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RAY HARRYHAUSENI just met him. My hero. I just love his films to pieces and I am very very glad to have had the opportunity to meet such a nice and charming m...

Unknown2760Dec 2008
its funny

its funnyits funny how ppls pics on dating sites are never ever as attractive as you see in the ads for "available local singles", since ppl that pretty dont n...

Unknown4350Dec 2008
my best friend

my best friendIt starts of with a hello, Leads to a hug, Then to a kiss. And now it led to this. You're my best friend, my love, my home. Always with me when...

Unknown3490Dec 2008
no matter what

no matter whatThere are times when will upset me and cause me unwanted anger, but no matter what " I will always love you". There are cruel words you might say...

Unknown2400Dec 2008
ik wil allen maar 1 dag leven

ik wil allen maar 1 dag levenIk wil allen maar 1 dag leven Om van je te houden Onze tijd samen delen en 2 kussen Vrijen onder heldere sterren Veilig in jouw armen Geef me m...

Unknown2420Dec 2008
Bevroren tijd

Bevroren tijdAlles kwijt Verleden tijd Morgen alles over doen Bittere tranen Onschuldige pijn Kon vandaag maar over zijn Vallende sterren Een donkere na...

Unknown2330Dec 2008
blijf bij mij

blijf bij mijBlijf bij me, met de liefde die er is, Laat je gevoelens zien, laat me voelen, Dat je om me geeft. Laat zien wat je hart will geven, Zodat onze...

Unknown2540Dec 2008
your smile

your smilet was on a cold and frosty night, That you showed up, and took all the attention, Your smile, felt like it had a voice, or a touch, It came across...

Unknown4020Dec 2008
life and love

life and loveIf thou must love me, let it be for nought Except for love's sake only. Do not say 'I love her for her smile--her look--her way Of speaking gently,...

Unknown3640Dec 2008
a special person

a special personYou dwell in the shadows of my mind And in the heart that beats inside of me You are in the wind and rain as they reach my body You capture me with...

Unknown2150Dec 2008
my true love

my true loveThere she is, Just standing there As usual. I see the wind caressing her skin and I think: I wish I could be the wind That caresses her ski...

Unknown3290Dec 2008

unspokenShe stood with me in silence Feeling the breath in each others face No words spoken But the feeling is conveyed In a million words Our silence...

bollywood5842Dec 2008Dec 2008

Hilarious !!!! with a good message.My favorite parts are the irony of the bumper sticker on the blue Mustang and the view of the elderly person through the yellow car's window pushing...

JimNastics1,6302Dec 2008Dec 2008
One last kiss

One last kissOne last kiss I beg of you before you hit the door never to return again no mark to show your passing One last kiss I beg of you before your he...

bollywood5311Dec 2008Dec 2008

GOATEE'S A SIMPLE STANDLuke 10:16 He who listens to you listens to me; he who rejects you rejects me; but he who rejects me rejects him who sent me. John 6:62 What if y...

Unknown4770Dec 2008
Bunny Boilers and other freakshows

Bunny Boilers (and other freakshows)What is it about someone who goes apesh*t over someone whom they've never even actually MET in real time? The purpose of dating and chatting is to...

Unknown8336Dec 2008Dec 2008
I dont know if love can save this cruel world

I don't know if love can save this cruel world...but love sure does make the world feel less cruel and more worth saving, ya? It's 4:30, i am going back to beddy bye.........

Unknown7673Aug 2008Dec 2008
Your idea about friendship

Your idea about friendshipdescribe your experince success or failure, short term or long term, what friends can be consulted? and ......

Unknown3721Dec 2008Dec 2008
JimNastics1,8748Nov 2008Dec 2008

''I NEED A FRIEND''Ever since i heard about all the hurricanes this summer, i have lived in constant fear of losing what little bit i have including my renthouse. i feel...

Unknown6694Aug 2008Dec 2008
Words that I live by

Words that I live by.This is whats going probebly wrong LOL Words arent strong enough unless heard 1. Ladies first 2. Be hands on and head strong 3. Try, try,...

