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Farrakhan is actually right: Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are trying to “depopulate the Earth” with

When Big Pharma finally unveils its newfangled vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as early as this fall, the endgame is to “depopulate the...
6530Jul 105 hrs ago2 mins ago

Who is Joe Biden

165170Jun 235 hrs ago3 hrs ago

Will Lawlessness Be Able To Save Society?

time to wake up to what really is going on. your freedom is gradually being taken from...
180011 hrs ago11 hrs ago6 hrs ago

Believers on their Knees Crying out for God's Mercy - Brazil #Covid_19

30-0Jul 10Jul 107 hrs ago

Take Back The USA"

14260Jul 7Jul 97 hrs ago

Coronavirus: Dress Rehearsal for the New World Order

224260Jul 5Jul 83 hrs ago

The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction of America

4200Jul 6Jul 62 hrs ago


This video is an analysis of the I pet goat 2 animation, which seems to be pointing to the 4th of July as a significant date, when a significant event...
6840Jul 4Jul 51 hrs ago

Recognize The Plan And Don’t Be Deceived

125140Jul 3Jul 35 hrs ago

"Nobody can do anything to them

6640Jul 3Jul 315 hrs ago

Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservat

A deep background source has provided us with a document detailing the distribution of genocide machines — guillotines — across America in preparation...
295350Jun 30Jul 238 mins ago

Ordinary citizens stand up as politicians cower to the rage mob

Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill...
8820Jun 30Jul 15 hrs ago

News Headlines - 6/28/20

you likely won't hear this on mainstream media....
10030Jun 29Jun 29Jul 10

Is everyone who lives in New York a racist?

As leftists all across the United States call for the removal of “racist” statues and the scrubbing clean of American history, should their call for h...
5611Jun 27Jun 2712 hrs ago

one on one with the president

55-0Jun 26Jun 26Jul 9

It will absolutely happen again!"

208240Jun 22Jun 225 hrs ago

It Will Happen By DECEMBER!! |

273310Jun 20Jun 215 hrs ago

The Pale Horse of the Apocalypse

15780Jun 19Jun 205 hrs ago

the harlot

161170Jun 17Jun 20Jul 10

What Happens When You Die

let's face it we are all going to die. but does anyone r...
1,1171150Jun 13Jun 181 hrs ago

10 Lies the Devil Is Using to 'Destroy' America'

it's only 17min....
7250Jun 15Jun 15Jul 10


183170Jun 11Jun 1350 mins ago

Is the Mark of the Beast a Chip, a Vaccine or Something Altogether Different?

this is a very good explanation of what is just ahead of...
11980Jun 9Jun 10Jul 7


12440Jun 4Jun 98 hrs ago


I think we have had some misconceptions about hell. wh...
465460Jun 7Jun 842 mins ago

well you have a taste of being controlled how do you like it.

The Media is Using Covid Numbers to Mislead You [you...
299130May 20Jun 612 hrs ago

Color of Our Skin

11010Jun 3Jun 310 hrs ago

Do You REALLY Want To Know What's Happening

9720Jun 2Jun 36 hrs ago

Will President Trump Send Them To Prison

I hope you will listen to this clip. this women was silenced and sent to jail for te...
349210May 10Jun 1Jul 11


10610May 31May 31Jul 11

Trump Decisive President // Prophet Kim Clement

15580May 28May 29Jul 10

The False Paradigm Of Programming

235240May 26May 27Jul 10

I'm NOT Waiting Till They Knock On My Door

when inoculation's become mandatory are you going to let that happen....
511370May 12May 26Jul 9

Can this superfood smoothie naturally relieve joint pain?

have not tried this myself but might be worth a try for those who may joint pain....
253100May 20May 22Jul 11

POPE'S GLOBAL ALLIANCE IS COMING!! - Epic Prophecies Explained!

282250May 17May 1914 hrs ago

This Dirty Little Secret Will Bring Down The Whole House of Cards

10900May 18May 18Jul 8

Where Is God in This Pandemic

653440May 6May 17Jul 8

When It Sounds Too Good To Be True - It's A Nightmare

this Fauci person is a globalist fraud....
252150May 14May 16Jul 7

Is 5G Safe Radiation EXPOSED

415290May 9May 1216 hrs ago

What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19

this is over 1hr long but it should be listened to. you...
529560May 8May 96 hrs ago

Ingraham: Americans are finally seeing the Chinese government for what they are

14550May 7May 719 hrs ago

‘Murder Hornets’ spotted in US

just heard about this on the news....
307260May 4May 5Jul 9

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