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Strike up a conversation

Strike up a conversationIt seems that I hear alot of crying on here about not finding anyone. I guess some think that this is the only way to go, and get frustrated when i...

Unknown9523Sep 2007Oct 2007


Unknown8683Oct 2007Oct 2007
Been a month of nothing

Been a month of nothing...Even had a week's vacation, couldn't afford to go anywhere, and, franklly, wasn't interested. Asked a woman on here what she was doing this past we...

Unknown9841Oct 2007Oct 2007
Men that keep searching

Men that keep searchingIf you meet a really nice guy that really seems into you and gives you lots of attention. Why do I ofter find him on the dating site searching when h...

Unknown1,2708Apr 2007Oct 2007
Lets Adore Jesus Christ The King of Kings

Let's Adore Jesus Christ The King of KingsI just wanna invite people like you to be a worshiper. Jesus is loyal, trustful and powerful. All that I know is that He wants the best for You and f...

Unknown9793Jun 2007Oct 2007
A little poll

A little pollSome people you see while they are working you would never guess they go home and play video games. I'm just wondering. I play EQ2 and work as...

Unknown1,0392Oct 2007Oct 2007
Serious Relation

Serious RelationAm looking for a serious long term relation. Is there someone out there? Write to my mail box....

Unknown1,0363Oct 2007Oct 2007
Question for all of you guys out there

Question for all of you guys out there?I am trying to find out what turns a guy on about a girl other than the obvious of course. Can I get some feedback on this one. Please be specific wit...

Unknown4405Sep 2007Oct 2007

assumptionso my ex gf said that she needed time to think and that we would talk in september. so i waited 3 months and september has came and went and i never...

Unknown9996Oct 2007Oct 2007
Bringing up Baby kitten that is

Bringing up Baby (kitten that is!)I walked in to what was my bathroom twenty four hours ago to be faced with a wide pink grin, shiny blue eyes, white and ginger fur and a room I do not...

Unknown9412Oct 2007Oct 2007
kia ora females

kia ora femalesim young live in new zealand would a lovely forein gurl like to marry me ???? im open to suggestions...

Unknown3030Oct 2007
kia ora females

kia ora femalesim young live in new zealand would a lovely forein gurl like to marry me ???? im open to suggestions...

Unknown2650Oct 2007
Halloween remake whos seen it

Halloween remake ..whos seen itmeh...I was expecting more. Just rent the old ones id say. gotta love that theme music though. I kinda went just for that..yeah im weird...

Unknown9891Oct 2007Oct 2007
We Choose to Go to the Moon

We Choose to Go to the MoonThose who came before us made certain that this country rode the first waves of the industrial revolution, the first waves of modern invention, and th...

wildgoose061,2551Oct 2007Oct 2007
Oh happy day

Oh happy day---I can't beleive it, but i met the nicest man , we have been talkng on the phone for a week and also on the computer, __Well This time he called and as...

Unknown5291Sep 2007Oct 2007
Furball Update

Furball UpdateIt must be a law of Nature that the very young have really big voices. I spent all yesterday bouncing around bureaucracy of one sort or another tryin...

Unknown9940Oct 2007
Happiness vs Money

Happiness vs MoneyA thread in the forums on money and happiness triggered a landslide of memories for me. For most of my life money has been fairly irrelevant. If y...

Unknown9173Oct 2007Oct 2007

AssumptionsQuote From Signifying Songs: The Double Meaning of Black Dialect in the Works of George Washington Cable By Gavin Jones. The Tragic mulatto is a s...

nobody541,0260Oct 2007
Special Olympics

Special OlympicsYesterday was one of those days that I wait for all year. It was the 10th anniversary of the Special Olympics Equestrian Division of the Summer Games...

Verthandi1,0981Sep 2007Sep 2007
Just another day

Just another dayI'm not much of writer, but felt the urge to get something off my chest. I've been in chat rooms with nothing but "bots" they are called. Hardly an e...

Unknown1470Sep 2007

parkerim so perplexed by the in depth and authoritative demeaner i was almost scared to ask the question,but here it goes,,,, what is the meaning of life? i...

