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forum fights

forum fightswow, the ppl in the forums sure are scrappy. they seem to all be just itchin for a bitchin. i havent heard so many insults at once in a long time....

Unknown1,1117Oct 2007Oct 2007
Out of Seclusion

Out of SeclusionA few days ago I fled, there was an incredible build up of various stresses dealing with some health problems my mother was having; trying to 'manage'...

Unknown8533Oct 2007Oct 2007
Furball Diaries

Furball DiariesThe four legged whirlwind is still living in my apartment. He has grown, and gazes speculatively at me from his bright blue eyes, tinged at the cente...

Unknown8861Oct 2007Oct 2007
To love or not to love

To love or not to loveFinding love is one thing and deciding to love is another thing. When we are lonely, down and weary, we secretly vow to give our hearts to the next pe...

Unknown6723Oct 2007Oct 2007

SAD BURNINGS/PRAY FOR LIVES IN DANGERYesterday fires began all over southern California (very close to where we live but not us) because of at least one arson situation. The high winds...

Unknown7661Oct 2007Oct 2007
Feeling a little bit like Im wasting my time

Feeling a little bit like I'm wasting my time.Well I've been on this site for a little bit over a month and well I like the people here really awesome to talk to and all but I really feel like I'm...

Unknown9317Oct 2007Oct 2007
top ten faves Joy Joy

top ten faves (Joy Joy)What makes me happy, truly happy. They're not hard things either. They're things that are everyday surrounding us but in the day and age of cell pho...

Unknown7461Oct 2007Oct 2007
Mr date

Mr.dateSo I signed up, I thought why not, Iv done some crazy things, So how bad can trying to find someone on the interenet. Well alittle history, I have...

Unknown8396Oct 2007Oct 2007

HE WANTED FLOWERSsuch a night I cannot believe. The store was quiet at 3 a.m. In walks a guy on a cell phone, deep in conversation. He's looking, looking and asks su...

Unknown9332Oct 2007Oct 2007
Greetings all from Edmonton

Greetings all from Edmonton!Hey everyone, My name is Kent and I became a member on here yesterday. I am a 27 year old male living in beautiful Edmonton Alberta. I sell autom...

Unknown7341Oct 2007Oct 2007
Mean people suck a frozen turd a paycheck soothes

Mean people suck/a frozen turd/a paycheck soothesSo supervisor #1 says to me, come enjoy my lunch with me, we can share. She was nice to me all shift. She didn't curse hardly at all, checked on me...

Unknown8095Oct 2007Oct 2007
to hawk or not to hawk

to hawk or not to hawkso im trying to decide if i should keep my mohawk or not. i feel rather silly for being a guy my age with a mohawk but everybody keeps saying they li...

Unknown8290Oct 2007
Where the hec are your pics gentlemen


Unknown9324Oct 2007Oct 2007
Internet date mate or friend

Internet date, mate or friend?I made Some cartoons I made awhile back about some dating experiences from the internet. Here's one It hasn't been all bad. (much) I learned som...

Unknown1,3232Oct 2007Oct 2007
Life With A hop skip and hopefully a frisk

Life With A hop, skip and hopefully a friskThis will be my Virgin blog experience...the aim here is to meet new people, make friends and share any witty and amusing incidents! This isnt an add....

Unknown1,0874Oct 2007Oct 2007
chat rooms

chat roomswhere are yall yall not in no chat rooms what happened?...

Unknown9674Oct 2007Oct 2007
Test Drive

Test DriveThe drive to and from work is a mine of tiny miracles as long as I keep my eyes open. Not just 'on the road ahead' open, but bringing attention to th...

Unknown9510Oct 2007
Oh very very cool

Oh very very cool!The new blog format I mean, especially the preview feature and ability to post images. And I can underline stuff! and use italics or bold font , there...

Unknown8010Oct 2007
Everybody Congratulate ME

Everybody Congratulate ME!!!I have a job finally. I am a CNA at Timber Creek Rehab and Nursing Center in Pekin, IL. Hence the reason why I am not on alot! Talk to everyone later....

Unknown9159Oct 2007Oct 2007

PIZZA MINI SUPER HEROHere is big old me, 5 foot 4 inches tall, traveling through life worrying about things that should not be stressed over. Also, lamenting that life i...

Unknown8620Oct 2007

CouragePROBABLY, WE WILL never be able to determine the psychic havoc of the concentration camps and the atom bomb upon the unconscious mind of almost everyo...

wildgoose061,3400Oct 2007Oct 2007
Alien Encounter Part 3

Alien Encounter: Part 3The wheels of government turn soo slow. I am still waiting on approval to tell my story and you would not believe the amount of inner office paperwork...

