The Fool

Introduction to The Fool, I have not read a book for 6-7 years now for, I decided that all books read up to then was more than enough to be overwhe...
2,561984Feb 17Jun 16Jun 23

A meeting with Giant Aloe Vera Plants, their Components and Health Benefits.

It has been raining and raining and raining for weeks. A half an hour walk at least during these rainy weeks that seemed endless was just impossibl...
888730Apr 18Apr 2410 hrs ago

Success Vs. Failure.

Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In simple...
605450Apr 11Apr 159 hrs ago

The Underdogs Kings in Ancient literature

An "Underdog" as defined by is, (1). A person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict. (2). A victim of social or polit...
334240Apr 8Apr 9Jun 19

Expectations. Part 1

The following blog titled "When you are e...
3,3102321Mar 12Mar 2112 hrs ago

When you are expected to pay for lunch or dinner on the first date offline. Online dating No.2

Below follows, online conversation as part of online dating part no. 2,...
889450Jan 30Mar 1312 hrs ago

When there is a will there's a way. There is always a way.

179-0Feb 22Feb 2212 hrs ago

How to spot a liar and cheater straight from the start in order to avoid future,unnecessary hardship

Three (3) behaviours that expose a liar and cheater. 1. Non committal la...
1,191660Jan 4Feb 520 hrs ago

Blue moon, Super moon and Red/Blood moon

For Stargazers ,
355390Jan 30Jan 30Jun 19

Best movies for the year 2017.

Which Hollywood and Bollywood movies would you consider as the best to have come out or watched in the year 2017? Movies watched or have come out...
393220Jan 7Jan 2519 hrs ago

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