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Remember the hamburger?

When I was a kid, I adored the taste of a hamburger. It was simply awesome. Over the years I lost my love for the hamburger. How did this happen? Were...
15660Apr 20May 4May 13

Trumps Approval rating according to Gallup poll.

Approval rating Dates Latest job approval rating 42% Aug 31-Sep 13, 2020 Term average to date 40% Jan 20, 2017-present...
381160Sep 23Nov 27May 12

Trying a little experiment

The handle of my little hatchet broke off. I need it to split kindling so I'm out of business for a while. the handle broke right where it goes into...
220220Nov 20Nov 21May 12

Anybody here Investing in securities, stocks, bonds, whatever?

I do and have for more than 50 years. What are you into now? Got any ideas worth looking into? I kinda gave up on Corporate stocks several years ag...
393220Aug 2020Nov 16May 12

How to win an election

There are 2 basic ways. The classic way which everybody is familiar with is to get out in front of the public and shake a lot of hands, kiss a lot of...
266151Nov 1Nov 411 hrs ago

When I'm bored

Sometimes I like to see what people are looking for on Craigslist. Tonight I looked at the "wanted" section for NYC. It's always interesting what pe...
14420Oct 27Nov 3May 14

The first presidential debate analysis

The big cheese proves his fitness for the job.
14270Oct 20Oct 21May 12

Tempting a war with NK and Iran wasn't enough for D.J. Trump

Now he's setting his sights on Extraterrestrials. "Even A...
16050Oct 14Oct 15May 9

A future star in the making

I can't get enough of this little angel....
291140Sep 30Oct 3May 14

I'm lucky to be alive

I grew up in NYC, a neighborhood known as Yorkville (upper East side of Manhattan) 85th st to be exact. On the corner of 3rd Ave there was a fairly n...
19940Sep 26Oct 3May 11

Trump may drop out of 2020 race if poll numbers don’t improve

Well, it looks like something has taken the "Mickey" out of the former tough guy from the 2016 campaign. You can see the look on his face. "Aww,...
910440Jun 2020Sep 27May 11

Heart breaking photos from Lake Charles after hurricane Laura

The pics are kinda big so have patience.
20350Sep 2020Sep 2020May 10

You Might Be A Trump Supporter,

If you ever used Lard in bed. If you own more than 3 shirts with the sleeves cut off. If you have ever spray painted your girlfriend's name on an ov...
480371Jul 2020Jul 202020 hrs ago

Mosquito season has arrived in the USA

Time to set up your water bucket trap. If you're not familiar with the process I'll be happy to explain it....
329130Jun 2020Jul 2020May 11

Ever met an actual Psychopath?

How could you tell you were dealing with one? What are some of the characteristics exhibited by a Psychopath which can help identify this type of ind...
514220Jun 2020Jul 2020May 10


What's yours? I used to collect stamps. I started when I was 10. My mom went to see a lawyer about squeezing some more child support out of my dad...
325210May 2020May 2020May 11

The fake Chinaman # 1 Trump lover seems to be MIA

He's been gone for 11 days. Too bad, I wanted the rub the 3000 point drop in the DOW in his face. He's always talking about how Trump is doing such...
996540Mar 2020May 2020May 4

Trumps mugshot

page down. 10 or 11 times to find it
374110Feb 2020May 2020May 11

We Won !

We turned the state of Virginia BLUE. Yesterday The House of Representatives Today The Virginia Legislature Tomorrow The White House....
505290Nov 2019May 2020Apr 26

Really sad, a terrible loss to the human experience

How do you judge beauty? Israel was only 38 and weighed close to 1000 lbs. May 20th was his birthday
30670May 2020May 2020May 5

Life before the Internet

This is for young people who weren't around when there was no such thing as online anything. The personal computer wasn't even invented yet. Oh, the...
23060May 2020May 2020May 12

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse

A person in a position of authority who shall remain nameless, has stated that with warmer weather this Covid 19 virus will die out and we can all gat...
31260Apr 2020Apr 2020May 2

