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A POEMTell me,if I caught you one day And kissed the sole of your foot Wouldn't you limp a little afterwards Afraid you're going...

claudya4110Feb 2009
Befor Valentines In 24 Hours All Will Be Revealed

Befor Valentines In 24 Hours All Will Be RevealedIn roughly 24 hours... (Tuesday, 10th at 1pm EST) I'm going to show you (live on video) a specific method of making around $6000... And you...

Unknown750Feb 2009
Make 6k in 24 hours

Make $6k in 24 hoursI'm going to send a video to this email address. This video will show you a technique you can use to earn... $6k in 24 Hours! Maybe you...

Unknown980Feb 2009
Coming Home

Coming Home...How simple my life is now you are here, How I cherish each breath, How I crave the light and laughter you have brought me. I have fallen in love wi...

zaoyar4721Feb 2009Feb 2009
My Dog

My Dog...That is my lovely dog -- totally blind. Blog is the most happy place here for me, so I put his photo here to share my joy. My joy to share my fe...

kubera3060Feb 2009
Second Best

Second BestEvery morning starts beautifully with the sound of your sweet voice from a phone call. It's second best to actually embracing you in my arms, under...

zaoyar4880Feb 2009

FRIENDSFRIENDS One day when you feel alone Remember I am at the end of a phone, I love you loads And that myst show...

claudya4540Feb 2009
maybe we should dare more

maybe we should dare more...By many times we look at profiles ,many times,we don't dare to send an email a flower ,maybe because lack of courage,maybe because we wait the other p...

claudya5365Feb 2009Feb 2009
Lottotron Reboot

Lottotron Rebootl'orage est de l'azur qui jouit la pluie est du soleil qui fond tu ne m'écoutes pas, et je ne t'entend plus que la vie est méchante l'orage est...

Unknown6640Feb 2009
a poem I wrote when I was 13 re edited

a poem I wrote when I was 13... re-editedLeave today and I will follow Say you'll come tomorrow and I will wait forever I want to spend eternity with you Don't let me go, and I will not le...

Unknown3872Feb 2009Feb 2009
Better than None

Better than None...When Mr. Right never shows up, but met a Mr. Wrong... What to do? Mr. Wrong will be very sweet sometimes, though of course, will be very sweet to m...

kubera3432Feb 2009Feb 2009
Unknown1946Feb 2009Feb 2009

HeartI don't Understand The way to your heart is full of eggshells It's not accustomed to paths like this I give it my all from the core Rarely do th...

Unknown2050Feb 2009
love hides

love hideslove hides in the strangest places love hides in familiar faces love comes when you least expect it love hides in narrow corners love comes to tho...

Unknown1710Feb 2009
I need a witness babe

I need a witness ,babeI'm a three-eyed boy lookin for a twelve-toed girl !...

Unknown1640Feb 2009
Of Angels and The Faery

Of Angels and The Faery© DragonBlue 1/22/2009 Angels sing and faery fly Into the bright purple sky Through the raindrops of pain Through the atoms of refrain Th...

DragonBlue9530Feb 2009

GOATEE'S REASON FOR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATEJeremiah 1:17 Get yourself ready! Stand up and ((say)) to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them....

Unknown2200Feb 2009

My apologies and thanks to all my wonderful friendAs many of you know (those that remember me), I went to Florida for vacation. Actually, it was part vacation but mostly I was to work on my mom's h...

JimNastics1,4344Feb 2009Feb 2009
Confucius Say

"Confucius Say''* Man who run in front of car get tired. * Man who run behind car get exhausted. * Man that is stuck in pantry has his a** in jam. * Man who...

4MaryB3984Feb 2009Feb 2009

NEVERTHELESSThere was darkness that surrounded my vision.-Still you promised to be there,to light my way.You gave me hope-a new way to have a mission.Please forgi...

moonkitten6471Feb 2009Feb 2009
Love Letter

Love LetterA fire that is carefully stoked and tended will not burn out. It will blaze so brightly that its warmth lingers in your heart. It will beckon your t...

zaoyar5331Feb 2009Feb 2009

"Wonderful memories..then and now"."Thank you for the wonderful memories.And,although we didn't know eachother all that well,you meant a great deal to me. You were so fine then and...

