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Serious Conversation

Years ago, I had a talk with myself regarding my troubles about love and relationship. My inner self told me: "I think your problem is that you are v...
237161Aug 18Aug 1821 hrs ago

Diplomacy and Kindness

Recently, I had a conflict with a co worker who has become a friend. And someone gave me an advice that united my heart and my mind.. He said: Never p...
203120Aug 14Aug 1418 hrs ago

Little Miss Cautious

Good day CS. I haven't wriiten in a while. but now, i have something I want to talk about, so here I am.. All my life, I've always been so...
304160Aug 10Aug 1017 hrs ago

Date Stalker

I was on a date last night. This guy had been asking me for a date for weeks and I just wanted to find out if there's something there, so I went with...
824470Apr 21Apr 23Oct 16

No more fights

So, this is an update to my first blog.. I have ended it with my then boyfriend. I was taught by the example of my parents that loving someone is p...
625210Mar 22Mar 238 hrs ago


When 2018 started, I have vowed to pursue a less lazy life and try to be a more devoted woman who knows how to clean and cook. Ive mastered...
324190Mar 4Mar 4Oct 12

Valentine's Fight

My boyfriend and I had a petty fight on Valentine's day. And haven't talked since. I don't know how it became a fight actually. I told him I was kind...
1,291590Feb 19Feb 2027 mins ago

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