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ScientologyI just want to know how someone can believe in Scientology, knowing how mentally disturbed the founder was, documented, and knowing that he created th...

Unknown7454Feb 2008Feb 2008
some thoughts

some thoughtsthreads of memories in my mind, like the echoes of a long forgotten dream, the bridge across forever, they fall to the floor, enveloped in a coccoon o...

Unknown7043Feb 2008Feb 2008

SecretSecret I would pretend to be your secret admirer but we both know how badly that would fair--some wag would expose our love letters,...

Unknown7770Feb 2008
Let your light shine

Let your light shine!You are all dancing lights in the infinite firmament of God... Each one of you twinkles & radiates as the stars in the heavens do....

4MaryB7510Feb 2008
Favourite Songs of the week

Favourite Songs of the week...My Favourite Songs of the week from the Top100 Basshunter - Now You're Gone Leona Lewis - Keep Bleeding Alicia Keys - No One Lenny Kravitz - I'l...

Unknown6420Feb 2008
Writing a creative profile

Writing a creative profile....Just for a change I wrote a creative profile.... For Sale or Rent **Male - English Design & Build** Mileage - MidUpper 30's, 99.9% on Foreign Soil*...

Unknown6390Feb 2008
For My Brother my friend

For My Brother, my friendon this day 11 years ago you were put in the hospitial. 3 days latter i had to pull the plug on you. and we had to put you back in the ground on...

Unknown5832Feb 2008Feb 2008
The King

The KingI am a Stephen King fan. Let me be trite and throw it on the table. I'm his #1 fan. Not that creepy, lock you in a room and stick a hypo in your a** f...

Unknown2594Feb 2008Feb 2008
searching for a woman

searching for a womanhi everyone. im looking for a woman in my area and if der is drop me a line...

Unknown5660Feb 2008


Unknown7884Feb 2008Feb 2008

hihi any girls from cork ireland...

liverpool8020Feb 2008
The Hedgehog Song by the Incredible String Band

The Hedgehog Song by the Incredible String BandI'm not the kind to complain That I never had a girl to love. Many a fine girl I tried hard to know, But I think I never tried enough. Sitting o...

wildgoose061,4191Feb 2008Feb 2008

ATNAATNA means all talk, no action. so many people i have met are this way. why? people don't mean what they say or do what they say. when i moved f...

bobbyb786770Feb 2008
In the Moment

In the MomentThere is a point on my drive home where traffic gets backed up. No apparent reason, it just slows, then stops and creeps along at the pace I think of...

Unknown3890Feb 2008
I come here to hide

I come here to hideSo I've come here from another site. Running from a mess that I have created. In my enthusiasm and innocence, I did not see what was right in front...

Unknown2914Feb 2008Feb 2008
Falling in Love

Falling in LoveEvery now and then I encounter someone in the forums and a turn of phrase, a dry humour, catches at the shirt tails of my soul as it drifts by. tugs t...

Unknown5241Feb 2008Feb 2008
Isnt Love Unkind

Isn't Love Unkind?Im Moaning Again I Know, Im Sorry...I just couldn't hold this back any longer..Hey!?, im sure they guys that look at my profile will want to know abou...

Unknown9035Feb 2008Feb 2008
Do something Different However Small Everyday

Do something Different, However Small Everyday!Its amazing the way life works out never quite the way you imagine. How many of us in the stupor of youth have planned out our life with that tickle...

Unknown5534Feb 2008Feb 2008
Children shouldnt be here

Children shouldn`t be here !!!!!Don`t say your lookin` for a relationship when in fact you just want to toy w/a mans heart so grow-up girls or go home....

Unknown6805Feb 2008Feb 2008
Furball has been re homed

Furball has been re-homed.And I am feeling quite sad. he grew from a little scrap of fluff with blue eyes to a sleek predator with golden eyes ringed with eyeliner like an exot...

Unknown7126Feb 2008Feb 2008
What is there to do

What is there to do?I found this wonderful guy that i am dating and he means a lot to me. But i think that he will leave me but then he tells me i have to stop thinking t...

Unknown8932Feb 2008Feb 2008
Strange things swimming in my tea

Strange things swimming in my teaThis morning I am having a cup of PG tips tea with milk, the first since the fast, and it tastes incredibly good. I have always been ambivalent about...

