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Signs youve had too much coffee

Signs you've had too much coffee!You've worn the finish off your coffee table. All your kids are named Joe. Chuck Yeager thinks you need to calm down. Instant coffee takes to...

Unknown1,8292May 2007May 2007
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Howdyhey, i'm new to this and i am just looking for someone to talk to. i don't care how old you are or anything like that. i just wanna talk. :) aim...

Unknown1,0111May 2007May 2007
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EVENTS In Jasper

EVENTS In JasperFor anyone that is interested - in Jasper - Northside Baptist has a singles group. Sunday School Singles at 9:45 am - if anyone is interest - Your al...

Unknown1,1950May 2007Go to Last Post
Were you ever married decades and realized one day

Were you ever married decades and realized one dayI have learned a lot in 26 years of marriage, such as don't be quick or smart and jump into things without thinking...marry for love and mutual respec...

Unknown3653May 2007May 2007
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Tom and Jerry

Tom and JerryI think that the world is full of Tom and Jerrys. Especially if you are attached to somebody or to some people. It's just like seeing the episodes on...

Unknown1,2023May 2007May 2007
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Cell Phones

Cell PhonesI got my new car in 2005 , I never ever had a new car before. I have had it for 2 years, and have just 8,000 miles on her. I just want you to understa...

Unknown1,1856May 2007May 2007
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I Swear To God

I Swear To GodYou ever hear people end their sentences with "I swear to god"? I think that is a funny yet strong way to get somebody to stop doing something that yo...

Unknown1,3060May 2007Go to Last Post
Travellin today

Travellin' today!Okay, I have packed and unpacked twice - I'm going to shop I don't need to take a full suitcase. Posted my morning poem in the forums and checked out...

Unknown1,3771May 2007May 2007
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SometimesSometimes life can throw you a curve, you can try to make the best of it or end up locked into a world you make. Is this a price each one has to put o...

Unknown1,1661May 2007May 2007
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thoughts....Sometimes life comes at you hard. Those of us that are stong, battle to survive. Those who are not, give in and just exist. Life is to be lived....

Unknown1,2330May 2007Go to Last Post
Disabled singles Blog

Disabled singles, Blog!!!!!!!!!!People with disabilities are valuable to society because they're in a position to help us learn how to deal effectively with personal vulnerabili...

Unknown1,7292Mar 2007May 2007
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Excitement fills the air

Excitement fills the airand it is very difficult to stay in the moment as my thoughts and imaginings have already flown from here to NYC and back! I need to focus qa little a...

Unknown1,0180May 2007Go to Last Post
Thank you

Thank youOnce in a while we need to be shaked awake. I was this morning as I sit and read my email. I received one from a very sweet person. I also received a...

Unknown1,1171May 2007May 2007
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Lifes lessons

Life's lessonsIf you don't believe in karma, you should! You get back everything you dish out and sometimes more. This universe has it's own way of dealing out just...

Unknown1,2452May 2007May 2007
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Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OzIt's funny how some of these fairy tales, or fables, and even cartoons have a way of resembling the things that goes on in real life. I mean, if you t...

Unknown1,1811May 2007May 2007
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GOD BLESS AMERICA thats what we are

GOD BLESS AMERICA (thats what we are)I think it's funny how america seems to be the only place where you can become famous for killing someone. 33 People were in a collage including the...

Unknown8970May 2007Go to Last Post
Standing up

Standing upThis is the time of year that love comes to surface. Ha Not for me, I think at times that love is a over rated emotion, Its so close to hate that one...

Unknown1,1611May 2007May 2007
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Home again home again

Home again home again6:20 a.m. in Barbados and the show went really well tonight. The servers didn't go down, I'm getting used to the computer and getting it to work well...

Unknown1,1710May 2007Go to Last Post
Unformatted floppies

Unformatted floppiesNow explain to me HOW when I formatted the disks in the drive attached to the computer I later tried to access the data from it can blandly tell me th...

Unknown1,3041May 2007May 2007
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met with her again

met with her again...I met her today... I didn't see her for a long time and thought I'll not see her again I'm managing trading with flowers etc. near bige cementery why...

Unknown1,0050May 2007Go to Last Post
Welcome me

Welcome meWell I am new to this thing. So I guess I am going to have to figure all the kinks out. Welp not to much to say other than whats...

