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True Colors

~ True Colors ~As of late with all the attacks, the fake profiles, the dissention in the forums,I took a break today. What did it prove? That even in my absence the...

Unknown5054Aug 2007Aug 2007
The Pointing Finger

The Pointing FingerYears ago I overheard someone say 'Whenever you point a finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you!' I immediately pointed (of...

Unknown8803Aug 2007Aug 2007
If you hate the topic

If you hate the topiclet it die! If you dislike an OP starve their thread by not posting. Let them make fools of themselves continually bumping themselves to the forefron...

Unknown9756Aug 2007Aug 2007
The First Time Weve Been Apart

The First Time We've Been ApartI wrote this the first time My girl and I were seperated for the first time. She only went to work, but still it played it's toll on me. I can hard...

Unknown3991Aug 2007Aug 2007
First thing in the morning

First thing in the morning.There is something eminently satisfying about a good, strong cup of tea. Part of it, for me, is the ritual. Warming the pot, measuring the leaves, p...

Unknown9463Aug 2007Aug 2007
Are we gods

Are we gods?Tell a caveman that we could see and talk to someone on the other side of the world in real-time and fly like a bird in the air and the caveman wouldn...

Unknown8891Aug 2007Aug 2007
Many Paths

Many PathsI sit here pondering and looking at all the directions around me. I see where I have come from and I seek what is ahead of me. Excitement builds...

Unknown7402Aug 2007Aug 2007
A question of religion kind of

A question of religion kind ofI've been told the only thing you can take when you die are your memories. Where does that information get stored? What if your lost your memory...

Unknown1,0596Aug 2007Aug 2007

PhotographersHello, New to the area and would love to meet other photographers, writers, journalists that know of scenic locations for photo shoots in the N.C., V...

Unknown7850Aug 2007
educating the soul

educating the soulTime to do some writing having now been on this site a week or so. so here goes. .....................wot' washes up on small beaches ?.......

Unknown7760Aug 2007
East Coast Morning

East Coast MorningSky lightens and turns to shades of lavender and blue with pink flushed clouds long before the sunrise. Across the heaving bosom of the sea a brazen p...

Unknown9201Aug 2007Aug 2007

Ramblesso i figured id make a blog. already use my myspace, but why not do another. i finally saw Pans Labyrinth a few days ago. i thought it was a kids m...

Unknown8200Aug 2007
A most popular name

A most popular nameWhat is it called when someone tells you to do something without pay and there is some sort of punishment for not doing it? I don't know but I do know...

Unknown1,0091Aug 2007Aug 2007
Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish forI have always wanted to do a late night radio show and now I am. Midnight till morning every Friday and it is both the most exciting and most frustra...

Unknown1,1031May 2007Aug 2007
A question of Selfishness

A question of SelfishnessAre you the kind of nice person that would give your last dollar to a person in need? To put it another way. Are you the kind of person that w...

Unknown8003Aug 2007Aug 2007
The tree does not fall far from the nuts

The tree does not fall far from the nutsI noticed the powerball is up to 300 million. It is one thing to think about what you might do with it, but quite another to actually get it. I mean e...

Unknown7832Aug 2007Aug 2007
Im considering starting a blog

I'm considering starting a you think that's a good idea? (This blog is going to be very interactive, as you can tell)...

Unknown4991Aug 2007Aug 2007
Looking in Georgetown KY

Looking in Georgetown , KYHello Everyone: I am pretty new to this site. I am from Georgetown, Kentucky, close to Lexington. I like to go to Avios, or any other bar that plays...

Unknown6260Aug 2007
Random stuff

Random stuffA medium number 1 with cheese at Burger King is $5.15 where I live. The cheese costs an extra 25 cents and anything extra costs. I ordered with no pic...

Unknown6981Aug 2007Aug 2007

A BIG HELLOHello I am fairly new on here and wanted to say hello. Where is all the thirties something single men in Georgia they seem to be shy. Give me a shout...

Unknown7171Aug 2007Aug 2007
To the Point

To the PointEver get to the point when your mind is constantly filled with so many thoughts you can't even focus on just one? Ever get so tired, yet you couldn't...

