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What do you do when your doctor tells you you have 2 maybe 3 days to live.I've been a member of CS for over 7 years now. Been blogging on & off most of that time, have made some good friends on here, but seems even some of t...

zmountainman1,250113Jul 15Jul 22

LIFE HAS CHANGED, new updateNoticed the new comments and wanted to reply by saying thank you so much for your concern. I have finished all radiation and chemotherapy and just...

wenever49829May 1Jul 22

The Condo...Seven years ago, I started working for a company that was 40 miles from my home. Nearly all highway miles, I've tolerated bad drivers and never ending...

chatillion1,259102Dec 21Jul 22
what is loneliness

what is loneliness?i read recently that there is only one real cure for loneliness and that is solitude . . and i tend to agree with that . . everything else (anoth...

huhanna1,22447May 2012Jul 22

She Wore Men’s Shorts (part 2)Textme: “Rob, you suddenly look pale, like you’ve just seen a ghost or took a tequila shot too fast. Why are you looking at my face like that? Like...

robrt78725949Jul 19Jul 22

Socialist Ignoramus, Fake Phony & Fraud Democrat AOC, Eviscerated By Former ICE DirectorVote these socialist fascists out of office. It's Democrats and socialism against freedom. Freedom must win. No wonder the Democrats want to elim...

TopSecret1651Jul 21Jul 21
Words I dont like

Words I don't likeThere are some words I don't like. Sometimes it's because of the meaning of the word, and sometimes it's the sound of the word. It could be a combin...

Harbal90570May 12Jul 21

Words of wisdom from the late Steve JobsSteve Jobs died a billionaire, with a fortune of $7 billion, at the age of 56 from pancreatic cancer, and here are some of his last words... “In...

Willy34111225Jul 6Jul 21
its true but you it may take you time to agree

it's true but you it may take you time to agree204 countries 7 seas 7 billion people plus still single???? what can I do????...

Rob3601098Jul 21Jul 21

Budget for the US!I am beginning to lay a budget for my USA trip. These are based on my estimates, how much I usually spend here in Denmark, and how much I anticipate t...

Philipsen1635Jul 18Jul 21

She Wore Men’s Shorts (part 1)Some time ago, a certain pretty lady wrote to me on a dating site, she said, “Hey, uh.” Heck, right there, with them romantic words, I knew she was...

robrt78731234Jul 18Jul 21

Free Power .. T. power from its fetters no power without the people does power arise from any other source than through the intent to control confine confisca...

hpylady_672Jul 21Jul 21

Middle Age...Depending on the source, the term Middle Age usually describes a person who is between 40 and 60. On another site, I made reference to a woman in her...

chatillion13112Jul 21Jul 21

Steel toe work boots...Part of my job used to be field manager for projects I sold. That means visiting construction sites... places where construction boots are required by...

chatillion12914Jul 20Jul 21

local slangHere a bit of kiwi slang Feel free to post sayings unique or eunuch to you neck of the woods

Nice2meetyoutoo642Jul 21Jul 21

Just a short blogWhile Republicans are focused on 2020, Democrats are still trying to win 2016. Nancy Pelosi often begins her speeches with 'Most Americans agree......

Willy34111738Jun 21Jul 21

The Chic Channel...I went for many years without a TV in the bedroom. One woman I dated insisted on it as she couldn't fall asleep without some distraction. She brought...

chatillion421Jul 20Jul 21

Cheers to Michael Collins“Not since Adam has any human known such solitude as Mike Collins.” July 20, 1969. As 500,000 million people watched from the Earth and two others...

Willy3411634Jul 20Jul 20

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(97)What Really Would Happen........................ If You Fell Into A Black Hole?.........Remember Now.... That A Black Hole?.......... Is Really... A C...

namaron968Jul 19Jul 20

Is It Mango?Vgghhvhh cvgugcvccg vvgggggggh fggbufccgtcvhyu bhgygbghhhh cghgffggh khfdvgdghcgy hghjfvg cvgugcvccg...

