conversation with a friend who is a biblical literalist. It's seems like a sort of self check question. Is what you belie...

Unknown8582Jan 2008Jan 2008
Needful things

Needful things?Dear blog; My first entry sucked ... I'll try to better this one. The profile pages allow 2 sentences to describe you, and what kind of relationship...

Unknown6123Jan 2008Jan 2008
A Sunday full of nothing

A Sunday full of nothingI am very ambivalent about housework. It is one of the more frustrating things in life, like eating, you cannot do it once and for all and have done...

Unknown5450Jan 2008
The Birth Brief Life and Eternity of Love cont

The Birth, Brief Life and Eternity of Love cont...Steve and I had so many dreams and made so many wonderful plans for our future. Life was so good and I was happier than I had ever been. My son had...

Unknown6261Jan 2008Jan 2008
Broken Promises

Broken PromisesIt is funny how many people take the word promise and totally destroy it. As I think back over my lifetime I can only think of three people that have...

Unknown3296Jan 2008Jan 2008

WebsiteGiven that you have email and this connectingsingles website. If you could only have one other website, then what would it be?...

Unknown8374Jan 2008Jan 2008
Hey whats up im new to this

Hey whats up im new to this .....Hey whats up ladies one of my friends signed me up for this. I dont really know how to use it yet but if you want hit me up ........

Unknown6333Jan 2008Jan 2008
The Birth Brief Life and Eternity of Love

The Birth, Brief Life and Eternity of LoveThis is a true story that I wrote: Sometimes in our lives, love blossoms, grows and lasts forever. I was blessed with this amazing love, althoug...

Unknown6020Jan 2008
Crying in the Rain

Crying in the RainHe will need me now more than ever, He’ll need me strong. He’ll need my shelter. His innocence will not be lost. I’ll hold back my tears a...

Unknown5101Jan 2008Jan 2008
Pandoras Box

Pandora's Box?Pandora's Box was a female rock group assembled by Jim Steinman in 1989 with some members from his temporary band Fire Inc. They produced one concept...

Unknown3221Jan 2008Jan 2008
My day so far

My day so far ...Today, as it was blowing a hoolie and a blizzard whipped up for good measure, I thought 'Oh, my poor darling Mare and the sweet little Noddy the shetl...

Unknown5802Jan 2008Jan 2008
Anybody feel like talking

Anybody feel like talking?I just got out of work and seeing what everyone is up to...

Unknown5280Jan 2008
After a while

After a while...After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul and you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company...

4MaryB1,0861Jan 2008Jan 2008

aywhats g00d?...

Unknown4301Jan 2008Jan 2008
Pleased to meet you I hope

Pleased to meet you ... I hope!Here I go (again) I used to consider myself a hopeful romantic, until I delved into the world of internet dating. Romantic is my nature, and hopeful i...

Unknown5401Jan 2008Jan 2008
I found to my love

I found to my love...I communicate them with this that finally I found somebody... he is pretty, intelligent, understanding and the most important thing that loves me... m...

Unknown5951Jan 2008Jan 2008

REFLECTIONMy House at rest in loving You, and all in and with You. Open my eyes ... my ears ... my heart, O Lord. Help me to see, to hear, to love...

4MaryB9610Jan 2008
Write the Perfect Love Note

Write the Perfect Love NoteSo often are we asked how a man can write the perfect love note to his wife or girlfriend. The answer to this is so simple yet why do so few men do it...

4MaryB1,5942Jan 2008Jan 2008
horse lovers

horse loversI am just a country chick looking for a horse loving man to have fun withh and a serious relationship but ne way if thats you e-mail me at racheypoo17...

Unknown4705Jan 2008Jan 2008
Speaking from the Heart

Speaking from the HeartHow many times have you been deeply hurt by something someone said, only to be told by them, "But it was the truth." Perhaps this kind of "honesty" is...

4MaryB1,2071Jan 2008Jan 2008
Life in the Fasting Lane

Life in the Fasting LaneRight this moment it feels as though life is a spiral and I can look back across the curves down to the very centre, the moment where I ceased being a...

Unknown4230Jan 2008

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