Shy Men...they are cute and refreshing

I found it strange to interact with a shy and respectful man here...he said he didn't quite know what to say about my photo Most men who co...
427400Sep 28Oct 19Feb 24

Too Tired For Sex

I always look forward to spending fun passionate time with him but tonight I'm so not looking forward to it...I'm just tired and I don't think any amo...
850820Oct 12Oct 13just now

Resurrecting Old Blogs

Take this lightly please... I just don't see the point of resurrecting very old blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love reading old blogs and almost tem...
279180Jul 26Jul 27Feb 20

I Think I'm Past My Sell-By-Date

What about you? Joining this site just proved that I'm way past my sell-by-date I was looking for someone worth my time and effort, the right...
877881Jul 25Jul 26Feb 23

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