What kind of an Idiot

Would cut funding for the Center for Disease Control, when we're faced with a global pandemic?...
32730Mar 2020Mar 20202 hrs ago

It's no wonder Trump has gone BK, what is it 6 times? He doesn't understand simple economics

Like Supply & Demand. This is Middle School stuff, when the Supply goes up, the price goes down. When the price is High, you Sell, when the price is...
924720Feb 2020Feb 2020May 6

The day I almost joined the Boy Scouts

I was about 11 or so. My 2.5 year older brother was a Boy Scout and kept pestering me to join and he took me to one of their hour long meetings one n...
467160Sep 2019Feb 2020May 14

Today is Monday February 17 it is George Washington's Birthday

This movie has done nothing less than transformed a cliche "Washington Crossing the Delaware" into a masterpiece. Casting Jeff Daniels as George Wash...
25130Feb 2020Feb 202015 hrs ago

Boy do I miss this guy

How different can two men be? One wants to tear us apart, the other wants to bring...
608232Dec 2019Dec 20197 hrs ago

Soybean farmer to Donald Trump "I Wouldn’t Vote For You If You Walked On Water"

"The former county chair for the Republican Party in Shelby County, Ohio says he’s done with President Donald Trump due to the trade war with China....
31450Oct 2019Oct 2019May 12

Trumps Steel & Aluminum tariffs were supposed to bring jobs back

Guess what? It ain't working. U.S. Steel stock falls on third-quarter outlook U.S. Steel Corp. (x) shares fell in the ex...
25191Sep 2019Sep 2019May 9

When is Dorian supposed to hit Virginia?

I've been hearing on the radio it's up by Halifax NS. We haven't gotten 1 drop of rain and the wind was nothing but a slight breeze. No power outage...
29940Sep 2019Sep 2019May 3

A tale of two shirts

About a year ago I did a favor for a friend by feeding her chickens while she went out of state to a sales event. She works at a saddlery. She often...
29450Sep 2019Sep 2019Apr 21

Great movies

I was pleasantly surprised the other night to find one of my all time favorite movies was playing on TV, "Lifeboat" by Hitchcock. I missed the first...
29340Sep 2019Sep 2019May 14

Music to dance to

This is a different version of a song which was a very big hit back in the mid 50's. Anybody remember the original?
20220Aug 2019Aug 2019Apr 21

Finally, the world is waking up

Trump has over 2,000 conflicts of interest since he’s taken office. Read this article carefully and learn how Trump is personally profiting from his...
503210Aug 2019Aug 2019May 5

Trump is playing with fire

And like a little kid he (we) are gonna get burned if he doesn't wise up. I truly believe he doesn't realize or is unaware of the fact that China has...
40630Aug 2019Aug 2019May 13

Where is Trump the basketball star when you need him?

Remember this incredible gesture of generosity and skill by the POTUS? I guess 12OZ bottles of water...
600220Aug 2019Aug 2019May 2

A blast from the past

I took a trip down memory lane when I looked at some very old threads. Those who have been around here as long as I have will no doubt remember some...
451120Jun 2019Jul 2019Apr 26

What an average person can do to slow down out of control Global Warming

1, Use Less Electricity. Most of the electricity that is sent to your house is produced by burning fossil fuels like Coal, Oil and Natural gas. The...
408180Jul 2019Jul 2019May 13

Another 12 people killed in cold blood by a sicko with a gun

This time in my very own home state of Virginia. I wonder if he was a member of a "Well regulated Militia"? I'm so comforted that we have brave men...
869480Jun 2019Jun 2019May 14

Nevada Poised To Become 15th State To Ditch Electoral College

We The People, (catchy phrase ain't it? No wonder Repukes and gun nuts love it so much) are getting fed up with this antiquated method of deciding wh...
436250May 2019May 2019May 11

Hey kids, guess what time it is?

No, it's not Howdy Doody time. It's Mosquito time. Time to break out the Mosquito re...
27840May 2019May 2019May 1

Commander in Chief ---Comment blog

Feel free to post comments here. BTW; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to be indicted for bribery, fraud
32000Mar 2019Mar 2019May 13

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