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Illegal immigrants and our bordersWe have got to do a better job protecting our borders. Too many illegals in this country. They have killed some of our citizens. Some of our elected o...

Willy341121112Aug 23Sep 16

Won't youTreat me like disease, like The rats and the fleas. Oh ha-haha-ha...

InstincThis64-Sep 16

Ysabeijhen and Lindsay are your families affected by this typhoon that is going on today?Are things happening anywhere close to where your families are? I hope and pray they are okay........... Jenny...

britishcolumbian1084Sep 15Sep 16

Happy Birthday, BritishColumbian aka JennyI want to wish a dear lady and friend a very, very Happy Birthday! Jenny! Please join me in wishing her an awesome and wonderful birthday!...

Gentlejim21129Sep 15Sep 16
stringman903Sep 15Sep 16

Texas, casino free stateWow all the money siphoned out of this great state. No wonder they built the biggest casino in the US at the border between Oklahoma and Texas. Wi...

lindsyjones46961Sep 12Sep 16

this is a story about four peoplethis is a story about four people...

jarred153-Sep 16
JimNastics896Sep 14Sep 16

Chicken Wings and Blue Cheese Dressing...The other day I went to the grocery store for some spicy chicken wings. I found a bag of 20 pieces under the heated lamps with other hot foods. As I t...

chatillion571Sep 15Sep 16

Point and shootWhy people shouldn't over think...

Onthcrestofawave2739Sep 14Sep 16

Things that make your skin crawlList the things that make your hair stand on end your skin crawl and are just so so wrong...

Onthcrestofawave2289Sep 15Sep 15

JUST A SIMPLE QUESTION ?Is CS blogs turning into You Tube ? Not saying it's good or bad just curious. Just your opinion....

wenever32941Sep 15Sep 15

Exhilaration!Have you ever done something and felt totally exhilarated afterwards? This morning was one of those mornings for me. This week has been overcast and y...

LadyImp1068Sep 14Sep 15

Girls and boys......rejection...Seeing blogs about the self serving stories we tell each other on breaking up with (dumping) others, got me wondering. Probably blogger/formumed here...

Vierkaesehoch1295Sep 14Sep 15

NAFTASeems like Canadians are getting prepared regarding the idea of scrapping the trade agreement...although it is a complex appears that Trump...

loulou7753744Sep 12Sep 15

The Media's Latest Poll DanceWith the midterms less than two months away and the economy firing on all cylinders, the Democrats, and their handlers, also known as the American med...

Willy34111217Sep 14Sep 15

Breaking News, which is Real Bad News for Trump !The stage is becoming quite set for the impeachment of Dirty Don Trump. More & more things are in place for his removal. Recently, his former atto...

JimNastics1699Sep 14Sep 15

Little insult BIG INSULTThe insults were flowing thick and fast yesterday But today everyone will have cooled down and the ritual "posterious smoochificuss" will now tak...

Onthcrestofawave96153Sep 12Sep 15

Trump: he really doesn’t know anything........... Trump: he really doesn’t know anything ht...

jarred189-Sep 15
Track16701Sep 14Sep 15

She loved being in the Limelight...As a kid, every few years we would travel back to New York to visit family and I remember family taking trips to Florida to visit us. I have a girl...

chatillion1115Aug 23Sep 15

"HOW ABOUT A BREAK"What A World This Is............The Only Country Everybody Talks About Is The United States.................And Theres Nothing Ever Good Said About Th...

namaron92-Sep 14

"APACHE""Long Long Ago"........................"Coyote............... Opened A Bag Of Darkness".................................................. "And This B...

namaron1,18362Nov 2017Sep 14

My Golden Years..................Being the oldest of six children there are only three left now. It feels strange at times to be the oldest, but have only a few younger sisters left....

britishcolumbian13619Sep 13Sep 14
britishcolumbian35330Sep 5Sep 14
Bentlee1067Sep 12Sep 14

THE WOODEN TOILET SEATThe train raced onward through the night, chugging power and a sense of purpose. Molly and Jack were stuck on the crossing. Molly died instantly but...

John33333314712Sep 14Sep 14

"NOT ACCEPTABLE"Now....Dont That Beat All..........................................I Asked The "Mods".........................About How to Know How To Delete A Commen...

namaron266-Sep 13Sep 14

Invisible- - - Sorry, _ you're not invisible Inside your car....

InstincThis76-Sep 14

what do donald trump and a pumpkin have in commonwhat do donald trump and a pumpkin have in common...

jarred175-Sep 14

A Few SmilesMorris , an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical. A few days later, the doctor saw Morris walking down the street with a gorgeous you...

Gentlejim13112Sep 13Sep 14
Meanwhile here in Spain

Meanwhile here in SpainYesterday I was in Orgiva, a small town in the Alpujarras and did have my camera. I'm not a good photographer, though. Pics - Orgiva is hot enough...

Elegsabiff62174Sep 12Sep 14

Should Trump be impeached now, before the Mueller report ? Some constitutional lawyers say "Yes".Trump is not only officially the worst US president in history, but he also is in violation of the constitution. Indeed, lawyers have found at leas...

JimNastics21718Sep 13Sep 14

Whacked...As predicted, Hurricane Florence made landfall at the North Carolina shore in the early hours Friday with 90 mph winds. Only 2 days ago, the storm was...

chatillion682Sep 13Sep 14

The "I don´t deserve you" SyndromHave you ever had someone telling you “I don´t deserve you”, “I´m not good enough for you”, “You´re too good for me? If they do, they usually mean it...

daniela77745467Sep 12Sep 14

My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West CoastSome people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really. For me, I count my blessings with my...

lindsyjones1,909135Jun 23Sep 14

The swamp that Trump is drainingNOTE: IMPEACH Trump? Yeah good luck. A friend of mine sent me this and it is very logical and it might change our US political system forever. D...

lindsyjones1,435139Sep 3Sep 14

STOP SPREDING HATE TO DIVIDE AS( By (falicias own experiences)How You Feel If You Are At a Hospital, With Your Sick Child! And Suddenly He Turn Blue! A Nurse Near By Became Aware of.It! And She Inmmediately...

falicia2559Aug 21Sep 13
The Games People Play

The Games People PlayMy business requires me to cross the border twice a week to mail orders out in the U.S. I do this as the product doesn't get hung up in customs and it...

LadyImp15915Sep 13Sep 13

Trevor Noah on Trump & hurricanesAs we count down the hours before Hurricane Florence touches down on the mideastern USA coast, Trump starts bragging about what a good job he did with...

JimNastics1319Sep 12Sep 13

The 3 RsIn SA criminals use what is commonly known as the 3 Rs literally to get away with murder or to cut their sentence by more than half at times. REMOR...

Lukeon17616Sep 13Sep 13

WaterfallsThey say that if you walk behind some waterfalls and make a wish, it will come true. Here are some beautiful waterfalls for virtual walks and wish...

Etherna1356Sep 11Sep 13
Alex7: "You Are... "(meet us in the ecards)

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