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How subliminal messaging works

How subliminal messaging worksAfter watching the movie Eyes Wide Shut, I was left wondering what this movie was all about. Stanley Kubrick, the producer, was a genius and a very...

Johnny_Sparton43569Apr 11Apr 13
Life is a punishment or Life is a reward

Life is a punishment? or Life is a reward?Life is a punishment? or Life is a reward? there are many questions in my mind since childhood. it is one of them....

Mr_Amor1196Apr 12Apr 12
Tribute To Connecting Singles

Tribute To Connecting SinglesAmid the corridors of the internet There's a website called Connecting Singles It's portrayed as a dating site, and yet Some folks are there merely...

socrates4433440Apr 10Apr 12
Strange breed

Strange breedThe blogger Strange breed strange indeed Full of words Already spoken Most of them very outspoken Nothing new but still they try Oneupmansh...

Onthcrestofawave982Apr 12Apr 12
Johnny Cash blog and no one is invited

Johnny Cash blog and no one is invitedI am posting music videos for me and me only…This is my music blog for my enjoyment only......

LeeCharming89-Apr 12Apr 12
Picture perfect

Picture perfectIf you want to post a picture or comment on one that has been uploaded feel free [...

Onthcrestofawave23511Apr 11Apr 12
QUOTES AND QUESTIONS Is there a such thing as an independent press

QUOTES AND QUESTIONS! Is there a such thing as an independent press?"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, or in America, (new world they still called it) as an independent press. You know it a...

knowledgeantruth29418Apr 11Apr 12
Retail ramblings

Retail ramblingsI work in a retail environment, a department store. I know the atmosphere has changed over time, just as consumer travel has changed. There was a...

Palmfrond842Apr 12Apr 12
Show Us Yer Arse blog

Show Us Yer Arse (blog)I originally posted this in the forum but due to overwhelming interest in it I am also submitting it as a blog to relieve the pressure. This is my...

Harbal15316Apr 12Apr 12
Sleep Disorder

Sleep DisorderThis is often why I blog - my sleep pattern has gone whacko. On a 40 hr work week schedule I have to try to force sleep when I can, after retirement...

UnFayzed18417Apr 10Apr 12
Walk on by

Walk on byIf by any chance someone decides themselves to defend me for whatever reason.... then do so without expecting any favoures from me back. I can fig...

itchywitch45315Apr 9Apr 12
Friends Brothers

Friends / Brothers2 men who have been best friends for 60 years discover they are biological brothers.

Willy3411491Apr 12Apr 12

COMEDY HOUR post your favorite clip....

stringman10410Apr 11Apr 12

The Losing Game (My Turn To Dance)The Losing Game (My Turn To Dance)................

jarred130-Apr 12
Advice to make Girls into Women Part 3

Advice to make Girls into Women Part 3item 3. Sorry for my fatigue and the disorder. Bette Midler's song "The Wind Beneath my Wings" is wonderful and how a couple should give each other...

LincolnsCousin934Apr 11Apr 12
Are you a Yes person

Are you a "Yes" personDo you find it hard to say "No" to someone you consider attractive? And if so, how has that worked out for you?...

robrt787631104Apr 8Apr 12

Game Recognize GameI've played games in the past and people have played games with me . Game recognize game...

jarred136-Apr 12
Who created this world God or Devil

Who created this world? God or Devil?First of all sorry for my weak English. Who created this world? God or Devil?This question was disturbing me since childhood. People told me that G...

Mr_Amor45240Mar 28Apr 12
Overcoming Fear

Overcoming FearA couple of years ago I attended a workshop on travel writing, which then segued into a group meeting to write a book with each member contributing a...

LadyImp1116Apr 11Apr 11
Just some questions not condoning not accusing Just asking

Just some questions not condoning not accusing Just asking ?................................................................................................................................................. ......

nonsmoker1,43176Mar 11Apr 11
Profiles and innocence

Profiles and innocenceI joined a writing website to post my work. Unlike here, one must comment on other people’s work before posting. I’m new to the site and don’t know an...

