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The Follow-up to " Crying at Night "After a few days after I knocked the door of my neighbour's at one night , I happened to meet the little boy's family at stairs. The granny thank me f...

July012680Nov 5

Perseguido por las plantas de Bariloche.I remember the images I got this morning.. the old church, the road, her hair. Her golden hair and the white dress. It reminds me of other visions of...

WhatYouHadAndWha320Nov 4
stringman1,35292Sep 13Nov 4
stringman24418Nov 2Nov 4

"ANYTHING... IS POSSIBLE"How Can Anybody Say ................................................That What Someone Said ...........................That They Saw Was Just A Lot Of...

namaron18611Nov 1Nov 4

"TIME MACHINE"..(3)It Has Been A Real Long Time.................................................... Since Ive Heard From The Time Machine Man....................Maybe He...

namaron47943Oct 29Nov 4

Y'ALL FALL BACK NOW, YA HEAR!Murkun Daylight Savings Time Ends 2:00 am Sunday, Nov.4. Set your time pieces BACK one hour. Unless you live someplace that doesn't change time, o...

miclee26549Nov 3Nov 4
Service animals

Service animalsI love animals as much as the next guy...maybe more. It might be the reason I was banned from the petting zoo. If I had my way we'd have 'heavy' petti...

BadlyDrawn14613Nov 4Nov 4

Performing a TLS Handshake...My computer did 2 updates yesterday. Virus protection and Firefox. Now, all the websites are hesitating to load. In the bottom corner of the Firefox...

chatillion23618Oct 17Nov 4

TIme to WALK AWAY , The MOVEMENTPerhaps no need for this blog because everything you need to know is in the alternative media, you can check it out.... a never ending YouTube testi...

JoyCrest1,062102Oct 22Nov 4
stringman441Nov 4Nov 4

Old sailors' myth?Change your used sailboat's name, you die at sea. Since I'm a bit stuporstitious, I never dared such. But all my dogs are adptees, and I always tried...

Vierkaesehoch13817Nov 2Nov 4

PerfectHow we define Perfect. Perfect people in Our surrounding. I am not Prefect....

timotie21837Nov 3Nov 4

You only live once!............... You only live once!...

jarred165-Nov 4

SAVE ASIA BIBI - Resistance InternationalThe vid below presents the plight of Asia Bibi. She's lived in the shadow of a noose for seven years. It's not long; less than 11 minutes. But for...

miclee1,10667Apr 2017Nov 4

England v Springboks***KICK-OFF IS SCHEDULED FOR 17:00 (SA TIME)*** Today's referee is Angus Gardner from Australia. To date, Gardner has refereed in 17 Test matc...

Lukeon977Nov 3Nov 4

And the sun came out again...................... And the sun came out again

jarred131-Nov 4
can true christians take arms to fight

can true christians take arms to fight?Jesus said: i am not of this world, if i were of this world,my disciples would fight! So why people take arms? Jesus said:if you take up the sword yo...

starrayfil53-Nov 4

No... I won't be up at 2am resetting clocks!If I could vote on having Daylight Savings year round, it would be YES. Maybe you're okay with it getting dark at 6pm. I know I'm not. I am however t...

chatillion421Nov 3Nov 3

Cutting BackI've hit that stage in life where I need to learn to cut back, financially speaking. I'm finding that a tad difficult. Here are my thoughts on a fun...

UnFayzed26826Oct 28Nov 3

attended a memorial/now i have deal internt money scamsI am shattered beyond words and grief Grief for the memorial of my patient, but total shock when wanting to use my credit card, living in South Afric...

Fieryred701199Nov 3Nov 3

The Space Shuttle Challenger.....Jan 28, 2016 - (Article date) The night before the launch, Ebeling and four other engineers at NASA contractor Morton Thiokol had tried to stop the la...

Hans4711318-Nov 2Nov 3
Importing Stray Pets from Other Countries

Importing Stray Pets from Other CountriesThe other day I was reading how someone was bringing a stray home from the country they were visiting. What? We don't have enough unwanted pets here i...

LadyImp14714Oct 31Nov 3
Dealing With Stress

Dealing With StressAlthough I'd promised myself to do more walking, this morning found me out on my bike again. As it wasn't raining or windy, I chose to hop on my bike...

LadyImp572Nov 3Nov 3

Playing with words.~` We Carry in the groceries while we Haul Out the trash...

secludedStar44-Nov 3

Photo Caption Contest - joggerYou know the drill by now. Have some fun adding you own photo caption(s), if you like. My first entry is.....Yeah, yeah, rub it in. Here's t...

JimNastics1246Nov 2Nov 3
Spotting the red flags

Spotting the red flagsI spoke to a male friend today, who was going to make the extreme sacrifice and marry his girlfriend. I had told my friend many times to look for the...

LeeCharming18212Nov 2Nov 3

No shit!!! Good words............... No shit!!! Good words...

jarred152-Nov 3

Art collections...I remember doing a job in the Trump tower on Miami Beach. The building was new (at the time) and filling up quickly. Only one service elevator was in...

chatillion552Nov 3Nov 3

59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters.31% Predict Civil War. Thursday, June 28, 2018 "Poll: 59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters, 31% Predict Civil War "The division in the Uni...

miclee1,470121Jun 29Nov 3

Veteran with PTSD creates jewelry to empower womenTara Hutchinson calls herself a fine jewelry artist and goldsmith. In fact, she runs and supports herself through her small business Tara Hutch Design...

Willy34111327Oct 15Nov 3

When will you get married?"When will you get married??" "Who is your current boyfriend??" "Go get marry soon so you are still young to see your kiddos getting married!" W...

cutebubble26917Oct 13Nov 3
maybe writing about it will help

maybe writing about it will let me get straight to the point. this is my 2nd account and i must admit that it’s not as fun as my 1st experience here. so why the need to make a...

cuddle_me2347Oct 29Nov 3

OPEN for MARRIAGEBROKE UP WITH WOMAN, so you can be my girl. Have Wedding Gown picked out. It will not be waisted but used a little each anniversary until can no...

LincolnsCousin66-Nov 3
A Long Haul

A Long HaulAs rain becomes our weather forecast du jour, I've traded in my bike for my hiking boots. Not that I'm hiking, per se, just out walking, but they're c...

LadyImp757Nov 1Nov 2

PotluckAt my aprt.complex we get together once a month and have a potluck meal.its a nice way to dine and know your neighbors....

Bluesky6027321Aug 16Nov 2

Slippers... they're not just for the bedroom anymore!...or are they? I have some clients who won't let people in their house wearing street shoes. That's difficult for my servicemen as OSHA requires wor...

chatillion906Nov 2Nov 2

Using All Your Senses... And More?When communicating with someone at distance for the first time... Which of your senses do you use most, and what way does that impress you to form...

daniela77768171Oct 29Nov 2

hackersgot this off rip off Britain to check if your e-mail acc has been hacked-compromised. follow these simple steps it takes less than 5 mins type HAV...

keentoplease011171Oct 9Nov 2

9 Things to Know About Birthright CitizenshipPresident Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s considering an executive order on birthright citizenship has raised questions and much interest in the...

Willy3411742Nov 2Nov 2

Amen..10% is what the world throws at you 90% is how you react............. Amen..10% is what the world throws at you 90% is how you react

jarred144-Nov 2

Our Brilliant President Donald J. Trump.....Have to admit, this latest in the long string of well overdue and awesome ideas/accomplishments may be too intelligent even for our dear leader and wi...

Vierkaesehoch18413Oct 31Nov 2
LifeThirst: "Happy Father’s Day "(meet us in the ecards)

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