Polarbutterfly3170Feb 2009

WHAT MEANS TRUE LOVETRUE LOVE MEANS, That your heart races That your insides turn to jelly. True love means Never having to say you're sorry,...

claudya4843Feb 2009Feb 2009
And all without a ciggie

And all without a ciggie...The book has been sitting there for three weeks waiting to be reviewed, I have a class of 15 doctors tomorrow, eagerly awaiting their second (2 hour!)...

Unknown1900Feb 2009
between us

between uswe share our lives to be with each other, we smile and laugh yet each day together is an adventure. to hold each other is a magical thing with that sp...

Unknown1581Feb 2009Feb 2009

THE PERFECT ONEHe holds me when I start to cry Makes me smile with just his eyes Shares my hopes,dreams and fears... Wipes away all my tears...

claudya4682Feb 2009Feb 2009
25th CENTURY 69

25th CENTURY (69)He woke up them early in the morning and from preparations understood that will go to the sea. They were surprised when Alexander took exactly the opp...

Unknown1990Feb 2009

CAN WE??Can we slip through the cracks? Can be presant but not seen? Can we attend and go un-noticed? Can we call and be un-heard? Can we walk the earth a...

Unknown1806Feb 2009Feb 2009
stolen love

stolen lovenine years past you left me lone miracle of mine cruel fate took my life away when you were but age nine too far west you traveled swept up by yo...

hedistuff7437Dec 2008Feb 2009
Men like bugs

Men like bugs?OMG....I have so many men emailing me that they are like flies coming out of the wall. What is this place, a fly Slow down Nellie!!!!!!...

Unknown1652Feb 2009Feb 2009

"Love...""You mean the world to me;you're what I've been wanting and needing. I'm so thankful that you came into my life when you did. I want nothing more...

Polarbutterfly3700Feb 2009
Free Art

Free ArtI'm going to speak my mind, so this won't take very long. Despiite what they say graffiti is not the lowest form of art. Although you might have to...

Unknown1831Feb 2009Feb 2009

hahahashrink shrin blinkity blink.. trying to make me think..gotta run to my sink...and vomit clean it up with comet earth is my planet...

Unknown1760Feb 2009
Will you ever

Will you ever?I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly...

zaoyar5891Feb 2009Feb 2009
Secretary Job

Secretary JobDeer Sir, I waunt to apply for the secritary job what I saw in the paper. I can Type real quik wit one finggar and do sum a counting. I think...

4MaryB3213Feb 2009Feb 2009
Why seek marriage

Why seek marriage...When I was 20, puppy love is so romantic disregard reality. When I was 40, I dream for life long partner.. but seems too late to win through inter...

kubera4175Feb 2009Feb 2009

I NEED YOU PURE LOVEI NEED YOUR PURE LOVE When the night lie down beside me, When the moon and stars are shinning brightly, You'll make my life...

claudya6240Feb 2009
I hope this is more than window shopping Girls

I hope this is more than window shopping, Girls.I mean, has life burnt everyone so bad that it hurts to even consider jumping back into the heat? Maybe so. But it seems to me that the more we stay g...

Unknown1972Feb 2009Feb 2009

HEART IS PRECIOUSHEART IS PRECIOUS Love has always been in my life The diffrence is was afraid to express Since I was afraid of getting...

claudya9330Feb 2009

abuseI want to warn all the women and men on here, there is a guy his id is from_sharjah, he says he is in saudi arabia working, a turkish guy. I rejected...

carolleb4635Feb 2009Feb 2009
Oh Pa Wasnt Ma Enough

Oh,Pa-Wasn`t Ma Enough?I had only just been divoced,and trying really hard to recouperate from a 17 yr.abusive marriage.I finally got settled in my house,couldn`t get my ex...

moonkitten7273Feb 2009Feb 2009

A BRAND NEW MEHelp. I have spent the better part of two years in a semi-self induced seclusion. Now that I've lost over a hundred pounds and am turning 50 I am desp...

Unknown2213Feb 2009Feb 2009
hankharlow: "Why Women Dislike Nice Guys"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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