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Why do so many TV shows have only the man wanting

Why do so many TV shows have only the man wantingYou know I was there when the "s*xual Revolution"and love, Sex and peace were popular. Now with all us baby boomers getting 50 and older does it stil...

Unknown1,3621Apr 2007Apr 2007

BettyBetty is a feline friend weighing in around 17 lbs. She is a black and white domestic short hair and a snuggly friend. Once in a blue moon a field m...

Unknown1,6771Apr 2007Apr 2007
just a poem

just a poemAnd then….she left. I lay-- still, confused, quiet- Missing her. Wanting her warmth, As she talked and said nothing- Wanting her lips,...

Unknown1,5105Apr 2007Apr 2007
Friends from other countries

Friends from other countriesI would like to meet/talk to people from other countries but am not quiet sure if there are somebody out there that has the same intrest as mee. I'm q...

Unknown1,5172Apr 2007Apr 2007

ScotlandHi any ladys from Scotland and lookinh for a 20 year old guy ?...

Unknown1,4883Apr 2007Apr 2007
A Childs Death My Parents And My I Love Yous

A Child's Death, My Parents, And My "I Love You's"This didn't start out as a blog. I wrote it in a letter to a friend when I needed someone to talk too. I decided to share it, simply because it may...

Unknown2,1842Apr 2007Apr 2007
Where are you Prince Charming

Where are you Prince Charming?I have so many people that tell me it shouldnt be hard for me to find someone. so why is it? im not desperate... i just have an urge im trying to sati...

Unknown1,4195Apr 2007Apr 2007
time for bush and his croneys to go

time for bush and his croney's to goit never ceases to amaze me that americans are so foolish and naive.. bill clinton gets head and they try to impeach him,,, bush lies, kills, steals,t...

Unknown1,6539Mar 2007Apr 2007
Tired of Being Alone Ready for some FUN

Tired of Being Alone, Ready for some FUNI'm past ready, have always been able and willing to meet and greet for possible friendship, love relations or long term commitment. I'm not a rush i...

Unknown1,2583Mar 2007Apr 2007

freedom!!?????????freedom is a reality! authority is an illusion. the amount of authority one person has over another is exactly equal to the amount of freedom one pe...

Unknown2,0331Apr 2007Apr 2007
want friends

want friendsI would like to meet new people and get to know them. So if you aree daring enough find me and talk to me....

Unknown1,1051Apr 2007Apr 2007
wanting feeback

wanting feeback......on my profile. I want to make it better. Any thoughtful suggestions will be appreciated....

Unknown1,2992Apr 2007Apr 2007
Quote of the day

Quote of the day.There are two dilemmas that rattle the human skull: How do you hang on to someone who won't stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?...

Unknown8672Mar 2007Apr 2007
How Advance we are

How Advance we areWe have solved so many big problems with the modern physics and medical but its petty that we couldnt solve the problem of sex. I think its the only i...

Unknown1,6682Apr 2007Apr 2007
whats the best science fiction film you ever seen

what's the best science fiction film you ever seenwhat's to really stopping all these science fiction films becoming reality ? did anybody ever see the matrix ? planets of the apes ? close encounters...

Unknown1,5215Mar 2007Apr 2007
survival tips

survival for survival when you find yourself in a horror movie.. Survival Tips: When it seems that you've killed the monster, never check to see if i...

Unknown1,3550Apr 2007

religion???????to quote former governer jesse ventura, "organized religion is a santuary for the weak minded". happy easter y'all........

Unknown1,8972Apr 2007Apr 2007

imus???????imus? funny?? anyone remember what happened to the greaseman????...

Unknown1,2750Apr 2007
is there any good girl i cant find any

is there any good girl,i cant find any?????I m tryin but i cant find a good, nice ,beautiful and understandin girl. Is there any girl who can be a good frnd??????...

Unknown1,2880Apr 2007
Do men appreciate women who love muscle cars

Do men appreciate women who love muscle cars?hey I'm no mechanic, not certified or nothing, but what I have learned I have learned from my father. I'm currently restoring a 1971 chevelle malibu....

