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Tired Being Used

Tired Being Used?So often we hear people complaining about being used but is that not what people do? People use each other. I don’t just mean sexually; well that...

Catfoot53351Jan 22Feb 3
The Cult

The CultVladimir Brodinsky was writing a report in the New York Times on the murder of Professor Ioan Couliano, the Prof. of Religions at the University of Ch...

psiberite460Feb 3

EpiphanyAs the literati, I wondered passionately about the clouds…white and blue! The white is the sperm left by countless angels copulating …the blue is the...

psiberite530Feb 3

Yogya. A Rogue's Life. 2/02/2018Decided to leave the bike in the shed and get back to a bit of walking as all this sitting down on scooters and bar stools is starting to show with ad...

TokyoRogue26737Feb 2Feb 2

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(144)"It Seems Now........... Is A Good Time To Switch Gears..............................................And ............................................J...

namaron104-Feb 2Feb 2

"DAY OF THE GROUND HOG"...(2)Already................ And Once Again.............Its That Time Of The Year....................................................................... ....

namaron196-Feb 1Feb 2

EARTH TO EARTHI know strange title have you ever heard the term Earth to then you say someone's name cause they seem to be not in touch with what you are saying....

wenever37450Feb 1Feb 2
Track161074Feb 2Feb 2

RECUERDA, PRIETA, MÍ VIDA,...In case someone has, cold, in the soul! Tonton = Ibrahim Ferrer...

Huitzilopochtli1195Feb 1Feb 2
A beggers song

A begger’s songA paycheck direct deposited already gone My violin in pawn, lost, my resources gone Peddling, illegal, don’t qualify for assistance These cold day...

Palmfrond1054Feb 2Feb 2

When you are expected to pay for lunch or dinner on the first date offline. Online dating No.2Below follows, online conversation as part of online dating part no. 2, M: Be careful with eating if you don’t have way to spend all that food....

Stargazer11151442Jan 30Feb 2
Track16630Feb 2

lonelinessafter being alone for almost 6 years and waging many battles with the loneliness demon i thought i'd finally come to terms with it . . i thought i'd w...

huhanna1,11252May 2012Feb 2
Ah yes

Ah yesAh, yes That’s what I think when I have been enlightened Now a curiosity stirs like a swizzle stick stirs Am I a coffee with cream and sugar?...

Palmfrond1138Feb 2Feb 2
Better Not To Provoke

Better Not To Provoke..Humans are animals, might even be the worst ones, so I was told.. So we, humans can be very sweet caring loving blah blah.. to whomever we choose, and...

Kalpataru351-Jan 28Feb 1
The one stop shop

The one stop shopThe store with something for everybody. Classic comedy....

nonsmoker18716Feb 1Feb 1

"ZODIAC"..(2)I Wonder If.............................. There Is Some Kind Of Truth.......................There...Within The Zodiac? Some People Swear By It..........

namaron199-Jan 29Feb 1
Still in The Monkey Mountain

Still in The Monkey MountainI have lost my way here in Mountain Only the VIP Cafe is alot of fun,,,

FLYJAMES11511Feb 1Feb 1
OMG humans acting like monkeys

OMG! humans acting like monkeys -OMG! humans acting like monkeys -...

jarred142-Feb 1

Yogya. A Rogue's Life. 1/02/2018The plan? The is no plan. After a few days of heavy rain the morning broke sunny, sultry and humid. Within ten minutes on the bike my shirt had beg...

TokyoRogue32637Jan 31Feb 1
Track16822Feb 1Feb 1
Who gives more in a love relationship

Who gives more in a love relationship?Love is such a precious feeling, so unique, that throughout history it is enough to count the innumerable feats that have been made in the name of thi...

Amed32742Feb 1Feb 1
Today is a very special day

Today is a very special day.Yes, I am proud to say that a very special lady viewed my profile. None other than the amazing, beautiful, stunning too good for words yes........

