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My time spent off CS. My almost 3 days getting close to nature.So relaxing.I had so much fun the last 2 days just visiting two different parks here in the state of Ohio and the other one was in the state of Indiana.The live...

Bearwoman35117Sep 13Sep 13

Man receives a face transplant first in Canada, wish I could show you pictures but it did not workMONTREAL — In a Canadian medical first, surgeons at Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital announced Wednesday they’d performed a face transplant, g...

britishcolumbian1018Sep 12Sep 13

Personal appearance for witch hunt testimony..........for our brilliant president Trump. Well, well, well, all, seems like now mere ersatz written responses to witch hunt collusion loaded questions will...

Vierkaesehoch26914Sep 10Sep 13

Dirtiest Trick In U.S. History Comes Into FocusThe almost unnoticed fact in the latest Democratic assault on the Trump administration is that it is based entirely on charges of confusion, the circu...

Willy3411682Sep 13Sep 13
Giraffe in snow

Giraffe in snowREALLY starting to worry about Eks now. Hoping all SA bloggers affected by blizzards are keeping well-wrapped up and warm This pic one of severa...

Elegsabiff1102Sep 12Sep 13

Outdoor Media 101...I do lots of driving in my job and most of it is on the highway. As much as 40% of the billboards are electronic and change advertisements every few s...

chatillion793Sep 12Sep 13

Whenever You Come AroundWhenever You Come Around

jarred163-Sep 12

What Shocked You today?Greatful Heart _______________ An evening to remember for us with my big boys as we dine in one exclusive restaurant around.... We...

ysabeljhen19220Sep 10Sep 12

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(167)"Human Beings.......................................Are The Insanity Of Life.........They Are The Closet Of The Calls....................................

namaron41748Sep 8Sep 12
JimNastics44324Aug 11Sep 12

Art imitates life, or life imitates art ?Today in The New York Daily News; Author of 'How to Murder Your Husband' arrested for allegedly killing her husband By STORM GIFFORD Sep...

JimNastics622Sep 12Sep 12

Great job liberals Shame on youI don't mean all liberals, just the boneheads that took their time to hijack yesterday's blog about the tragedies of September 11th. You really sho...

Willy341128525Sep 12Sep 12

9-11-2001/9-11-2012As we remember the tragedy in 2001......... Let us also not forget on September 11, 2012 when US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, USFS officer Sean...

Willy341181475Sep 11Sep 12

Well, here's something you don't see every day.Florida has been invaded by Burmese pythons as the result of an intense storm that accidently freed these captive pets near the Everglades years ago....

JimNastics20913Aug 14Sep 12

"QUESTION"I Shouldve Left The Blog I Had Up Yesterday...............But For Some Pisces Type Reason?...............I Took It Down..............................I...

namaron92-Sep 12Sep 12

Nice WitchesOn Woman’s Hour this morning (BBC Radio 4, 10:00am), the presenter was interviewing two witches. For most people the word “witch” has negative connot...

Harbal29945Sep 11Sep 12

"WOULDNT IT BE NICE"Every Hurricane Season.............They Start Off Naming Hurricane.... In Alphabetical Order..........................And They Always Start From The L...

namaron65-Sep 12Sep 12

"Love and Appreciation" (By falicias Own Experiences)If you Have Love In your Relationship! Hold On In It Tide! Because You Easily Could Loose it! (See "Things that keep Two People Together" Blog)...

falicia883Sep 11Sep 12

Ghosting your date, can be illegal !I recall a couple of former blogs on here recounting "ghosting" as a method to deal with a date, that wasn't quite up to expectations. One seemed to...

JimNastics989Sep 12Sep 12
Drama Ploys

Drama PloysMost of the time, when reading posts, I can gauge whether or not a person is just venting and wants some attention, or wants a solution to their probl...

