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AlecSmartonline today!

Points to ponder #7

As the owner of the copyright to the title of this blog, I withhold permission for it to be used as the title of any other blog. However, for a reasonable fee, I would be willing to grant permission to anyone who may find the title appropriate for one of their own blogs.
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chatilliononline today!

an open letter to my coworkers...

Flush when you are done. If you see skid marks, flush again.
A local morning radio talk show had people call in tell the most annoying things about their coworkers. They OVERWHELMINGLY said their coworkers neglected to flush the toilet when they were done with their business.
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chatilliononline today!

Quick Question...

Before heading to the office, I checked my corporate email yesterday morning and received a message from a client who was asking about receptacle outlets on a kitchen island.

(side note: I'm in the kitchen business)

Yes, they are required by local code. Although most customers don't want holes cut in their cabinetry, it's not my choice. If the electrician needs cutouts made, we do it as a service. Point where you want the holes cut and we make it. The liability is on the electrician and not the cabinet guy.

The husband wanted them on the back side where they are obscured by chairs. That's bending the rules... will it pass inspection? I don't know. Ask the electrician.

What I do know is, the message titled 'quick question' involved several back-and-forth emails and three phone calls. I'm not done... now I have to revise the drawing that we all reviewed last week.

More than an hour yesterday was spent dealing with my client's 'quick question'.
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only leader can answer???????

Conflict rose at Sunrise pvt (Ltd) between the two departments when Research and development
(R & D) department designed the most advanced product and forwarded the plan to the
production department for development and production of the product. Production department
refused to adopt that design and stated that the changes in designs made by the R&D interfered
with the production department’s efficiency and ability to deliver quality products that it has
perfected through repetition.

Identify the source of conflict in above given scenario and explain how the leader can resolve this
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LadyImponline today!

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

Finally! I've procrastinated on opening a US dollar bank account in Canada as I had two US accounts, one business, one personal. As those two accounts served me well, I didn't see the point in opening another account in Canada that would charge me fees. The two US accounts didn't charge any fees at all.

I'd opened the US business account back in 2004 with no problems. Never any overdrafts or issues with it. I used that account to purchase my US supplies and it's been a very handy account. Paypal and Amazon deposited funds into my account and they were declared on my Cdn income.

Well, new bank laws and my US bank supposedly informed me via letter, which I have never received, that I required a US business license to have a US business account or they would close my account. Nice that I never got that letter. I'd been to the bank twice to get this straightened out, and at no time did they tell me that they were closing my account on the 16th of July.

So I drive two hours to where the closest bank is on Monday to sort everything out, and they've already closed my account and a cheque for the funds will be in the mail. What?! Why can't I have the funds right now and close the damn thing out. Nope, bureaucratic bs, they'll mail the damn cheque on the 24th.

I asked who they were mailing the check to, the business or me personally? They didn't know, and I said, well, if you mail it to the business, how am I supposed to cash it with no bank account? With a lot of folderol, they finally agreed to cash it when I receive it, which means ANOTHER two hour drive to their bank. I've never seen or heard of such poor service in my entire life. Not once did they tell me that I needed to get my money out by the 16th in either of my visits and that they were closing my account regardless.

So I checked into getting a US business license, despite the fact that I don't actually do business in Washington. All my business is conducted online, including purchasing the postage. The license for the city I'm closest to is actually no fee, except they have different categories which could be up to $800/year, and it also means I'd have to file both US and Can taxes, which means more $$ out for accounting. Nuts to that.

Google also owes me $$ and refuses to pay me unless I have a US bank account in Canada. They would not deposit into my US account. I've been avoiding that due to the costs of opening and maintaining that kind of account, and haven't been paying any banking fees. So now, it's going to cost me for them to deposit money into my business US account, and for every transaction I do.

In reading their criteria, though, I'm thinking I'd be able to open a US personal a/c in Canada and they could deposit into that, as I don't see where it says it has to be a business account. I may just close the business one then, and open a personal a/c which would be a lot less fees.

Gawd I hate dealing with banks, or any financial institutions. Legalized loan sharks. Talk about a money grab for a business license. I already pay over $400/year to cross the border commercially to throw my parcels in the mail, so any further fees just aren't worth it.

Obviously, they don't want my business which is fine with me. Once I have the cheque for my closed account (bastids! - do they care that I need the funds to purchase supplies right now?) I'll be closing out the other personal a/c and opening one at a bank closer to the border.

And here I was being honest about my business and ensuring everything was kept separately. Ha! "No good deed goes unpunished."
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Time is running out.

Many 'South Africans' s now living abroad still have property and farms in SA which they rented out for a small amount or basically just asked family or friends to watch over it when they decided that this country was no longer fit for them.
The Gauteng government wants to “immediately” expropriate without compensation privately owned land lying idle.
Premier David Makhura said the province was completing an audit of all unused privately owned land to test the Constitution instead of waiting on the parliamentary process currently reviewing the property rights clause of the Constitution.
“There are tracts of land, others just being used for speculation, other land parcels have been abandoned by landlords living overseas waiting for one day to sell the land to developers at huge profits.

I think this is fair.

I also think that this situation is an ideal time for an enterprising entrepreneur to start a business where it will find appropriate tenants or occupants to occupy some of these properties at a handsome fee, (houses, Blocks of flats, hotels, prime farms etc.) while the owner makes a plan to sell or whatever he/she thinks fit so as not to lose totally on the deal..
Many pro's and cons to take into consideration here.

Is this a bad idea or will one pick up too much flak from the government?
Personally I'm not interested in this but know of people that are.
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Willy3411online today!

Every McDonald's In U.S. Will Have Self-Order Kiosks By 2020

Workers complaining because McDonald’s would not raise their wages might want to start looking for other jobs sooner rather than later: CEO Steve Easterbrook has announced that by 2020, every McDonald's in the U.S. will be stocked with self-order kiosks.

1,000 stores will get the new kiosks every quarter for the next two years; they already exist in around 3,500 of the roughly 14,000 domestic outlets. Half of the McDonald’s in the United States will feature the kiosks by the end of this year; the locations in Australia, Canada, and the U.K. are running ahead of the American stores.

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lindsyjonesonline today!

Jobless rate at 17 year low


This is good.

Note:WSJ Sunday publication.cheers
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Onthcrestofawaveonline today!

Jobs I wouldn't do for love or money

Must take a special mind set and a special type of person

Debt collector
Insurance salesperson
Used car salesperson
Ticket warden

Any othere ?
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