Unknown57713Aug 2007Aug 2007
Dinner at Waffle House

Dinner at Waffle HouseI was in the mood for a GREAT patty melt so I drove over to the Waffle House. I ordered the double TEXAS patty melt with hash browns and a $1.00 waff...

Unknown6340Aug 2007


Unknown81210Aug 2007Aug 2007
A touch of dialect

A touch of dialect.The 'bajan' dialect has a flavour of the Belfast accent to it and a cadence and rhythm all its own. I don't often write in dialect although in speech...

Unknown9641Aug 2007Aug 2007

PainSometimes, (in my opinion) pain is neccessary and should not be masked by medication or pride. I'm speaking both physically and emotionally. For ex...

Unknown4533Aug 2007Aug 2007
There is more to life

There is more to lifeOnce a busy mother of one, now down to none! Where has the time gone? My "child" will be 21 and the past few years, my focus has been on work. Empty n...

Unknown7400Aug 2007

HelloI am somewhat amuzed by personality. A person can behave an infinite amount of ways, but as it turns out, there are only a handful of ways that people...

Unknown9502Aug 2007Aug 2007
Pain free almost

Pain free...almost!Ahhhh! Bliss! The magic of massage and physical therapy is tangible. Or at least can be sensed and felt in the body and mind. For the first time in...

Unknown6890Aug 2007
Wet mildewed and miserable

Wet, mildewed, and miserable...The weather here is forcast to be rain, yet more rain, still more rain, and get out your Ark, it should have 5 fathmos under the keel rain, with worse...

Unknown8001Aug 2007Aug 2007
Tomorrow is doomsdays

Tomorrow is doomsdaysWell, it has been awhile since I have written, I have been busy with all the new men in my life, and WOW what a plethora there have been, all differen...

Unknown8662Aug 2007Aug 2007
Guide to Understanding The Opp Sex pt 3

Guide to Understanding The Opp. Sex pt.3Most women view: You want to know why men only like women who are skinny and into sex all the time. Why can't men just like women for who they are and...

Unknown9351Aug 2007Aug 2007
Painful thoughts

Painful thoughtsI don't want to go to work this morning. At nine I have an appointment. One more interview and audition to conduct and I don't feel like doing it. W...

Unknown9313Aug 2007Aug 2007
Random Thoughts

Random ThoughtsSometimes I feel like I will be alone for the rest of my life and it doesn't bother me too much. Other times, I feel so lonely and yearn for that spec...

Unknown7154Aug 2007Aug 2007
hello ladys

hello ladysany ladys out there from indy if so lets have fun...

Unknown9451Aug 2007Aug 2007
prince charming

prince charminghello ladies my name is dale and i'm a very sweet charming young man i know i'm not very attractive but i promise i'm as sweet as candy and i know h...

Unknown7811Aug 2007Aug 2007

SearchingFirst off I will like to say that I am not writing this to offend anyone, but I was searching the profiles of males in california. Believe it or not I...

Unknown8335Aug 2007Aug 2007
Another thrilling weekend

Another thrilling weekend......watching the grass grow and the dogs sleep. Did go out for a couple of short rides on my scooter both Saturday and Sunday - rained on both rides...

Unknown9421Aug 2007Aug 2007
A new low light

A new 'low light'...Just checked my email - got another THREE requests from women here to go join a site that has their naked pics and their cell phone numbers... Can'...

Unknown8451Aug 2007Aug 2007
Kiss Slowly

Kiss SlowlyLife is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made...

Unknown6684Aug 2007Aug 2007
My first blog and Im sure I will catch hell

My first blog and I'm sure I will catch hellI have not been a member on here long. Before I posted my first blog I wanted to get a feel of this site so I have read all the blogs and anything els...

Unknown6477Aug 2007Aug 2007
beautiful lady

beautiful ladyhi there beautiful lady all thought your not in muncie your not that far away i wish i could get to know you if i was given the chance i wouldn;t let...

Unknown8311Aug 2007Aug 2007
Sleep writing and Later half awake writing

Sleep writing and Later half awake writingThe morning will be silent except for the birds singing songs of worms abroad and plants uprooted. The water on the grass will keep the mowers and t...

Unknown7640Aug 2007
freebyrdflying: "Art Poster"(meet us in the puzzles)

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