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Google translater

Google translaterHow to make a complete fool of self in multiple new languages Then increase number of people's who find stupid talk funny...

ribabezvode1765Apr 1Apr 5
Photo Caption Contest Let them eat cake

Photo Caption Contest - Let them eat cake !Here's my first caption for the following photo; Sharon seemed to take dieting a lot harder than some people. Add your own caption(s), if you...

JimNastics16310Apr 1Apr 5
5ECX5M460Apr 5
The Potential Males on this Site

The Potential Males on this SiteI have never found so many men with the color "black" for eyes. So many "mixed race" men and when you ask them what "mix" they are reply something stu...

StellaSato41729415Apr 4Apr 5
America is great but not the greatest and can still be better

America is great but not the greatest and can still be betterRight off the beginning, I would clarify this statement to be not absolutely true. It depends upon so many things and many reasons, to some that thi...

lindsyjones1,447105Feb 24Apr 5
Am I seeing things wrongly

Am I seeing things wrongly?Is it me, or are all the personal attacks on people here on the blogs reducing the blog activity by people? If so, what a great way of trying to mak...

Johnny_Sparton98692Apr 3Apr 5
Its Not Me Its You

Its Not Me Its YouThere are very specific reasons why we will never connect, and distance aint one of them, Baby...

My_Lover1978Apr 4Apr 5
Why is depression so depressing part two

Why is depression so depressing? part...twoFor everyone out there who has these conditions and those who don’t… please remember it does not make you less of person or even an outcast… you are w...

TattoedMonk450Apr 5
Shinguruzu the JP equivalent of singles

Shinguruzu,the JP equivalent of singles.Like the English original,shinguruzu is used to not only describe young people,but also the leftovers who never got hitched,the divorcees and the bere...

Dfrezne1164Apr 4Apr 5
What do you think about people on this C S site

What do you think about people on this C.S sitei think there are more unserious people here, or is it that they are new to the online dating?...

rich142k531720Apr 4Apr 5
Share your tales from Hell

Share your tales from Hell.Has anyone here ever been possessed by the Devil, demons or evil spirits? If you have an amusing anecdote about an encounter with evil or a spot of b...

Harbal36536Apr 1Apr 5

miss Magpie.....and a few grudges ......inspired by another blog. Since I've been told: "Bloodyawful NEVER put your ugly self on any of my blogs ever again...

bloodyawfull1821Apr 4Apr 5
Did the Pope commit Rank Heresy

Did the Pope commit Rank Heresy ?"Pope Declares No Hell?" So ran the riveting headline on the Drudge Report of Holy Thursday. Drudge quoted this exchange, published in La Repubb...

Willy341138337Apr 1Apr 4
stringman1297Apr 3Apr 4
Tell me

Tell me ....about those unstoppable sentiments/forces that could move mountains & do magic achieving something very difficult I go first 1) The love a mothe...

Crunia219-Apr 1Apr 4

Cute FriendsCute Friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

jarred136-Apr 4

Blog ExperimentI am going to try a social experiment on the blogs. There are many topics which should be discussed, which would be interesting to discuss, and nee...

mollybaby2,095140Mar 29Apr 4

PeoplePeople wonder why they don’t meet anyone. Maybe if you wrote to someone within a days and understand the and understand th...

Palmfrond29217Apr 2Apr 4
The leg over

The “leg over”The “leg over”, what is it and is it important? I heard this term today and although I can’t be certain, I have a pretty good idea what it is....

Palmfrond38845Apr 3Apr 4

AS 70% OF THE WORLD HAVENOT ENOUGH TO EAT, HAVE WE BECOME SELF ABSORBED.You cannot open a Magazine /Newspaper or even watch some T.V. without being bombarded with articles on Staying young [it is a sin to age ], About Vit...

goldengloss61465Mar 27Apr 4
Parlez franais SVP Please Speak French

Parlez français SVP / Please Speak FrenchParlez français SVP / Please Speak French Alimentation, amour, voyages, vins, animaux, Arts, cinéma, vidéo, sports, art de vivre, plaisir, livres,...

Marc20101,03361Dec 2Apr 4
Looking to the future

Looking to the futureHere she comes again.

Willy3411883Apr 3Apr 4
A Brain Scientists Personal Journey

A Brain Scientist´s Personal JourneyMy Stroke of Insight: by Jill Bolte Taylor Jill Taylor was a 37-year-old Harvard-trained brain scientist when a blood vessel exploded in her brai...

daniela77725721Mar 29Apr 3
Track161515Mar 8Apr 3
NOubliez Jamais

N'Oubliez JamaisGreat song by Joe Cocker.

Willy3411520Apr 3
Unjust and cruel

Unjust and cruelPelosi slams California ICE raid as 'unjust and cruel,' amid outcry over mayor's tipoff to immigrants By Adam Shaw | Fox News Three hours ago...

lindsyjones31834Mar 7Apr 3

SQUIRRELS IN CHURCHThe Presbyterian church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrel infestation. After much prayer and consideration, they concluded th...

Gentlejim1236Apr 3Apr 3
Blowin hot n cold

Blowin hot n coldI want to describe a scenario which is hurful(and I'm no snowflake) and which is gender neutral. I got a long message recently here from a man who sou...

Poitin27320Apr 3Apr 3
Life in social media 4

Life in social media 4Life in social media 4p Life in social media 4 Life in social media 4...

galrads259-Apr 2Apr 3
Things I dont understand here Part I

Things I don’t understand here. Part I.Prelude: The other day I had an exchange here with a younger man from another country: Him: How are you doing? Me (thinking “what exactly do pe...

Tulefell53041Mar 31Apr 3
Are you racist

Are you racistDoes color matter Would you have fixed opinion of a male in pink...

ribabezvode19216Apr 2Apr 3
ooby_dooby41331Mar 5Apr 3
Louie Louie

Louie LouieBig hit from 1963. ==================== ==================== ====================

Willy3411653Apr 3Apr 3
Said yes and Im taking the plunge squeeeee

Said yes, and I’m taking the plunge, squeeeeeI’ll be honest with you, I never expected to marry again but he kept asking and the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is actually the...

Elegsabiff1,05995Mar 31Apr 2

WomanWhy sexy women are too proudy and moody. They have lot of attraction. That's why they are moody or don't want to share their beauty with ordinary man?...

only1life21911Apr 2Apr 2
Pooh Corner

Pooh Corner"House at Pooh Corner" is a song written by Kenny Loggins, based on the popular children's book of the same name. The song was first performed by the...

Willy34111238Apr 2Apr 2
stringman1336Apr 1Apr 2
57 000th BLOG

57,000th BLOG!!!......... ......

miclee32233Mar 30Apr 2

Life Is Like A…..Life Is Like A….....

jarred135-Apr 2

"TRIP TO PLUTO"Those Were The Days.............................................But....................They Are Not Anymore.................................... I Have...

namaron1,881-Aug 2014Apr 1
stringman35042Mar 30Apr 1
Happy Easter

Happy EasterHAPPY EASTER everyone! What are your plans for Easter? I will be sharing a meal with my family!...

Gentlejim12911Mar 31Apr 1
southmiami4321: "Faith"(meet us in the poems)

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