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FeelingsI think ppl don't realize that they can truely hurt someones feelings. I gave my heart to someone and they totally did something that is hard to 4get...

Unknown1,0073Sep 2007Sep 2007


Unknown7970Sep 2007
A letter to my sister

A letter to my sisterI wrote this to my sister, whom died a year ago, on Sept. 5th. It is my way of dealing with the pain. It is in three it was too long to...

Unknown5074Sep 2007Sep 2007

WHEN THE TELEPHONE RINGS (page 2)They began grabbing the luggage from in front of the rooms & piling it on…not checking off from the rooming list and not marking down how many bags we...

Unknown4126Aug 2007Sep 2007
College life

College lifeCollege life is alot like people say it is, busy, fun and you meet alot of people. So far I have done very well. I have been geting positive feedback...

Unknown7440Sep 2007
Loss of socialization while at work

Loss of socialization while at workWell, today is a gloomy day for me. Overcast, and the wind is a fall chill. After working on the pipline, I have come to find that working on a rig i...

Unknown5400Sep 2007
Letter continued

Letter, continuedAs they say “life goes on”….it’s not the same life as it was before…but I try to keep myself positive. I have good days….a lot of good days. And I h...

Unknown4013Sep 2007Sep 2007
Take a look you never know

Take a look, you never knowHi everyone, single mon in Ct here looking for someone who I have that "special connection" with Not into games, someone who is seriously looking for...

Unknown7381Aug 2007Sep 2007
Superhero or Supervillain

Superhero or Supervillain???"It's a's a's..." your chance to tell us...if you could be a superhero or a supervillain what would your powers be? What would y...

Unknown8082Sep 2007Sep 2007
I got a new job

I got a new job!!!!!Will be starting a new job on 17th September in manufacturing for Georgia Pacific. It is a dream come true. I thank god for answering my prayers....

Unknown8311Sep 2007Sep 2007
Letter continued

Letter, continuedMore wishes and wants. I wish I had not been so indecisive and came to you long before I did. Maybe then, things would be different. If I had not b...

Unknown2960Sep 2007
September fourth

September fourthYeahhh! I am back at work now...summer off is sometimes too long for me...especially when I am stuck in the city. The first day of work was good thou...

Unknown7210Sep 2007
Why Is that

Why Is thatI get emails from beautiful women, but they are in Russia or somewhere unreachable and they always want me to email them at a yahoo account ?...

Unknown1,0733Aug 2007Sep 2007
First day on dating site

First day on dating site.Hello, I guess you can tell my screen name is and can look at my profile if you would like to know more about me. This is my first day on this dating...

Unknown8084Sep 2007Sep 2007
Are you a packrat

Are you a packrat?Some are slaves to their possessions stored in a garage never used. I have items in boxes, draws, top shelves that I never seem to use, but can't s...

Unknown9574Aug 2007Sep 2007

WELL IT FINALLY HAPPENED TO MEWELL, IT FINALLY HAPPENED TO ME…….I Knew it was only a matter of time. And, it did NOT feel GOOD…………..Now, what did you think I was talking about. Y...

Unknown60813Sep 2007Sep 2007
A couple of poems that I wrote years ago

A couple of poems that I wrote years agoHey this is only part of the poem I wrote see the thing is I wrote on three different notebooks so I am still looking for the other two but I will als...

Unknown1,0040Sep 2007
Race Day

Race-DayI will not vanish into the night nor be held victim to prey As the smoke rises , who else should appear but yours truly to live another day Ta...

Unknown6460Sep 2007
Sweet dreams scare me

Sweet dreams scare meI used to love horror stories. I would read the books then stay up sleepless as monsters roamed my mind and world with every creak and hiss of sound...

Unknown7820Sep 2007
September 1 2007

September 1, 2007After three days of 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM with night call on top of that, the weekend got here - and it's my weekend on call. Add to that tidbit the o...

Unknown7570Sep 2007
I am a Mistake

I am a MistakeNo matter what I try to do everything I do is a mistake. Just when I touch something it turns to ash and floats away. Every rainbow I chase only bring...

Unknown8101Aug 2007Sep 2007
A nice day

A nice dayIts very hot here, around 95 now and its 4:33 in the afternoon. I recieved a email from a friend yesterday it was a nice email, asking me if I wo...

