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AppealThis is Albert, he’s a miserable old git. Albert would love to be happy but a rare genetic condition means th...

Harbal1468Sep 10Sep 10

"WHO REALLY KILLED THEM?""In 1963......John F Kennedy.................................. Goes Through Dallas Texas....................... In An Open Lincoln Continental.....(Wh...

namaron1318Sep 7Sep 10

Kinky SexYeah, it's happened. I remember a time during doggie style, when my girlfriend at the time on her knees, twisted her head to look back at me....

JimNastics1140Sep 10

Why Obama deserves a little credit for the Trump Boom, and why the Democrats will never admit itIt is actually pathetic that Barack Obama is trying to claim credit for the Trump Boom that began with the stock market jumping the moment Trump’s ele...

Willy341116614Sep 9Sep 10
to find

to findIS there a mature man that is interested in a mature women that can keep up with the 35 yr old young women,,,ok may be not with a goddess body......

heavenlystars96335Aug 2016Sep 10

Trump is proving America’s power through economic warfarePresident Trump's economic approach has foreign dictators rethinking their hostile policies toward a "weak America." Could "America First" be working?...

Willy341120813Aug 18Sep 10

Like... you know?People say the word 'like' too often in a sentence and sometimes it's followed by 'you know' Expect 'an-duh' or uhh... to be part of that too. People...

chatillion755Sep 9Sep 10

Chocolate CoinsRemember those mesh bags of chocolate coins we got as kids ? Well, what can I buy with them now ? I might be willing to make an inves...

JimNastics15217Sep 9Sep 10

The Huge Willy of ThebesJust inside the entrance to the ruins of the Great Ejaculatum at Thebes, stands a plinth on which is mounted the remains of an ancient marble erection...

Harbal48272Sep 8Sep 10

Credit Card Skimmers...Crime doesn't pay or so they say... If you don't get caught it probably does pay and that's why so many scammers are making careers out of cheating pe...

chatillion905Sep 9Sep 10

Sex workers shouldn't have equal rights.Or so the unelected left wing Spanish government say, they are horrified a new union for sex workers has snuck in under the radar & are challenging it...

zmountainman55363Sep 2Sep 10

Forgiving and ForgettingOnly yesterday when I was sad and I was lonely....I learned the way to leave the past and all its tears behind me.Hoping tomorrow maybe even...

ysabeljhen24337Sep 7Sep 10
Three some lifestlyle

Three some lifestlyleHow many people want to live a life of threesome,foursome or in a big group For enjoying life without any jealousy...

Hidayat78678618611Sep 9Sep 10
Itll Be The Death of Me

It'll Be The Death of MeWhat does one do on an overcast day? Well, you can do all the things indoors that you've been putting off, or, if you're me, you get in the car to fin...

LadyImp1459Sep 9Sep 9

Animal Farm...The Trump EraFor your viewing pleasure...George Orwell's Animal Farm novella on video...Stephen King recognised the novella as a story about a political uprising o...

loulou7744642Sep 7Sep 9

"FEAR"..("AND OTHER STUFF")..(3)So...Im Only Doing This.................................................... To Pass Time................................ Instead Of Television Anyway...

namaron204-Sep 5Sep 9
a deal

a dealAs we were shaking hands I was saying - half now, half.... " - half after, no problem ." - he cut me short. ...and i felt asleep like a log....

bloodyawfull1565Sep 9Sep 9

Mid 90's matriarch soon to leave us.Nice MC trip to Liberal Massachusetts to chat with mom's health care staff. Hospice nurses were great. With home hospice care, and all our help, she c...

Vierkaesehoch1108Sep 7Sep 9

Bradlee Dean / Exposing the Media!the media: exposing the true media their goal of misleading the public.

stringman521Sep 9Sep 9

Addmittedly silly & sophomoric. Not one of his best. But good for a chuckle nonetheless.The newest satire from Andy Borowitz Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Demands to Know Who Put “Entering Crazytown” Sign on Oval Office Door...

JimNastics29427Sep 8Sep 9

PAYBACK TIME: BIKINI BLIMP OF KHAN. I just can't get enough satis...

lindsyjones21110Sep 1Sep 9

The Character Assassination of Brett KavanaughThere are honorable ways to oppose a nominee with whom you disagree. Kavanaugh’s Democratic critics have chosen to go the dishonorable route, instead....

Willy341122427Sep 7Sep 9

Dad...I was inspired by Imp's blog about 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM' and weeks later I'm getting to actually do the blog. My dad...

chatillion745Sep 8Sep 9
Its official Australians are the best men to meet

It's official. Australians are the best men to meet.This is a dinkum Australian love poem, and if it don't bring a lump to your throat, and have you rushing to the Strine men listed here on CS, you're o...

Elegsabiff54366Aug 20Sep 9

RegretsMy you know who lays in a coma tonight and I can't go ... because you know why. If i don't go I'll regret it and if I do, I'll regret that too....

itchywitch60536Aug 26Sep 8
ysabeljhen676Sep 8Sep 8

Into the blue/pump it upI'm very proud to be among the ones that abstain.From that dastardly little blue pill that is. Turning 60 next year an proud to say attentions never n...

Bentlee16317Sep 6Sep 8

LOVE IS ...???Breathless Heart breaking...

itchywitch5,307224May 2015Sep 8

Stumpedwhen you want to blog for no other reason than a bit of chit chat... what does one blog about...

itchywitch21627Sep 8Sep 8
stringman9512Sep 8Sep 8

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(166)Theres Not The Need.......................................... To Explain It All Over Again...................................Thats For Sure Just Read...

namaron153-Sep 5Sep 8
Mysterious Temples

Mysterious TemplesAncient temples with secrets and amazing places to visit......

Etherna1263Sep 7Sep 8

Back In The Saddle AgainAfter the usual long summer break due to intensive heat, I am now back to my normal duties which include taking care of my four-legged friends. T...

daniela77714221Sep 8Sep 8

You have reached the Suicide Hotline... please hold.I heard on the radio driving home tonight, the 10th leading cause of death in America is suicide. So the first thing I did was look for statistics. Fr...

chatillion10810Sep 7Sep 8

Bluesy...I had a carpenter scheduled to replace some wood fascia this morning, but he cancelled at the last minute citing, the rainy weather we had all week pu...

chatillion562Sep 8Sep 8

Choosing A Dog - Part 2All dogs have their own character which leads one to make a choice on an emotional basis but, what must be realized is that the dog has been bred over...

daniela77719127Sep 5Sep 8

PARIS, GAY PARIS - My Home TownI often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city...

daniela77725529Aug 25Sep 8
Blogging about not blogging

Blogging about not bloggingOn MD I used to blog alot but that is not happening on CS. I blog but not that much at least I don't think I blog much but I do post on other blogs....

UnFayzed18612Sep 7Sep 8

Wow ! From a senior Trump official published yesterday in The NY TimesI Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts o...

JimNastics48344Sep 6Sep 8

Not just an ordinary saintIn my teens, I wore a St. Christopher pendant round my neck. Not because I had any kind of affinity with St. Christopher, or even any idea of who he...

Harbal25526Sep 6Sep 8

I recently fell all the way upstairsI remember tripping over the first step and then a few bumps and thumps, and the next thing I knew, I was laid out at the top of the stairs, wondering...

Harbal31932Aug 17Sep 8
stringman1232Aug 9Sep 8

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