Soldier in a drain!

I was sitting outside in a drain waiting on them to come they filled my head full of shit I can't believe what I done There was a time that I though...
19020Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 14

What's happening to our sky?

So I'm sure you all see what's happening around the world in our sky! the spraying of chemtrails? all the f*ck time, why? do you think its for our b...
324140Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 18

The 3 bears Irish version!

Once upon a time there where 3 bears, daddy bear! mammy bear! and baby bear and they moved from the woods an now live in Ballymun (concrete jungle cra...
466280Oct 2017Oct 201724 hrs ago

Is it people or governments that don't get on?

I find this very interesting I'm from Ireland and you could have all races living on the same street, block, estate, were ever an they will get on wit...
17210Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 19

So is it just me or is something really wrong with the world?

Who actually thinks the world is getting better? you think charities are helping? CHARITY = an organization set up to provide help and raise money for...
466350Oct 2017Oct 201713 hrs ago

How far would you go for love!

So what is love? a feeling in you're heart or your brain? and once your in love is there nothing you wouldn't do for them? what would you do if someon...
33370Oct 2017Oct 201715 hrs ago


Have you noticed the way there is never a shortage of foreign smokes in Dublin and the whole of Ireland and perhaps the whole world this i have to che...
22800Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 19

Time for a laugh!

An old woman walk into a pub and says! witch one of you own that pit bull outside tied to the pole? And a man with tattoo's all over him said! I do wh...
20600Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 19

Addictive Personalities!

How far back can you remember I was always quite as a child I had...
20640Oct 2017Oct 2017Sep 18

Just curious!

Can anyone answer this one honestly! is life what you thought it was going to be when you were a child? let me start by saying FU-K NO! and do you kno...
25540Oct 2017Oct 201713 hrs ago

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