The Four Horsewomen Of the Apocalypseā€¯

80609 hrs ago2 hrs ago12 mins ago

Attack On Humanity Is Clearly Unveiled

155100Jul 52 hrs ago22 mins ago


489440Jul 9Jul 2011 hrs ago

America A Nation Begging For Destruction...2019

5820Jul 18Jul 1912 hrs ago

Life, Liberty & Levin

3900Jul 15Jul 1510 hrs ago

What We Will Do in Heaven

249240Jul 11Jul 1312 hrs ago

Does the Bible say we have an immortal soul

I always thought the soul is housed in our body....
200200Jun 18Jul 8Jul 21

The USA in Bible Prophecy

this is an explanation of near future events to take place....
11030Jun 22Jul 84 hrs ago

Persecuti?n, ?ropaganda

6600Jul 7Jul 75 hrs ago

Europe heatwave to feel like 'hell' as Sahara wind brings 40C temperatures, forecasters say

17590Jun 25Jul 6Jul 21

Jesse Ventura, "They Killed Our President"

191140Jun 26Jul 6Jul 21

As in the Days of NOAH

251250Jul 2Jul 59 hrs ago

Who Rigged The TWlN TOWERS...

1,2341270Jun 23Jul 44 hrs ago

Will the US Be "Great Again" According to Bible Prophecy?

252170Jun 7Jul 414 hrs ago

Sodom And Gomorrah (Biblical Archaeology Documentary) |

5000Jul 4Jul 42 hrs ago

Dire Warning Issued By Putin

327310Jun 13Jul 37 hrs ago

Trump becomes first US president to step into North Korea

193121Jun 30Jul 1Jul 21

The End of Man is Here

this is pretty scary stuff....
7300Jun 25Jun 25Jul 20

This Happened On Planet Earth..April 2019.

303160Apr 19Jun 223 hrs ago

PROPHECY! Election of Pres Donald Trump Prophesied in 2007

it all is taking place now as predicted....
14260Jun 20Jun 222 hrs ago

Marriage is like Alcatraz

13250Jun 19Jun 205 hrs ago

Who Made God?

some may wonder who made GOD this vid may explain it....
584510May 29Jun 187 mins ago

Satanism & The Evil World We Live In Right Now

10100Jun 18Jun 18Jul 21

The Candace Owens Show

a couple of smart people discussing matters that concern...
13170Jun 16Jun 1717 hrs ago

The Delusion has Begun

291280Jun 15Jun 16Jul 20


275140May 18Jun 14Jul 17

The UFO Phenomenon

10910Jun 12Jun 12Jul 20

Global Warming

235100Jun 2Jun 112 hrs ago

What is in the Equality Act?

11350Jun 10Jun 10Jul 18

Guess What Life Will Be Like When You're A LAOLAI

11940May 28Jun 10Jul 19

Will the Equality Act End Christianity?

207130Jun 8Jun 919 hrs ago

DON'T Think This Nightmare Will Never Come Here

224130Jun 6Jun 9Jul 21

The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

227270Jun 1Jun 34 hrs ago


as you know the southern states in the US has been hit h...
309170May 30Jun 29 hrs ago

Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us

221190May 24May 2810 hrs ago

Breaking Pope Prophecy Alert

16890May 12May 27Jul 21

Do You Want To Know

9310May 26May 26Jul 19

Under NO Circumstances Are You Allowed To Take Off Your Blindfold

224380May 23May 23Jul 17


this video will explain just what happens when you die...
11950May 22May 2222 hrs ago

7 Reasons

7810May 20May 21Jul 18

The Truth May Shock You! (2019-2020)

187180May 19May 20Jul 13

This Could Be The LAST Warning You'll Ever Get

11510May 17May 19Jul 18

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