Secret job openings in the US.

From a recent BBS news story..., "Lindley Johnson, a planetary defence officer at NASA, told BBC News a fireball this big is only expected about two...
5210Mar 18Mar 185 hrs ago

Sometimes I worry..

I have had a concern for about a year of a coming conflict. I am not talking about the increasingly common talk we hear in supermarkets and taverns a...
204101Mar 6Mar 1818 hrs ago

So it is a boring night

My solution is to type in the names of 10 countries I never visit in search, then send likes to the first 10 ladies in each, followed by love poetry t...
9150Mar 10Mar 1510 hrs ago

So yesterday was interesting, kind of, maybe..

My friend's mom flew in from Napal last week with a big luggage bag full only of native spices (most of them easily obtainable at any American Interna...
5320Mar 11Mar 1114 hrs ago

I have been a

trained First Responder and I have rendered First Aid to/at car accidents, stabbings and gun shots, dog bite victims and kids who fell out of trees no...
152131Mar 7Mar 1012 hrs ago

It is weird to me

as I look at the blogs and see all the obsessive compulsive s whining either about Trump kicking Hillary off the line, or, asking Jesus to please come...
350180Nov 20Mar 6Mar 17

Remembering WWI's Hill 80

Archeologists are gingerly and respectfully exploring what is known as Dig Hill 80 in Flanders, Belgium today. In 1914 invading Germans and Bulg...
5500Feb 27Feb 27Mar 21

Dealing with frustration

Words do not adequately describe how annoying and frustrating it can be to even work with screws or bolts this tiny (shown on a quarter), much less dr...
169140Feb 24Feb 26Mar 20

Children smarter than any adult

Obsolete. We are all obsolete. China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced Story at https:/...
5300Feb 22Feb 22Mar 20

HE is a practical joker

I am convinced of it. I met a perfect woman. Single, sweet, well educated and gorgeous too. There is a catch. She has a bad heart valve and a no...
14860Feb 18Feb 18Mar 22

Were they evil?

When Scipio placed Numantia under siege back in 133 BC it eventually fell. Roman soldiers entering the city found a hungry woman cooking her dead chi...
10330Feb 17Feb 18Mar 22

Resurection of a Peace Maker

Texas -2017 The old man in Texas I talked to on the phone told me it was his grandfather's. Allegedly his grandfather, a town constable back then,...
159160Feb 11Feb 13Mar 20

Murdered in America

Did you know any of these women or who they were?
93-0Feb 12Feb 12Mar 22

Stomach gurgling

rotting tomatoes dried lettuce used as tobacco use of the naval cutlass for home defense why hearts do not look like valentines sex in a h...
10290Feb 8Feb 9Mar 20

Building a country girl

Country life is cool. She has been learning that. Her BF and I had her starting o...
1,189450Oct 2015Feb 6Mar 22

So you get bored one day

and you create a Tinder account and you begin swiping locally. Your age range is broad. 22 - 55 years old. Who knows, you may get a like from the u...
880800Jan 30Feb 518 hrs ago

Merry Christmas

to everyone. May this be a happy Holiday season for you....
14291Dec 25Dec 2621 hrs ago

Online losers and duds

So I be talking with this lady who has been trying the internet dating thing. Yes, sure she gets the usual duds who live in their parents basement an...
847540Nov 27Dec 321 hrs ago

The King James Bible proven to be fiction

See original post at
358200Oct 26Oct 3121 hrs ago

Narrow minded because I can be

So this 22 year old living somewhere where the sun sets many hours after my own sun sets liked me. Her profile tells me she seems like a nice kid (ni...
277110Oct 25Oct 2621 hrs ago

The purpose of the Ephod

One of the most interesting stories of the Bible is the story of the Tabernacle. We begin seeing it in the book of Exodus and it keeps popping up in...
17120Oct 5Oct 5Mar 20

Breakthrough discussion relating to SETI

It is 5 videos here. The concepts.. These are video excerpts of the recent Breakthrough symposium in connection with Project SETI (Search for E...
26870Aug 24Aug 25Mar 17

Rose Apple trees and cats.

Noting someone else has a problem with cats watching her Rose Apple tree I can only comment the problem is the tree. Such trees are notorious for att...
257110Jul 27Jul 31Mar 20


Here is what all the fuss is about. Source: Forbes magazine online (a liberal owned publication / website)
25260Jul 2018Jul 201820 hrs ago

Was Ishtar also Lillith?

In the London;s British Museum there exists a carving of unknown antiquity. It was acquired from a dealer in looted archaeology artifacts back in 192...
28691Jul 2018Jul 20187 hrs ago

The day of the Terminator just grew

a little closer....
402220Jul 2018Jul 2018Mar 20

Buzz saw

I posted this somewhere else, but I can tell (from analytics) not many have seen it. The time duration is less than a second. Can you imagine what...
18520Jun 2018Jun 2018Mar 21

Why wood should be banned, or at least require a background check..

But will it work you ask? See for yourself.
733190Jun 2018Jun 20183 hrs ago

A fantasy

Walking along the old tow path far from anyone, in a clearing when the lightning bolt strikes. My T-shirt is in tatters and a hole is burnt into my s...
31180Jun 2018Jun 20182 hrs ago

So tonight at the Karaoke club

near me, there was no Karaoke. Instead there was a DJ, somehow booked there from Baltimore over 100 miles away.I got there after 9 having decided my...
21960Jun 2018Jun 2018Mar 20

This Hallmark behavior is called Disassociation

From CNN online: " It seemed like an ordinary interview with a man reacting to a crime committed in his neighborhood. The body of a woman had been...
22930Jun 2018Jun 201822 hrs ago

A working man's knife

In the United States for 5 decades the standard knife of the working man was of two basic types. One either carries a multi tool which is similar to...
429210Jun 2018Jun 2018Mar 17

When your neighbor is a Demon.

Police in Springfield, Massachusetts observed a male driver (40 year old Steward Weldon) striking a woman passenger. They also observed him changing...
337100Jun 2018Jun 2018Mar 19


On some other websites to which I belong there is a pervasive attitude from some people who should know better that superior technology in the hands o...
614400May 2018Jun 2018Mar 20

History is made

Today, a young African American woman, Meghan Markle, married into the British Royal family and became Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. She...
343140May 2018May 2018Mar 13


Understanding Anti-matter
332150May 2018May 20184 hrs ago

My me time

Machining a new wood forend for an 1877 Martini Henry Mk II artillery carbine to replace a rotted forend on an MH carbine from the Royal Arsenal of Ne...
568142Jan 2018Apr 2018Mar 22

Never argue with this woman

In this video a bail bondsman (woman) accompanied by her son meets with a client in the bail bondswoman's office. She gives him an order and he diso...
36980Mar 2018Apr 2018Mar 20

ragiya and gravitons, implications

It is hard to list Man's most important discoveries. It is super embarrassing when we realize we keep learning things, then forgetting them only to r...
524180Nov 2017Apr 2018Mar 22

A power feed at last

It has been awhile since I blogged. No big changes in my social life. No earh shattering news pertaining to me. I am pleased that the new, pri...
27230Feb 2018Apr 2018Mar 21

Angry, I am angry

As many know already a brand new, not yet opened, 960 ton concrete pedestrian walkway bridge dropped 40 feet onto a line of cars waiting at a red ligh...
42970Mar 2018Apr 2018Mar 19

Online dating rules

<This will be multi page, sorry> So a friend of mine goes on a popular dating site. She finds someone localish, good looking, 35 years old and al...
544141Mar 2018Mar 2018Mar 20

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