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My Funny Valentine

My Funny ValentineYou dont love some one for their looks or their clothes or for their fancy car but because thay thay sing a song only you can hear..

FLYJAMES1108Feb 7Feb 8
Hear it is The Real Scoop of the century

Hear it is! The Real Scoop of the century.No alternative facts just the Truth the way you need to hear it. Its not pretty but it is news and News is what you want News of. Now! This just in f...

nonsmoker20024Feb 7Feb 8

AA restless heart rarely sleeps as sharks don’t sleep at all A lonely heart often weeps even if no tears fall, burning cheeks Having a voice with...

Palmfrond620Feb 7

AbsenceThe absence of the warm place under blue sheets, caressed by sleeping hand The reaching for a second cup, a pause at the cupboard, a gaze back to...

Palmfrond520Feb 7

TowerThe spiral tower ejected confetti on the hour She clutched her coat tighter To insulate Bare skin, shivering From nervous thoughts, fighting W...

Palmfrond510Feb 7
The perfect date

The perfect dateOn cream cheese and Camel dreams My bagel toasts under desert sun I take my coffee black, usually He places a date in my hand and I marvel at its...

Palmfrond18916Feb 7Feb 7
Hearing the red beet of a different drummer

Hearing the red “beet” of a different drummerI will share with you a very small piece that I wrote in December and subsequently emailed to friends & family as a kind of 2018 Happy New Year's card...

TUPLDRF21830Feb 7Feb 7

Real Or Not Real? It´s a funny world!I have recently seen on TV that the US military are spending billions of dollars perfecting their surveillance techniques. Reportedly, they have now...

daniela77734145Feb 7Feb 7

Cutting The Emotional Umbilical CordWe’ve always been there for our kids since the day they were born. Now they’re young adults, going off to college or living on their own, but.… many...

daniela77769370Feb 2Feb 7

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(145)There is Absolutely................. Not The Reason........................That I Must Tell You................... Why This Blog Exist Or...............

namaron20316Feb 5Feb 7
stringman772Feb 7Feb 7
Fat tax a win win situation

Fat tax a win win situationI saw a massive que outside Mac D's today with people panic buying . The drive though had a line 3 blocks long. It seems the government is about to...

plavitrol784Feb 7Feb 7
Police ordering a man killed so his police cars would not get damaged Trived on doing it he told

Police ordering a man killed so his police cars would not get damaged. Trived on doing it he toldA Tennessee sheriff is being sued for using excessive force after he was recorded boasting he had told officers to shoot a man rather than risk damagi...

britishcolumbian681Feb 7Feb 7
Is this sinister Dutch sailor Jack the Ripper

Is this 'sinister' Dutch sailor Jack the RipperIs this Jack the Ripper? 'Sinister' Dutch sailor who murdered two ex-wives and bludgeoned two other women to death is named as prime suspect in latest...

jarred140-Feb 7
mankind peoplekind

mankind peoplekind we are not mankind we are people kind according to our clueless leader....

stringman966Feb 6Feb 7

"WHAT A WORLD"Have We............................As Human Beings........................................... Really Lost The Sensitivity .....................Of Bein...

namaron781Feb 6Feb 7

The Hot Coil ChallengePeople are really doing this

Track16961Feb 7Feb 7

RhabarberbarbaraHere is the story of Rhabarberbarbara German language is funny...

Adalstef731Feb 7Feb 7
Something new

Something newThe drought brought forth cracks in my soil As the seeds, carefully sown await Under a black and white sky I call the clouds to me as if I was the...

Palmfrond1142Jan 29Feb 7
Scammers versus trolls

Scammers versus trollsIMHO I'd say it's much easier to be a troll than a scammer. ... A troll has no other perpose than to feed off emotion A scammer goes further by...

plavitrol24225Feb 6Feb 7

Yogya. A Rogue's Life.6/02/2018Watching the Dead. Not far from my guesthouse is a local graveyard so full it's impossible to enter without walking over a tomb. Directly opposite sit...

