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Read the signs

Read the signs

What is more worshipped than money It controls everyone's lives ... So who controls the money controls everyrhing They walk among us and they have all the cash Mankin...

Psst hey you Yeah you Over here

Psst, hey you! Yeah you. Over here.

Are you online right now? You sure? Okay then, please keep this on the hush. This is a Secret Blog from the Agency of National Blocked Secrets. If YOU can see this blog, it is because YOU, yes YOU, are one of the chosen ones to see it. Not every...

Country music

Country music

Today I was talking to a friend of mine about music. I was telling him I love all genres of music but my favorite was country music. I told him i like Marty Robins, Willie Nelson, Dolly parton, Skeeter Davis, Kenny Rgoers, Johnny Cash and Conway T...



There Used To Be a Show...I Think Back In The Late Sixties...It Was Called..."Lost In Space".........On The Show... They Had A Robot....Who...Whenever Danger Arose....It Would Wave Its Arms... And Continually Yell Out Loud... "Warning! Warning! Warn...

Hilarious Church Bulletin Bloopers

Hilarious Church Bulletin Bloopers

The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.. ————————————— The sermon this morning: Jesus Walks on the Water. The sermon tonight: Searching for Jesus. ————————————— Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It’s a chance to get rid of those...

Want to hold an Octopus plant

Want to hold an Octopus plant ?

I was late from work, and stopped at the supermarket to buy the week's shopping, and lo and behold, what do I see but ? We might all be familiar with the Venus Flytrap, but this is another insect trap for u:- An octopus in the ocean is not the...

under appreciated

under appreciated

How is it that our brains can replicate such "perfect" details in our dreams, while our awake brains can only recall certain details? It is not like when we go to sleep we plug ourselves into a cable tv connection....I am simply amazed at how powe...

Matt Damon

Matt Damon,

Narrator of the film documentary, "Inside Job". You all gotta see it. Collusion in corruption among bankers, government officials (so called "regulators") and bond/fund/bank "rating" companies. Two days before the 2008 crash, many firms were still be...

Butter a miracle substance

Butter, a miracle substance.

Most people simply use butter on bread or to bake things, but it is a wonderful miracle cure. • It cures medical issues ranging from dry lips to Cotard's syndrome so no more chapped lips or distorted reality problems. • It cures epilepsy in R...



And Too Much...Is Enough ............................................. I Do Not Have A Problem With People Who Are Classified As Immigrants...They Have The Right to Pursue Life...Liberty...And The Pursuit Of Happiness They Have The Right...Just As W...

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