Unknown7710Sep 2007
Rescue of sorts at Dawn

Rescue (of sorts) at DawnWhen I walked out of the station this morning my heart missed several beats and it was nothing to do with arrhythmia and everything to do with the fa...

Unknown8773Sep 2007Sep 2007
January 6th 1957

January 6th 1957I am sure that some of you are wondering how TicTac was aborted when abortion was not legalized until Monday January 22 1973. She was aborted Sunday J...

nobody549540Sep 2007


Unknown3861Sep 2007Sep 2007
A kitten tale continues

A kitten tale continuesBoth my diminutive house guest and I slept through the night, warm and dry despite the blustery rain outside. Morning has arrived as it tends to, dai...

Unknown8521Sep 2007Sep 2007
Settling in

Settling in...It has been one week and a day. One week and a day of kisses, outside, come, sit, ouch!, good girl, that's enough, leave the cat alone or you're going...

Unknown7490Sep 2007
Birthdays and such

Birthdays and suchWell My birthday was last Sunday and I had a totally blast! My uncle, his girlfriend, and one of their friends took me out and got me drunk and such a...

Unknown7210Sep 2007
What does it mean to be human

What does it mean to be human.lets look up the word in the dictionary:Humando;meaning burying,dirt dust..and we have always raised the question in America..given the corporate gree...

Unknown6671Sep 2007Sep 2007
Fibs lies dreamers and other nonsense

Fibs, lies, dreamers and other nonsenseI'm starting to see the whole dating sites thing as kind of a joke in a way. Let's face it, people are shopping pure and simple. When you read their...

Unknown4353Sep 2007Sep 2007
View from the hill

View from the hillEvery day driving back from the station, whether it is a dawn run or just coming home on a regular weekday, I take the highway. Every day, heading no...

Unknown8521Sep 2007Sep 2007
Walking the dog

Walking the dogJust something about walking the dog, that's so relaxing. We usually head out of town a ways with no people around, so he can run around. I find relax...

Unknown1410Sep 2007
Can not be

Can not be?TicTac was aborted Sunday January 6th 1957 in a Biology Lab located in Opportunity WA. She survived! The Biologist allowed her to develop in a artifi...

nobody541,0050Sep 2007
I am just saying

I am just saying!Scott Peterson, convicted for murdering his pregnant wife and their unborn child, and sentenced to death, is receiving stacks of letters in jail, many...

nobody549630Sep 2007

GETTING HIGHThis my first ever blog.. I have read some of the blogs on here, and some of them are very good, and some are not so good. alot of the comments are...

areodine1,0691Sep 2007Sep 2007
Another sleepless night

Another sleepless nightI am in the second episode, of a yet unspecifically diagnosed illness.....last episode was about four months duration. last summer/fall ...this one is...

Unknown8448Sep 2007Sep 2007

TicTacI found TicTac Friday July 28 1978, at Mr. Lucky’s Truck Stop, in Baton Rouge La. The truck stop is located on I-110 exit 5, and US 190 W. US 190 cro...

nobody549260Sep 2007
What the bleep do you know

What the bleep do you knowWhat the bleep do you know, is a movie and the idea of quantum physics that a very close a friends mine shared with me 3 years ago before they died....

Unknown7220Sep 2007

Ladymagpie38Whatever hapened to ladymagpie38 i was just getting to begin to like her and her foreplay stories...

Unknown8930Sep 2007
last day of summer holidays

last day of summer holidayswell it started to rain at three am I was awake...and so were my boys. Both had nightmares they watched Terminator three at their dads... guess it was...

Unknown9141Sep 2007Sep 2007

ThinkingThe oil crisis began on Wednesday October 17,1973. I graduated High School Friday June 8th 1972. Riverview High School, Finley Washington. I went to w...

nobody541,0030Sep 2007
Searching for a Cork guy

Searching for a Cork guy!hello! Ia m looking for a guy that I meet in Budapest 6-8 th September. We stayed att the same hotell. He was in a group about 15 people from Cork...

Unknown8170Sep 2007
didnt have to

didnt have toWell i was very relieved that i didnt have to direct those shows. it turned out that Gerald didnt want to go to his class that night so he came in an...

Unknown8530Sep 2007
felixis99: "YOUR LIFE AS A MOVIE"(meet us in the forums)

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