Palmfrond41367Apr 11Apr 11
stringman512Apr 10Apr 11
Woman meets her birth Mother 47 years later

Woman meets her birth Mother 47 years laterNightline - One Woman's Journey to Find Her Birth Mother was released new episode on January 2016.

Willy3411491Apr 11Apr 11
AYNI The Andean Philosophy of Reciprocity

"AYNI" - The Andean Philosophy of Reciprocity.....In our daily lives we function within a worldwide system of exchange. Every time we purchase something in a shop, visit the doctor, call some builder...

daniela7771,08039Apr 2016Apr 11
How The Internet Started Acccording To The Bible

How The Internet Started... Acccording To The Bible...In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a healthy young wife by the name of...Dorothy. And D...

daniela77713113Apr 11Apr 11
stringman13020Apr 11Apr 11
You Know You Have It Bad When

You Know You Have It Bad When.....As I mentioned yesterday in my introductory blog, I took up photography a couple of years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera. I'd had an SLR ca...

LadyImp29336Apr 10Apr 11
Extract from a blog comment

Extract from a blog comment..... she will be killed 100%.... How can you be killed any other way...

Onthcrestofawave700Apr 11
Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings MEN Use my wording in profile 1st msg

Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings. MEN: Use my wording in profile 1st msgI am 70 years old. I quit looking in the 1980s & last (and best ever) sex was in 1984. I was surprised that she picked me up. So it took her 20 mi...

LincolnsCousin12012Apr 11Apr 11
stringman1408Feb 25Apr 11
Advice to Change Girls into Women Part 2

Advice to Change Girls into Women Part 2ITEM 1. Unless you are 30 or older, do not talk about being hurt. 1 or 2 times is nothing. My heart was broken two times by drop dead gorgeous Rus...

LincolnsCousin772Apr 11Apr 11
The Perfect Life

The Perfect Life.We all have those dreams of the perfect life. This blog is soley for entertainment., nothing too deep or meaningful. But if u could picture ur own...

Deedee123x2,857279Feb 6Apr 11
Impossible Please

Impossible? Please...Just like fire, burning up the way If I could light the world up for just one day.... ......... Art & Mimi...

Crunia98-Apr 11Apr 11
People change

People changeCharacter, behaviour, reactions personality, this is what I´ve read and I agree (so far lol!) I need supplements of 3 vitamins due to my di...

Crunia254-Apr 10Apr 11
I worry about man and the earth in 5 billion years

I worry about man and the earth in 5 billion years.Is it possible to move the earth to a different orbit farther away from the sun before then? The sun is predicted to get real big before it dies in fi...

galrads1796Mar 29Apr 11
hello is there anybody out there there anybody out thereseems like this is another dead site like date hookup and tagged..alot of theses people have'nt been on here for months and yrs..the admin should dele...

hommyj13410Apr 10Apr 10
Even old people

Even old peopleEven old people get their hearts broken. The hurt seems to remain as severe as when I was in my twenties So, I make the assumption that love is...

Palmfrond35028Apr 9Apr 10
Weird pop up message on computer

Weird pop-up message on computerI was recently on Skype....the first time in many years. I had to download the program and make a new account. Anyway, after a few days of using it,...

Johnny_Sparton39237Mar 5Apr 10

SalutationsIndeed I read it all and Find well done Indeed . and thanks Molly baby my dear Ashlander Alibaba69r Pat8lanips Mercedes Stargazer 111 . Thanks I do ho...

kyacheo887Apr 9Apr 10

Links.Why do people post links to videos and articles supporting their, quite often crackpot, views as if it's some kind of authoritative confirmation when...

Harbal47446Apr 7Apr 10
Angry I am angry

Angry, I am angryAs many know already a brand new, not yet opened, 960 ton concrete pedestrian walkway bridge dropped 40 feet onto a line of cars waiting at a red ligh...

Ken_192447Mar 16Apr 10
Soul searching

Soul searching..Day 11th: f*ck! What I am trying to prove is that through my intentions I am creating angels, messiahs and prophets. Isn't that better than living an...

Wanderlust11616Mar 7Apr 10

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