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"AHMAD SARDAR"Just As That Young Girl From Pakistan...(Malala Yousafzai).Was Shot In The Head...For Speaking Up Against The Taliban..................... It Seems.....

namaron160-Nov 12Nov 16
New Nature Photos

New Nature PhotosI'm not sure if you enjoy nature, or not. But, I do. And now that softball is over for me (until April), I have some more time to accomplish other...

JimNastics370Nov 16
I Think To Myself

I Think To Myself ...........What A Wonderful World

Willy3411540Nov 16
NewYorkcitylove32-Nov 16

Very high quality socksI have always bought things for quality and comfort specially clothes and accessories. One of my daughters gave me three pairs of socks as a gift...

lindsyjones20216Nov 15Nov 16
Marooned Again

Marooned AgainOh Dear! What went wrong? The jump through hyperspace was supposed to take me to the star system of Rigel but look where I ended up. I hope they disco...

Catfoot47154Nov 15Nov 16
Are You Living an Insta Lie

Are You Living an Insta Lie?Are You Living an Insta Lie?...

jarred138-Nov 16
The Real Problem Is Not Being Solved

The Real Problem Is Not Being SolvedI’m quite involved with the people living in an informal settlement about six km from where I live and the other day I dropped in to discus a few thin...

Catfoot23033Nov 16Nov 16
What Do You Need A Man Woman For

What Do You Need A Man/Woman For?feels good to be back here tonight......

Crazyheart3863377Nov 14Nov 16

Todas Las Brujas y Los Brujos MoriránTodas Las Brujas y Los Brujos Morirán...

NewYorkcitylove27-Nov 16

Miami Gardens Cop Groped Woman He Kidnapped In Hotel RoomMiami Gardens Cop Groped Woman He Kidnapped In Hotel Room...

NewYorkcitylove35-Nov 16
would a clone human have a soul

would a clone human have a soul?what do think, can a person really be the exact copy of the person he or she was cloned from....

stringman28131Oct 19Nov 16
Do women feel entitled to be the center of a mans life

Do women feel entitled to be the center of a man's life?Well, I a getting the impression that if women give the honor to a man in talking with him, that she feels that she should be treated as the center of...

Johnny_Sparton835108Nov 14Nov 16

proposingwomen would you propose to your man? men would you accept a woman proposal? decided not to blog again because too many stuck up people on he...

georgie3925629Nov 15Nov 15

GOD'S PLAN FOR AGINGMost seniors never get enough exercise. In His wisdom God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys a...

Gentlejim19910Oct 25Nov 15
Cold urticaria what in tarnation

Cold urticaria, what in tarnation????For many years now I have experienced a breakout of spontaneous hives. It first started out as a tingling and weird itching and a "bump" like a mosqui...

Ed19411238Nov 14Nov 15
Track16570Nov 15
Whats Wrong with People

What's Wrong with People?Have you ever spared some time just to talk to someone, rushed home just to get to hear his/her voice before he/she goes to bed (let's say you are of...

Geline_1376645Oct 17Nov 15
Forget Facebook Get a Big LIKE From the Universe

Forget Facebook, Get a Big "LIKE" From the Universe!Forget Facebook, Get a Big "LIKE" From the Universe!...

jarred140-Nov 15
was just out for

was just out fora walk with my dog, what a calm and unusually mild night for this time of year The beach was empty. Not even the sporadic solitary fishermen who h...

nonsmoker21325Nov 14Nov 15
How to Become Silent

How to Become Silent?How to Become Silent?...

jarred140-Nov 15
A Year After Trumps Win A Year Til Mid Terms

A Year After Trump's Win & A Year 'Til Mid TermsWhy Hillary Lost & Why Dems Will Be Beat Like Rented Mules Next Year...

miclee18717Nov 8Nov 15
A Sense of Identity

A Sense of Identity.That’s a photo of my leg. I accept it resembles an arm more than a leg, but what can I say, I don’t have manly calves. I’m heartened by an old Chinese...

TokyoRogue52548Nov 13Nov 15

12 facts about Islam=Islam has never been a religion of peace13-Muhammad-Was a camel urine drinker 14-Muhammad was a false prophet 15-Muhammad could not read and write. 16-Muhammad admits that he had s*xual f...

NewYorkcitylove67-Nov 15
Watch my dance clip

Watch my dance clip ----=---------------------------------------=---------------------------------------=---------------------------------...

Rain30440Nov 15

"HE'LL BE BACK"Just Got A Message From A Person In.... "Panic Mode"..................................And This...Is.... How It Was Written............... These Words...

namaron285-Nov 11Nov 14
stringman15917Nov 14Nov 14
Who Wants Sex More Men or Women

Who Wants Sex More, Men or Women?Who Wants Sex More, Men or Women?...

jarred159-Nov 14


Track16560Nov 14

ROBOTS AND THEIR IMPACT IN OUR LIVESThe popular science magazine headlined like this: What if your new next best friend is a cute and irresistible robot? There's no doubt about it....

lindsyjones38421Oct 2014Nov 14

Hawaii warned against nuclear attackNot fake news. Independent newspaper published this grim reality two hours ago. When that happens, that's it. The end of the world as we know....

lindsyjones64547Sep 27Nov 14

War between NK and USI can't help but truly at awe with the over driven confidence of this country to fire a missile and start a most unwanted war between them and us?...

lindsyjones1,367112Aug 17Nov 14
Epigenetics as in traumata

Epigenetics as in traumata....First it was suck it up. Move on. Get over it. Then slowly we learned that if not addressed properly, unresolved issues as sequellae to trauma (war, r...

Aaltarboy11813Nov 12Nov 14
Track16813Nov 13Nov 14
Male catharsis

Male catharsisAfter a hello a lot of guys start to talk about their Exs, seriously? Why? This make me think they didn't get over the past relationship and eventhoug...

ROSAMARV23219Nov 13Nov 14

TODAY BEEN HOUSE HUNTINGagain i am begining to get cold feet this time thinking of address changes for all utilities. They invariable get it wrong, and i know these days I...

Redex28630Nov 11Nov 14
Why is Pornography the Biggest Thing on the Internet

Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?...

jarred176-Nov 14
Thoughts about love

Thoughts about loveLove is a controversial feeling, both cure and ruin, A reason to live or die. Some people say there is no love without suffering, Still what is wor...

Annanda75779Nov 5Nov 14


NewYorkcitylove34-Nov 14

The popol vuh kills the Bering strait theory FinalBriefly summarized, the Popul Vuh and other Mesoamerican traditions relate that humans were created in the EAST and lived there in darkness. The ances...

NewYorkcitylove35-Nov 14

The popol vuh kills the Bering strait theory Part 1The popol vuh kills the Bering strait theory Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Maya: The Great Classic of Central American Spirituality, Translated f...

NewYorkcitylove23-Nov 14
What A Buzz

What A Buzz..........................................................................................

Track16400Nov 13
54xmax: "Let's see if we are a match"(meet us in the quizzes)

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