It's time for a good old laugh

814110Apr 2014Nov 20178 hrs ago

Alone with my thoughts and a poem on CS

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide no escape from reality Open your eyes look up to the skies and see I'm just a po...
418380Sep 2017Nov 201710 hrs ago

Cool music blog

247260Nov 2017Nov 2017Sep 19

Are the old CS posters on Strike? I welcome some new people

Seems to be very quiet on CS lately and wondered if the old posters are on strike or maybe they have met another and too busy now having sex to post o...
777150Nov 2017Nov 2017Sep 20

Halloween music blog

Indeed Halloween is upon us and all the witches, ghosts & ghouls will be out tonight...
195130Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 17

Has feminism damaged relations between men and women in modern day society

Good question about modern society and I wonder what other folks think? Has feminism divided men and women? Has feminism created Misandry? Has fem...
2,186-0Aug 2017Oct 201722 hrs ago

Ladies could you live without makeup?

352130Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 19

Chinese ladies dancing

Chinese ladies are so beautiful, artistic and feminine...
322280Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 19

Sex robots

When do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market? Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing? Will they also bat...
1,2191190Oct 2017Oct 20177 hrs ago

Country music our choice

Yep post videos of any country song and any country artist you like... :gu...
1,8141300Aug 2017Oct 20177 hrs ago

R.E.M music blog

Do you like this band? Do you have a favourite R.E.M song?
211130Oct 2017Oct 20177 hrs ago

Chat up lines from the ladies

Ok give it your best shot ladies and try chat me up Or embrace me with your femininity and charm...
340320Oct 2017Oct 20176 hrs ago

Why do a lot of women wear high heels?

I often wonder the reasons why women wear high heels, because it is a proven fact, that they can cause a lot of feet problems. Heels look bad, are...
871720Sep 2017Oct 20175 hrs ago

Very quiet here

It's like a feminist convention, a feminist movie or a feminist rally Where have all the people gone too...
339210Sep 2017Sep 201758 mins ago

Punk music blog

359270Sep 2017Sep 2017Sep 17

Women and validation

Most Men are better at rational thinking and controlling our emotions, because we don’t need validation or affection to go about our business, but Mos...
726-0Sep 2017Sep 2017Sep 19

Camel blog

Sometimes Camels return to a place where they are not welcome, spit and attack, but it’s best those camels, not spend too long in that place or they m...
529-0Sep 2017Sep 2017Sep 20

Mystery blog

what comes after the number 9 what comes after the letter J Which animal lives in the desert and has humps What do you use in your mobile pho...
1,096-0Sep 2017Sep 20176 mins ago

Is it the end of the west or can sanity save us

During my investigative work I have discover many problems with western society and I would like to inform you of a few facts, that PC would never tal...
483-0Sep 2017Sep 2017Sep 17

Women suffering with pre-menopause and post-menopause

Here are the signs and help advice also
790-0Aug 2017Sep 2017Sep 20

Disco blog - Boogie on down

It's time for disco fever and let's boogie on the dance floor Thanks to everyone who participated in my country music blog and I enjoyed t...
338180Sep 2017Sep 2017Sep 17

MGTOW and Mens rights

MEN GO THEIR OWN WAY – this is a man’s group and they talk about male issues in society. Ever felt let down, wondered why you are being held back,...
612-0Aug 2017Aug 2017Sep 19

Johnny Cash - country and western legend

Any requests? I will start with “The Gambler” and “Hurt” his last song. http...
381170Aug 2017Aug 2017Sep 18

John Denver

This song is very under rated and has such beautiful thoughts expressed. Annies Song - John Denver When I hear this song it makes me think deep and...
548230Aug 2017Aug 2017Sep 19

Music blog - John Lennon - Songs

What goes through your mind when you hear this song? Does this song move you? Does this song make you question the world you are living in? Does this...
284-0Aug 2017Aug 201712 hrs ago

The man made inventions that everybody uses to this day

Benjamin Franklin-Thomas Edison-George Stephenson and so many more inventers https:...
25240Aug 2017Aug 2017Sep 18

Regarding dating and being single, Many questions?

Hello CS people Yes it's been about a year now and I'm getting used to being on my own now:) I see no point in compromising my prefere...
409-0Apr 2017Apr 2017Sep 20

What make's you happy

I know...I know it's the COnsingles forums right? Well how about just having people to spend time with and enjoy lots of laughs....or perhaps someone...
847-0May 2016May 201612 hrs ago

Gun violence in the United States

Gun violence in the United States results in thousands of deaths and injuries annually. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...
1,183-0Jan 2016Jan 20163 hrs ago

My Christmas day music blog

I would like to share with the folks of CS some classic Xmas tunes from the past [yo...
719-0Dec 2015Dec 201516 hrs ago

Being friends with members of the opposite sex

I am a heterosexual man and have many women as friends, because I tend to find women friends are great to have and most women are very good at verbal...
1,167480Dec 2015Dec 2015Sep 18

Do women prefer flowers or chocolates?

Yes a most interesting subject and make's me very curious On the one hand flowers look beautiful,some smell lovely and they can live for up...
918380Nov 2014Nov 2014Sep 17

Vigilante paedophile catchers

I was watching a program last night and it was about a guy who was posing as underage girls on social networking sites to catch out paedophiles whom a...
859150Oct 2014Oct 2014Sep 18

Being a proud atheist

I have read many blogs on the subject matter of religion and I can safely say that I am proud to be an atheist, because I am in charge of my own desti...
1,388500May 2014May 201411 hrs ago

It’s a beautiful spring day today in the UK

Yes the birds are singing, the clouds are blue, the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing. Now for a song from the orb – little fluffy clouds [y...
980410Apr 2014Apr 201412 hrs ago

The weather man

Yep it's a cold and wet day today in the UK, but tomorrow it will be the same and the next day, but it may change by the end of the week?...
615160Apr 2014Apr 201421 hrs ago

Does a relationship change you as a person

I have been in a relationship for over a year now and I can safely say I have changed as a person! I used to want to get the last word all the time...
54690Dec 2013Apr 2014Sep 17

The art of communication

Yes there are many forms of communication such as written letters, email, texts, telephone calls, Skype, face to face "verbal or non verbal" communica...
745200Apr 2014Apr 2014Sep 14

Do I leave or not?

Well I have been considering whether or not to leave? Yes it has been on my mind for a long time and I think there comes a time in a man’s life to...
732100Mar 2014Mar 2014Sep 20

Remembering arcade games

Yes whether it be space invaders, paperboy, pinball, Star wars, Gauntlet, Mortal kombat, Street fighter, Racing car games, pin ball machines or the on...
741210Mar 2014Mar 2014Sep 20

Remembering Great superheroes

I could go back to when I was a child and I can remember so many different superheroes, but I have a select few which stand out in my mind as being he...
887200Feb 2014Mar 2014Sep 20

Good blogs and good bloggers debate

Just a friendly blog with a subject matter up for debate and perhaps many will participate well it rhymed at least Women are much deeper...
844210Mar 2014Mar 201413 hrs ago

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