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Spiritual But Not Religious

Spiritual But Not ReligiousI have noticed that many people on this site – and elsewhere – describe themselves in this manner or, is it just a convenient box to tick? I find t...

daniela7771,144131Mar 16Apr 15

DRUNK ON POWERI was reading a little bit on this phrase and found this interesting. Megalomania - a psychological state characterized by delusions of grandeur....

wenever27534Apr 13Apr 15
Environmental Misinformation

Environmental MisinformationRecently, there's been a huge turf war here in BC in regards to the Kinder Morgan pipeline that they want to put through BC to fill oil tankers to shi...

LadyImp1299Apr 13Apr 15
The impulse buy

The impulse buySo I saw this bulky black leather sofa cheapcheapCHEAP at a charity shop a few months back and bought it because I need furniture and it was just the...

Elegsabiff39348Apr 14Apr 15
We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We AreI don't care if u're straight or gay, to me u are human, I don't care if u're a mother or a father, to me u are a parent, I don't care if u live in...

Poitin1527Apr 13Apr 15

Success Vs. Failure.Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In simple words, one reaching their destination. Accordingly, failure can be def...

Stargazer11152845Apr 11Apr 15

How did Africa get her name?Once upon a time, long before any of us were born, there lived a very angry General Hannibal who ruled Carthage, now called Tunisia. These were the da...

Keepers18014Apr 15Apr 15
One Sided Friendships or Buddies

One-Sided Friendships, or Buddies?Have you ever been anybody´s friend, someone´s buddy – same gender or opposite - where you felt the friendship was only a one-sided one? Have you b...

daniela77741551Apr 13Apr 15
Mizuko Water babies WARNING Not for the spiritual or wimpy Not a moral debate

Mizuko-Water babies. WARNING!Not for the spiritual or wimpy.Not a moral debate.As the title says,whether you are pro-life or pro-choice....ahhh....lets just leave it there.Respect both ways....

Dfrezne1055Apr 13Apr 15

Thought for the DayToday is my late brothers birthday, he'd love what this meme represents because he was a Monkey in the Chinese Horoscope....

Keepers28914Apr 12Apr 15
What is it

What is it?Feel happy, when I see him. Feel happier, when he talks to me. The happiest ever, when I know he is happy and healthy. The distance suddenly disapp...

kk201048521Apr 12Apr 15
Torontos serial killer victim speaks

Toronto's serial killer victim speaksIn the village area of Toronto a man escaped death by an encounter with a serial killer now in custody and charged with 7 murders...police suspect the...

loulou7728343Apr 13Apr 15
Whitesnake music blog

Whitesnake music blogYour not invited...this is for my enjoyment and fun only......

LeeCharming97-Apr 12Apr 14
stringman451Apr 14Apr 14
Abortion and Excommunication

Abortion and ExcommunicationAny Catholic who obstinately denies that abortion is always gravely immoral, commits the sin of heresy and incurs an automatic sentence of excommunica...

Willy341136738Apr 14Apr 14
itchywitch75389Apr 12Apr 14
That sinking feeling

That sinking feeling.It's so disheartening to write a blog and then watch it sink steadily down the page and finally disappear into the wilderness behind that little squar...

Harbal833105Apr 11Apr 14
DFR lol

DFR lol! I´m going back to my business...

Crunia69-Apr 14
Food poisioning

Food poisioning....More common than we think. In the USA, some 30K cases yearly, with up to 10% being fatal ! Well, after a lunch at a street vendor's truck this week,...

Vierkaesehoch1228Apr 6Apr 14


jarred154-Apr 14
I Have These Questions

I Have These Questions..Will you flirt with someone you don't like? Or will you just flirt with anyone, doesn't matter who? You see, in cs world I am not interested in ch...

