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Here n stuff

Here n stuffWell in October a mate got me to join this site, I had happily been a member of another site living quite happily in the forums for about three years...

Unknown4060Dec 2007
My yin Finding My Other Half

My "yin" - Finding My Other Half.I believe that for every person out there, there exists at least one person who fits them as closely as can be "realistically" possible. For every "ya...

Unknown6753Dec 2007Dec 2007
Singles Dance at Grand Rapids MI wave

Singles Dance at Grand Rapids, MI :wave:Its time fishes...the Christmas Party is this Saturday at Westwood Ranch. In Grand Rapids, MI, Starts at 6 if your coming for dinner and 7:30 is the...

Unknown1780Dec 2007
My someone

My someone...I know someday I will find my someone, We'll lay together, Bask in the sun. I'll be strong, And he'll be stronger I stay long, He'l...

Unknown5401Dec 2007Dec 2007
aye all

aye allwell i kinda cant find da rite guy yet hehe its seems lots of guys lyke me wich is gd me plz!! i doh no who 2 choose hehe lurve shabi...

Unknown9083Dec 2007Dec 2007
God delivers

....God deliversIt is also clear in all of jobs troubles that it is human nature to blame people for their own troubles, but jobs story makes it clear that blame cann...

Unknown8166Dec 2007Dec 2007
my lesson part 2

my lesson part 2Well in June we found out i was big surprise. In aug. he finally commits and asks me out, about 2weeks later on my bday he asks me to mar...

Unknown5062Dec 2007Dec 2007
hey sexy ladies

hey sexy ladiesomg i mean i like girls n men :P so plz girls holla at me coz i onli got 1 girl :) luv shabin x...

Unknown7361Dec 2007Dec 2007
Winning the argument

Winning the argumentI very rarely venture into waters flavoured by politics or religion because those are two elements that turn the most enlightened into ravening dog pa...

Unknown7461Dec 2007Dec 2007

Faith.......Faith yes I agree In the book of Job There is a great example of faith.... One day the heavenly court went to present themselves to God and the ac...

Unknown5071Dec 2007Dec 2007

faithMany people think that believing in God protects them form trouble so when calamity comes they question Gods goodness and justice.But the message of J...

Unknown4931Dec 2007Dec 2007
To Be Chosen

To Be ChosenWhen I was a little girl attending elementary school I remember the disappointment when not being chosen to participate in activities. The teachers ha...

Unknown7303Aug 2007Dec 2007
My lesson

My lessonSo I just recently got out of a bad relationship. I had been on and off with this guy since my freshman year in highschool. We dated(officially) my wh...

Unknown5990Dec 2007
Never assssssume

Never assssssume.>>A man escapes from a prison where he's been locked up for 15 years. He >>breaks into a house to look for money and guns. Inside, he finds a you...

Unknown7984Nov 2007Dec 2007
Handy Dictionary to decipher Personals Ads

Handy Dictionary to decipher Personals AdsWOMEN'S ADS; 40-ish...................... 49 Adventurer....... Slept with all your friends. Athletic.................... No tits. Average loo...

Unknown7427Dec 2007Dec 2007
Can you send me an angel

Can you send me an angel?Sometimes I feel Like I don’t belong anywhere And it’s gonna take so long For me to get somewhere Sometimes I feel So heavy hearted But I can’t...

Unknown2,6071Dec 2007Dec 2007

SingingAnd shall we weave our magic here? Bespell with words all painting pictures, carving gentle bas relief against the sky with cloud trail telling sec...

Unknown6230Dec 2007
When We Dance

When We DanceIf we are to behold the spirit of death, We must open our hearts wide to the body of life For life and death are one, as the river and sea are one For...

Unknown5980Dec 2007
The Gardener

The GardenerFeel the Earth beneath your feet The warm Sun upon you face Slowly and deeply, breathe the fragrances Stoop, and with your fingers squeese the dirt .....

Unknown5750Dec 2007
A Tear Drop Fell

A Tear Drop FellA Tear Drop Fell When I first heard your voice, my spirit fluttered As if to have known you once before I loved your smell and breathed it sl...

Unknown5290Dec 2007

RelationshipsAre they as complicated As in olden days Are we as committed Or do we hold on to one Only to search for another Possibly better Is the grass...

