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You never know !Smart answer, smart alec, or XXXtra credit ?...

JimNastics1239Sep 1Sep 1

A boring blog...I used to work for a company who manufactured upholstered furniture. They processed raw lumber to make the sofa and chair frames. Deliveries came by f...

chatillion1223Aug 11Sep 1
help someone if u can

help someone if u canIn my day 1950.s you helped an old lady across the road gave up your seat for a pregnant woman or old person on the bus. I remember a day a few month...

flyme137928Aug 12Sep 1

Canada watch outGLOBAL INVESTING HOT SPOTS Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs could rattle Canada’s economy and NAFTA Canada's weak economy had GDP growth of 1....

lindsyjones92160Jun 16Sep 1
Kids taking there lives sucide

Kids taking there lives, sucide.This wasnt common at all in my generation very rare myself as a example by Jr high it was a miserable era bullied sometimes everyday beat up or threat...

Donraymond1849Aug 28Sep 1

Matchmaker...Typically, a matchmaker is a person who arranges introductions for people for the purpose of marriage. It's a profession in some countries. I'm not su...

chatillion1399Aug 30Sep 1

Getting the update....One of the worst things about computers & cellphones are updates. There is absolutely too much lost time waiting for updates... especially with Window...

chatillion9810Aug 31Sep 1

WHAT IS YOUR BEST RECIPE IN YOUR STATE?Bet some delicious recipe u cook of your specialty Can u share us?...

ysabeljhen73179Aug 16Sep 1

Another day, another Russian tie, another guilty plea, more cooperation with MuellerManafort associate admits paying Trump inauguration $50,000 in Ukrainian cash The Telegraph Agence France-Presse,The Telegraph 10 hours ago A R...

JimNastics552Sep 1Sep 1

Infant SchoolMy youngest granddaughter starts junior school in September and my daughter was saying how sad it was to see her leave the infants. I suppose watchin...

Harbal21216Aug 31Sep 1
Track16813Sep 1Sep 1

The men are telling us their rules and to be fair, they do make senseAt last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally, the guys' side of the story. (I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear ' t...

britishcolumbian1539Aug 31Aug 31
If something is too

If something is too.....What do YOU do, if something seems to be too good to be true? I am sure lots of people come across a "Too good to be true" moment ??? Do you forge...

Chambella36718Apr 2017Aug 31
venezuela refugee

venezuela refugeeI'm willing to take one in the house... about my age, female, I feel like somebody has to have a right to a better life and future. and o...

Len051585Aug 29Aug 31

Trumps health The White House briefing began with a reado...

stringman34621Jan 16Aug 31

"FEAR"..("AND OTHER STUFF")Theres Got To Be The Reason For Everything.......................................................................But The Debate About Why People ........

namaron595-Aug 25Aug 31

JeremiahListen, if you get a friend request from a guy called Jeremiah, it's okay to accept. He's a bullfrog, and a good friend of mine....

Elegsabiff35335Aug 31Aug 31
Sometimes a person a name personifies a whole time of your life

Sometimes a person, a name, personifies a whole time of your lifeSometimes, you don’t even realize until you hear their name years and years later and it is a TARDIS moment, you suddenly see people you’d forgotten,...

Elegsabiff19012Aug 18Aug 31

Guys !!!I know 99% of you watch porn,have visited strip clubs and probably had a massage with the happy ending option But would you feel comfortable h...

Onthcrestofawave1714Aug 31Aug 31

I have short and stubby fingers :-(Hmmmm.....I now wonder....what if you’re maimed and have no hands therefore no fingers.....does this s...

MiMiArt243-Jul 1Aug 31

Not what it seems, or is it ?"A 10-MONTH-old baby girl has died in Spain after her grandfather left her in the back of his car for eight hours" Bit of a roller coaster this art...

zmountainman701108Aug 11Aug 31

Likes and Viewed meWhat I get irritated about.....MOST.......I'm talking to men about women.....This site has a section.....Likes.....Viewed me.....Favored me.... When...

