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Hydroplate Theory

Hydroplate Theory -The trailer - The entire presentation - I was going sugges...

miclee11712Sep 16Sep 17
He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb

He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb.The bulkhead yielded Anyone else remember that passage? How about the great desert acrpss the stars around us. Where every star system had been...

Ken_19713Sep 17Sep 17

ConfusedI got an email last night from the staff on C S , informing me that the photo I have on my profile is not a primary photo . So I wanted to do the...

Annleerose20914Sep 16Sep 17
im a scorpio

i'm a scorpiobut i lie about being a scorpio because of all that sexy stuff tied to the sign. and, i lied to create a profile because i don't know how they know s...

freehand64954Aug 30Sep 17

burlesqueShe took her job very seriously, though not too many others did. When she met new people, she could tell by the body language whether to admit the tr...

freehand782Sep 17Sep 17

The joys of bachelorhood !!!Divorced/Widowed guys, pick up any girl anywhere (Most of them that is) In 3 weeks of not responding, they can pick up endless females. Is sex r...

Snookums331505Sep 16Sep 17
NewYorkcitylove20-Sep 17
Love Is Like A Lost Object

Love Is Like A Lost ObjectLove Is Like A Lost Object...

jarred125-Sep 17
Lucid Dreams

Lucid DreamsI wonder if anyone here had what they call "lucid dreams". This is when you wake up in the middle of your dreams but connected to the dream reality wi...

arpito25738Sep 15Sep 17
The childrens rights

The children's rightsThe children's rights accdg to a 6 yr old boy who was brought to a barangay council...

tatami320Sep 17

"THE OTHER SIDE"..("AND THE UNKNOWN")Theres Not Much Else To Do...On A Saturday Night....Besides Laying There On Your a**...Staring At The Damned TV.....And At The Same Time...The Site Ha...

namaron19323Sep 16Sep 16
Just a rant

Just a rantFor several days in a row, I've been assigned to a line whose line leader is a fellow Pinay from a different employment broker. To be exact, three ti...

tatami974Sep 15Sep 16

warmIt's warm here I turn the fan on and feel the breeze It's an in between day A day that is torn between summer And fall Like ex lovers who refuse...

freehand632Sep 16Sep 16

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(127)On A Daily Basis...And I Mean On A Daily Basis...Animals All Over The World... Are Being Mistreated...Some....Are Chained Up ....Where They Cant Even...

namaron19021Sep 15Sep 16
I Can Is 100 Times More Important Than I Quit

I Can Is 100 Times More Important Than I QuitI Can Is 100 Times More Important Than I Quit

jarred126-Sep 16
US drones will be deployed in Philippines against Islamic Militants

US drones will be deployed in Philippines against Islamic MilitantsTrump Will deploy US drones to help battle Islamic Militants in the Philippines. This is a step up in stopping calipation in the South. Publish...

lindsyjones23924Sep 12Sep 16


Track16562Sep 16Sep 16

Giving ?What is required according to u to be a giving person ?...

Snookums3315314Sep 16Sep 16
Nobody likes you duh

Nobody likes you...........duh!Clicked on my; Who likes you and the answer was; Nobody likes you. That was pretty hurtful Lucky for me that I like me but am I really the only on...

britishcolumbian26525Aug 29Sep 16

ADAM & EVE - Nude DatingThe Quest for true love. Adam looking for Eve in the purest way possible. An original and experimental approach to the dating arena, this program...

daniela77776194Sep 15Sep 16
dear mom and dad

dear mom and dadi got the reflective vest in the mail to keep drivers from mowing me down on the road that i ride. now i need to get on the road. as in life, one ne...

freehand975Sep 16Sep 16
Its True That We Dont Know What Weve Got

It’s True That We Don’t Know What We’ve GotIt’s True That We Don’t Know What We’ve Got

jarred128-Sep 16
I was being courteous not flirtatious

I was being courteous,not flirtatiousI was being courteous, not flirtatious. To the girl, I opened the door for yesterday, I did not need you to flick your hair or bat your eyelashes as y...

1r1shmale1146Sep 16Sep 16
Opinions please

Opinions please...Got woken up early to another wild goose chase... 2am and sounded like all hell had broken loose in the hen house... BUT no it was just old "Red...

oldblue5450133Sep 15Sep 16

Kissdon't ever, never, never, ever, let a fire ant kiss your pole....

Duromojon421Sep 16Sep 16

acceptanceTo live in the past is tragic. whether good or bad, to be stuck in yesterday creates a pallor on today or tomorrow. what was done to us or what we h...

freehand916Sep 16Sep 16
NewYorkcitylove38-Sep 16
You Are Single

You Are SingleYou Are Single...

jarred138-Sep 16
Track16734Sep 15Sep 16

HAPPY DAY! Full Of Surprises....As I got back from caring for the horses - 3 long months without my darling horses! - The postman was arriving at the front gate with a huge parc...

daniela77728132Sep 14Sep 16

hatsI move through the masses with a Bag of hats One for this and one for that An occasion cannot escape my Haberdasheries collection Bartender,...

freehand966Sep 15Sep 16
I Am a Happy Self Confidence Person

I Am a Happy, Self Confidence PersonAnd so I don't need to put others down..

Kalpataru65-Sep 16Sep 16
Happy Birthday BritishColumbian

Happy Birthday BritishColumbianLet's all wish one of the nicest ladies on the CS blogs a very very Happy Birthday! BC, have an awesome birthday and a fantastic day!!!...

Gentlejim19332Sep 15Sep 16
dog gone mad

dog gone madSparky is a three years old now. My daughter bought him for my granddaughter when was living with me. We had quite a lot of trouble to teach him good...

bloodyawfull32724Sep 14Sep 15
If you love your country show me your Tits

If you love your country-show me your Titslets see how many patriots we have... and how long befor this blog disappears and I get banned...

Dedovix42738Sep 14Sep 15
The Camel Nonsense

The Camel NonsenseI never ride a camel before, do they gallop like horses or they,re just... too slow? Just wanna say a friendly hello to all! May you all have a...

Kasih34427Sep 15Sep 15
some people better left

some people better leftsome people are better left in cyber. honestly, once the 2 meet, the fantasy is broken and one is left alone, again. keep it cyber. have something...

freehand31134Sep 14Sep 15
July 20 1969 at 2018 UTC

July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTCThe US of A's biggest con job ever... Where we're you when it happened ? And the day the world green cheese market crashed......

oldblue5423714Sep 14Sep 15

"ROUNDABOUT"I Must Give Credit To Those Who Are Not Afraid To Say What They Think About Me...For That Matter...I Applaud Those That Come Right On My Blog And Say...

namaron73052Sep 13Sep 15

NEWYORKCITYLOVEYou should not post one sided dissertations with comments disabled as blogs. I am sure that some think that the blogs pages are just ideal for the...

arpito30325Sep 13Sep 15

New AgeWhat is ur take on it ? If u do fall under this group already, please respond ?...

Snookums331055Sep 15Sep 15
NewYorkcitylove40-Sep 15
Dreamcatcher99: "Mosaic"(meet us in the puzzles)

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