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Liberty and FreedomThe philosophies of Locke and Blackstone, combined with the Magna Carta and the Bible, were what our Founders used to define the type of government th...

Willy3411674Jan 10Jan 10

Miserable with the flu.Been up all night trying to stay least i will get better after each hour passes....

Bluesky6016211Dec 13Jan 10

Woman, who has been in a coma for 14 years, gives birth at a nursing homeJanuary 4, 2019 at 2:05 PM EST - Updated January 5 at 1:23 AM PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK/CNN) - Arizona authorities are investigating the rape of a female pa...

Willy341134327Jan 5Jan 10

29 Facts About the Border and Mexican Cartels You Need to Know1) No one is proposing a wall between all of Mexico and the U.S.—the U.S. southern border is approximately 2,000 miles. The discussion is about 1,000...

Willy34111139Jan 9Jan 10

Shocking Globalist's Satanic Plan For 2019 - A Real Economic AnalysisShocking Globalist's Satanic Plan For 2019 - A Real Economic Analysis...

jarred133-Jan 10

Trump 'Building A Wall' For The False Messiah - Dajjal Awakening!Trump 'Building A Wall' For The False Messiah - Dajjal Awakening!....

jarred147-Jan 10

Post Sister Stress Disorder.Post Sister Stress Disorder Having two older sisters there was a lot of abuse growing up. I didn’t mind the leotards as much as the high heels and...

TokyoRogue1508Jan 9Jan 10

06 January -Singles DaySeemingly, 06 January is the busiest day for online dating. Whether being sick of yet another Christmas alone, made a New Year's resolution to fin...

mollybaby871103Jan 6Jan 10

Toronto's serial killer victim speaksIn the village area of Toronto a man escaped death by an encounter with a serial killer now in custody and charged with 7 murders...police suspect the...

loulou7780154Apr 2018Jan 10


jarred153-Jan 10

Are you prepared for the coming cashless society? it is coming whether you believe it or not....

stringman976Jan 9Jan 10

Beware! Another American Political Blog!Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!...

MiMiArt90-Jan 10

This is NOT a joke.Some people are finally cashing in on all those Trump lies. There is a website that takes bets on how much Trump lies. They chose 3 1/2 as the o...

JimNastics962Jan 9Jan 10

self-controlAnd motivation is all I need . I started my diet ( 3 ) days ago . My aim is to take off ( 30 ) lbs I am losing control . My diet is consists o...

Annleerose25624Jan 7Jan 10
Limun3158Dec 6Jan 10

AustraliansAustralians “Are you Australian’? The look that accompanies that question can vary from hopeful excitement to fearful apprehension, I’ve found. We...

TokyoRogue39649Jan 5Jan 9

"BACK FIRE"It Is Truly Amazing ................To Me Anyway..................How.. Being Nice To Someone?................In The End?....You Can End Up Being.......

namaron1416Jan 8Jan 9
We all have to survive tools

We all have to survive/tools.Okay. We all have to survive in this world. It would be a little better if you can thrive so as we can create comfort for ourselves down the road....

Johnny_Sparton90664Feb 2018Jan 9

Roll CallKevin Spacey & R Kelly Next on the lists We will see if they will pass the test or fail ....

Annleerose792Jan 9Jan 9
Track161142Jan 8Jan 9
How to increase size

How to increase size?Thought I'd find the answer down below so I've just spend the past 20minutes playing about down there thinking hoping I would figure/work it out for m...

itchywitch59721Jun 10Jan 9
Government shutdown affect snap food stamps wic I will not be replying to comments

Government shutdown affect snap food stamps,wic.I will not be replying to comments.I don't usually create political blog topics but this article really upsets me.Especially when children will be affected by this all.

Bearwoman841Jan 9Jan 9

"BLUE MAN GONE"What A Thing To Wake Up To....They Have Removed My Blue Man That I Have Been Using For Almost 3 Years Now And Have Replaced It With That Stupid Laugh...

namaron1,685-Aug 2015Jan 9

Pick A Subject,- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - I said a subject. not a scenario...

secludedStar53-Jan 9

my friendmy friend ……….....

jarred138-Jan 9

My Sperm Scatter at Light Speed.My Sperm Scatter at Light Speed. The two gentlemens clubs that hang between my legs are normally fun places. But mention the word “children” and th...

TokyoRogue59558Jan 7Jan 9
Salvation From God

Salvation From GodSalvation is important for will end suffer when he get saved from God. Salvation comes when man believe and obey commandments of God. Two...

starrayfil28-Jan 9

HAREM GOSSIP.The leading lady in my harem asked me if there was anyway of pleasing me more. I suggested she watched Dallas cowboys cheerleaders and try to get the...

CROWNAFFAIR29020Jan 7Jan 9

Dating. Do Me Backwards and Call Me Dirty.Dating. Do Me Backwards and Call Me Dirty I used to date a bit. Actually, I dated a lot. So much so I’d sometimes share customers left-over bottles...

TokyoRogue31738Jan 8Jan 9

You can often find me on the corner of Bedlam and Squalor.You can often find me on the corner of Bedlam and Squalor I want an engaging life of unruly peaks and unpredictable troughs. I need challenges and...

TokyoRogue1258Jan 9Jan 9

profilesim just wondering can a person here have more then one profile going at the same time with different user names of course??? on the last dating site i...

itchywitch6,669129Aug 2010Jan 9
JimNastics18624Dec 8Jan 8

My favorite Nicholas Cage movieFirst off, I have to admit, that Nicholas Cage is not one of my favorite actors. Indeed, many of his movies don't appeal to me at all. Thus, I hav...

JimNastics1088Jan 7Jan 8

My JamI’ve few friends. At one point in my life I found the company of others to be extraordinarily taxing. So much so, I would have to mentally ready mysel...

TokyoRogue47444Jan 5Jan 8

Hi, Big Brother, didja see what I just did ...My bank in Spain will shortly have the technology to produce the details of a payment – not just that I bought at a supermarket, but the copy of the s...

Elegsabiff40443Jan 2Jan 8

how religion spread around the worldhow religion spread around the world………….....

jarred138-Jan 8

We Don't All Love Summer Yanno!If I said I loved summer, somewhere on this site, or on my profile... : I lied!(Hi Etherna ) More than likely I was trying to inject or convey som...

BerrySmoothie93954Jan 5Jan 8
8 parts skynet 2

8 parts... [ skynet,2starlight theater o u t * t h e r e } our mystery Actor's filmography A fury Slinging Flame [ Route 66, 1960 .......dna, the thermal Trend.......

Agentbob720Jan 8

This opinion ALWAYS gets me into trouble!New Years Eve, the only evening where it is acceptable to get hammered and play with explosives. Because that is what fireworks are: Explosives! He...

Philipsen594Jan 8Jan 8
Track16471Jan 8Jan 8

Demographic ProblemThis video is from 10 years ago. Was the prediction accurate? You be the judge. The decline of fertility rate in Western civilization is dropping f...

Willy341135019Jul 13Jan 8

Trump Finds $14B For His Border Wall – In Famous Criminal’s PocketsWhile the Democrats continue to obstruct the government over the small funding needed for the border wall, big opportunities abound to take care of it...

Willy34111448Jan 7Jan 8

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