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chatilliononline today!

Complaint Desk...

I was in multi-tasking mode today. Lots of interruptions. More than any normal Monday.
Working hard to close a deal, I sent revised drawings and prices to a client Friday so she and her husband can review. The call came early with 4 important requests... something that would take an hour or so got started several times, but I had to resolve a few emergency complaint requests. I got back on it around 7pm and worked a few more complaints until 7:50pm when my wife summoned me to head home. Here it is 10:50pm and I'm taking a few minutes to digest dinner, do a blog and get back to work to finish what I planned to do this morning.
I'm getting good at resolving complaints but not good at getting any of my work done.

A bad one I want to keep distance on is an order that took 2 weeks to process and the factory acknowledged 8 weeks to complete. Their acknowledgement isn't accurate as they are running 2 weeks behind, so that makes a total of (counts on fingers and toes) 12 weeks when the salesman told the customer 8 weeks.
They (the clients) are 'freaking out' as they sold their previous unit and won't have a working kitchen or bath when they move into the new place. The client is angry and doesn't want to talk to the salesman... he want's a 'higher-up' to call (clears throat) and that would be me, but since I know nothing about the order I'm expecting the factory to make some changes and complete the order on the acknowledgement date.

I thought by going home the complaint desk would be closed. My boss texted me to complain about something else that needs to be resolved tonight.

That said... The complaint desk is now open!
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chatilliononline today!

House shopping aka Bring me the Broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West...

I had selected 2 condo units in the same development that were up for sale. The listed agent said she could get me in to see them but... I have to be pre-qualified first. I get that. No agent wants to spend time showing houses to possible home-buyers if they cannot afford what they are looking for.

She 'hooks me up' with her mortgage guy who immediately disqualifies me as 'too small' because his starting price is houses over $150,000. His associate deals in lower priced condos and she calls a few minutes later. I explained to her I intend to buy with money from my corporation and not personally.

Expecting we are on the same page, she asked for 2 months of my corporate bank statements. I did, then I received a 'shopping list' of other requirements. That included 2 years of tax returns, both corporate and personal. Plus... 2 months of my personal bank statements. She came back to say I have a great credit rating! But... I have to show proof of my current residence, so I emailed over copies of utility bills. Next, they wanted proof that I had paid back taxes on the house I'm living in and... satisfaction of mortgage. Some of this is BS. I wasn't using my current house to qualify for a loan. Let's add, they want proof of insurance on the existing property.

Near the threshold of Tourette Syndrome, the broker's underwriter came back with I'm required to pay down 25% of the purchase (I'm thinking: what happened to that great credit rating I have?) and wants the tax return to come directly from my accountant with a cover sheet and profit & loss balance sheet stating that the purchase of this property is not a burden on my corporation.

You asked me to bring you the Broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West and now you want it on a velvet cushion.

My patience is wearing thin with their requirements. The good news is I got the pre-qualification.

So we're on... they gave the go ahead to the realtor and my meeting this morning was actually going to happen. That's when I got an email stating the 2 units I wanted to see were currently rented out, one becomes available in February and the other in June 2019.

This all happened while I'm on the way to our 11:30 meeting! Are you fu*king kidding me, I said to myself. So I messaged back "What units are available now that I can see today?" The answer is none. She needs time to set up appointments with the sellers... You and I know apartments that are not occupied have lock boxes on the door. It only takes a few minutes to get the code and permission to visit a unit. She's sending a new list so NEXT WEEK we can go see these units. An hour or so later I got the link to the available units. Six of them are out of my price range and one is the unit that's not available until next year!
very mad

I did have a backup plan... my daughter's friend (although new at this) is an agent and we had a 1:30 appointment to see units in a different development. Single story 4-plex villas. I think there's a Feng Shui saying if the first one feels right... take it. We met the owner and our agent is doing research for listed versus sold prices in the neighborhood and with that data I'll probably make a bid in a few days.

It's a townhouse and not a condo, the HOA fees are actually lower than the condo. Although not a gated community, it's easy in and out. I met one guy who buys units and fixes them up for resale. He currently has 7 units. Naturally, his asking price is too high for renovated units and the one I'm thinking about is more within my reach.

Hopefully, the (new) mortgage broker I'll be dealing with won't be asking for the Broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West... but if he does, I think I've got it covered.

Thanks for reading my blog!
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chatilliononline today!

Things that annoy me #42,067...

I'm shopping for a condo and called the realtor from one of the listings I'm interested in. She apologized as the property was sold and neglected to notify the website to remove the ad.
File this under unprofessional laziness.

Some realtors have other listings and bait people with really good ones that just happen to have been sold... but if you are interested, they have others that are somewhat more expensive than the one that hooked you in.
File this under deceptive sales tactics.
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Linobrownonline today!



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chatilliononline today!

an unwanted promotion...

I'm coming up on the anniversary to a promotion I received 2 years ago that I really didn't want.