Unknown5770Dec 2007
Evening at the Idle Hour

Evening at the Idle HourEvening at the Idle Hour One Friday, like addled magi bearing bribes, February brought a warm breeze, a sapphire sky. And to give th...

Unknown5980Dec 2007
Just a few words about Winter

Just a few words about WinterThis is not meant to be offensive - so sorry if it gets up anybodies "faith" nose - just somedays it feels god is just too big a part of the overall s...

Unknown6350Dec 2007

invisiblei really dont understand why i keep bathing and shaving and wearing clean clothes. it all really doesnt matter since those are things that are done t...

Unknown1,1773Dec 2007Dec 2007
Tim Hortons Sucks Way Bad

Tim Hortons Sucks Way BadWith the almost cult-like following that Timmy's has developed I have no choice but to personally boycott their coffee shops Forever!! The last str...

Unknown7832Dec 2007Dec 2007
A different kind of morning

A different kind of morningI woke up this morning thinking about sex. Not making love; all out raunchy, sweaty, pungent sex designed solely for the purpose of physical deli...

Unknown6070Dec 2007
What the furture has in store

What the furture has in store?Well today I was pretty miserable I gotta say. My hubby and I have just split up and I'm starting to miss things about him. Like the late night c...

Unknown6615Dec 2007Dec 2007
native american indian luxembourg

native american indian luxembourgthere a sweatlodge sauna in luxembourg and all night camping [email protected]

Unknown1190Dec 2007
Living on the edge of Forever

Living on the edge of ForeverSo many ways to connect and yet remain totally isolated. And the eerie knowledge that my words, my thoughts will continue bouncing around in cyber spa...

Unknown8381Dec 2007Dec 2007
The Good old days when Christmas was Christmas

The Good old days when Christmas was ChristmasWhy does Christmas bring all the saddest feelings Its a long time since I looked forward to Christmas, like I know I should. I am a Christian...

Unknown5750Dec 2007
Some Thoughts

Some ThoughtsJimi Hendrix When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace Jimmy Carter I have one life and one chance to make...

Unknown8100Dec 2007
The A B C of Friendship

The A B C of Friendship(A)ccepts you as you are (B)elieves in "you" (C)alls you just to say "HI" (D)oesn't give up on you! (E)nvisions the whole of you (even the u...

Unknown6720Dec 2007
Little Reminders For This Thing Called Life

Little Reminders For This Thing Called Life!Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only a s...

Unknown6190Dec 2007
Stages of a Relationship Enjoy

Stages of a Relationship..EnjoyIf you are ...........SINGLE Love is like a butterfly . The more you chase it , the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to yo...

Unknown5510Dec 2007
Decision time

Decision time.color=darkred]I hate making decisions, it's too difficult for somebody like me who doesn't want to let people down. I was a happy bunny living and...

Unknown7044Dec 2007Dec 2007

B HAPPY 4 MEI just wanted to say thankyou to everyone before I take my self off the available list. You see, I had been separated from my husband for almost 2...

Unknown1,3237Dec 2007Dec 2007
do these sites actually work

do these sites actually workim hust wondering do these sites actually work. has any1 out there got a success story ????...

Unknown6652Nov 2007Dec 2007
Sleeping Beauty er sleeping sweetie

Sleeping Beauty (er,,,,sleeping sweetie)trying to keep my eyes open sooooo tired This shift is kicking my booty. I overslept this morning and baby "A" didn't make it to school. I felt...

Unknown9012Dec 2007Dec 2007
hard to find some love

hard to find some love!!!!!hey why girls don't send me mail messages?...

Unknown7913Nov 2007Dec 2007
please come here and attention me

please come here ,and attention me!Hello, can you understand me? My name is kelly, a Chinese, wanted to find a life partner, this is my personal home page

Unknown4731Dec 2007Dec 2007
The decline and death of western civilization

The decline and death of western civilizationIn the whole vast configuration of geopolitics and political correctness I believe it was/is inevitable that all the principles western civilization (...

Unknown1,40710Apr 2007Dec 2007
need advice about a new puppy

need advice about a new puppy.i just got a new jack russell puppy, she is 12 weeks old. when i first got her she was very nervous and scared which i didnt worry much about because...

Unknown8046Nov 2007Dec 2007
Wavebox: "Bike ride"(meet us in the puzzles)

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