Melania's jacket explained

I have an uncanny gift to be able to predict outcomes before they happen such as the assassination of JFK, and MLK as well as an ability to see patter...
437260Jun 22Jun 25Oct 12

Why N.M.P. Trump refused to release his tax returns

BTW, N.M.P. stands for Not My President in case you were wondering. Recent developments have combined to paint a picture for me which may explain a...
232110May 5May 6Oct 14

He’s now president for life ... Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day ...Hiel Trump the new Fuehrer

"It’s no secret that President Donald Trump loves dictat...
501310Mar 5Apr 3Oct 13


How to tow an MG. Before you start, you must determine what kind of MG you have. Is it an MGA, MGB MGTD or a variant of same? It could be an MG M...
294100Aug 2017Mar 711 hrs ago

The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution needs to be updated

It was written several 100 years ago at the birth of the nation. It wasn't written by gods it was written by men. These men could best be described...
765520Feb 27Mar 39 hrs ago


I posted an early version of this several years ago and since then we have a lot of new members so I updated it to reflect certain major developmen...
19210Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 15

The blood of 58 people are on the hands of Wayne Lapierre VP of the NRA

The shooters blood can be used to flush a toilet. The NRA's Response To The Las Vegas Shooting Is Deafening In Its Silence
1,272580Oct 2017Oct 20173 hrs ago

Isn't it Ironic?

That a man who goes by the name of "freedomofspeech" would ban anybody from commenting on his blog?...
395140Aug 2017Aug 2017Oct 11

The stupidity of smoking

I'm not a smoker so if you are, you may not want to listen to me, but listening to me may be the smartest thing you ever did. If you smoke, there is...
666301Jul 2017Jul 201716 hrs ago

What are you afraid of?

Why do some people create a blog that asks a question, but won't allow people to answer by not allowing comments? Are they so afraid that someone mig...
318100May 2017May 20178 hrs ago

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