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"CREATION"..("ALL YOU NEED IS ONE")..(147)This Is An Updated Version.................................................... Of Another Song........................... I Put Different Words To.......

namaron70210Oct 2016Jul 4
stringman1,225127Jun 23Jul 4

EarthWhen was the circumference of the earth last measured....

Moelle20613Jul 1Jul 4

A brief glimpse of sanity from TrumpThe officially worst president in US history did something good recently. Well, he at least stopped himself from doing something horrible, that he al...

JimNastics24412Jun 21Jul 4

PRISONER GETS CREMATED ALIVE AFTER HIDING INSIDE BODY BAG TO ESCAPE FROM JAILA detainee’s attempt to escape from the Jessup Correctional Institution in Maryland ended tragically Yesterday, as the man who was hiding inside a cad...

Willy341120411Jun 30Jul 4

John Dean used as a prop by DemocratsJohn Dean used as a prop by Democrats to win an argument they cannot possibly win. Grandstanding at it's best by Democrats, more aptly put just anothe...

Willy34111487Jun 10Jul 4

the holiday gas price gouge...Gas prices in Florida have been fluctuating 5 +/- cents as a normal. They went down toward the end of June and shot up 21 cents on the first of July....

chatillion655Jul 4Jul 4
stringman24817Jun 7Jul 4
stringman460Jul 4

Why the Democrats Will Never Win Back Trump VotersTheir cartoonish image of the President’s base dooms them to failure. It’s an article of faith among Democrats that the President’s base consists p...

Willy341128329Jun 24Jul 4

Annoying habits of some people, add yours pleaseAnnoying habits of some people. ......... Books; Turning the corners of every ten pages , not just a small corner. a large one. Books; Underlining w...

bcjenny33737Jun 24Jul 4

Fireworks noiseLucy is the second dog that I've inherited when someone dies. In both cases the deaths came unexpectedly and I ended up with the dog. The first one...

UnFayzed1357Jul 3Jul 4

GreetingsI've sold 3 cars this month. If I sell 10 I get a bonus. Tomorrow my electricity will be shut off. I'm planning how I will bathe and eat. I've got my...

Palmfrond50622Jun 9Jul 4
Shes Getting Suspicious

She's Getting Suspicious"Last week she asked why my sleep number was set to 'Just Right'"...

BadlyDrawn1106Jul 3Jul 3

"CREATION"..("FUTURE'S PRESENT PAST")..(146)Yeah ...Thats Right..............It Is Another One Of Those... "Creation".... Writes...................But At Least............... Its Not About Argui...

namaron47-Jul 3Jul 3

Beauty and the beastBeauty my youngest sister ........ Beast .... alcoholism. After 22yrs...

itchywitch1,479-Jan 30Jul 3

We survived, yep we really didWe survived being born to mothers who may have smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a...

bcjenny814Jul 2Jul 3

Designated Survivor (Season 2 + 3) - a review!A few months ago, I watched the first season of Designated Survivor. I liked it, but I noted that the season ended on a flat note. I decided to knock...

Philipsen430Jul 3

Missing facesOr maybe that should be ... the faces I miss I was going to write a bit of an opener here but because this place has changed so much, I can't be...

itchywitch2,407-Jun 28Jul 3

lol Worse than the Trojan Horse10:40 am today in; The New Yorker Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump’s Fourth of July Parade to Include Flyover by Russian Air Force...

JimNastics570Jul 3
The World Hates Us

The World Hates UsYes, it's spreading. The hostility between people who want to fight over "paper or plastic" has somehow permeated the crust of the earth we inhabit an...

BadlyDrawn1387Jul 1Jul 3

LIFE HAS CHANGED, new updateNoticed the new comments and wanted to reply by saying thank you so much for your concern. I have finished all radiation and chemotherapy and just...

wenever42827May 1Jul 3

AwakeningAwakening: Strange phenomena of soul waking up, Not all can identify with this feeling, where u have everything or done everything but still nothing g...

Suncoast571Jul 3Jul 3
stringman32431Jun 13Jul 3

WTFTextbooks had to be rewritten Members of the public were outraged Our very understanding of the solar system itself was forever changed *** O...

Nice2meetyoutoo772Jul 2Jul 3

What makes some people do this? Keeping track of things said or done, even years ago by some membersThere are people here who keep track of what has been said or done even years ago, by certain members. Incredible to see this and it makes one wonde...

bcjenny14511Jul 2Jul 2

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(203)There Was A Time........................But Its Gone On Its Way.............................Never To Regain Life..................Though It Still Trie...

namaron7111Jul 1Jul 2

Garlic... and other thingsLast week, I had ill effects from too much restaurant food, be it MSG or high levels of sodium. To help get over it, I increased my water intake and t...

chatillion592Jul 2Jul 2

R.I.P. DukeRest in peace Duke. You were a Heck of a guy. Most know him as "Duke" the Bush's Baked Beans dog. His name is actually Sam. He lived in Apopka with o...

Willy34111424Jun 14Jul 2
JimNastics852Jul 2Jul 2

Will Donald Trump really cure cancer?A few days ago, Joe Biden said, that if he was elected President, "we will cure cancer". I read a lot of people mocking that idea. In Orlando, at...

Philipsen1677Jun 20Jul 2

spectrum [ 666. Waiting for the sun / the Doors - 65. Piece of mind / Iron Maiden 01. United States of America / U S of A .... d 3 ) Underrated Rock .... . 70...

Agentbob460Jul 2

13 more reasons for the world to hate the USAFIFA WOMEN'S WORLD CUP final USA 13 Thailand 0 The United States women's national team is off to a fantastic start at the 2019 FIFA Women's World C...

Willy34112157Jun 11Jul 2
I received some surprising photos of my new Grandson last night in my email

I received some surprising photos of my new Grandson last night in my email.I may post some pictures when I can get my Grandsons first name and such.My youngest son is still overseas so my oldest son sent them to me last night...

Bearwoman842Jul 2Jul 2

Skim Coat...The house my parents bought had a roof leak where a room addition was connected to the main house. It was patched a few times over the years and by th...

chatillion1148Jul 1Jul 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,My gentleman werewolf buddy. July 2th, 2018 (your time)...

Kalpataru271-Jul 2018Jul 2

where's "*****"Where's Wally? Is a British series of children's puzzle books created by English illustrator Martin Handford. The books consist of a series of detai...

Nice2meetyoutoo1969Jun 30Jul 1

Why is the name 'Adam' mean condemned to Hell?Because what he did and failed to do, is how he got his name, like how I am in my fav game 'Dota 2', he got cocky. The fallen one may not have had the...

tame9720912Jun 18Jul 1

Mueller probe disputes Buzzfeed.There's a lot of media buzz about Mueller coming out and disputing Buzzfeeds story about Trump telling Cohen to lie to congress. Some talking heads ar...

bigjb6232629Jan 19Jul 1

That last bit of perfume in the bottle.Getting the last drops of perfume out of spray bottles has always been a challenge to me. I've tried many ways to get at it but never with luck. I'l...

UnFayzed13710Jul 1Jul 1

spectrum [ 101.1101. radio city / big star - 50. grooves in orbit / NRBQ ) ) ) ball point radio alert 51. anthem of the sun / grateful dead .. The work expands...

Agentbob1116Jun 26Jul 1
Blog Prophecy

Blog ProphecyI posted a "blog" and an accompanying video that I considered to be harmless. I suggested that it was something offensive and of a pornographic nature...

BadlyDrawn38634Jun 3Jul 1
"PLAY NOW: Peg Solitaire"(meet us in the games)

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