Unknown1,2972Apr 2007Apr 2007

love.!???love- physical and mental attraction in the presence of emotional security.. and maybe, it just might get you laid!!!...

Unknown1,4891Apr 2007Apr 2007
HelloWe only have one life so make the most of it

Hello:We only have one life so make the most of itHi I am 45 and come to my daughter frequently in Delmar. I am looking to meet someone from her area. I am a caregiver for my parents so my time is imp...

Unknown1,1890Apr 2007
Chief Seattles letter to all people

Chief Seattles letter to all peopleChief Seattle, Chief of the Suquamish Indians allegedly wrote to the American Government in the 1800's - In this letter he gave the most profound unde...

Unknown1,1291Apr 2007Apr 2007

lovei love people all the world be nice ,honest good /funny .u ll get same...

Unknown1,2740Apr 2007
love love

love....loveim still waiting ,,,,, who trust is majic i hope i ll meet her here CONNECTING SINGLES .thanks...

Unknown1,0770Apr 2007
Nice Guy or a Bad Boy

Nice Guy or a Bad Boy ?Hello Ladies Question? Do you prefer A Nice Guy or a Bad Boy Can a guy be too nice? What is it about the Bad Boys?...

Unknown1,19110Mar 2007Apr 2007
do these sites really work

do these sites really work ?im a new member today and would appreciate some feedback from longer serving members as to how well this site performs,just need a little reassurance...

Unknown1,3773Apr 2007Apr 2007
New Member

New MemberHey Im a new member and Im looking for a nice girl to get to know. Im new to this internet dating and really just want a girl that isnt always play m...

Unknown1,2881Apr 2007Apr 2007
close to home

close to homeWhile watching the news last night, I am told about a 12yr old boy who has come up missing. The creepy thing is that he goes to the same school and ev...

Unknown1,2981Apr 2007Apr 2007

ThankyouI'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all you ladies for ignoring my personals ad. Because of this, I was able to spend another weekend by m...

Unknown1,4035Apr 2007Apr 2007
hey dis is joe

hey dis is joewho wants to talk who lives in the san bernardino california...

Unknown1,1560Apr 2007
so theres this gentleman

so there's this gentlemanthat I like ALOT and I have gotten REAL DEEP FEELINGS for and I anonymously told him about how much I care and adore him but the distance is a probl...

Unknown1,7754Mar 2007Apr 2007
hello people of world

hello people of worldis it hard to find love ,honesty,and to be what we are ?...

Unknown1,1970Apr 2007
Valentines Day Story

Valentines Day StoryAh yes February is for lovers. That special time of the year, where a man can get a dozen roses for $150, and a box of chocolates for $75. He works ha...

Unknown1,2872Apr 2007Apr 2007

pringlesif they're so good that you can't stop once you pop.......then why do they come in re-sealable packs?...

Unknown7762Apr 2007Apr 2007
March 10th

March 10thI was talking to one of the guys at work the other day, and asked him. If women have Valentines Day, what day do men have to celebrate. And he told me...

Unknown1,2590Apr 2007
The Rodeo Clown

The Rodeo ClownThe rodeo was in town for the weekend, and one of the clowns went partying with the locals. The following day, he was late for his act because he sle...

Unknown1,1760Apr 2007
Elevator Eticate

Elevator EticateWhen you are on an elevator, and another person gets on, why do they feel they have to say hello to you? Now if they say hello when they get on the el...

Unknown1,1684Mar 2007Apr 2007
Why I Am Here

Why I Am HereI have been single now for two months. Hooray! My last relationship didn't work out so well because we were too different, which is a shame because we...

Unknown1,1654Mar 2007Apr 2007

sun&'nt it funny how the same place can look like 2 different places after the rain?...

Unknown1,9171Mar 2007Apr 2007

TouchI feel you watchin' me With a hungry look in your eyes And my body reacts helplessly I am under your spell And you weave it so well Take me......

Unknown1,2431Mar 2007Apr 2007
Today kinda sucks

Today kinda sucksDreary and wet. Cloudy depressing. I am tired, cranky and just want to run outside and scream. Plenty of crap in my world and my mind today. I need a...

Unknown9556Mar 2007Apr 2007

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