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Jericho March from Washington, DC

459480Dec 12Apr 303 hrs ago


Aw honey honey...
16460Apr 3Apr 4May 12

Existence, Religion, Meaning, Voids

What do we get meaning from? There is an epidemic of meaningless among much of our youth. What are the root causes? And how do we address it?...
406250Jul 2020Mar 27May 12


I can't believe it was Pancake Tuesday recently. It really CREPE-D up on us... Pun very much intended...
7920Mar 9Mar 9May 12

Trump lives in your brain

671330Nov 2019Mar 1May 12


This woman was confronted by security because she didn't have her COVID mask on. Turns out, she didn't have a mask on her so she used something else.....
11130Feb 26Feb 26May 12


What else is there? It's the ultimate. It's the everything. It's the reason for being...
10810Feb 25Feb 25May 13

The Christmas Cheer Blog

Christmas is a special time. This has been one hell of a year. But Christmas remains a beautiful time of year. Enjoy it. Smile. Laugh. Never forget ho...
16030Dec 24Dec 2413 hrs ago

Chris Krebs is a fraud - CISA under his watch exposed

So the latest darling of the 'Resistance' - Chris Krebs - it turns out (surprise surprise) was just another phony and a fraud. His 'most secure electi...
27580Dec 22Dec 22May 12

It's not over yet

343240Dec 7Dec 14May 14

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over Election Rules:
1,3331220Dec 8Dec 13May 12

Tony Bobulinski (Biden whistleblower) interview

Former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski speaks out on Tucker Carlson about meeting with Joe Biden regarding big money deals with Chinese inter...
422290Oct 27Dec 11May 12

The 'Tolerant' left

19 videos of 'tolerant' left-wing protesters harassing and trying to intimidate people after the Republican National Convention ended Mayor Bowser...
719472Aug 2020Dec 11May 12

Harrison Deal

Extremely curious this one. Harrison Deal, young man of 20 years, and the boyfriend of Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia's daughter, died in a horrific c...
340200Dec 7Dec 7May 12

The Justice Phase

Indictments are expected to drop soon re. the illegal targeting and spying(and subsequent Special Counsel) of the Trump campaign. There's many cand...
1,128700Apr 2020Nov 27May 12

He who laughs last

Laughs the loudest The election hasn't been decided, folks. The electoral college decides that. And in the meantime there will be multiple lawsuits...
545331Nov 7Nov 2512 hrs ago

The Bidens: Political Mafia

Read it for yourself:
1,1551010Sep 23Nov 1824 hrs ago

Biden Gaffe Compendium

"Cornpop was a bad dude" Add your Biden gaffes here...
869480Jun 2020Nov 2May 12

Businesses in liberal run cities prepare for rioting on November 4th

This shouldn't really surprise anyone who has been paying attention. The George Floyd riots, violence and destruction from Antifa and BLM - almost ent...
248110Nov 2Nov 220 hrs ago

Oh my God, i will vote!!

For Donald Trump...
11900Nov 2Nov 2May 14

Election memes!

1,241400Aug 2020Oct 31May 13

The Left continues to eat its own

Glenn Greenwald has tendered his resignation from The Intercept (a publication he co-founded) because the pathetic editors in charge refused to publis...
15150Oct 29Oct 293 hrs ago

What. In. The. World

This is INSANE!!!!!!! This interview (translated in the video) is from a MONTH ago. I don't want to say anything else except WATCH IT! htt...
19870Oct 24Oct 24May 12

Hiding Biden

Now, anyone awake can see that Joe Biden has problems with his cognition. This is not uncommon for a 77 year old. His public appearances have been ver...
1,3821080Mar 2020Oct 18May 10

Introducing your next "totally unbiased" presidential debate moderator(!)

Steve Scully, C-SPAN host And how did Steve start out his career? Interning for Joe Biden, no less!!! Don't believe me? Watch the beginning of this...
536420Oct 1Oct 154 hrs ago

Declassification incoming (origins of Mueller investigation)

It's happening...
1,457750May 2019Oct 135 hrs ago

"Covid-19 was lab manufactured" - Dr. Li-Meng Yan (Chinese virologist whistleblower)

This is a major breaking news story. Dr Yan, who worked in th...
665450Sep 16Oct 10May 6

Quid Pro Joe leaked phone conversations

Seems to be legit. Phone conversations between VP Biden and former Ukrainian president Poroshenko
518300May 2020Oct 6May 6

Migrant caravans - who's behind them? And timing?

Just like what happened before the 2018 midterm elections, another large migrant caravan is making its way to the southern U.S. border, this time ahea...
23290Oct 5Oct 5May 13

Joe Biden figures out how to win the Latino vote

In a move reminiscent of Hillary's "I've got hot sauce in my bag" moment from 2016 - Joe, after being introduced, proceeded to play "Despacito" on his...
15970Sep 16Oct 4May 10

"Cash for ballots". Ballot harvesting scheme uncovered in Minnesota

Major scandal. And just goes to show how susceptible to fraud mail-in ballots are(as if anyone didn't know already) Watch and Share: ht...
305230Sep 28Sep 29May 12

Car Crash TDS!

Triggered driver flips the bird to Trump supporters, acc...
16560Sep 23Sep 23May 12

SpyGate - the effort to take out Trump

Wow Wow Wow! Incredible exposé by SpyGate insider Steven Schrage on Stephan Halper and other key players in the most devious political dirty tricks op...
265110Aug 2020Sep 16May 10

You weren't supposed to say it out loud, Kamala!

15720Sep 2020Sep 2020May 4

The anything but Trump blog

There you have it folks. This blog does not permit mention (either directly or indirectly) of the 'stable genius', 'the Don', Donald Trump himself. No...
1,106720Apr 2020Sep 2020May 14

Chancer's Apocalypse Bar

Roll up Roll up Rolllll up I, your host, invite you to a drink of your choice Craft beers? We've got 'em TR...
733580Apr 2020Sep 2020just now

His name is Cannon Hinnant

You may not have heard of him. Much of mainstream news has chosen not to report on him. He was 5 years old. Outside playing when a 25 year old man cam...
923772Aug 2020Sep 2020May 13

The hairdresser made me do it!!!

Nancy Pelosi, venerable hypocrite extraordinaire - got caught violating the restrictions that restricted the riff-raff from getting their hair tended...
10710Sep 2020Sep 2020May 7

Democrats vote-by-mail push likely to lead to election chaos in November and beyond

321170Jul 2020Aug 20204 hrs ago

BLM fundraising - where are the funds going?

A huge amount has been fundraised for Black Lives Matter recently. There are question marks over where the funds are actually going to however. There...
449330Jun 2020Aug 2020Apr 21

Hydroxychloroquine perspective. Big pharma forces driving narrative?

Sharyl: A third scientist we spoke to, who says hydroxychloroquine has been unfairly disparaged, is Dr. Jane Orient, head of the Association of Ame...
481300May 2020Aug 2020May 11

Interesting video

240140Aug 2020Aug 2020May 9

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