1jaguar25113Aug 29Aug 31

Short and Sweet...I had a comment on my last blog that it was too wordy. Okay, I can do requests. I did a YouTube search tonight and found a video titled Short and Swee...

chatillion811Aug 30Aug 31
MD Immigrants

MD ImmigrantsHey folks, not sure how long we stay immigrants before we become fully fledged CS members but who cares. I just want to mention what a breath of fr...

UnFayzed41023Aug 28Aug 31
What in words of one syllable the heck is cryptocurrency

What - in words of one syllable - the heck is cryptocurrency?I've spent most of my working life in finance and yet I can't get my head around bitcoin / digital currencies / cryptocurrency. It's, like, electronic...

Elegsabiff42053Aug 30Aug 31
Track16721Aug 31Aug 31

McCain the Maverick is no more...Senator John McCain passed away today at the age of 81. 1936 - 2018 may he rest in peace... Some people liked him and some didn't. It doesn't matte...

chatillion35122Aug 25Aug 30

THIS IS THE BLOGS, WELCOMEI have been wondering for a while now when CS started their Blog program just how it would turn out. You all have seen where they have set up rules a...

wenever52357Aug 13Aug 30

Your WillDo you have your will ready? No? Why not? I don't either. I was reading about the funeral for Aretha Franklin this morning. I was always an adm...

LargeCurves29326Aug 25Aug 30

Giving up the ghost...I worked with a guy a few years ago who shaved his head every other day. He was in his mid 60's started shaving a few years earlier when he no longer...

chatillion1114Aug 29Aug 30

World Predictions Until 2050 by Remote Viewer E.M NicolayThe end of the Catholic Church will occur between 2025 and 2030 due to Islamist terrorists fleeing the Middle East after WW3 and causing the destructi...

Limun31420Aug 9Aug 30
Male Drama Makers

Male Drama MakersAlthough women are traditionally blamed for drama, Monday night proved that men can be just as big, or bigger drama queens. Monday was the BBQ for...

LadyImp22415Aug 29Aug 30

"WONDERING MAN"..(2)"Its A Continuing Cycle...............................You May Find Yourself Up...........................................On Top Of Your World............

namaron212-Aug 27Aug 29

HOW WOULD YOU BEST DesCRIBE A HIGHLY EDUCATED BUT NOT INTELLIGENT?To be honest, I often find those who are highly educated but not particularly intelligent people to be some of the least tolerable people on the plane...

ysabeljhen69162Aug 27Aug 29

The saddest thing is..ending up without goodbyesThings started with a like, then here comes the Hi and Hello..and there you go, knowing each other. Communication sounds like...we both knew each othe...

ayoneq22313Aug 29Aug 29

undercarriage.Well 3.50am here in my new adopted coutry portugal.oh what a buetiful place this is.Oh no!!! what have I said .you lot wiil invade the place and it wi...

flyme15657Oct 2016Aug 29

alic or alicetagalong was an old school hood friend no matter what i did or where i went alic would always be 3 steps behind seems he wanted to be exactly like me...

Onthcrestofawave38125Aug 27Aug 29

MY UNCLE CARLMy uncle Carl was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He died in 1996. A little about my uncle Carl, my mother called him her protector when they were young...

wenever20023Aug 27Aug 29

What God did at Pearl Harbor that day is interestingthis was sent to me in E mail I never knew this little bit of history: Tour boats ferry people out to the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii every...

stringman20119Aug 28Aug 29

I could lieAnd say my absence was due to meeting a very unusually interesting man who entertained me with exotic tactile techniques and road trips to mysterious...

Palmfrond2393Aug 28Aug 29

My Soul MateMy soul mate never phones me at work; but she will always answer when I phone her from work wanting to moan about how my day is going. She never trie...

Harbal28722Aug 27Aug 29

I wouldn't touch her with a 3.048 meter pole...Britain taught the world about the Imperial system of Weights and Measures. Then they left us hanging and switched to the Metric System. I read that o...

chatillion1618Aug 28Aug 29
indoreman: "Heavens above"(meet us in the puzzles)

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