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Words are poison arrows

Words are poison arrows............ Words are poison arrows

jarred146-Sep 21

Want To Lose Weight And Diabetes?2 months ago i went in to see the Dr. and had a workup. She said my LDL is high, my blood glucose is high, i'm overweight and my blood pressure is hi...

My_Lover31328Sep 16Sep 21

How does this reflect on me?I’ve been looking for a small, square, wall mirror for my bathroom ever since I moved into this flat two years ago, but haven’t been able to find a re...

Harbal40152Sep 20Sep 21
Christian Subject Matter

Christian Subject MatterDuring these serious and troubled times, people of all faiths should remember these four great religious truths: 1. Muslims do not recognize Jews...

Gentlejim1947Sep 17Sep 21

What is the ultimate freedom in life?Imagine when your life is an open book wherein you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. You can be totally you. You don’t have to think on what t...

ysabeljhen15022Sep 20Sep 21
every day stuff

every day stuffi don't like to blog unless i feel there is something of nominal value. Also, i like to blog if i think there is a live audience. i will condense...

Palmfrond1032Sep 20Sep 21

Crazy youthI admit to doing some crazy stuff in my teens from car and train surfing in climbing the outside of a 5 story building. Why At the time I as m...

Onthcrestofawave752Sep 21Sep 21

Junior...I was around 7 years old when my family moved from New York to Miami. Life here was pretty simple. My neighborhood was a place where you didn't always...

chatillion605Sep 20Sep 21

This will change everything !Presenting the...... . . . . Tear Only it, can prevent forest fires AND "tastes great !"...

JimNastics906Sep 20Sep 21

Sex, Lies & VideotapeWell, actually there's no videotape, thank goodness. Stormy Daniels has a new book due to c*m out soon. No. Really. However, I assure...

JimNastics20521Sep 18Sep 20
The Virgosign on turning 64

The Virgosign on turning 64.Bongu nies. I’ve been singing The Beatles songs since their very own original release dates in the glorious ‘60s ... and for a while, most of the...

virgosign17914Sep 10Sep 20
Harbal28433Sep 20Sep 20

Has Murka Gone Full-On Banana Republic?This was included in a comment on another blog... The commentary in the vid deserves wider circulation than mere incl...

miclee1235Sep 20Sep 20

Just for Laughs I don't remember this guy he is funny....

stringman754Sep 20Sep 20

Did Kavanaugh Accuser Send SAME Letter About GorsuchTsk Tsk Tsk Tsk Democrats. Caught ya !!!! Let’s face it, the Democrats pick bad poster children. Michael Brown, Jr is the face of the Black Lives...

Willy341120713Sep 19Sep 20

Cough, cough...It was uncle Jason's 93rd birthday and we all gathered around a cake to celebrate. He got out of the hospital just last week as his Emphysema was gett...

chatillion432Sep 20Sep 20

Downwind from a steakhouse...I usually leave my office between 7:30 and 8pm (read: diner time) and have to travel a few main roads to get to the highway. This puts me past a mall...

chatillion694Sep 18Sep 20

The most unethical presidentToday in the Washington Post; Donald Trump's failing grade on ethics Chris Cillizza Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large Washin...

JimNastics1068Sep 19Sep 20
stringman1,05185Sep 13Sep 20
Treachery weve been kicked in the nuts by BINO

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman4,244528Jul 6Sep 20

English, a global languageThe English Language is used in many states as official language and not only. For non natives speakers it's always going to be confusing because the...

DisagioTruvve732Sep 19Sep 20
The Virgosign on a typo

The Virgosign on a typoA bit on the lighter side of life today. Do you kick yourself when you message anybody and message goes out with a typo ? Or worse, you write if well...

virgosign380Sep 20

Aesop & his FablesFables are fictional stories using humans, animals and inanimate objects to illustrate a moral lesson to the reader. They are generally written for ch...

mollybaby66371Sep 19Sep 20

Rodney Carringtonthis guy is hilarious...

Onthcrestofawave12510Sep 18Sep 19

Relocatinghow many people will relocate for a man or woman we have become a mobile race ready to leave our areas for love or sex....... what do you...

giliberti121710Sep 17Sep 19

Where would you travel if money were not an issue?I guess traveling is one of the greatest experience we could have as humans, I really enjoy traveling, just imagine the exotic places that exist all o...

single_again4u34640Sep 5Sep 19

According to the Book of ProverbsThere’s a storm in my teacup where there should be only tea In my works there is a spanner where a spanner shouldn’t be My ointment has a fly in...

Harbal14613Sep 19Sep 19

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(168)I Dont Know How.......................... You People Can Do It..................Talk About........ "Ramblin"................ Will You? One Side Wants...

namaron344-Sep 14Sep 19

Kitten RescueAfter coming home yesterday morning, opting not to sit in the pouring rain at the market, I edited some photos and puttered around the house as the ra...

LadyImp14015Sep 17Sep 19

ProfilesWhy is it that people do not seem to read profiles here, I am continually contacted by people who it is obvious have not read my profile, if they had...

playnicelywithme1579Sep 18Sep 19
Do Love have boundaries

Do Love have boundaries?If I fall in Love with someone here I am ready to travel to see her.... Hope I can find one Soon..... Thanks....

IndianUSHunter23322Sep 16Sep 19

"IDLIB PROVINCE"..("SYRIA")At This Very Moment........The Syrian Governments Troops................................. Are Surrounding The Area Of Idlib Province There Are Some 3...

namaron22917Sep 4Sep 19

Where's the RogueEnquiring minds want to know. I'm jonesing - need a fix please...

UnFayzed822Sep 19Sep 19

The Swill Pit unknown to the good of the world but wallowed in by the Left WingHow do you prepare to defend yourself for s*xual abuse allegations that supposedly happened 36 years ago? If you are a good honorable person you can't...

Willy341129933Sep 17Sep 19

The Times They Are A-ChangingFor many years now the Spanish have been criticised for their ill-treatment of animals (bullfighting, circuses etc.) and the official answer to this h...

daniela777570Sep 19

Prays Needed .Dear friends , my last son is in the hospital , he is very sick . i am asking that you all say a word of pray for him . thank you . please no...

Annleerose52846Aug 7Sep 19

"...the single worst development in Donald Trump's life.."Some people just don't realize the extreme significance of the recent court findings. Every single one of Trump's team that has been charged so far h...

JimNastics1357Sep 17Sep 19

Different roads: Some take longer...I was formulating a blog the other day and wrote on a 'sticky note' the speed or length of different roads in life and not necessarily ones you drive...

chatillion451Sep 19Sep 19

On this date in history: Jimi Hendrix...On September 18, 1970 Jimi Hendrix died in London England. Life was short for Jimi who left this world at the age of 27, but the music he created insp...

chatillion622Sep 18Sep 19

Points to ponder #666I was wrong What is written can be unwritten...

Onthcrestofawave70140Sep 18Sep 19

The crazy world of Arthur Sixpence...Oh look, it's my first blog... There comes a point in a chaps life when he accepts the inevitable... Two weeks back and the realization that I've g...

Arthur_Sixpence25221Sep 18Sep 19

Creationism or Evolution?The debate seems set to continue with no resolution in sight. Or at least that was the case until very recently. Now it seems there's a new theory i...

Harbal1869Sep 17Sep 19

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