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life battery yin yang

life.......battery......yin/yangReading further about Eastern Mysticism, I am at the section speaking about the Chinese and the yin and the yang. The symbol that represents it is v...

Johnny_Sparton40459Nov 9Nov 10

"JONATHAN CHAPMAN""And Can You Believe it?....I Always Thought That He Was A Myth...More Likely ....A Legend............................. But He Was As Real As You Or...

namaron16810Nov 5Nov 10
Wicked false Sun God final

Wicked false Sun God finalDeuteronomy 12:1-3 12 These are the statutes and judgments, which ye shall observe to do in the land, which the Lord God of thy fathers giveth the...

NewYorkcitylove30-Nov 10
Wicked false Sun God part 1

Wicked false Sun God part 1Compound word=Sun-Day=Day of the Sun=Your worshiping the Sun God=Nimrod=His wife Semiramus fled, but spread the rumor that he had ascended to heaven,...

NewYorkcitylove34-Nov 10
Track16641Nov 10Nov 10

How to maintain a womanWomen require constant maintenance and servicing, some handy information to get the best performance out of a woman is: Listen to her; she will mak...

Mapmaker958141Nov 7Nov 10
Ser Rubio Es Una Maldicion

Ser Rubio Es Una MaldicionSer Rubio Es Una Maldicion...

NewYorkcitylove36-Nov 10
I wish it to be true

I wish it to be true....I came across a recent survey that something about 3% of Americans, blindly follow Trump. If it's true, then it can relieve the depressed intelligents...

iotaoo1584Oct 12Nov 10
The so call Christians in antioch

The so call Christians in antiochThe so call Christians in antioch...

NewYorkcitylove40-Nov 10


jarred142-Nov 10
Brain Washing Jesus Camp

Brain Washing ( Jesus CampBrain Washing ( Jesus Camp...

jarred136-Nov 10
The name does matter

The name does matterTHE ANCIENT PALEO HEBREW -YAHAWAH & YAHAWASHI THERE IS ONLY ONE NAME THAT CAN SAVE YOU! Zechariah 14:9 And the Lord shall be king over all the ea...

NewYorkcitylove25-Nov 10
OH Demon Alcohol

OH, Demon, Alcohol.From time to time here, where almost all posts are largely in good taste, if pointed, one does see the rare quite inappropriate blog. Profanity, too d...

Aaltarboy1546Nov 8Nov 10

Portugal.....Perhaps a little overly cautious in life. Love most of the EU, but in looking for a place to spend winters, as is my wont, trying to maximize pluses,...

Aaltarboy947Nov 10Nov 10
stringman1956Jul 9Nov 10
Yeah right Facebook

Yeah, right, Facebook !Forgive my scepticism. However, there must be a better way. I envision that the following 'solution' is the dream child of some 15 year old techi...

JimNastics10912Nov 9Nov 10
Lets sort this out for once and for all

Lets sort this out for once and for all.OK, I'm hearing a lot of people want to know the truth about tooth gaps. There is plenty of anectdotal evidence and hearsay about the matter, but appa...

pat8lanips1,00120Mar 2016Nov 10
The most boring blog ever written

The most boring blog ever written.Yeah whatever. Like totally, you know, whatever. Yeah....

pat8lanips1,11747Dec 2015Nov 10
White Terrorist Poisons College Roommate BriannaBrochu

White Terrorist Poisons College Roommate #BriannaBrochuWhite Terrorist Poisons College Roommate #BriannaBrochu...

NewYorkcitylove33-Nov 10
Lets have some fun

Let's have some fun!Name something you should never do naked?...

myhome61961Sep 6Nov 9

LoveLove is a matter of nothing !! Don’t believe ?? Okay , just ask your eyes.. what do they like ?? You will get answare that, `eyes’ liking is unlimited...

shamsul916Nov 6Nov 9
stringman8613Nov 9Nov 9
I like to travel

I like to travel...A lot of people will tell you ...or point out in their profile that they love to travel - I have to say - what the fook is wrong with you folks -Is it...

Dedovix26326Nov 9Nov 9
Young Love

Young Love!I like coming to the library to use their computers and while doing so I listen to Y**T*** music. My genre is the R&B Soul music. The oldies play a...

Ed1941604Nov 9Nov 9
Cetaceans As Our Teachers Part 2

Cetaceans As Our Teachers - Part 2.After millions and millions years of evolution, these biological entities have developed sentience and forms of intelligence that reach far beyond our...

daniela7771139Nov 9Nov 9
ive been loving you

i've been loving youi've been loving you...

jarred133-Nov 9
stringman51-Nov 9
stringman15814Nov 8Nov 9
Transgender raped jailed with men instead of women

Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of womenPITTSBURGH — A transgender woman was physically and sexually assaulted during stays at a Pennsylvania jail, because staff refused to place her with fe...

lindsyjones32238Nov 7Nov 9
Mister lonely

Mister lonely.Mister lonely....

jarred141-Nov 9

Cheerleaders ate my PonyEver since I was knee high to a zebra I had always dreamed of owning a pony, a pony of my very own. I scrimped and saved for many decades working 7 jo...

Mapmaker60658Sep 8Nov 9
What Would You Wanna Do

What Would You Wanna Do..You see, when couples get busier with work.. And.. time to communicate between them becomes less the energy to keep things interesting to talk ab...

Kalpataru14412Nov 8Nov 9
Our Marine Friends Our Teachers

Our Marine Friends - Our TeachersA quote from the book “The fifth dream” (Patrice van Eersel) This journalistic investigation will change the way you look at marine mammals. “In ev...

daniela77720217Nov 8Nov 9
Dreamcatcher9994257Sep 2016Nov 9
Cool View

Cool ViewThis is a overhead of my community and area....

Track1613318Nov 8Nov 9

peoplea conversation......

freehand1719Nov 8Nov 9

"A LOT CAN HAPPEN"Nothing Else Much To Do Right Now...So..I Decided........... To Do Some Investigation...................................... So...I Went Off Line Here...

namaron842Nov 8Nov 9

lolTrue story.

Track16918Nov 8Nov 8

"A MATTER OF TIME"If Youre looking for What Will Be The Cause of World War Three.............And Your Looking Towards The Way Of North Korea?...Be Sure To Realize Event...

namaron873Nov 8Nov 8
stringman8265Nov 2012Nov 8
The sarcastic dismissive delete blog

The sarcastic/dismissive delete blog.Following the runaway success of the- comments occasionally open blog, as the title suggests here you can expect a dismissive or sarcastic reply and t...

pat8lanips56429May 17Nov 8
pat8lanips3258Dec 2016Nov 8
pedro27: "Black sheep"(meet us in the forums)

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