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Hiding ?

This is my thoughts , yes you have something to hide , therefore please do not contact me . Email , another means to send me you photo to see what y...
44-07 hrs ago7 hrs ago54 mins ago

While some sleep

Some are all about doing very evil things . Yesterday morning I got up to some very bad...
193100Mar 11Mar 154 hrs ago

These Profiles

When one is looking for a wife husband , boyfriend or girlfriend , his or her"s Say's a lot , so much so that one could tell if they are serious or...
441300Jan 5Jan 74 hrs ago


I have decided to put love on hold for awhile a very long while at that I will be looking at compatibility ,,cleanliness , manner of sleep mood , n...
629501Dec 23Jan 6Mar 22

I Don't Ever

Go back to my past relationship . This morning my ex came to wish me all the best an everything , which is good , but he said to me , come let me gi...
288360Jan 1Jan 24 hrs ago

Prays Needed .

Dear friends , my last son is in the hospital , he is very sick . i am asking that you all say a word of pray for him . thank you . please no...
642460Aug 7Sep 198 hrs ago

They really played well

Belgium may take the cup Brazil was not impressive at today's game ....
354220Jul 2018Jul 201821 hrs ago


I just want to let you all know My mother passed away today . Yes she was ( 87 ) years May she rest in peace ....
1,733610Feb 2018Feb 2018Mar 21

Thinking about names

Just think about this , not for a minute Sleep on it These awful names I think they really tells you a lot about the person Think about th...
1,757870Feb 2018Feb 20182 hrs ago

Horrible experience.

Maybe I am wrong on this one , therefore I need you to inform me and I am hoping someone out there in blog land would have an answer. Some of my rela...
441120Jan 2018Jan 2018Mar 22

Sex change

If a man , now remember God made man , cuts off his genital and replaces it with a va*ina would he do everything like a woman ? They are calling it...
1,322550Nov 2017Dec 201712 hrs ago

Two different .

There are two pastor's of two different denominations . I could give there names but I know some of you would be upset about that . It is also on utu...
386160Dec 2017Dec 2017Mar 22


Medicine for Asthma. Two spoons of mustard in half glass of warm water, you may or may not vomit after drinking. But you would not wheeze , use nub...
410190Dec 2017Dec 2017Mar 19

Just a question .

You know some women groom there children to be the opposite sex . I have personal experience where this woman was grooming her son to be a girl becau...
32180Oct 2017Oct 2017Mar 11


At least 50 people died and 400 injured in Las Vegas in a concert, another sad day ....
621280Oct 2017Oct 2017Mar 15

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