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HelloJust say hello. Just say hello....

Daniel1980529712Aug 2018Aug 2018

DJ...A co worker received a big package the other day from FedEx. MacBook Pro that he intends on using for his moonlighting gig of Disk Jockey. With the ex...

chatillion1361Aug 2018Aug 2018

Zman!! You share the same birthday as Singapore!Happy Birthday, Zman! From Art and MiMi P.S Does that shawl look familia...

MiMiArt72341Aug 2018Aug 2018

Get the APP...The list of companies who want you download their app keeps growing. Application Software or in the case of Mobile Apps, is software designed to run o...

chatillion1160Aug 2018
you can never do everything 100 well that everyone agrees with

you can never do everything 100% well that everyone agrees with............ A father and his son are traveling and sitting on a donkey. Then they meet people they hear saying, "Look at that. Sit that father and...

jarred1177-Aug 2018

Information System KnowledgeAt start ABC Company (online company like Kaymu) used to supply their products to the clients with online transactions only within the country. Now th...

only1life2722Aug 2018Aug 2018

Seriously, who needs you ?Look, I can do this without you. You are just slowing me down. I know how to do this and win. Just watch me. Apparently, it's not all t...

JimNastics2513Aug 2018Aug 2018

One mans trash is another mans treasure...I replaced a refrigerator last year. Wheeling the old one to the front for trash pick up, I realized I forgot the bottom grill. The time it took to wa...

chatillion2377Aug 2018Aug 2018
Street Photo Virgin No More

Street Photo Virgin No MoreYesterday I headed into downtown Vancouver to shoot some street photography. I've never done it, as the rest of the group hadn't, and we had lots of f...

LadyImp27315Aug 2018Aug 2018

Photo Caption Contest - Lion rideCreate your own photo caption(s) for the following photo, if you like. My first entry is; For lunch Leo opts for tourist takeout. Here's...

JimNastics27615Aug 2018Aug 2018
Little Miss Cautious

Little Miss CautiousGood day CS. I haven't wriiten in a while. but now, i have something I want to talk about, so here I am.. All my life, I've always been so carefu...

Unknown40916Aug 2018Aug 2018

HelloHi. , Who are viewing this blog i hope she or he will definitely contact to me .....

Mahesh22101503Aug 2018Aug 2018


jarred1924-Aug 2018
The Virgosign on abortion

The Virgosign on abortion.Let me make my position clear on this - I am not for killing unborn babies. Or living ones for that matter! But I also believe in Truth, Freedom of Ex...

virgosign2668Aug 2018Aug 2018

Men or women....Self protection....Wonder if some scummy violent home invaiding repeat criminal perp should worry more about one sex or the other when breaking into a home, occupied by...

Vierkaesehoch2276Jul 2018Aug 2018
E mail

E-mailWe keep an eye on our inbox all day long, because imagine that you miss an email....

jarred1133-Aug 2018
Melania Trumps parents naturalised as American citizens

Melania Trump's parents naturalised as American citizensSo many questions surround how Melania Trump's parents received US green cards, as President rails against 'chain migration and now they`ve just becam...

single_again4u1822Aug 2018Aug 2018
Track161741Jul 2018Aug 2018
Track161753Aug 2018Aug 2018
How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow?As temperatures soar here, I find myself diligently watering the front and back gardens morning and night. The one downfall of having all those huge s...

LadyImp42420Jul 2018Aug 2018

Ocasio-Cortez Severely Burned After Accidentally Touching Book On Basic EconomicsNEW YORK, NY—Democratic candidate for Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in the middle of a run-of-the-mill interview—blankly staring at the interv...

Willy34112093Aug 2018Aug 2018

Got my dozenand in the order that I got them - good morning goie more sawubona tumela bonjour guten morgen g'day bore da madainn mhath buenos dias...

Elegsabiff59866Aug 2018Aug 2018
Soooooo pretty

Soooooo pretty .....I just had to share Got to go and finish laying me brick wall But anyone feel free to share what's pretty to you...

itchywitch46224Aug 2018Aug 2018
The Art of Getting What You Want

The Art of Getting What You WantSome people could be considered by others like experts in this type of "Art" Let`s share about it... How to use confidence and technique to get what...

single_again4u22610Aug 2018Aug 2018
Gosh what are you fat you just look like a cow

Gosh, what are you fat, you just look like a cow............... Gosh, what are you fat, you just look like a cow....

jarred1162-Aug 2018

Trump FINALLY admits collusion !Today from the Huffington Post Trump Finally Admits His Campaign Colluded With Russia At Trump Tower Meeting The latest version of the 201...

JimNastics69935Aug 2018Aug 2018

August the 9th.To every single lady that had an influence in my life, I wish you a fantastic Women's Day. On this special day, be sure to celebrate life and a br...

Lukeon32019Aug 2018Aug 2018

Pick Up LineEveryone needs to try pickup lines at least once....

Track1640313Mar 2018Aug 2018
I Scream You Scream

I Scream, You Scream...We all scream for ice cream. Remember that? I think it was a commercial, way back when. One of my favourite foods in the summer time is ice cream. In...

LadyImp35137Aug 2018Aug 2018

Portrait or Landscape...I inherited the family photo albums and scrapbooks. My brother does the genealogy and sometimes asks for scans of old photos. With the camera my paren...

chatillion1525Aug 2018Aug 2018

USDA...The United States Department of Agriculture is the agency who inspects meat processing plants and sees to it they maintain health standards. Every we...

chatillion1815Aug 2018Aug 2018

Words we use every day that (sometimes) aren't really words...A list of words that I see/hear all the time that come to mind: wanna is the shortened version 'want to' as in "Be back shortly, I wanna get a drink"...

chatillion1340Aug 2018
Look look look look what you do

Look, look, look, look what you do,............... Look, look, look, look what you do, ..............

jarred1121-Aug 2018

an open letter to my coworkers...Flush when you are done. If you see skid marks, flush again. A local morning radio talk show had people call in tell the most annoying things about t...

chatillion2045Aug 2018Aug 2018
A lost generation

A lost generationNow as I type this, I imagine that is possibly an automated assumption that I am talking about the youth of today. Crikey I sound old! I am not.....

Rachie1450336Aug 2018Aug 2018

Who exactly is Paul ManafortAs the first week of Paul Manafort's FIRST trial is underway, one might want to know exactly who he is. The first trial has to do with money launderi...

JimNastics2359Aug 2018Aug 2018

"CREATION"..("ILLUSIONS WITHIN")..(117)There Is Not The Need To Explain Myself..........................................................Understanding Just Doesnt Exist I Could Say A Lot Of...

namaron191-Aug 2018
Bentlee2274Aug 2018Aug 2018
Proving our reality

Proving our realityOften we are told we create our own reality. We have our own perceptions of reality We judge by our own perceptions. Yet, how we discern reality is m...

Windrifter28826Aug 2018Aug 2018
Mister lonely

Mister lonely.Mister lonely...............

jarred1167-Aug 2018
You must earn the friendship of a dog

.... You must earn the friendship of a dog..................... You must earn the friendship of a dog my friend :chee...

jarred1156-Aug 2018
Best Double A Sides

Best Double-A SidesIf you're as old as me you remember 45 rpm records and that they had an 'A' side and a 'B' side. The 'A' side was projected to be the hit and the 'B'...

Talldreamy27012Aug 2018Aug 2018
doc82: "Are you?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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