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Trump invaded by newest caravanFrom The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Unable to Stop Caravan of Democratic Women Invading Washington By Andy Borowitz...

JimNastics847Nov 8Nov 8
Track16999Nov 8Nov 8

Looking for a MormonLooking for a Mormon, or ex-Mormon to give a testimony through Hangouts Live on Air in a Show. If interested in sharing please message me. Than...

Kidwell_320Nov 8
Yup Im a Blond

Yup!! I'm a Blond!!!My 29yr old son just came by and we were just shooting the breeze, and he had asked me if i knew what Beastiality was??? Well here is what this b...

sugarbum95828Oct 2011Nov 8

You can do the blah blah blah.................... You can do the blah blah blah...

jarred140-Nov 8

The Party is over....I warned you. Did you listen ? No. You were too busy Trumpeting. Although the country lost, you somehow thought you won something. Wrong. But, y...

JimNastics92481Nov 6Nov 8

I Got Emotionally Bullied Today..I know it's no one's fault, not even the bully's. It's simply my fault for letting myself. I should have been stronger and fight harder. You see to...

Kalpataru27514Nov 5Nov 8
stringman3188Jun 2017Nov 7
The democrats were the KKK

The democrats were the KKKWe see the hate mobs run by the democrats, we see the hatred of white men replacing the hatred of black people, we see the denial of the facts, we see...

LeeCharming28726Nov 6Nov 7

Quality Over QuantityAs far as Relationships are concerned, what do you prefer: To have many meaningless friends/acquaintances, or.... only a few good friends who are t...

daniela777707112Nov 3Nov 7

"SOMETHING'S GOING ON"It Seems That............................... The Computerized System................................. Here On Connecting Singles Is Getting Worse........

namaron1275Nov 6Nov 7

IS DIGITAL ELECTION RELIABLE??Back here because my prediction was wrong.... but watch and listen to American Intelligence Media : ELECTION EMERGENCY CALLING ON NETWORK ENGINEER PA...

JoyCrest1218Nov 7Nov 7

The Helps Not Short~ Sure. I'll Help You dig it...

secludedStar111-Nov 4Nov 7

Blog '#173' -The Face In The Explosion.I b'lieve it's just to the left of the center of the explosion...kinda like the profile of an alien looking up and to the right. Does anyone else s...

miclee1125Nov 6Nov 7

Trump to Democrats - 'Investigate Me And You’ll Find It Works Both Ways'President Trump issued a warning to the Democrats. 2 can play the same game. 'If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investi...

Willy3411693Nov 7Nov 7

Death Threats, Assaults, Vandalism: over 40 Acts of Left-Wing Thuggery in October, So Far…Left-wing activists and organized mobs have committed some 40 acts of violence and thuggery against President Trump and his supporters in October, and...

Willy34111047Oct 30Nov 7

Ouch?NOT! Before the moonbats' gloating becomes too manic, just a bit of facts and science. The American people are always speaking somehow, but it's impor...

Vierkaesehoch1418Nov 7Nov 7

An American hero, and a lifetime Republican speaks about the importance of these midterm electionsFrom Wikipedia; Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger III (born 1951) is a retired American airline captain who, on January 15, 2009, landed US Ai...

JimNastics601Nov 5Nov 7
stringman15710Nov 5Nov 7

Hatred ? Yes, real hatred is alive & sick.Jessica Moulite Yesterday 6:55pm Ahead of Tuesday’s midterm election in Georgia, an armed militia has threatened violence if Stacey Abrams wins...

JimNastics1246Nov 6Nov 7

Bathroom Etiquette Gone WrongPeople of different genders using or misusing public restrooms, has been a topic of frequent discussion on social media. However, on Sunday a female...

Willy34111247Nov 5Nov 7
Romantic Strolls In The Moonlight

Romantic Strolls In The MoonlightAre you one of those who enjoy a romantic stroll on the beach with your sweetheart? Then you better make use of it while you still can. The Moon is ab...

Catfoot874Nov 7Nov 7

Video of Invasion caravan proving they're just uncivilized barbarians!According to the left, the migrant caravan is harmless and just wants jobs? Footage yesterday Courtesy of Milenio Televisión....

Willy341123431Nov 6Nov 6
stringman32722Jul 28Nov 6


LincolnsCousin64-Nov 6

i'm waiting for my loveI Never Have What I Like. I Never Like What I Have. Still I Live. Hope That Someday I'll Get What I Love. Or I'll Love What I Have. That's Life....

Sacred_Angel1748Oct 30Nov 6

Your right to voteUse it, or lose out. https:/...

JimNastics270Nov 6


jarred156-Nov 6

Leather...On a family trip to California in the 1960's, we stopped in Tijuana Mexico. My dad had some extra cash and bought the family some souvenirs. I got a s...

chatillion12913Nov 5Nov 6

Pipe Bombs ????????????????????????Let's see. Russia.........Nope that didn't work. Stormy............Nope that didn't work either. Prof. Ford...........Nope that didn't work too. M...

Willy341169565Oct 24Nov 6

The worst day of my life.This is the worst day of my life. For about the last three months I have had a spider living in the corner of my bathroom. It has spun a web and cau...

candykid71721Jul 2013Nov 6

My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West CoastSome people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really. For me, I count my blessings with my...

lindsyjones2,694175Jun 23Nov 6

Why we stand and will never kneelOne of the most heartfelt stories of the Greatest Nation under God, America.... God protected us then and he protects us now. One Nation under God....

seaworthy31616Oct 27Nov 6
Why Love is broken

Why Love is broken?Why people suffer when love is broken? Well, love is special thing it require to be all things suitable for man and woman! When man and woman is not...

starrayfil44-Nov 6
stringman2572May 2017Nov 6

This is Old, But it Describes True LoveThe elderly man in his eighties, hurried to his doctor appointment at 8am. He wanted to finish quickly because he must be somewhere by nine. The docto...

texasgirl8585885Nov 4Nov 6

Trump Promised America First – and That's Exactly What We’re GettingMake America Great Again. President Donald Trump's rallying cry during the campaign season a couple of years ago will forever have a place in history...

Willy341118513Oct 13Nov 5

Ladies - Protecting your private digital dataA device almost guaranteed to be willingly ignored by men. Thus, keeping your digital data, such as pictures, financials, and other images, secure....

JimNastics1254Nov 3Nov 5

TRUMP CONSIDERING COMPLETELY SHUTTING DOWN THE BORDER — NO ASYLUMPresident Donald Trump is reportedly considering shutting down the U.S. border from illegal immigrants trying to flee to the U.S. from Central America...

Willy341119916Oct 27Nov 5

Where's my friend Ysabel?Where's she? Anyone? Just left us without a word? Jen....I hope all is fine with you....

lindsyjones31832Nov 1Nov 5
which is worse

which is worseDating someone that's over confident .... or someone with none what so ever? I have dated some that I wouldn't mind taking down a peg or two but I...

itchywitch43442Nov 3Nov 5

Fish head soup...We stopped at the Asian Market yesterday and bought a few things. After a brief conversation with the woman at the meat counter, she went in the back...

chatillion17817Oct 15Nov 5
fallforu: "Logical thinking"(meet us in the quizzes)

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