Kalpataru27617Apr 11Apr 14
How could Prins Charles be king as he was divorced His uncle gave up the throne to marry Wallis S

How could Prins Charles be king as he was divorced. His uncle gave up the throne to marry Wallis S.It feels like ever since news broke last autumn of Prince Harry’s relationship with Suits star Meghan Markle, rumours of an engagement have been bubbl...

britishcolumbian16620Apr 11Apr 14
Do you believe about Karma

Do you believe about Karma ?What do u think about Karma ? some people not believe about Karma, they can be bad person, till they win, same like Politics in my country, make me an...

xinchen1519Apr 12Apr 14
She replied I replied

She replied, I repliedThe other day some lady whom I'd looked at her profile maybe once or ten times. She writes to me and says, "Hi, I noticed you were on my "Who's Viewe...

robrt78721814Apr 12Apr 14

datingany women around my area want to meet up for a good time...

hommyj17719Apr 13Apr 14
The strange need for companionship

The strange need for companionshipI’ve been thinking about something that was said to me. It has temporarily given me the idea to consider being a couple. No, there isn’t anyone known...

Palmfrond1866Mar 25Apr 14
Are you taking too many prescription drugs

Are you taking too many prescription drugs?Medicinal melting pot Last updated: 21 July 2014 Mixing medicines can be a recipe for disaster. It can be harmful and dangerous to take different ty...

britishcolumbian10610Apr 12Apr 13
End of Seasons

End of SeasonsStill feel a bit green to blogging but I need to write rather than pay a therapist also spelled "TheRapist". If I need advise, a blog is a great plac...

UnFayzed15913Apr 10Apr 13
It is a scam

It is a scamIf you come on to this site and present yourself as single but in reality you are married, you are committing a fraud. Period. You can be on this s...

lindsyjones1,96290Mar 12Apr 13
If you are going to pray

If you are going to pray...on your knees (and barefoot) you better learn a bit about temptation before It seems some are playing rough, aha? all yours ladies http...

Crunia15624Apr 13Apr 13
Men Vs Women Vive la Diffrence

Men Vs Women - Vive la Différence!This is in no way intended to criticise men but, on the contrary, to enlighten them a bit... After a recent blog about “demi-séxual” and various co...

daniela77723335Apr 13Apr 13
Never argue with this woman

Never argue with this womanIn this video a bail bondsman (woman) accompanied by her son meets with a client in the bail bondswoman's office. She gives him an order and he diso...

Ken_191968Mar 16Apr 13
The Internet

The InternetWho invented it? Who owns it? How does it work? (what makes it possible) I was talking with a gentleman the other night. Out of nowhere he start...

Johnny_Sparton24923Mar 27Apr 13
So whos worse the MEDIA or the GOVERNMENTS

So who's worse, the MEDIA! or the GOVERNMENTS?They both lie manipulate and cheat us on a daily basses. But who's so powerful to manipulate them. Think about it, if the media and our governments ar...

knowledgeantruth886Apr 12Apr 13
Invisible Warfare does it exist

Invisible Warfare! does it exist?What is invisible warfare? does it exist in Ireland? lets see, all the shopping complex's and the shops are English, lets say 80% I know it's more, bu...

knowledgeantruth784Apr 12Apr 13
When Youre In Love With A Beautiful Woman

When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman.The other day I read a blog about the perils of marrying a pretty woman. I’m not going to mention names because I’m not sure if I’m allowed to read hi...

Catfoot89181Mar 15Apr 13
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a f*ck

"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck"by Mark Manson. A New York Times Bestseller....does it still impress anyone? I´m not a big fan of self improvement literature, at least not in th...

Crunia804Apr 13Apr 13
Ring of fire

Ring of fireI fell into a burning rung of fire And it burned...

Palmfrond1005Apr 12Apr 13

Me Loving You Loving MeMe Loving You Loving Me...........

jarred137-Apr 13
ragiya and gravitons implications

ragiya and gravitons, implicationsIt is hard to list Man's most important discoveries. It is super embarrassing when we realize we keep learning things, then forgetting them only to r...

Ken_1930218Nov 9Apr 13
Its a mystery to me

It´s a mystery to me .......and you know the rest...

Crunia32239Apr 11Apr 13
A power feed at last

A power feed at lastIt has been awhile since I blogged. No big changes in my social life. No earh shattering news pertaining to me. I am pleased that the new, pri...

Ken_191403Feb 11Apr 13
EyeLook4U: "You're Probably Right"(meet us in the poems)

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