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Just Another Day In Northern Michigan

Just Another Day In Northern MichiganWell,it has snowed yet again and it's almost the middle of April,but i guess it's to be expected in the great Northern Michigan LOL .So anyway,I'm si...

Unknown4500Apr 2008
A new beginning

A new beginningThings tend to change after a while, even when trying so hard to keep the same routine. People that try to stay away from a curtain scene so long (rea...

Unknown6860Apr 2008
Feeling human again

Feeling human again!As with all illnesses, there eventually comes a turning point, a line that once crossed is a clear indicator you are feeling better. For me, that happ...

Unknown8232Apr 2008Apr 2008
Unknown4180Apr 2008
Lovers Alone Wear Sunlight

Lovers Alone Wear Sunlight"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give -- which is everything."...

Unknown8532Feb 2008Apr 2008
My POV Part 3

My POV Part 3Now before I make my next statement, and all the"tree hugger's"start turning cartwheels, let me say that globally if we had 0% emissions in this count...

Unknown6431Apr 2008Apr 2008
My POV Part 2

My POV Part 2Now, lets over simplify.... Ok; some more. War & Money: We are stuck now, if we roll out, Iran (Russia, China which ever is the one pulling their...

Unknown6161Apr 2008Apr 2008
My POV Part 1

My POV Part 1First let me just say, before I get started with my option on these topics. I don't host a radio show, nor am I a talking head on T.V, we know how qu...

Unknown5091Apr 2008Apr 2008
Unknown5072Apr 2008Apr 2008
Letting it all hang out

Letting it all hang outI hit submit at the very moment I decided the poem said too much and not enough and anyway, people prefer pretty frothy word sundaes in the forums so...

Unknown7084Apr 2008Apr 2008
The Dream Of America

The Dream Of AmericaIn the course of history, liberty has been a dream, a flame, if you will, throughout mankind. This concept of liberty, that the majority of Americans...

Unknown6681Apr 2008Apr 2008
You know spring has sprung when

You know spring has sprung whenYou are haveing fied "cresees" with green onions....

Unknown5442Apr 2008Apr 2008
Kissed by a rose

Kissed by a rose.Well..Yesterday was the first day ive been happy in along time. I finished college yesterday at 2:30PM and decided to go to town for a while with a...

Unknown1,0581Apr 2008Apr 2008

RandomPeople of the earth, As I sit a little to far back in my chair, I begin to stare a hole in the ceiling, wondering about things in life. I ca...

Unknown5060Apr 2008

AbandonedReaders, Another month has gone by. The count down is at 1 week now. 1 week until I get to go home. Now Im packing up all the little things I...

Unknown4910Apr 2008
A history of love

A history of loveReaders, let me tell you why I wanted to come here. Why I wanted a break form my everyday life. A history if you will, of loves past. My love, and...

Unknown4810Apr 2008
Anything to be Loved

Anything to be Loved...At what point does love of oneself manifest itself? I really don't think I've ever had that, and I know that if I did, I wouldn't be feeling like suc...

Unknown6095Apr 2008Apr 2008
Writing Your Epitaph

Writing Your EpitaphIt’s past midnight and I just hit that mid-life recharge. You know what I’m talking about; that point where the meaning of you life has been once aga...

injuneer2,0811Apr 2008Apr 2008
i tried and i think i succeeded

i tried and i think i succeededI got on this site thinkin i was going to meet someone.Well i think i might have succeeded because i had a beutiful lady e-mail me and i think i reall...

Unknown6871Apr 2008Apr 2008
What has happened to our society

What has happened to our society?Wow has anyone looked around lately at the news or at everything? I mean my goodness everything is changing so much. I don't believe there are any g...

Unknown6081Apr 2008Apr 2008
Are You Being Served

Are You Being Served?We the people of these United States have suffered through much over the past years. Everything from high ranking officials that not only ignore our...

injuneer1,5470Apr 2008
Life is for Living

Life is for LivingI am new to this site. Hoping to meet a lady friend here. So ladies b kind to me and u will have my respect. Don b shy leave me a message and I will r...

