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What the H**L "Antifa"??????

Just found out that a woman and her 3yo daughter were accosted by "Protesters" who threatened her and her daughter by surrounding her car and even cli...
32104 hrs ago2 hrs ago8 mins ago

Why have Democrats become so Hateful and Destructive as of late?

I used to be a Dem......for years......... but now with all of the HATRED - Democrats beating women over wearing a Republican hat; wishing for the eco...
122101Aug 811 hrs ago2 hrs ago


JUST IN - Bill HR5 has been introduced in CA lowering the age of consent for s*xual activities to 8 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proposed "Positive" Poin...
418520Aug 2Aug 61 hrs ago

Remember the Carnivals when you were a kid?

I remember seeing a normally desolate field transformed in one day to a place FULL of flashing lights, the smell of caramel corn, hot dogs, games, rid...
215120May 24Aug 112 hrs ago

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