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Long overdue! Speaker McCarthy announces impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden

817562Sep 125 hrs ago27 mins ago

An absolute must watch if you want to understand Ukraine

905542Sep 9Sep 223 hrs ago

Trump history

This blog is primarily for comic purposes. If you don't know how to laugh, píss off *Pictures and accompanying notes are borrowed...
19950Sep 2Sep 3Sep 25

Is Covid making a comeback?

Is Covid making a comeback? And if so, what will you do?...
816520Aug 22Aug 3018 hrs ago

Trump Mug Shot

Well here it is. A moment in history. How will all this turn out? Very badly for the Democrats in my opinion. But we shall see. Be careful what you wi...
743473Aug 24Aug 3016 hrs ago

The Chief of Police on January 6 speaks out - an absolute must watch

People have a lot of different opinions about the events of January 6th, 2021 at The Capitol in Washington DC. But who better to give an insider persp...
346120Aug 13Aug 2014 hrs ago

Election Summit 2023 - livestreaming now

Mike Lindell's Election Summit 2023 takes place over today and tomorrow. It can be watched here now:
21070Aug 16Aug 18Sep 25

Agent Zelensky

Quite different from the image of Zelensky and Ukraine that's portrayed nowadays by our mainstream media and governments
994592Jul 22Jul 2511 hrs ago

Share a photo of your pet

This is my adorable (and cheeky) little lady - Sal. She was bought for me for my 40th birthday and I got her (coincidentally) as the initial lockdowns...
815181Jan 2022Mar 816 hrs ago

Speaking lies for power!

'The western media class is a cloistered, incestuous circle jerk that only cares about impressing other members of the cloistered, incestuous circl...
436100Jan 11Jan 161 hrs ago

Finally the truth comes out about the J6 security failure

Just like many of us have long suspected, Nancy Pelosi and her office were significantly involved in the security preparations and decisions at The Ca...
40280Dec 2022Jan 11Sep 18

American KGB

Well, it appears that the FBI isn't satisfied with arresting and charging grannies who spent 15 mins in the Capitol and waved their flags, and conduct...
814110Nov 2021Dec 202221 hrs ago

Watch this

Certain people in power are desperate to distract us. They will fail. Too many are awake. And that number is only increasing
25810Dec 2022Dec 2022Sep 27

Midterm elections prediction blog

Make your predictions here The current makeup of Congress is: House: 220 D, 212 R, 3 vacant Senate: 50 R, 50 D (2 senators technically Indep...
51160Nov 2022Nov 202222 hrs ago

Give peace a chance

37591Oct 2022Nov 2022Sep 25

Gen X to Democrats: Eat My Shorts!

This article is pure fire
27410Oct 2022Oct 2022Sep 19

69 year old cancer patient granny begins 2 month jail sentence

744171Jul 2022Oct 2022Sep 27

Get ready for 'The Pit'

So, what is The Pit, you may ask. Good question The Pit is essentially a follow on from the 2000 Mules election fraud exposé. Approximat...
480140Aug 2022Oct 2022Sep 25

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium + Thanksgiving 2021 stream

Taking place over the next few days you can watch live now on A lot of details are laid out and Mike has offe...
1,153221Aug 2021Sep 2022Sep 25

Biden Gaffe Compendium

"Cornpop was a bad dude" Add your Biden gaffes here...
1,671460Jun 2020Sep 20223 hrs ago

The Justice Phase

Indictments are expected to drop soon re. the illegal targeting and spying(and subsequent Special Counsel) of the Trump campaign. There's many cand...
2,877410Apr 2020Sep 2022Sep 27

Biden regime in full desperation mode

According to Steve Bannon - who has more contacts in the America First movement than anyone else - the FBI (Democrat Party Gestapo) conducted raids on...
631141Sep 2022Sep 202214 hrs ago

TDS examined

'Trump Derangement Syndrome is a luxury few can afford' Excellent podcas...
30010Aug 2022Aug 2022Sep 25

Selection Code

Live NOW watch for free: premiere of the movie Selection Code on the conspiracy by Colorado officials to illegally delete election data in violation o...
32930Aug 2022Aug 2022Sep 22

Revolver News investigative series on Jan 6

This is the latest article:
1,575350Oct 2021Aug 2022Sep 27

Pelosi full of praise for China

How anyone could say this with a straight face unless they're compromised (video) Pelos...
40471Aug 2022Aug 2022Sep 26

Excellent short educational video

... on the issue of mass psychosis. We would be remiss if we didn't seek to understand it in the context of the (increasingly) crazy world we're livin...
22901Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 26

Biden's (Dis) approval rating

What ever happened to Jim's blog on Biden's approval rating? Poof - it just disappeared Oh well. Biden's approval rating has cratered to just 43%....
792131Oct 2021Jul 2022Sep 22

John McAfee - creator of McAfee antivirus - dead in Spanish jail ahead of extradition to U.S.

McAfee was a vocal critic of the American 'Deep State'. He made a point to post numerous times on social media that he would never kill himself. Earli...
1,283331Jun 2021Jul 2022Sep 24

Selling confusion, lies, depression and anger

I encourage people to watch this short education documentary. Social contagion is very real and is having a very real effect on the children of today...
47440Jun 2022Jul 2022Sep 27

Roe v Wade reversal

A decision on Roe v Wade may arrive today. If Roe v Wade is reversed, it will be then up to each State to legislate as it so wishes. In theory that co...
532100Jun 2022Jun 202220 hrs ago

Existence, Religion, Meaning, Voids

What do we get meaning from? There is an epidemic of meaningless among much of our youth. What are the root causes? And how do we address it?...
862170Jul 2020Jun 2022Sep 20

Bush condemns wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of...

(wait for it)
687170May 2022May 2022Sep 27


20020May 2022May 2022Sep 12

Anything goes blog

Speak your mind unburden your soul say it as it is even say it as it isn't Whatever you want...
1,105100Dec 2019May 20226 hrs ago

Straight out of Orwell - Biden admin creates 'Ministry of Truth'

Panic in DC. No, this is not parody. The Democrats are losing control of the narrative. So they've set about establishing what can only be described a...
52090Apr 2022May 202214 hrs ago

New World Chaos and the challenges that face us

Disturbing scenes from Australia (video) Those who wish to divide think they will win. A...
2,073530Sep 2021Jan 2022Sep 27

The Metaverse

What do y'all make of it? I think it's a scheme to try and stop more people waking up and questioning what's going on in the world. The Metaverse, in...
57161Jan 2022Jan 2022Sep 18

The podcast blog

Blog for chat about podcasts and discussion Live now on Timcast (Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Michael Malice and more)
47010Nov 2021Jan 2022Sep 12

The Christmas Cheer Blog

Christmas is a special time. This has been one hell of a year. But Christmas remains a beautiful time of year. Enjoy it. Smile. Laugh. Never forget ho...
611140Dec 2020Dec 2021Sep 20

Japan shows the way when it comes to policy surrounding the jab

Elected leaders in other countries should take note! No coercion or punishment around getting jabs, just old fashioned informed consent and respect fo...
34530Dec 2021Dec 20214 hrs ago

A crucible moment

The Venue: Arizona Senate Floor The Time: September 24th, 1pm Arizona time (4pm Eastern) The Issue: Report on the Forensic Election Audit carrie...
993300Sep 2021Dec 2021Sep 27

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