:frustrated ,. my phone.. fell , to many times got to get another one : it is very difficult to text or i am alive...
8520Oct 19Oct 19Dec 4

Prays Needed .

Dear friends , my last son is in the hospital , he is very sick . i am asking that you all say a word of pray for him . thank you . please no...
584460Aug 7Sep 1920 hrs ago

Fighting at 55

I almost got in a fight , yes fight I said , lol but very serious . I was invited by a friend to have a beer at a bar in my neighbourhood , walking d...
261140Jul 22Jul 2217 hrs ago

They really played well

Belgium may take the cup Brazil was not impressive at today's game ....
316220Jul 6Jul 8Dec 8


I just want to let you all know My mother passed away today . Yes she was ( 87 ) years May she rest in peace ....
1,645610Feb 5Feb 27Dec 7

Thinking about names

Just think about this , not for a minute Sleep on it These awful names I think they really tells you a lot about the person Think about th...
1,661870Feb 20Feb 21Dec 8

Horrible experience.

Maybe I am wrong on this one , therefore I need you to inform me and I am hoping someone out there in blog land would have an answer. Some of my rela...
395120Jan 11Jan 17Dec 8

Sex change

If a man , now remember God made man , cuts off his genital and replaces it with a va*ina would he do everything like a woman ? They are calling it...
1,204550Nov 2017Dec 2017Dec 8

Two different .

There are two pastor's of two different denominations . I could give there names but I know some of you would be upset about that . It is also on utu...
344160Dec 2017Dec 2017Dec 2


Medicine for Asthma. Two spoons of mustard in half glass of warm water, you may or may not vomit after drinking. But you would not wheeze , use nub...
370190Dec 2017Dec 2017Dec 6

Just a question .

You know some women groom there children to be the opposite sex . I have personal experience where this woman was grooming her son to be a girl becau...
27880Oct 2017Oct 2017Dec 6


At least 50 people died and 400 injured in Las Vegas in a concert, another sad day ....
583280Oct 2017Oct 2017Dec 6

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