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INSPIRED BY YOU!I am going away, far away, to a distant land.... Where the future is filled with promise.... A land, I have known all my life yet, have o...

Unknown7773Aug 2007Nov 2007
A Play

A Play??There are to many actors on the worlds stage. Too many players, making love a false game. Roles aren't defined by what you have got but refin...

Unknown9151Nov 2007Nov 2007
The Actual Definition Of Love

"The Actual Definition Of Love..."Throughout recorded history - an enigma has haunted some of the greatest minds that the world has ever known... It is a mystery that has plagued t...

Unknown9690Nov 2007
Sinus Infection

Sinus InfectionThis has been by far the worst year ever for sinus infections for me. I've had one now going on about two months, which is insane. Being that I don't...

Unknown8584Nov 2007Nov 2007
Creative Writing Expressing My Feelings

Creative Writing: Expressing My Feelings..."The Dream"... "I awoke from a deep sleep, and found her there, her body resting gentley on top of mine..." She traced the contours of my face...

Unknown6660Nov 2007
my life

my lifei would like to thank you for all the photo rating's i am going to have weight loss surgery, for health reason's. i love all my family, and friends,...

Unknown6631Nov 2007Nov 2007
Going in the same direction

Going in the same directionYou ever have something you know you need but not too sure if you want. I look at life and I see a lot of things I need but actually having them is a...

Unknown7070Nov 2007

TG DAYHey out there Anyone out there who wants to invite me over for TG day , im all in for it. Any takers...

Unknown6600Nov 2007
Sandy Blonde 5 might cheat on me

Sandy Blonde #5 might cheat on meSo I found myself facing and straightening the shelves tonight right away. Supervisor #1 is still sick so they put "V" on with me. He's a 25 year old...

Unknown6071Nov 2007Nov 2007
saying meaning claiming and doing caring being

saying, meaning, claiming and doing, caring, beingSAYING, MEANING, CLAIMING AND DOING, CARING, BEING ARE 2 DIFFERENT THINGS It's easy to tell what's important and to who All you have to do is look...

Unknown5131Nov 2007Nov 2007
A cat may look at a king

A cat may look at a king...Actually cats do anything they like, rule the roost, train their humans, plot the domination of the world (oh no, that's the mouse called Brain, cats...

Unknown7661Nov 2007Nov 2007
The returning

The returningI all but left this site. I haven't been on for a long time. And well for good reason. I saw no point in it. But still I checked in to chat with the f...

Unknown5600Nov 2007
Having a really bad day

Having a really bad day.... I really hate days like this .. I need a hug.....

Unknown8846Oct 2007Nov 2007

NEW HEREWhats up guys Im new here! Say hi or send an email to me if you would like :)...

Unknown9046Oct 2007Nov 2007
what do i do

what do i do??i went to thailand for twu wees on the 8th of october and whilst over ther went and stayed on phi phi island.. whilst on that island i met a thai guy...

Unknown7212Oct 2007Nov 2007
Hello People Im New Here

Hello People!!! I'm New Here....Hello people!! i'm new here and I would like to get to know a few people on here.... I would like to chat and e-mail for now then maybe something more...

Unknown6323Nov 2007Nov 2007
An Unpredictable Life

An Unpredictable LifeYesterday i was consoling a woman who had lost her husband of 43 years to three inoperable brain tumors.. She would break down every few seconds b...

Unknown6011Nov 2007Nov 2007
life goes on

life goes onSometimes I feel its in the stars for me to find someone. I don't want to get married again;I just want that special someone to spend time with. Bu...

Unknown7861Nov 2007Nov 2007
60 answer survey

60 answer survey60 honest answers 1. Where is the last place you held hands? on my couch 2. If you were drafted into a war, would you survive? with what our...

Unknown8611Sep 2007Nov 2007
survey with odd questions

survey, with odd questions1. What is your best friend's Dad's name? i have no idea 2. What body part(s) do you love? bellybuttons(on girls) 3. Top Gun or Flashdance? To...

