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All we will ever be

All we will ever be?Either the writer of Game of Thrones is a genius or he/she has a very vivid imagination mixed with a philosophical thinking that does not hold too muc...

Johnny_Sparton31648Sep 19Sep 21
Humans and Microchips

Humans and MicrochipsI’m not talking about small boxes of French fries shoved into your wrist, but microchips that can and are being inserted into human hands and in cases...

Mapmaker35545Sep 21Sep 21
Have u ever experienced Rich and Poor

Have u ever experienced Rich and Poor ?I have been both and both and in between were fascinating....

Snookums3320316Sep 20Sep 21

RedexJust for you....

Track161274Sep 21Sep 21
Seismic event coming soon

Seismic event coming soon....I had a disturbing dream/vision last night, I don´t know what to do, I´ll tell you about it sometime, someday, oh god, I´m wetting my pants...

Bnaughty22031Sep 20Sep 21
Crazyheart3827925Sep 21Sep 21
More Cajun humour

More Cajun humour.Boudreaux and Bertha Boudreaux, out in his pasture in south Louisiana , takes a lightning-quick kick from a cow right in the crotch. Writhing in a...

britishcolumbian682Sep 21Sep 21
Hiri and Ottappa

Hiri and OttappaIn primitive times, before the advent of religions, human beings were guided by two main qualities. These two mental qualities are the underlyi...

usha12330639Sep 19Sep 21
Always Remember

Always RememberAlways Remember...

jarred125-Sep 21

WHY DO THEY DO IT THEY ARE LIKE RABID DOGSI am talking about reporters, interviewees etc. We have seen devasting news, earth quakes recent, hurricans, fires, such devastation and loss of li...

Redex20126Sep 20Sep 21
urban dictionary

urban dictionaryjust thought i'd let you know. there is no definition for connecting singles on urban dictionary. be the first.or not....

charliejapartee4516Sep 2012Sep 21
Predictions or premonitions

Predictions or premonitionsOne person has a dream now everyone is dreaming.... So I'm going to give my predictions for CS blogs Please bear with me as the mist of time is hard...

oldblue5441130Sep 20Sep 21
Just a little Cajun humour

Just a little Cajun humourYOU MIGHT BE A CAJUN IF YOU START AN ANGEL FOOD CAKE WITH A ROUX... South Louisiana Cajuns (Acadians) are a very unique culture, best known for the...

britishcolumbian381Sep 20Sep 21

"AT SOME POINT "At Some Point In Everybodys Life..........It Suddenly Hits You..... Right In The Face.........And You Cant Seem To Understand The Reasoning Behind Thi...

namaron1218Sep 20Sep 20
Peter Graves and James Arness

Peter Graves and James ArnessIn all the years that I used to watch shows such as Mission Impossible with Peter Graves and James Arness star of Gunsmoke. I often wondered why they...

Bearwoman500Sep 20
Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico Knocking Out All Power On The Island

Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico, Knocking Out All Power On The IslandHurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico, Knocking Out All Power On The Island...

NewYorkcitylove27-Sep 20
Past Present And Future

Past, Present And FuturePast, Present And Future...

jarred122-Sep 20
as a child

as a child, i was burdened with a religion. They made up i was born with a sin, only to point to their importance. They never answered my question that i asked...

bloodyawfull1276Sep 19Sep 20
Finally Back

Finally Back!Wow! I didn't think I'd make it. I had a colectomy done on me the 17th of August. 5 days in the hospital and 16 days on my back fighting the pain f...

Ed194124622Sep 15Sep 20

lolThis is what I go to bed to every night....

Track16645Sep 20Sep 20
St Louis Protests

St.Louis ProtestsDuring the weekend some violence broke out during a protest after the Justice Department refused to become involved in the investigation of a former p...

TheAgnostic5813612Sep 20Sep 20
PC vs iPad Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer

PC vs iPad. Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer?Two hundred dollar cheapskate HP PC was on the Fritz. Windows 10. Luckily had time left on Walmart 2 year extended warrantee. Sent it in and hoping t...

Aaltarboy553Sep 20Sep 20


Track16340Sep 20
Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close t...

goldengloss40943Sep 19Sep 20

EarthquakeEarthquake At the moment everything is uncertain, the epicenter was very close to Mexico City, 80 Kilometers, approximately, in a straight line, is s...

Huitzilopochtli14015Sep 19Sep 20
What do u classify as boring

What do u classify as boring ?I cannot handle being bored....

Snookums3326337Sep 19Sep 20
NewYorkcitylove27-Sep 20
For Lady D and all the CS women

For Lady D and all the CS womenKing Arthur ------------------------- King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have ki...

Akeldama401238Sep 19Sep 20

Ahiy rosendo, ahi, y oquendo ahi, y zarzuela ahi y tu abuela ahi, y chiquita ahi, y mariquita ahi y la silla ahi, y la morcilla ahi, y la casa ahi...

Duromojon280Sep 20
Over 24 Hours

Over 24 HoursAnd no sleep .........................................................................

Track16733Sep 19Sep 20
15 years and now this ungrateful sod

15 years and now this, ungrateful sodI can't believe the change in him since we came to Spain - oh, he's never been what you'd call devoted. There was a lot of open space in this relation...

Elegsabiff876106Sep 17Sep 20
Freedomofspeech914827Sep 19Sep 20
AUTUMN EQUINOX 22nd Sept and Worldwide Meditation

AUTUMN EQUINOX 22nd Sept. and Worldwide MeditationAs usual, I will be gathering with a group of like-minded friends on the beach of a nearby cove to celebrate this event. This sound mediation (usin...

daniela77730349Sep 19Sep 19


Track16310Sep 19

"SO LONG A TIME AGO"..(2)How Strange Indeed... That It Can Be.........That Just One Song.... From The Past....Can Bring You Right Back ....To That One Moment In Time .....In W...

namaron16015Sep 14Sep 19
Atheists in heaven

Atheists in heavenWhen Pope Francis announced to the world Atheist too have a place in Heaven... to be honest at first I felt a bit like the brother of the Prodigal s...

itchywitch2,382169Sep 11Sep 19
Try Your Best

Try Your BestHave you ever heard the name of "Helen Keller" . Helen Keller was an American author . When she was 19 months old , Helen Keller became a deaf and b...

skaligsm15116Sep 7Sep 19
NewYorkcitylove28-Sep 19

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("THEY")..(66)It Can Be Very Hard At Times...To Be Able To... "Understand"...To Do What... "They" ....Are Telling You To Do..........For..."They".... Seem To Make I...

namaron1299Sep 18Sep 19
WhitePrivilege in Both Kingdoms

#WhitePrivilege in Both Kingdoms?#WhitePrivilege in Both Kingdoms?...

NewYorkcitylove24-Sep 19


Track16441Sep 19Sep 19
Women many are fake

Women ..many are fakeAmerican women mainly like to play ...they are not looking for what so called a soul mate!! or dream honest man...majority whom I've contacted are not...

betterknowU54943Sep 18Sep 19
bambina_bee: "it is fun :)"(meet us in the quizzes)

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