Kalpataru1790Jul 20Jul 20
LincolnsCousin821Jul 20Jul 20

"Well, it's a hot one..."Here in NJ the high today will be 98 degree F. That is ridiculous. Yes, I know it gets hotter in places like Death Valley. But, the don't call it...

JimNastics562Jul 20Jul 20
stringman49444Jul 9Jul 20

Van Allen`s belltThe year was 1972 Van Allen was a biker ,rough ,tough and wild ,he loved bar fights,whiskey on the rocks , loose Women and poetry . One night he g...

Dedovix13511Jul 19Jul 20

Until the 'newness' wears off...I logged on this morning to see a new feature on CS. All the new profiles are marked with a red 'New' banner on the top left corner! Wondering how l...

chatillion25420Jul 14Jul 20
I will 50 years old soon

I will 50 years old soon.How would i say "when i am old enough i will find some love"...Maybe It's funny words. I am feeling wonder I still get a change or not?...

wanyiwa_wa67234Dec 2017Jul 20
strong dogs homeless

strong - dogs -homelesswriting more of a reminder for i find myself outdoors over doing it// at 69 ..have built cabins have to stay away from heavy lifting and hard...

JTO6501757Jun 28Jul 20

No red flags...I'm up early this morning... the pizza last night knocked us both out. She suggested pizza and I drove the car! Logging on I noticed the red 'new' me...

chatillion22721Jul 18Jul 20

oxymoron's1. Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? 2. Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? 3. If a word is misspelled in the diction...

bcjenny13020Jul 19Jul 20


InamUllah101642Jul 19Jul 19
Smoking rollies

Smoking rolliesWhat a tedious, disgusting, smelly and filthy affair known as rolling your own cigarettes is. As all the hippies and poor people do it I decided that...

ekself61271Jul 17Jul 19
stringman622Jul 18Jul 19

Back To black by ©Noursaid Gamal“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” DR©? @Noursaid Gamal MY frist Post :) #photographe

noursaid971Jul 18Jul 19

Build the wall.The only president that exactly says what he means. Transparency at its best. Call me whatever but I think I will join the revolt if he's impe...

lindsyjones4,329242Dec 12Jul 19

Body Of Frozen Stowaway On Airplane Falls 3,500 Feet And Almost Lands On SunbatherJohn Baldock got lucky. Very lucky. Baldock, who has a master's degree in engineering from Oxford University, was just chilling in the garden of a...

Willy34111356Jul 2Jul 19

A blast from the pastI took a trip down memory lane when I looked at some very old threads. Those who have been around here as long as I have will no doubt remember some...

ooby_dooby29612Jun 15Jul 19

Stranger Things: Season 1 - a review!I never really got the hype about Stranger Things, so I decided not to take part in viewing the show. Now, however, I have decided to give it a cha...

Philipsen320Jul 19

My little funny this morningHopefully this doesn't offend anyone, just saw it on Facebook and wanted to share a smile "That awkward moment when a zombie is looking for brains...

UnFayzed886Jul 19Jul 19

California city will remove gender terms, including ‘manhole’ and ‘manmade,’ from municipal codeMore p.c. crap is on the way. Libs keep finding ways to take this stuff to a new level. 'Manhole' no more: California city banishes gender-specif...

SHAWNTHOR12813Jul 18Jul 19

Jewish Mandel bread...Biscotti was mentioned in a previous blog and there's a softer version called Mandel bread. I found these in a Jewish bakery. Made from a loaf that's...

chatillion638Jul 18Jul 19

The Movie Credits...I feel movies are over rated. My ex would not leave until he saw all the movie credits, then my daughter started doing it. I can see if you're hav...

hpylady_10410Jul 13Jul 19
Crazy internet people

Crazy internet people.Since 2017 I have been posting some ‘written things that rhyme’ onto a UK based poetry website, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous but with the int...

fiorenza26911Jul 16Jul 19
ru4eva: "Everything men know about women"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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