Unknown1,0632Oct 2007Oct 2007
WHY do people do this

WHY do people do this??????So, uhhhh yeah, I can't seem to get off this job subject mainly because so many things have happened that I didn't even know people DID. I have to get...

Unknown1,1742Oct 2007Oct 2007
Furball Kitty Terrorist

Furball: Kitty Terrorist!Furball has discovered the fine art of hide and pounce. Of grab the foot and cling. Of attack from behind and make the human jump. Of run up the huma...

Unknown1,0353Oct 2007Oct 2007
Fridays Child

Friday's ChildFeeling crochety and grumpy on a Friday morning because I am awake. The telephone rang at 6:45 a.m. and Fridays I do my best to sleep until at least...

Unknown9952Oct 2007Oct 2007
tuesday not wednesday

tuesday not wednesdayla dee da, bored bored. one of those days when it would be awesome to have someone to be with. the fall is definently snuggle weather. so i got u...

Unknown9200Oct 2007
Man of Her Dreams

Man of Her Dreams.Do you believe in God,and feel His presence in your life,and more importantly, Like Adam in the Bible, does God feel it's not good for you to be alo...

Unknown1,0214Oct 2007Oct 2007
Nightshift MADNESS I do it for them

Nightshift MADNESS (I do it for them)What a loooonnnnng night shift it was tonight! But not boring by any means. This is what I get paid 10 bucks an hour for....and

Unknown1,0204Oct 2007Oct 2007
i know im not ugly or a bad man

i know im not ugly or a bad manman.. ive been trying this online dating stuff for a year.. no luck.. paid sites and free ones.. i know im not a bad lookin man.. would you women...

Unknown9067Oct 2007Oct 2007
Hi new to site like what I see so far

Hi - new to site - like what I see so far !Its so hard to find someone new. Pubs / Clubs are fun but not the best environment when you're 30+. Its even harder on a site like this as you guys...

Unknown9181Oct 2007Oct 2007
So what did you want to know

So what did you want to know?Go on - ask me anything! I'm like an open book....

Unknown6183Sep 2007Oct 2007

(((LOVE)))Hello to all! You can love and not be loved,and you can be loved and not love,you can love some one and they love you and it still not be true love,th...

Unknown8453Oct 2007Oct 2007
Theres no flowers in my vases

There's no flowers in my vases!There's no flowers in my vases, They all hold my laundry coins. Then here's my child 9 years old, not knowing that mommy is recently sad and feel...

Unknown1,0395Oct 2007Oct 2007
And then there were 3

And then there were 3..."This is my family. is little and broken, but still good...yeah, still good"~~From the movie LILO & STITCH Yep, a victim of divorce. Like my ex,...

Unknown9741Oct 2007Oct 2007
Is it my destiny to live alone

Is it my destiny to live alone?Do people believe that there exists your other half... and that in time, you will eventually meet in this world that can be very cold......

Unknown8799Oct 2007Oct 2007
The secret to a long life

The secret to a long lifeIs a day very long, when all you want to do is sleep? Is an hour very long, if you are getting a root canal? Is a minute very long, if you holding y...

Unknown9451Oct 2007Oct 2007
I want to whistle and skip

I want to whistle and skip!!!!!I am so happy... and its down to a wonderful guy I met here on CS!!! Hes all I could ever ask for!!! Anyways....this is for him!!! For My Bo...

Unknown1,0127Oct 2007Oct 2007
CRAZY Nightshift Blaaaaahggg

CRAZY Nightshift Blaaaaahggg.So I work now. I work grave yard shift (all night) in a 24 hour store with a pharmacy in it! After last night, I swore that some reality show was...

Unknown9261Oct 2007Oct 2007
Alien encounter part 2

Alien encounter part 2Sorry it has taken so long to write this next part. Firstly, because it terrifies me, and secondly, because I wasn't too sure I was allowed say anythi...

Unknown9545Oct 2007Oct 2007
Sweetiegirlz mail Being a single parent in the ho

Sweetiegirlz mail: Being a single parent in the ho1) ~Thou shalt not cry over anything that is not a crisis. *Your kid's health is a crisis, a fire is a crisis....if you don't have a date in a mont...

Unknown9633Oct 2007Oct 2007
Leaving in half an hour

Leaving in half an hourto go to work. The music is picked and programmed into the system; reviews are written and Furball is playing with a pencil on the floor. The night...

Unknown8020Oct 2007
Online Breakup Soap Opera

Online Breakup Soap OperaI am just going to give my input on the subject of breaking up. On another site, an Internet broke up yesterday. She posted his flaws all over on bl...

Unknown3694Oct 2007Oct 2007
Moon323232: "what you think about my profile"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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