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DO I REALLY NEED A REASON TO ASK FOR PRAYERS?With so many events, wars, threats, illnesses, so much going on in the world, I thought that my prayers can make a difference, but if we all pray it c...

Unknown3842Mar 2007Mar 2007
here i go

here i goi am happy now why do you choose to call me now its been 7yrs since you have been gone you choose not to be in our life so dont call and cry that...

Unknown7221Mar 2007Mar 2007

*smiles*somehow...each day goes by...and we are still us. some of us come and go...and others seem to be stuck here, by choice or by compulsion... i love...

Unknown3134Mar 2007Mar 2007
Strange thing emotions

Strange thing... emotions!Well, I didn't realize I even had a blog on this website. Pretty cool. I have been in contact with a very special guy I met on here. He makes me laugh...

Unknown1,6072Mar 2007Mar 2007
the past comes rushing

the past comes rushing...every now and then...something happens that brings the old days slamming into the here and a mack truck splatting on a concrete embankment....

Unknown3060Mar 2007
mexicans speaking english chinese guys morons

mexicans speaking english, chinese guys, & morons.-- this is right from my myspace page -- first of all i had to figure out what the hell time it was. i have like 5 clocks in this house and they a...

Unknown1,7270Mar 2007
Today was interesting

Today was interestingWeird threads and posts all over the place. Many removed. But, I also was made to feel good about myself by a special person. I was checking into C...

Unknown5158Mar 2007Mar 2007
Lifes Philosophies

Life's PhilosophiesNow this must come across everyone's mind, but its rarely discussed beyond a certain extent. To ask yourself the meaning of life is like asking the sq...

Unknown1,2368Mar 2007Mar 2007

Sunday ...Personally, I dislike Sundays. Saturdays are much better, in fact, I propose that every day be Saturday :) Sundays serve to remind me that Monday i...

Unknown2,0980Mar 2007
Musings of a drama queen

Musings of a drama queen ...I love blogs A blank space in which to write about anything you choose. As someone who considers themselves a lover of words, this appeals to me on m...

Unknown1,8170Mar 2007
Musings and ponderings

Musings and ponderings...Sound - thumps in my ears as I contemplate the nature of my own demise. Will I seal my own fate by inaction or by movement too soon? What if I fail?...

Unknown5386Mar 2007Mar 2007
Wildness has her own CS Blog

Wildness has her own CS Blog.....I knew that when i joined CS that i would open new doors not only in my relationships and dating but wow i have now come to love all that the creators...

Unknown1,7044Mar 2007Mar 2007
4MaryB: "you will find my heart "(meet us in the ecards)

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