Lukeon20717Feb 1Feb 1

!Cuba!Commonly called the Archipelago of the Sea of ??the Antilles also known as "The hot land" (Because of its climate), or the Caribbean Sea, all this due...

Amed3227830Dec 29Feb 1
Women vs men Who is more cunning

Women vs. men (Who is more cunning?)Maybe this is a very controversial issue, and amaze many the fact of the title, firstly I clarify that it is a blog to raise and choose the work of bo...

Amed321318Feb 1Feb 1
DEADLY SELFIES Are They Worth Dying for

DEADLY SELFIES! Are They Worth Dying for?.....Most of us know that being a selfie hog can make you vain and kill your image but, apparently, it can also kill you literally. Some people would...

daniela7771,24466May 2016Feb 1

ScenarioScenario: Mr Ahsan is working as a General Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company. He observed that turnover rate in Sales Team had been increasing for...

only1life1828Jan 30Feb 1

NerudaI´m on my way back to write poetry again. Thinking about it at´s a start .... -I´ve co-published a small book nobody bought years ago-....

Crunia29625Jan 31Jan 31
Thinking About Exes

Thinking About ExesDo they ever go away or are we forever haunted by their presence ? Or is it just me ? Ain't it annoying when you're enjoying your life, away from...

Crazyheart3863677Jan 29Jan 31
You Big Damn Fool

You Big Damn Fool!The year was 1969. It was my final year of school and during the winter holidays I spent two weeks on my uncle’s farm next to the Berg River. It...

Catfoot51054Jan 30Jan 31
The most honest Muslim ever

The most honest Muslim everShockingly true. Finally someone in the Muslim world sees and expresses the truth. Way to go Yousef Al-Husseini....

lindsyjones99073Dec 29Jan 31

An online conversation as part of online dating.C: You said that "your phone would not have coverage" but, it seems it does. S: Lolz.. S: It's like on and off.. C: No coverage huh??! C: Wher...

Stargazer1111908Jan 30Jan 31
Settling For Second Bests

Settling For Second Bests?Are you struggling to find the right partner? I hear many people here saying that one should lower their expectations so we won´t get disappointed...

daniela77770776Jan 28Jan 31

YupI'm psychologically drained Been put on a happy face more so over the last while as my sister and nephew is staying here now. I always keep a happy f...

Track161755Jan 31Jan 31
Lunar eclipse first time in 152 years

Lunar eclipse first time in 152 years.Watch live as a super moon, blue moon, and lunar eclipse happen together for the first time in 152 years. There are a lot of information regarding thi...

ramailogarula892Jan 31Jan 31
Mens Diminishing Worth

Men's Diminishing WorthI was brought up in a tradition and belief that man is my superior, provider and protector. I have to give my all to a man, honor and serve him, s...

Crazyheart3883891Jan 30Jan 31
Look At My Beautiful Lawn

Look At My Beautiful LawnWith the current drought in the Western Cape we only have water until April 12, 2018. Water restrictions are in force and we may not water our gardens...

Catfoot752125Jan 29Jan 31
Is this a new scam or what

Is this a new scam or what???Got a very interesting and unusual mail in my inbox today.... it came from a young man writing to me on behalf of his father who apparently has falle...

itchywitch47842Jan 29Jan 31
CSs surprises me

CSs surprises mewhat connecting singles surprises me a lot actually is it's members are not serious on their promises....

ramailogarula19716Jan 30Jan 31
Track16761Jan 30Jan 31
Nat Geo King Tut

Nat. Geo. King TutWhile doing my work, the television was still on the Channel it was on earlier in the day, National Geographic. I don't usually watch that channel an...

Johnny_Sparton25236Jan 29Jan 30

WHY IS MY PROFILE BEING OVER LOOKEDi have been on connecting singles for quite a long time and im kind of getting tired of the fact that the women on this site totally ignore me for on...

Kindheartedguy6941819Jan 4Jan 30

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