Unknown6020Apr 2008
Just a little bit

Just a little bitI'm just a little bit nervous to be trying to meet the right man for me on line. I'm just a little bit shy and I have been hurt enough for 20 lifetime...

Unknown6193Apr 2008Apr 2008
I am feeling very grumpy

I am feeling very grumpy!and it has nothing to do with my health. Sometimes people say incredibly negative and provocative things which can be guaranteed to stir up discord...

Unknown7583Apr 2008Apr 2008
lovely Letter from war

lovely Letter from warJuly 31, 1918 My Dearest Mary, Well, I have had another letter from you since I wrote last. This one was dated June 30. It takes about that mu...

Unknown6003Apr 2008Apr 2008
My problem

My problem....1-Met a beautiful woman on-line 2-Wowed her with e-mail and pic.. 3-Met her in person... 4-Knocked her out on first date... 5-Stayed in touch via...

Unknown7703Dec 2007Apr 2008
Sending Michael Vicks to jail

Sending Michael Vicks to jailI was looking through my facebook this am and had a notification to join the cause of sending Michael Vicks to jail. Also the cause, if you haven't he...

Unknown5712Sep 2007Apr 2008
amber if you still read the blogs

amber if you still read the blogsamber i would like to email you, there is still some of us that do feel the way you do, if you see this messeage,email me at

Unknown5360Apr 2008
A long moment looking outward so in two parts

A long moment looking outward so, in two parts!I am more and more aware that at the moment I need to keep my focus on myself and direct my energies to surviving and healing. I am just one, of ma...

Unknown6781Apr 2008Apr 2008
From here to infinity

From here to infinityCruising throu the innumerable pages of forums, blogs, profiles...all seem to point in the same direction. An unfulfilled need to communicate. Livi...

Unknown5610Apr 2008
Being 26 and Single

Being 26 and SingleIt's so difficult to be single in your 20's. I'm 26, and I've probably been single for a grand total of 5 years since I turned 20. Since I was 21,...

Unknown6256Apr 2008Apr 2008
Im Frustrated Again

Im Frustrated!!..Again!Why do i have to be so confusing at times?? I Don't get what is with me thesedays, i think i told you about the guy i like from college and we're r...

Unknown1,1092Apr 2008Apr 2008
Winding down the days

Winding down the daysI'm at that point in my recovery from an illness where the brain is aware and on the move and the body can't quite keep up. I have no patience with my...

Unknown5060Apr 2008
Moving To Florida

Moving To FloridaHey all....I am moving to Florida this upcoming weekend April 12th, I am looking for some good friends. I don't know anyone down there yet, just maki...

Unknown5470Apr 2008
72 hours later

72 hours later...The only remnant of my discomfort - suffering seems such a big gaudy word for a relatively minor procedure but man, I suffered - is two small pale pin...

Unknown8112Apr 2008Apr 2008
A girls happyness

A girls happynessi have no idea y...but when i try to have a relationship with a good girl alot tend to say im "perfect" or "your to good to b true"... im no ...but i...

Unknown5662Apr 2008Apr 2008

SkeptikosWhat do you do when nothing's fun, when you've tried all kinds of ineffective psychotropic drugs, when you rely on alcohol, when you are afraid to loo...

Unknown5513Mar 2008Apr 2008
Team Penning

Team PenningSo this years horse season is about to start up. Once again I'm trying something new that has a moderate chance of killing me. It's going to be a blas...

Unknown5371Apr 2008Apr 2008

CINCINNATI THOUGHTSJust sitting here in cinsnasty, ohio and wondering if there's anyone else out there who's getting sick and tired of being blamed for all the racial pr...

Unknown4952Mar 2008Apr 2008

CheatingSay you are married and your spouse cheats on you. Would you be mad at your spouse or the other person more, and could you forgive or trust your spous...

Unknown6983Apr 2008Apr 2008
My I ching for today

My I ching for todaySun: Loss, In this period, you must try to eliminate all which is superficial in favor of what is essential. You must not consider this as a loss as...

Unknown1,1000Apr 2008
Cat Magnet and dreams

Cat Magnet and dreamsI sat on the steps beside a feral cat this morning. She purred and leaned against me, making kneading motions with her paws. She rubbed her face ac...

Unknown4970Apr 2008

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