Unknown8893Aug 2007Nov 2007
does a lady like a man in uniform

does a lady like a man in uniform?????all the ladies out there in the world,tell me this why cant i find a lady, i think it must be my job!do girls not like a guy in uniform?who knows, i t...

Unknown1,3583Apr 2007Nov 2007
above the depths

above: the depthsthe smashing wavelenghts got it out for me endearing all of the trecherous infamy you like it rough when the shadows and the shapes make your body...

Unknown5850Nov 2007
has anyone

has anyonei just thought it b interesting if anyone has actually found someone tht they have dated on this site......

Unknown85011Nov 2007Nov 2007
For Lost Love

For Lost LoveHear the weeping willows cry for love that could not be. Hear the weeping willows cry for taking you from me. One day we will be together in that pl...

Unknown6000Nov 2007

newam new here, n,yone to tell me if the site is gud?...

Unknown2101Nov 2007Nov 2007
Does anyone remember

Does anyone remember?Well it's, 07.15 in the morning here in the lowlands, and I woke up hearing Roger Daltry's - without you're love. Long time since I've heard it, and a...

Unknown8901Sep 2007Nov 2007
I love my car too

I love my car too...I just wondered when I walked to my car this morning. Not only did - what only could have been a pterodactyl - crap on the roof of my German tank, but...

Unknown7651Sep 2007Nov 2007
the last supper

the last supperin the mist it is clear how can it be one the thoughts range from a spectrum of absolutes how can it you've got the most amazing eyes you see rig...

Unknown5760Nov 2007

odeit's been days, you're smile still radiates, passing love through my thoughts for 1300 days. oh my, how did you be so beautiful? I am so proud of al...

Unknown7861Nov 2007Nov 2007

heylooking for women to come to kingman arizona usa to have some fun not to good with words so lets get-r-done!!!!!!...

Unknown6140Nov 2007
Happy Bloggins Blog yer heart out people

Happy Bloggins/Blog yer heart out peopleComputer back up again Wow, I really missed my bloggins. I have been off work last night and tonight and I must say I got a lot done without the c...

Unknown4700Nov 2007
one good man

one good mani have been on here for a while now and no one has contacted me i have had a lot of lookers dont no one want to date anymore or want a good woman that...

Unknown8801Nov 2007Nov 2007
that didnt take long

that didnt take longso im at the point now where ive already messaged every girl on here who i would mostly likely be remotely interested in. does anyone know any othe...

Unknown9134Nov 2007Nov 2007
hey everyone

hey everyoneHey, I would like to appologize for my other blog. I just had been looking for someone on this site and noone is online when I pick somone. I can't...

Unknown6010Nov 2007
Rebuilding a life observations

Rebuilding a life observationsGood evening and welcome to the show. you will come to find I am not blessed with the eloquence that a lot of people seem to have naturally withing t...

Unknown3031Nov 2007Nov 2007
Dream Chatter

Dream ChatterThere are times, in the night, when my bones whisper through my dreams that they will break. The tension is too much and if I don't let go, they will...

Unknown6980Nov 2007
the sorrow has ended

the sorrow has endedjohnny kill told me a few secrets in a conversation with god. A call that was private was littered other filter noise. the prose must stay because w...

Unknown8161Nov 2007Nov 2007

Someday...A random list of things I'd like to someday accomplish, discover or observe... Someday… Someday, I’m going to buy a small kitchen sink to pack...

The_Kansan8630Nov 2007
Its really disgusting

It's really disgusting ...........Why is it that it is ok for a woman to look for little boys, but if a man is interested in a younger woman, he is a dirty old man..? You can't have it...

Unknown9389Nov 2007Nov 2007
connecting singles

connecting singlesconnecting singles does enyone ever connect not so sure...

Unknown7962Nov 2007Nov 2007
Why does it seem noone is here

Why does it seem noone is hereIt just seems that I'm going to have to find someone that lives really far away in order to find someone. Every one I have sent a message to isn't r...

Unknown7182Nov 2007Nov 2007
Little boys

Little boys!Just wanna say to the little boys who deliberately rate down other boys photo`s...if you get caught,you`ll have to stay behind after school!!...

Unknown7046Nov 2007Nov 2007

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