Unknown1,0260May 2007Go to Last Post

ThanksHere is my blog and I can write things about myself...Today is friday andd every where in world everybody loves friday...I do I live in a city where...

Unknown1,0520May 2007Go to Last Post
Le Weekend

Le WeekendIt's Friday! What else is there to say......If anyone has a husky, please give it a big hug for me....

Unknown1,0090May 2007Go to Last Post
Karma is a b

Karma is a b****Sort of a double blast from the past this afternoon. The telephone rings and it is an old schoolmate sent to me by another alum who knows I just beca...

Unknown1,3401May 2007May 2007
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Friday or Firday depending on the caffeine levels

Friday or Firday depending on the caffeine levelsThe original plan was to stay up over night last night and sleep through the first part of the day so working the show from midnight till dawn tonight...

Unknown9640May 2007Go to Last Post
molestation by doorknob

molestation by doorknobSo once I was dating this guy, 23 years old. He was columbian and a bouncer for a local club. He was honestly the most beautiful man I had ever seen.....

Unknown1,1570May 2007Go to Last Post
He sht in staples

He sh*t in staplesI am truly blessed with a best friend. And I'm going to recount his story for the entire website to enjoy. This is a TRUE story. ----*warning*------...

Unknown1,2301May 2007May 2007
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New in Dubai Uae

New in Dubai UaeHi there, looking for some friends to get together and do stuff with in Dubai. Anyone living here?...

Unknown1,3542May 2007May 2007
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looking for

looking-forlooking for some new adventures, new to this site, need suggestions...

Unknown1,1741May 2007May 2007
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Whats My Age Again

What's My Age Again?Ahh.... more proof that I have not yet grown up. It's a good thing too, or this past week might have killed me. When I was young, my dad took me to...

Unknown1,5481May 2007May 2007
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Going to pot

Going to was an unbelievable experience standing around watching the kiln be opened and then, oh my, the pots, the curves the cylinders and squares all glea...

Unknown1,0030May 2007Go to Last Post
Where is he

Where is he?That is nice people has different ways to express thenself but something show how we feel because we put our energy in different kind things Today I...

Unknown1,5691May 2007May 2007
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Mais New Start At CS

Mai's New Start At CSI know, I know, how lame is that title? Haha. I'm just killing some time this morning till my Roommate is up and about, and I thought "why not try ou...

Unknown6950May 2007Go to Last Post
Angels signs all around us

Angels signs all around us !Hi every one do you believe in Angels and that there are signs all around us ? I always see signs of Angels around me in my life! in a dream , or in n...

Unknown1,6137Apr 2007May 2007
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Thoughts for a wednesday morning

Thoughts for a wednesday morningJust fed two of the five feral cats that are trying to convince me that they belong to me, made cheese toast and tea for breakfast and discovered that...

Unknown1,0970May 2007Go to Last Post
Tuesdays Dead

Tuesday's DeadWell, Jerry Falwell is one of the day's dead and that should be one heck of a funeral. Wonder if there is a special afterlife for evangelists... Ha...

Unknown1,1120May 2007Go to Last Post
scold tsk tsk tsk

scold tsk tsk tskMay 15, 2007 NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. --A volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving who has lobbied state lawmakers for stricter drunken driving law...

Unknown1,1771May 2007May 2007
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the mighty gas out and the mighty flaw

the mighty gas out!! and the mighty flaw.We all know myspace can be a breeding ground for stupidity. But recently it's just gotten out of hand. I get these bulletins, 5 now, telling me to par...

Unknown9862May 2007May 2007
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is it so wrong to want

is it so wrong to want. . .?is it so wrong to want .. *a guy to respect you *a guy to that loves intimacy, not just sex *a guy that likes to just spend time talking and walki...

Unknown1,45310May 2007May 2007
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The end of Monday

The end of MondayToo much soy sauce in the stir fry but dinner was good and now I can put the day outside me and get it into perspective. Got the promos finished, the...

Unknown1,2950May 2007Go to Last Post
thunderous stupidity

thunderous stupidityI couldn't believe what I heard on Survivor last night. How could anybody be so utterly stupid? Dreams could have come out of it a star had he kept hi...

Unknown1,2190May 2007Go to Last Post
Is it so wrong

Is it so wrong?Is it so wrong to wish that the world consisted of just souls? There wwould be no faces, no eyes to see into no hands to hold no lips to crave. Just s...

Unknown1,2891May 2007May 2007
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