TokyoRogue1,245162Feb 6Feb 6

YayI hate having mental illness. It f*ck with everything. I’m going to participate in a drug study. I’m very excited to feel better unless I’m in the pla...

Palmfrond29416Feb 5Feb 6
Gods Little Acre is yours

Gods Little Acre is yoursIndeed Are you Ready Too Rumble and Take that Leap of Faith and Start that New Life . Soar into the Heavens of Life and Find that Mate of who it may...

kyacheo975Feb 3Feb 6
A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words.The Ruling Party. ANC. Bravo. Moral of the story is: DO NOT PROTEST AGAINST THE ANC's DECISIONS....

Lukeon1035Feb 6Feb 6
Track16722Feb 6Feb 6
50 yrs from now who will care

50 yrs from now who will care?When you think you are indispensible and think you're so important today, stick your finger in a bucket of water pull it out and see how big a hole i...

Akeldama4032433Jan 12Feb 6
An Amusing Conversation

An Amusing ConversationI received a PM from a 26 year old, obese Asian girl with a very cute face. She claimed to be a professor living in Cape Town. She has two photos in h...

Catfoot74796Feb 6Feb 6
A frog on a pond

A frog on a pondOnce a frog was loitering around on a pad within the grandness of a pond. He was comfortable on his pad while surveying the vastness of the pond aroun...

Akeldama4013310Feb 5Feb 6
Men marry women for their looks

Men marry women for their looksMen marry women for their looks. women marry men for their money. As men get older we get more successful, as women get older their beauty fades. He's...

jarred157-Feb 6

FLY EAGLES FLY! Philadelphia Eagles - 41 New England Patriots - 33 Congratulations, Philly!...

miclee14315Feb 4Feb 6
Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman

Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman?Well, I have. I picked her up… No! She picked me up in a pub one night. We were playing pool. We were the usual six and four wives. I was newly divor...

Catfoot76996Feb 5Feb 6
just close your mouth when you chew thats all I ask

just close your mouth when you chew that's all I ask?just close your mouth when you chew that's all I ask?...

jarred135-Feb 6
The Is have it

The I's have it...Our primary sense is sight Our first impression of someone is usualy a visual image No matter how you interact with a person sooner or later you are...

plavitrol1405Feb 4Feb 6
A higher rate or more overtime

A higher rate or more overtimeMonths ago a new job broker came in the factory where I work. The factory has 20 lines and 16 of them were under my job broker. Two were allotted to t...

tatami14812Feb 3Feb 5
stringman1262Feb 5Feb 5

Yogya. A Rogue's Life. 5/02/2018A street of craftsmen. Riding a short way from my area meandering in an indirect haphazard kind of way I stumbled upon a small street of upholstere...

TokyoRogue21716Feb 5Feb 5

BonkersI tried very hard not to condemn people for their beliefs, and if I think they're bonkers but will try to keep my thoughts to myself . But today took...

emmy122021Feb 5Feb 5

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("REALIZATION")..(76)I Dont Know Much................... About Most Of You Here...........................Or...........For That Matter...................Do You Know..........

namaron92-Feb 5
How to spot a liar and cheater straight from the start in order to avoid future unnecessary hardship

How to spot a liar and cheater straight from the start in order to avoid future,unnecessary hardshipThree (3) behaviours that expose a liar and cheater. 1. Non committal language. He/She offers you the moon with stars but, fails to carry thro...

Stargazer1111,03366Jan 4Feb 5

lolI'm great at multitasking. I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once. When my boss asked me who is the stupid one, me or him...

Track16792Feb 4Feb 5
Track16640Feb 5
True Love

True LoveTrue love comes from the heart. Distance doesn't matter. If the love is true... Love will bring you together....

DannyBell10159651Jan 10Feb 5
hugzz: "Can you handle a Hugzz?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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