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The Teachers pet

I remember back when I was at school....we had a Weasley boy...who was the teachers pet and he always creeped the teacher... The teachers pet...wou...
248120Feb 19Feb 21May 12

Truth talkers calling out the propaganda

David icke... Peter Hitchens... The...
22460Jul 2020Jul 2020May 11

Political beliefs on dating profiles

I mentioned in one of my threads...about political beliefs not being on dating profiles and how important it is to know....which side of the fence...p...
15311Jul 2020Jul 2020May 9

interracial dating

Some people date other races...get married to other races and have children with other races...but I wonder if it is a good thing...or a bad thing.......
29980Jul 2020Jul 202016 hrs ago


Many different types of different masks exist...but the one thing all of them have in they all cover a persons identity... My thoughts on...
26650May 2020May 2020May 13

Dating...Things single men should be aware of

I will be comprising a list for the single man...who might be thinking about getting involved with a woman. I call this the survival guide and will...
297-0Jan 2020Jan 2020May 9

The History Of Motorbikes

Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon....Coming soon.......
232-0Dec 2019Dec 2019May 15

The democrats were the KKK

We see the hate mobs run by the democrats, we see the hatred of white men replacing the hatred of black people, we see the denial of the facts, we see...
846410Nov 2018Nov 2018May 8

brett kavanagh has been voted into the Supreme Court

It was a real circus created by the LEFT…the mob tried every dirty trick in the book, the man was out of control, the slander by mainstream media was...
38650Oct 2018Oct 2018May 12

Are all men bad, rapists, liars, evil? The left says yes, but what do you think?

According to the left all women tell the truth and all men are guilty, so no evidence or witnesses are needed…Does this seem crazy to anyone else? Can...
39550Sep 2018Oct 2018May 7

My reply to other blogs – blog - my posts only

This will be my blog I will use to reply to other blogs with my opinions…...
473-0Jun 2018Jun 2018May 14

My thoughts shared - my posts only

This will be a blog I share my thoughts on...……......
361-0Jun 2018Jun 2018May 5

My Music Blog - closed for comments

A blog I will use to post my music on...………………………….....
481-0Jun 2018Jun 2018Apr 22

Being a loner - my posts only

I don’t mind being a loner I can do what I want Enjoy my own company Listen to music I enjoy Watch movies I enjoy Not have to worry about others...
446-0Jun 2018Jun 2018May 1

Music blog...closed for comments

909-0May 2018Jun 201821 hrs ago

Online Cliques and gang attacks - closed for comments

Two hate threads have been written about me since I have been on this site and they were full of hateful, nasty, vindictive, spiteful, libel, suggesti...
2,059-0May 2018May 2018May 16

Calm - The drama free - music - blog - closed for comments

Yep nothing about this blog will raise your pulse Nothing about this blog will make you want to rush on it and get your drama fix Nothing about this...
763-0May 2018May 2018May 16

A cockatiels life and family - closed for comments

Wow - I have never heard of a cockatiel living for 25 years before...
446-0Apr 2018Apr 2018May 13

Dirty Harry - closed for comments

His quotes make me LMAO Clint Eastw...
595-0Apr 2018Apr 2018May 15

The Golden Age of Piracy Terror at Sea Documentary - my posts only

377-0Apr 2018Apr 201822 hrs ago

The game of human chess - my posts only

Indeed some play the game of human chess and the rules are not explained, but some have been around , can spot the signs and the patterns of play......
620-0Apr 2018Apr 2018May 15

Whitesnake music blog - my posts only

Your not invited...this is for my enjoyment and fun only......
579-1Apr 2018Apr 2018May 8

Sting and The Police Music Blog - closed for comments

497-0Apr 2018Apr 2018May 15

Genesis, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel - closed for comments

So many classic songs to choose from and I will enjoy this blog
758-0Apr 2018Apr 20184 hrs ago

Who are the alpha females on this site? closed for comments

I notice some women are competing for alpha female status and is this to impress men? Is it for ego boost? Is it to boss over other women? What’s you...
2,520-0Apr 2018Apr 2018May 14

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