Unknown7940Sep 2007
I like my showers cold

I like my showers cold.I prefer showers to sitting in a tub of hot water. There are times when I will shower and then sit in a tub of water but living in a country where t...

Unknown8872Aug 2007Sep 2007
The Kitchen Floor inspired by KK

The Kitchen Floor (inspired by KK)Housework has never been on my list of preferred activities but I can be triggered to action unexpectedly. When the urge takes me I frequently follo...

Unknown7421Aug 2007Sep 2007

WHEN THE TELEPHONE RINGS AT 2 AM, EXPECT TROUBLEThe telephone rings…I open one eye. It’s 2:10am. This can NOT be good. Maybe someone is ill. But, maybe it’s a wrong number. “Hello, Judy her...

Unknown3511Aug 2007Sep 2007
The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less TraveledI choose to take the road less traveled It twists and climbs and disappears at times This road is uncertain and at times quite scary If I mus...

Unknown9171Aug 2007Sep 2007
If you have met someone in person on SinglesNet

If you have met someone in person on "SinglesNet"Let us know if you have a story you want to share, about your dating experience(s) on "" If you have had no luck, tell us why you think...

Unknown9602Aug 2007Aug 2007
Good Ole montreal

Good Ole montrealLe Joy de Montréal. Sunday morning I wake up to a beautiful sunny day in a gorgeous Hotel by the name of "Château de l'Argoat”. I jump in the show...

Unknown7230Aug 2007
Weekend or beginning

Weekend or beginning?It has been an odd week. Odd as in strange rather than odd as opposed to even. I have been restive and restless. My words have clogged somewhere in...

Unknown9871Aug 2007Aug 2007
betcha didnt see this coming

betcha didnt see this comingbetcha didnt see this coming just when you think life is good... your sun is shining.... the sweet sounds of love laughter and joy are echoin...

Unknown4901Aug 2007Aug 2007
Waking up Dead

Waking up DeadWe are all going to do it some day. Some in the rich fullness of time, some cut down before their prime by bad habits, bad people, bad decisions. Oh,...

Unknown8170Aug 2007
Princess of my life

Princess of my lifeOnce upon a time long ago I met this beautiful princess She took my heart and my soul I gave her my mind and my body This was all I could give T...

Unknown8070Aug 2007
Pain to Pleasure

Pain to PleasureWhat an amazing day it has been! After my very reluctant beginning this morning I had the best drive on the way to the station! Fields that were dark...

Unknown7870Aug 2007Aug 2007
From me to you

~~From me to you~~~~From me to you…ask and share…Heart to heart and soul to soul…But never fear what you can’t control…Embrace your feelings…Let them know you love them...

Unknown7791Aug 2007Aug 2007
just beyond

just beyondjust beyond.... sitting here in dark on an empty shore beautiful stars that seem dance together the man in moon whispering my name a...

Unknown4851Aug 2007Aug 2007

whisperswhispers there's a whisper in the dark.... calling my name there's voice in my head.... begging me for more... there's pair eyes... staring...

Unknown5160Aug 2007
theres a storm coming

there's a storm comingthere’s a storm coming theres a storm brewing somewhere theres only danger ahead its dark now only stars dance in the sky.... falling down o...

Unknown4580Aug 2007
just when you think

just when you thinkjust when ya think i thought this time was it would be different something good something pure.... i thought i really could believe that wa...

Unknown4710Aug 2007
sometimes i wonder

sometimes i wonderdid you ever think that one day you'll wake up this will be all over.... out my window watching everything melt down... slowly my breaking hear...

Unknown4660Aug 2007
never wanted

never wantednever wanted i never wanted perfection i never expected it... i never wanted anything... more that just you.... i never wanted you to change...

Unknown4930Aug 2007
call me

call mehere i stand alone.... watching waves hit the shore... the beautiful colors as the sun goes on down on me... orange to red to purple then fadin...

Unknown5380Aug 2007
something headed my way

something headed my waysomething is headed my way. in the dead silence i hear the rustle of the trees the earth shaking under my feet..... my hands begin to...

Unknown4510Aug 2007
mattnz62: "cliches"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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