Unknown5321Feb 2008Feb 2008
Food for Thought Relationships

Food for Thought...RelationshipsTo All I have Loved: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for...

Unknown5781Feb 2008Feb 2008
A Letter From God About Women

A Letter From God About WomenWhen I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke them into being. When I created man, I formed him and breathed life into his nostrils. But you, woma...

Unknown5773Feb 2008Feb 2008
LUST Method Part 2

LUST Method-Part 2(3) Selfless Giving The person whom you’re spiritually connected is so appreciative of you that he’ll willing share every part of his life with you....

Unknown7651Feb 2008Feb 2008
new states is born KOSOVO

new states is born - KOSOVOFor 100 years kosovo peoples was in war with serbians ,but now we are free and indipendent ,thanks god ,KLA ,USA and EUROPE.What do you think about th...

Unknown1,1454Feb 2008Feb 2008
The Secret of True love

The Secret of True loveBefore we can discuss the secret to true love, you must understand that true love is a gift that has to be valued and nurished. It's not something tha...

4MaryB8923Feb 2008Feb 2008
I Actually Passed

I Actually Passed...Holy crap!!...Im actually not complaining about my none existant love life or how many boyfriends ive had and how many have been tossers... Well t...

Unknown9023Feb 2008Feb 2008
The Day That You Love Me

~ The Day That You Love Me ~It caresses my dream, the smooth murmur of your sighing. How life laughs, if your black eyes look at me. And if it is mine the shelter of yo...

4MaryB8882Feb 2008Feb 2008
The flu conspiracy

The flu conspiracyAs I write this, I am sick. Some might blame it on the weather, but that is just a convenient cover. Every year the World Health Organization crea...

Unknown6683Feb 2008Feb 2008
My own demise

My own demise.Yes. I’m ugly on the inside too. There’s nothing innocent left. It’s gone. There’s no tenderness. My heart has hardened. No, it’s not because some ma...

Unknown80710Feb 2008Feb 2008
PC has gone way to far

PC has gone way to far:PC has gone way to far: It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, 'Merry Christmas' to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready t...

Unknown6110Feb 2008
The hypocrisy of transformation

The hypocrisy of transformation.I’m finding it very difficult to change from a bad person to a good person. I really didn’t think it would be this much of a challenge to become the...

Unknown9906Feb 2008Feb 2008
Needy people

Needy people.Well I'm now in Russia and feel much happier than the last three month stint because I have three new teachers, two of which are young guys who are gr...

Unknown6771Feb 2008Feb 2008
Stupidest Day of the year

Stupidest Day of the year.Im Not being grumpy before anyone says anything lol!. Okay why is it the most stupidest day of the year?, Its valentines day and ive lost count of...

Unknown9727Feb 2008Feb 2008
Spring follows winter

~ Spring follows winter ~Just as spring follows winter, so our desolate times are often followed by a spring-like breakthrough, when God's love and presence warms us and gener...

4MaryB7591Feb 2008Feb 2008
How to Make a Women Happy

~How to Make a Women Happy~It's really not difficult... To make a woman happy; a man only needs to be: 01. a friend 02. a companion 03. a lover 04. a brother 05. a f...

4MaryB92211Feb 2008Feb 2008
you will all like this

you will all like this.TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they we...

Unknown6513Feb 2008Feb 2008
TABOO Younger Woman and Older Man

TABOO...Younger Woman and Older ManWhy is it that is OK (SOCIALY ACCEPTABLE) for mature Woman to date or have relationship with younger (then Her) Man and IS NOT OK for Mature Man to da...

zoranova1,5509Jan 2008Feb 2008
It could be food allergies

It could be food allergies!I avoid doctors. It seems to me they all carry a scalpel in their back pocket and whip it out as a first resort rather than exploring other methods....

Unknown7431Feb 2008Feb 2008

violinLove is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever....

4MaryB6780Feb 2008
A day of love Totally cool

A day of love! Totally cool!I think it was last week that I asked CS members for suggestions for my V Day show, they responded with a selection of love songs that rivalled the ho...

Unknown8101Feb 2008Feb 2008
Wonderwoman: "5 Classy Ways to Go Bra Free"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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