Happy Valentines Day

There are so many here I wish to dedicate this song too I can't list them all but I can sing out a few, Kalpataru, Usha, LouLou, Seagrit, Lacrimosa, I...
149100Feb 14Feb 1619 hrs ago

Bump in the night

This is my Ginger, A rescue cat. When things go bump in the night here, it is usually (but not always) her.
14090Feb 11Feb 128 hrs ago

A power feed at last

It has been awhile since I blogged. No big changes in my social life. No earh shattering news pertaining to me. I am pleased that the new, pri...
8120Feb 11Feb 114 hrs ago

My me time

Machining a new wood forend for an 1876 Martini Henry artillery carbine to replace a rotted forend on an MH carbine from the Royal Arsenal of Nepal is...
11652Jan 28Jan 2922 mins ago

March of Empires

Does anyone here play? Do you have any realms? What is your level?...
8100Nov 12Nov 12Feb 18

ragiya and gravitons, implications

It is hard to list Man's most important discoveries. It is super embarrassing when we realize we keep learning things, then forgetting them only to r...
277170Nov 9Nov 1213 hrs ago

He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb.

The bulkhead yielded Anyone else remember that passage? How about the great desert acrpss the stars around us. Where every star system had been...
16050Sep 17Sep 22Feb 19


Although still being mostly ignored by mainstream mainland media in the US a major disaster potentially much worse than Hurricane Andrew's path throug...
20780Sep 5Sep 524 hrs ago

Houston underwater

The rain is awesome my neice reports. She still has electtricity and sanitation and running water, but I expect those systems to go down soon. Flood...
302160Aug 27Sep 2Feb 19

Doomsday clock resets

With the recent rhetoric the doomsday clock has been set to 2 minutes 30 seconds from doomsday. Which side will fire first? Will they back down?...
417320Aug 9Sep 223 hrs ago

Game of Thrones

Possibly one of the most popular television shows ever. More viewers than the Walking Dead (of course some of us watch both and do not understand wat...
20540Aug 27Aug 29Feb 19

Turning old deck wood into a shooter's bench or lunch table for the yard.

So for the past month I have been redoing the wood deck behind my house. Lots of old wood, some dating to the mid 1970s, some rotten, some dry and g...
217120Aug 27Aug 272 hrs ago

The Appalachian Trail

In early America Mountain Men and Native Americans had developed a series of foot paths they used for traversing mountains and following game animals....
28170Aug 12Aug 15Feb 20

Best episode of Dr Who in this century?

So I am wondering. Which Dr Who episode (21st century episodes only please) do you consider to be the best? I was (possibly for s*xual reasons) in...
556110Oct 2015Jul 236 hrs ago

I am a jealous YouTuber

Some here who know me know that I am a lazy person. Several years ago I decided work is boring. Not only that, I learned when bones break at work, n...
305140Jul 21Jul 21Feb 18

Unboxing a stored Martini Henry from the Royal Armory of Nepal

In the late 1870s after a brief period of conflict the British East Indies Trading Company arrived at a peaceful agreement with the tiny kingdom of Ne...
32960Jul 13Jul 2021 hrs ago

Sometimes a relationship

just goes South, and years later you look back and think I never should have done this or that. Or, you think if only we hadn't (or had) done so and s...
664230Jul 2014Jul 20Feb 10

Latest Grenfel Fire details via YouTube reports

I like youtube because sometimes details the Paid Media forgets to mention on the telly pop up on youtube from folks on the scene. However, two new...
359110Jun 2017Jun 201710 hrs ago

Comparison shoots

So I decided to compare old military rifles from the same time frame to see which one was best. First I compared a Remington Rolling Block carbine fr...
295100Jun 2017Jun 2017Feb 18

London fire analysis

Here are some facts that have emerged. The building is what we in America call Welfare (or Section 8) housing. I.e., poor people, disabled people, f...
35470Jun 2017Jun 201713 hrs ago

Total prayers for those impacted by the horrible London fire.