Unknown4110Dec 2008

2012In the final years, earth's climate will change. It felt like spring day today, and it's December 2 ... the glactic alignment will resonate gra...

Unknown5850Dec 2008
To let go or not to let go

To let go or not to let goWhat is with people who can't figure out what they want first they want you then they want to let you go free. Then turn around and want you all over...

Unknown5331Dec 2008Dec 2008
Joke of the week Dec 01

Joke of the week. Dec 01There's a few football/soccer teams in england with rude words in thier name there's; sCUNThorp ARSnal and F***ing manchester united...

Unknown3492Dec 2008Dec 2008

morningWhy do people get up so early and go shopping, stand in lines and spend nights outside stores is beyond me. P dragged me to God knows how many stores...

Techster6581Nov 2008Nov 2008

GOATEE'S BEAUTY OF CREATION AND SALVATIONOswald Chambers: Just as the nature of sin entered into the human one race through one man. The Holy Spirit entered the human race through Jesus Chris...

Unknown6001Nov 2008Nov 2008
Things taken for granted

Things taken for grantedMy eyes where opened a few months ago about everything in life that I took for granted. It was the simplest things too. Sitting down, reading a boo...

Unknown4481Nov 2008Nov 2008

GOATEE'S JOHN 3:16 WITH POWER AND LIFEJohn 3:16 For God so Loved the world he gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Oswald Cha...

Unknown6180Nov 2008
My Mumbai

My MumbaiHumanity under siege kindnes as hostage blood on the streets as innocents eat bullets dreams shatterd suspended minds life falling off the grips...

bollywood7381Nov 2008Nov 2008
25th CENTURY 58

25th CENTURY (58)The sky was the dark from the morning. 'It will rain'. The children had not seen rain, didn’t went out from the cave, stopped by the entrance....

Unknown5790Nov 2008
Come back to me

Come back to meCome back to me When your run is finished when the crush is over Come back to me When the passion is drained And the lust is vanished Comeback w...

bollywood5282Nov 2008Nov 2008
My experience with dating sites

My experience with dating sitesOne thing I like is I can write a blog before I quit. As I read different profiles it seams that the least popular thing to mention is God in someones...

Unknown3962Nov 2008Nov 2008
She is there

She is thereShe is somewhere inside me Deep inside in my feelings In the heart or in the soul I am walking, creeping towards inner me Haunted now sorrow that...

bollywood7953Nov 2008Nov 2008
A very different Thanksgiving than usual for me

A very different Thanksgiving than usual for me.All my life, no matter if it was when my parents were still together or after they devorced, or when my mother and I had no money and our electricty w...

Unknown4942Nov 2008Nov 2008

IronicI admit that I got on this site just to put my pic up and see what happened. I have never been very confident about my physical appearance, but enjoy...

Dawn7z1,0764Jul 2008Nov 2008

Christmas Eve at the pearly gates. JokeThree single men were out partying on Christmas Eve and die in a fatal car crash. They are met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. "In honor of thi...

JimNastics1,5341Nov 2008Nov 2008
Loney Turkey Day

Loney Turkey DayHello fellow singles, as another Turkey Day comes and goes I find myself all alone again! But this time even worse, my daughters flew off to Texas to...

Unknown3800Nov 2008
When beauty meet the beast

When beauty meet the beastIf Life were only like a fairy tale And I was the handsome prince Where the castles flew up on the clouds And he birds would always sing Even I...

bollywood5381Nov 2008Nov 2008

sicko!!i had the awesomest party last night lol drank like a fish and now like every other time i have drank heaps i am regreting drinking as much as i did...

Unknown5391Nov 2008Nov 2008

My Turkey of a True StoryI'm not sure what percentage of you have ever seen a live turkey up close, but here in New Jersey (NJ), USA, we have a lot of wild ones. No, they don...

JimNastics6610Nov 2008

GOATEE'S DEVOTION OF THE DAYMatthew 12:30 He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters. ((32)) Anyone who speaks a word against me will be for...

Unknown4940Nov 2008

IfIf wishes were horses I want to be that fool to ride on them if the horses take me to you If love is blind i would love to be one forever as I...

bollywood6384Nov 2008Nov 2008

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