LadyImp26324Sep 9Sep 12

3 Reasons The EU's NEW Migration Plan Will DESTROY Europe3 Reasons The EU's NEW Migration Plan Will DESTROY Europe...

jarred138-Sep 12
Walking the dog

Walking the dogHave you taken your dog for a walk lately? They say it's a healthy thing to do for the dog and the owner. Well, perhaps not so healthy for some o...

robrt78717833Sep 11Sep 12

I sold the car and riding a horse now so stop calling me...Somebody must have passed out my phone number to a service who is trying to get me to buy an extended warranty. Six calls came through today with the...

chatillion879Sep 11Sep 12

Watered down CharactersA person with dirty nails and a person with acrylic nails trying to hide the muck underneath. It looks great on top, but when you sneak a peek in si...

Lukeon30732Sep 9Sep 12

The New RoomI made the music/smoke/toke room a little more functional today. Moved some crap and got the computer next to where I stand to play so I have much eas...

Track16753Sep 12Sep 12

English LanguageHello.I am Marius and I would like to master the American English accent. If there's any lady who would like to help me I would be very happy Thank y...

DisagioTruvve26427Sep 10Sep 12

God Save the QueenGod Save the Queen...

jarred145-Sep 12

No Obama did not create this economyThe Democrats have been spending the past 18 months complaining how much President Trump is screwing up this country and Obama just got on TV and trie...

Willy341173176Sep 8Sep 12

thallusI know what your all thinking But I have a lissspppp...

Onthcrestofawave1397Sep 11Sep 11

Dept of Homeland Security will be showing a live September 11th CommemorationOn the way out of my area I saw a Dept of Homeland Security vehicle coming off the highway and then when I looked on the internet I saw the informatio...

Bearwoman15813Sep 10Sep 11

Donald Trump takes aim at masters of the universeDonald Trump: We Will Not Tolerate Censorship, Blacklisting, Rigged Search from Big Tech President Donald Trump vowed to stand for free speech on T...

Willy34111436Aug 31Sep 11
house mates

house matesand so i happened. I have a renter living indoors. a connecting singles connection that is starting a study here. can i call this a pet? i...

Len051012Sep 10Sep 11
My Trump blog

My Trump blogHey, back off. It’s a rite of passage as a CS blogger to have a blog on this superhot topic, if you can’t fight ‘em join ‘em, and other sundry excuses...

Elegsabiff79377Sep 9Sep 11

Things What will keep Two People Together In a Relationship1(By falicias Own Experiences)Love! Sex! Looks ! Loyalty Affection ! Priority ! Caring ! Confidence ! Self Esteem Compromise ! Things In Common ! Trust ! Admiration ! Time !...

falicia1072Sep 11Sep 11

"REAL FRIENDSHIP"Never ask, ‘Who is my real friend?’ Ask,‘Am I a real friend to somebody?’ That is the right question. Why are you worried about others — whether they...

owlsway602Sep 11Sep 11

For LaughsThis is getting more funny by the week...The numerous books released or soon to a book store near you...all in an attempt to ensure people are informe...

loulou7727313Sep 10Sep 11

Breaking upI don't look forward to this part of a relationship. Yet it is inevitable. When things are not working as planned and or the so called love is going...

lindsyjones50748Aug 20Sep 10

Connected but aloneThis topic get me interest to write over here,”The topic connected but alone”. Technology is broad in our society to rely on and use every time to mak...

Olangoisland1526Sep 10Sep 10

The Virgosign on today being 11 September.Bongu nies. While today’s date officially recognises an additional year to my life on Earth, it is a mere number and of not much importance or of any...

virgosign450Sep 10

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(87)If You Are Trying To Get To Someone...............................................................Or If You Are Trying To Tell Someone Off...........A...

namaron128-Sep 9Sep 10

The fifthSo much is written about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse yet very little about the 5th The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse is an archetype repr...

Onthcrestofawave16712Sep 10Sep 10

What makes a RELATIONship last long?Starting a relationship is always fun and exciting, but making a relationship last is hard work. Once you’ve gotten settled in your relationship, you...

ysabeljhen27130Sep 6Sep 10

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