Scores of people were trapped and seen waving at windows when a 28 story high rise apartment house burned tonight. The building was old and apparentl...
265120Jun 2017Jun 2017Feb 18

Saddest news in years, CokeNPopcorn

THE END As many of you noticed the site has not been updating for quite some time. It is time to say good bye, Sorry to announce that Coke & Popco...
483150Apr 2017May 2017Feb 18

How women flirt

24740Apr 2017Apr 20176 hrs ago

So there is this lady I know

who has a job, but it doesn't pay much. A night job, from 6 at night till 2 in the morning. What we call suckie hours. The man she lives with als...
503330Dec 2014Apr 2017Feb 18

Your history books lie

We are taught in school that civilization began with Sumer and later the Bronze Age. Before that was the ice age when vast sheets of ice over a mile...
237110Apr 2017Apr 20176 hrs ago

Cousins and terrorism

There is no documented connection between incest and acts of terrorism. That connection, not even hinted at in the study comments posted in another bl...
291-1Feb 2017Feb 20176 hrs ago

Online auctions where you can confiscate guns for cheap

The best way of preventing crime is buying up all the cool guns so the criminals don't buy them. Well it is a theory anyway. I practice this by atte...
30760Jan 2017Jan 20176 hrs ago

New Milling table

I have a Sieg mini-mill. It has one major fault. A tiny X, Y & Z azis. At long last someone did something about it. Sief finally manufactured and...
38980Jan 2017Jan 20176 hrs ago

Raspberry Turnovers

I got bored this morning so I rolled out some dough and after cutting it into little squares, filled them with a filling mix made with the raspberries...
27780Jan 2017Jan 20176 hrs ago

compound exercise

Take two dumbells of equal weight. At least 10 pounds each but bigger stronger people should use 40 - 50 pounds each. Holding a xumbell in each han...
32170Dec 2016Dec 20166 hrs ago

EC Trivia for Americans

Does YOUR state have a) female members of it's Electoral College? b) non-White members of it's Electoral College? c) openly gay or transgender mem...
398160Dec 2016Dec 20166 hrs ago

Has anyone else noticed

A week of full moon?...
29290Dec 2016Dec 20166 hrs ago

M Flynn Jr storiies

Mile Flynn Jr. was able to resign from the Trump Transition Team only seconds before the word came down from the boss himself that he was to be fired....
25130Dec 2016Dec 20166 hrs ago

Death of a best friend

It is with extreme sadness that I report the death of my cat Moe. He died somewhere between 0030 hr and 0115 hr this morning. As near as I can determi...
1,721530Dec 2015Dec 2016Feb 18

major fire

In Oakland California severa individuals illegally moved into a two story warehouse. There was only one entrance. access to the second floor was onl...
335100Dec 2016Dec 20167 hrs ago

Trump talks to Taiwan

Today US President elect talked on the phone for about a half with the President of Taiwan This wad the first direct contact with Taiwann in 30 years...
32250Dec 2016Dec 20167 hrs ago

zero day Mozilla alert

Tor too. Details at
400120Nov 2016Dec 20166 hrs ago

childern's cap guns

So if by compressing an electron ring I generate fusion heat, what happeens if my device enlarges the orbit of an electron? If motion causes gravit...
380140Nov 2016Nov 20166 hrs ago

Who holds the record for the most

unopened CS emails? Tonight I have learned of two popular women bloggers here on CS who each hold possible records for the largest number of never...
1,083150Jul 2016Nov 20165 hrs ago

US military foresight

So in 1858 Colt sells the US Army a percussion revolving rifle. A few hundred of them. Within a year over 20 soldiers lose their hand or left forear...
28420Nov 2016Nov 20166 hrs ago

Hotel California = Acapella

A friend sent me this link..
59950Jan 2016Nov 2016Feb 16

Once upon a time hunting for turkey

was considered the acme of hunting skill. The species has eyesight as sharp as any hawk, keen hearing and a keen sense of smell too, all coupled with...
422100Oct 2016Nov 2016Feb 18

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