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HAPPY NEW YEARHAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends on CS. I wish you a wonderful 2019!...

Gentlejim11613Dec 31Jan 1

Happy New Year 2019Happy New year 2019 I wish you all the best for 2019 and a very peaceful Happy n prosperous New Year

1_SPCTR11718Dec 31Jan 1


Lukeon1158Dec 29Jan 1
For The Busybodies

For The BusybodiesI will not be told in private messages (by people I do not know) whom I should avoid on this site, nor do I need any ‘help’ with regards to dealing wi...

fiorenza1,26359Dec 30Jan 1

Oh... say it ain't so!Two daughters of (the late) Doctor Larry Braunstein came forward to say the podiatrist diagnosed (the young) Donald Trump with bone spurs in 1968. Tha...

chatillion21827Dec 27Jan 1
Track1622730Dec 31Jan 1

2019Hpy new year, 1 rule abt 2019 don't talk abt 2018 make the best of this new year forgive those who hurt u and most of all forgive urself so u can move...

Phoenix0509854Dec 31Jan 1

In/DivisibleWe all believe that we are unique, and yes you are unique, in that no-one will find another you anywhere on earth, but what about your offspring, are...

smiley9631657Dec 30Jan 1

Happy 2019May this New Year be your best May this New Year bring you happiness, joy and good health. :wave,: Jenny...

bcjenny10314Dec 31Jan 1

the dineri went to this diner because i like diners. usually, there's a good meatloaf or patty melt on the menu and the prices aren't too bad because of the c...

Palmfrond733Jan 1Jan 1

HAPPY NEW YEARto all cs members friends and foes ha ha xxxx Next year we will have bumper head bangs----great love ins xxxxx Of course do not forget the P wo...

EXRED19825Dec 30Jan 1
im drunk

i'm drunkwhat wouldn't i give to be happy instead ,,,,, Doh doh dih...

itchywitch63149Dec 29Jan 1
Track16460Jan 1
Faith and Doubts

Faith and DoubtsDo you know the power of faith and doubts? Faith is wings of prayer to fly and reach God. Man need pray with all heart. Doubts are from evil one ar...

starrayfil27-Jan 1

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?Perhaps someone on the site has caught your eye? Maybe you're wondering what you can drop into his/her inbox to break the ice? And so you've put of...

miclee20926Dec 31Jan 1

Happy New Year From My town To Yours 2019Ray Bleher is putting Forensics on one small corrupt Town. Second Mile Sandusky Scandal.This is a nice read if you like to see the truth.Just google i...

Swamie780Jan 1

One & AllThe countdown is on So to everyone amd i meam every single one of you I am wishing you all , a very , very Happy New Year 2019 You do not h...

Annleerose836Dec 31Dec 31

So thankfully .2017 was a very sad year for me , the last month , which was the beginning of December That was the month my son try to end his life. No one kne...

Annleerose14914Dec 31Dec 31

Ladies, it's that time of year.Get busy, or get left....behind.

JimNastics592Dec 31Dec 31

President Trump Has Already WonThe attacks on him are piffle. As the year ends, the Trump legal drama winds down towards its tawdry end. The immense fraudulent fantasy of a Bened...

Willy341123612Dec 20Dec 31

ALEXA and it's creators (programmers)Have you read and or listen about Steven Crowder and its analysis of the tendencies of the gadget called AEXA? "The results included Alexa declarin...

lindsyjones16113Dec 31Dec 31
stringman3027Apr 2018Dec 31
Willy34111816Dec 4Dec 31

The 'Great' Negotiator. lolBreaking news ! Trump is holed up in the Whitehouse refusing to leave and hopefully holding his breath until the Democrats approve $ 5 Billion for a...

JimNastics58957Dec 28Dec 31

Dark Green.Is All You'll see; If i smile Real Wide!! But.. its still brighter than, What You'll find. Deep inside...

secludedStar38-Dec 31

Thanks GoogleSo I'm currently at a coffee shop and enduring the presence of two obnoxious human beings and the louder of the two is apparently ah...transitioning....

BadlyDrawn953Dec 31Dec 31

Democratic Agenda for America 2019....... ....... ....... ..........

Drcoctail34136Dec 5Dec 31

real lovereal love ……………….....

jarred164-Dec 31
Can someone kill our soul or seem to kill it when

Can someone kill our soul or seem to kill it whenWhat's karma? Why do we have to go through pain over and again....

Maya391,05625Feb 2016Dec 31

The coming Democratic implosionThe Cowboys won't play in the 2019 Super Bowl. The Rangers are not quite ready for another post season run. Nevertheless, here is a prediction t...

Willy341113111Dec 31Dec 31

LimitationsArrived to the paddling rendezvous a few minutes to early and wanted to use the opportunity - the sunny weather, the stillness, the solatude - for a s...

Tulefell908Dec 30Dec 31
Wishing You All Have A Prosperous one

Wishing You All...Have A Prosperous oneIt's been a roller coaster ride but what matter is how we carry on and move at the end of the day its worth it Here's a...

ysabeljhen27136Dec 29Dec 31

2018 recap!This year is almost over. It feels like it has flown by, mainly because I had some event happen that floored me. So what has my 2018 brought me?...

Philipsen591Dec 31Dec 31

keywarriorsI always thought that cs was full of keywarriors……......

jarred196-Dec 31

What Happens in Heaven?WHAT HAPPENS IN HEAVEN WHEN WE PRAY? This is one of the nicest e-mails I have ever seen !! I dreamed that I went to Heaven and an angel was sho...

texasgirl8585530Dec 31

California Finally Did Something RightRetail pet stores in California will only be able to sell kittens, rabbits, and puppies if they come from a rescue organization after a new state law...

texasgirl8585822Dec 30Dec 31

:”Dont trust this world.................. My mom used to say:”Dont trust this world because Words can change a persons mind”....

jarred146-Dec 31

I Don't Feeland It feels Great. I took my trash down By the lake. Threw it In, and watched it Sink. (Hmm thought' it'd Float) ^that's how i think....

secludedStar65-Dec 30

One wonders, what could change his mind so drasticly. lolIn The New Yorker today; Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Suddenly Expresses Deep Concern About Conditions in Nation’s Prisons By Andy...

JimNastics21114Dec 11Dec 30

Milton Friedman - Lesson of the PencilThe late great Milton Friedman uses a pencil to illustrate how the free market price system promotes cooperation and harmony among those with no commo...

Willy3411967Dec 30Dec 30
Do the lies ever f*ck end

Do the lies ever f*ck end?Ok people here it is, I can't find any curvature of the earth! why is that? we have been told all our lives the earth is a globe and it spins, but I c...

knowledgeantruth60746Dec 29Dec 30
Phone Scams Im always several steps ahead of them

Phone Scams I'm always several steps ahead of them.Every once in a while I receive calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft Windows and claim that they're able to tell that I am having a problem...

Bearwoman15816Dec 29Dec 30
"How do you feel about Dieting Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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