The plan was that I would leave sales and create an order processing department where none existed. For years, salesmen for the company would each turn their orders directly to our vendors with no verification by our company. It would be my responsibility to oversee these orders for missing details and to verify the prices and engineering standards were correct. Service was overwhelmed by the mistakes on orders and delays for installations due to incomplete drawings. Eliminating problems up-front is the only solution to survival. We didn't need more servicemen, we needed less service problems.

Before that job assignment took place, a salesman from another division announced retirement and my manager was promoted to his position. In doing so, he hired a replacement and spent three months training the guy... although the new guy was a people person with retail cabinet experience, his engineering and computer skills were sorely lacking. This forced a burden that was holding me from the transition to the processing manager position. There were other circumstances I wasn't privy to, but the new guy got bounced out and the next day I was told his position was eliminated... I was being promoted to fill the gap with the title of sales manager.

Strangely, all my coworkers congratulated me for the new position and started treating me as though I was the general manager, service manager, HR manager... and all important answer-man. It was weeks of denying I was anything above a single rung on the ladder, I became the traffic cop telling people who in the company 'did what' which was really surprising as though there had been a shift in geometry. We actually have people assigned to those positions for questions I was being asked!

We are really understaffed and my analogy to the situation is a busy restaurant Maitre d' running back to the kitchen to prepare meals as there is only one chef and no available kitchen help. I'm not liking it. I hired (or assisted in the hire of) 3 people but training them is time consuming. Sometimes it's easier to fix their mistakes than sending the work back for them to correct it.

The position is a 'dumping ground' to fix anything that didn't get done correctly for all departments. Staying focused and goal oriented takes a back seat to a few emergencies per hour keeping me from my actual duties.
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chatilliononline today!


You can quote me on this:
"Don't always trust the advice of someone who has a vested interested in the decisions you make."
Typically, it's someone trying to sell you something. Eons ago, I recall an episode with an insurance salesman who made a commission for a policy that wasn't right for me.
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chatilliononline today!

Getting the update....

One of the worst things about computers & cellphones are updates. There is absolutely too much lost time waiting for updates... especially with Windows 10 and their forced updates.
I have a laptop I often carry with me on sales presentations. I turned it on at a meeting once and it went into an update. My presentation was over (without the use of the laptop) and it was still doing updates. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE in business.

Between home, home office and remote office, I'm running several desktop computers on Windows 7. I was able to buy a few refurbished computers that I keep in storage. In the event one of my main computers fails, I have some W7 computers for backup.

I do have a few running Windows 10 and know at some point I'll have to abandon the older ones when support of W7 is no longer available.

Last year, I retired my 4 year old Samsung cellphone. I had a replacement warrantee plan and whenever one malfunctioned they would send out a refurbished model. The screen lifted on one I liked and the replacement was in worse condition. They couldn't get it to boot... it was DOA and I had to wait another week for the replacement of the replacement. They told me parts were no longer available for that model and the service center must have been cannibalizing other phones to make replacements.
That was the reason for buying their newest model. I've lost count of the number of times it forced updates. Thankfully, I'm able to stall a few updates... email app for example. There aren't significant changes that would justify updating it.

I'm running Firefox and heeded the notification my browser was outdated. I did an update and 10 minutes later I received another similar notification. This went on a few times and the last update has changed Yahoo's opening screen... yeah, those bastards have added code that allows a drop down banner I'm unable to block.

When it comes to 'getting the update' I'm not interested.
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Hi. i am look a job where i csn live an work... like care taker job ...old care worker job...sales jobs...etc anywhere els i dont mind but i want...could you pleas help me to find a job ...i am alots of experince ...i am ready to do any thing..pls help me to find a job..
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chatilliononline today!

Private Jet...

I heard an advertisement on the radio last week that said the newest way to get around delays and TSA inspections is to join their flight club and charter your own private jet.

South Florida has many private airports, some within 20 miles of each other.

I thought private jets were only for Rock Stars and ultra wealthy businessmen. Obviously, times have changed. Pull up at the gate of an airport, show some ID for clearance, drive to the plane and unload from the trunk of your vehicle directly to airplane waiting to whisk you to your destination.

Just like you see in the movies... no waiting. Just go. On your arrival, no waiting. Just get in your taxi that's waiting and off you go.

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Elegsabiffonline today!

Your knee-jerk reaction, please -

You get on very well with a colleague of the opposite sex, have occasionally gone for drinks after work, and twice been to a film you both wanted to see. You enjoy their company and find them quite attractive. You go out for dinner together one evening and (s)he tells you (s)he is transsexual.


Do remember this is face-to-face, across a dining table.
You will both be working for the same company tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.
Your friendly relationship to date has always been colleague-appropriate - there has been no flirting as such.


I teach English online as a second language and my advanced adult students (up to six in an online class) are often from different countries and cultures, The agency I work for forbids discussion of politics, religion or sex but the students like the difficult topics best, especially when it is different cultures! Tricky.

I do have a very handy list of "taboo" subjects, this was one I haven't dared try yet. Thought I would try it on you guys first.
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