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Get ready for 'The Pit'

So, what is The Pit, you may ask. Good question The Pit is essentially a follow on from the 2000 Mules election fraud exposé. Approximat...
9312020 hrs ago3 hrs ago4 mins ago

Pelosi full of praise for China

How anyone could say this with a straight face unless they're compromised (video) Pelos...
122101Aug 924 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Biden family implicated in cover-up of child abuse by Hunter Biden

WARNING: this article covers a sensitive topic, that of child abuse. The known facts point strongly to Hunter Biden having had inappropriate relations...
16980Jul 29Jul 319 hrs ago

Excellent short educational video

... on the issue of mass psychosis. We would be remiss if we didn't seek to understand it in the context of the (increasingly) crazy world we're livin...
5201Jul 24Jul 243 hrs ago

69 year old cancer patient granny begins 2 month jail sentence

250171Jul 14Jul 169 hrs ago

Selling confusion, lies, depression and anger

I encourage people to watch this short education documentary. Social contagion is very real and is having a very real effect on the children of today...
15650Jun 30Jul 14 hrs ago

Roe v Wade reversal

A decision on Roe v Wade may arrive today. If Roe v Wade is reversed, it will be then up to each State to legislate as it so wishes. In theory that co...
261180Jun 15Jun 245 hrs ago

Violent leftist arrested trying to kill Brett Kavanaugh

Perhaps unsurprisingly, an unhinged psychopath leftist was arrested overnight near Brett Kavanaugh's house. He had a gun and a knife. He told authorit...
12941Jun 8Jun 812 hrs ago

Bush condemns wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of...

(wait for it)
356300May 19May 22Aug 11


10020May 10May 10Aug 10

Watch 2000 Mules documentary on 2020 election fraud for free

Watch 2000 Mules right now, for free. Just click on the link below and then click where it says “ let me view this content first”
1,585930May 7Jun 309 hrs ago

Straight out of Orwell - Biden admin creates 'Ministry of Truth'

Panic in DC. No, this is not parody. The Democrats are losing control of the narrative. So they've set about establishing what can only be described a...
264130Apr 27May 2Aug 10

More biolabs abroad - what's going on?

This story just out: 'Deleted Web Pages Show Obama Led an Effort To Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens
424111Mar 9Jun 173 hrs ago

Eco Health Alliance whistleblower comes forward re. Covid-19

Dr. Andrew Huff, former vice president of data and technology at Eco Health Alliance has come forward with some very interesting information pertainin...
25231Feb 9Feb 9Aug 8

The Metaverse

What do y'all make of it? I think it's a scheme to try and stop more people waking up and questioning what's going on in the world. The Metaverse, in...
29861Jan 24Jan 243 hrs ago

Bombshell documents leak exposing Fauci and Daszak further

They lied about conducting gain of function research. They went to DARPA to ask for the research to be conducted and DARPA turned them down, consideri...
631362Jan 11Jun 1716 hrs ago

Share a photo of your pet

This is my adorable (and cheeky) little lady - Sal. She was bought for me for my 40th birthday and I got her (coincidentally) as the initial lockdowns...
436180Jan 4Jul 4Aug 11

Japan shows the way when it comes to policy surrounding the jab

Elected leaders in other countries should take note! No coercion or punishment around getting jabs, just old fashioned informed consent and respect fo...
22330Dec 23Dec 24Aug 10

The Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein, and the war on Trump

This is a fascinating article, and a real eye-opener on the shadowy organisations and players - in this case the Carlyle Group and David Rubenstein -...
15900Dec 13Dec 13Aug 10

American KGB

Well, it appears that the FBI isn't satisfied with arresting and charging grannies who spent 15 mins in the Capitol and waved their flags, and conduct...
414160Nov 2021Apr 1014 hrs ago

Chancer's great solution

If you're scared of any variants, stay home until you feel safe Otherwise live your life, and vote out any punkass politicians who are ruling by f...
23460Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 8

Senility and clownery

402170Nov 2021Dec 23Aug 11

The podcast blog

Blog for chat about podcasts and discussion Live now on Timcast (Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Michael Malice and more)
28810Nov 2021Jan 5Aug 8

Valuing first principles over tribal impulse

Good article here by the inimitable Glenn Greenwald on the pervasiveness of tribal impulse in society - and the very real harms that stem outwards as...
22710Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 8

Absolute evil

Mere moments after Covid "vaccines" were approved for young children (5-11), CNN - in conjunction with Sesame Street - started pushing out propaganda...
33251Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 9

Revolver News investigative series on Jan 6

This is the latest article:
1,039590Oct 2021Jan 4Aug 11

Biden's (Dis) approval rating

What ever happened to Jim's blog on Biden's approval rating? Poof - it just disappeared Oh well. Biden's approval rating has cratered to just 43%....
518261Oct 2021Jul 131 hrs ago

A crucible moment

The Venue: Arizona Senate Floor The Time: September 24th, 1pm Arizona time (4pm Eastern) The Issue: Report on the Forensic Election Audit carrie...
738370Sep 2021Dec 1423 hrs ago

New World Chaos and the challenges that face us

Disturbing scenes from Australia (video) Those who wish to divide think they will win. A...
1,510880Sep 2021Jan 306 hrs ago

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium + Thanksgiving 2021 stream

Taking place over the next few days you can watch live now on A lot of details are laid out and Mike has offe...
822271Aug 2021Dec 20219 hrs ago

Really worth a watch this one

Survivor Of Mao's Cultural Revolution Says Its Happening Here (in America)...
27570Aug 2021Oct 2021Aug 11

Contagious virus known as 'Freedom' spreading like wildfire

World Freedom Rallies the people are united this is just the very beginning London
472180Jul 2021Jul 2021Aug 12

Viral twitter thread

It has gotten a lot of traction - Tucker Carlson even devoted a segment to it on its show - but it's really worth a read (won't take more than a few m...
30580Jul 2021Jul 2021Aug 5

FBI introduces 'rat on your family member' program

I'm not messing Reminiscent of what happened in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia and China wher...
843620Jul 2021Jul 20213 hrs ago

Deep Sixed

Well well well. My blog on election audits was 'deep sixed' as the saying goes. Talking about a massive news story relating to the quote unquote 'most...
1,8371230Jun 2021May 2523 hrs ago

Apparent massive criminal abuse by DOJ/FBI in Assange extradition case

This article is stunning. I recommend everyone give it a read. The implication is that the FBI and DOJ have acted in a stunningly corrupt matter in th...
420200Jun 2021Jul 2021Aug 9

John McAfee - creator of McAfee antivirus - dead in Spanish jail ahead of extradition to U.S.

McAfee was a vocal critic of the American 'Deep State'. He made a point to post numerous times on social media that he would never kill himself. Earli...
823541Jun 2021Jul 28 hrs ago

Come at God, prepare to face down his army

25400Jun 2021Jun 20213 hrs ago

Well Well

357120Jun 2021Jun 202116 hrs ago

Dong the defector!

It couldn't be...could it... our very own Dong of CS blogs fame? A breaking story. Not confirmed yet, as far as i know, but if tru...
410110Jun 2021Jul 2021Aug 9

Youtube algorithms are so clever

You click on one video of the U-23 female Italian national pole vault championships and next thing you can't go a day without logging on to youtube wi...
25050Jun 2021Jun 2021Aug 5


Aw honey honey...
29260Apr 2021Apr 202123 hrs ago

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